Choose Your Favorite Women And We'll Tell You If You Can Date Outside Your League

For many people out there, staying in their league is the name of the game. They know what they can and cannot get away with, and they make sure to not cross any line when looking for someone new to date. Other people, however, have a penchant for going out of their league and making the impossible happen. These are the people that know how to live life, and they inspire others to follow their heart and get the girl they truly want. Sure, it may not always work out, but going for broke can sometimes lead to great results.

Today, we are letting people choose between two beautiful stars, and in the end, we will reveal if they can date outside of their league.

Question 1

Jennifer Lopez or Demi Lovato?

Question 2

Elizabeth Hurley or Jessica Alba?

Question 3

Amber Heard or Mila Kunis?

Question 4

Katy Perry or Kim Kardashian?

Question 5

Elizabeth Olsen or Taylor Swift?

Question 6

Kesha or Sandra Bullock?

Question 7

Emma Stone or Olivia Wilde?

Question 8

Scarlett Johansson or Zoe Saldana?

Question 9

Selena Gomez or Lady Gaga?

Question 10

Emma Watson or Vanessa Hudgens?

Question 11

Angelina Jolie or Jenna Dewan?

Question 12

Olivia Munn or Kate Beckinsale?

Question 13

Kylie Jenner or Jennifer Aniston?

Question 14

Eva Longoria or Brie Larson?

Question 15

Nikki Bella or Lita?

Question 16

Pink or Sophie Turner?

Question 17

Paris Hilton or Missy Elliott?

Question 18

Gal Gadot or Amy Adams?

Question 19

Anne Hathaway or Alice Eve?

Question 20

Jennifer Lawrence or Emilia Clarke?

Question 21

Brittany Snow or Cardi B?

Question 22

Ashley Greene or Lana Del Rey?

Question 23

Mandy Rose or Liv Morgan?

Question 24

Milla Jovovich or Camren Bicondova?

Question 25

Lupita Nyong'o or La La Anthony?

Question 26

Eliza Dushku or Evangeline Lilly?

Question 27

Emma Roberts or Lilly Allen?

Question 28

Jessica Parker Kennedy or Natalie Dormer?

Question 29

Rita Ora or Kate Hudson?

Question 30

Kate Upton or Ashley Tisdale?

Question 31

Miley Cyrus or Charlize Theron?

Question 32

Lili Reinhart or Carly Rae Jepsen?

Question 33

Zendaya or Gwyneth Paltrow?

Question 34

Kerry Washington or Bebe Rexha?

Question 35

Halle Berry or Hilary Duff?

Question 36

Drew Barrymore or Khloe Kardashian?

Question 37

Blake Lively or Beyonce?

Question 38

Jessica Simpson or Kaley Cuoco?

Question 39

Kristen Bell or Anna Kendrick?

Question 40

Ellie Goulding or Julianne Hough?

Question 41

Dakota Johnson or Nelly Furtado?

Question 42

Kristen Stewart or Elizabeth Banks?

Question 43

Alyson Hannigan or Cameron Diaz?

Question 44

Sofia Vergara or Melissa Benoist?

Question 45

Natalie Portman or Gigi Hadid?

Question 46

Sarah Hyland or Megan Fox?

Question 47

Carmella or Sasha Banks?

Question 48

Ariel Winter or Heidi Klum?

Question 49

Halsey or Dua Lipa?

Question 50

Tiffani Thiessen or Rihanna?

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