Choose The Winner In These Pokemon Battles To Get A Gym Badge

It's time for some Pokemon battles! That's right, these monsters are going to face off against each other, and only one will be the victor! Who can win in each of these battles? Looking at some of the facts about Pokemon, it might seem like it's easy to choose a winner in each situation. After all, each Pokemon has distinct strengths and weaknesses, which might either allow them to pull out a victory, or put them at a huge disadvantage. For example, if a fire type is facing off against a rock type, the fire type is going to have trouble doing well in the fight. However, if a water type is facing off against the rock type (or the fire type, for that matter), it is going to have a clear advantage.

There have been plenty of new Pokemon discovered over the years, and the number has grown from the original 150 to over 800! That's a pretty daunting number, and it would be impossible to name all of the Pokemon in the world without a little bit of help. However, the original 150 Pokemon are where it is at! they are the originals, and as such, they still hold a special place in most people's hearts. that's why each of these Pokemon battles is being fought between two of the original 150 Pokemon, first introduced in the Blue and Red games!

So how about it? Who would win in these Pokemon matchups? The answer might seem obvious sometimes, but then again, nothing is definite, and every Pokemon can find their way to victory if they work hard and deliver some amazing attacks!

Question 1

Blastoise vs Nidoking

This first Pokemon battle could be anyone’s game! In one corner, there’s Blastoise. This third evolved level of Squirtle includes two giant cannons protruding from its shell. It can learn a variety of water-based and physical moves. In the other corner is Nidoking! This third level evolved form of the male Nidoran is a ground type Pokemon that can do some serious work on its opponent, depending on the orders of its master. Who would win in this match up?

Question 2

Butterfree vs Lickitung

In this next battle, it’s Butterfree vs Lickitung! Butterfree is of course the final evolved form of Caterpie and Metapod. Looks like someone got their metapod out into enough battles and used Harden to get it to level up. Lickitung is one of the more silly pokemon, a cute, cuddly little thing with a giant tongue. This battle could be very interesting indeed, with no clear advantages on either side. Both Pokemon could really outdo the other one. Who would win in this match up?

Question 3

Snorlax vs Rhydon

In this next battle, it’s Snorlax vs Rhydon! One the one hand, Snorlax is a formidable foe. It is a huge beast of a pokemon, whose body slam can pack a serious whollop against its opponents. Of course, it does have the tendency to fall asleep, which can put it at a disadvantage., Meanwhile, a Rhydon has a sharp horn and a tough outer hide, making it a difficult Pokemon to go up against. It can charge its attacks and really deliver some good blows.

Question 4

Bulbasaur vs Vileplume

In this next battle, it’s Bulbasaur vs Vileplume! Now, this is an evenly matched battle, with both Pokemon being from the grass type, and also having some poison attributes as well. Neither of their attacks would be very effective against each other, but it’s possible that one of them could find an edge. Bulbasaur, of course, is pretty good at learning physical attacks, but it is also a level one Pokemon. Vileplume, on the other hand, is a level three Pokemon. So who would win?

Question 5

Muk vs Weezing

This is going to be a messy battle for sure! It’s Muk against Weezing! Both Pokemon are pretty unappealing to look at. After all, on the one hand, there’s Muk, a giant puddle of purple goop that utilizes mostly poison attacks. On the other hand is Weezing, a two headed poison Pokemon that definitely is not the prettiest thing out there. Both of these Pokemon are leveled up, so they are fairly evenly matched. Who would win in this battle of poison type against poison type?

Question 6

Porygon vs Ekans

In this next big Pokemon match up, it’s Porygon vs Ekans! In one corner, there is Porygon, the mysterious computer generated Pokemon that can utilize it’s trace ability to copy an opponents abilities. That could surely come in handy when going up against an opponent like Ekans, a poison type Pokemon that resembles a snake. This Pokemon can attack quickly and even poison its enemies, giving it a slight advantage. Then again, Porygon can also increase its strength with the download ability. Who would win?

Question 7

Pidgeot vs Raticate

The next Pokemon battle is a pretty interesting one! In this match up, it’s Pidgeot vs Raticate! Both Pokemon are leveled up forms of Pokemon that are seen very early in a trainer’s journey. Pidgeot can learn the fly ability, which gives it the advantage of having the high ground. However, a Raticate has the advantage of utilizing its ground strength against Pidgeot, potentially attacking it from below. Both of these Pokemon have their various strengths and weaknesses, but only one can win!

Question 8

Arbok vs Gyarados

In the next big Pokemon battle, it’s Arbok vs Gyarados! Now this is going to be a big one! Arbok is, of course, the evolved version of Ekans. This powerful poison type Pokemon has a serious bite, and can also bind its enemies tightly to do some serious work on its opponent. On the other hand, Gyarados is an absolute powerhouse of a Pokemon. This water type looks more imposing and powerful than an Arbok ever could, but things could really go either way!

Question 9

Charmander vs Zubat

In this next mach up, it’s Charmander against Zubat! Both Pokemon have their strengths and weaknesses, but one thing is for sure: they are both pretty adorable! Zubat can attack its enemies with some really great sonic attacks. It’s agility in he air also means it is an elusive opponent that can generally avoid most attacks. Charmander, of course, has plenty of powerful fire attacks it can utilize, but it is juts a level one Pokemon, meaning it hasn’t reached its full potential. Who would win?

Question 10

Gengar vs Scyther

In this Pokemon battle it’s a ghost against an insect! Yes that sounds pretty strange, but it’s never a normal day when it comes to Pokemon battles, is it? Gengar, the third evolved form of the Pokemon Ghastly, is pretty strong! It can use psychic attacks and can really put a spook into its opponents. Scyther, however, doesn’t back down from anything, using its bladed hands to cut down any opponent it comes across. So, in this battle, who is going to be the winner?

Question 11

Cubone vs Staryu

This next Pokemon battle is between Cubone and Staryu! Both of these Pokemon are very popular and they each have their own distinct attack types and personalities. Cubone, with its bone mask and bone club, usually utilizes ground and physical attacks. Staryu, on the other hand, utilizes mostly water attacks, but can also deliver physical blows when it needs to. The ultimate question is who would be the winner in this interesting Pokemon match up? This one is anyone’s game!

Question 12

Jigglypuff vs Diglett

In the next matchup between Pokemon, it’s Jigglypuff vs Diglett! Both of these Pokemon are super cute, but they can deliver some pretty heavy blows in a match! Jigglypuff, of course, has its singing ability which puts its enemies into a deep sleep. That can be a huge advantage in a fight (obviously). However, Diglett is known for digging underground and attacking its opponents from below, and it certainly can’t hear the singing while it is underground. Who would win in this duo?

Question 13

Beedrill vs Geodude

The next Pokemon battle is between Beedrill and Geodude! Beedrill is of course a level three Pokemon with some seriously impressive skills. Not only can it attack from above, but it also has some truly powerful drills on each of its limbs, giving it an edge in battle. However, a Geodude has its own advantages. While it may just be a level one Pokemon, it is made of strong rock, giving it a defensive edge against its opponents. So who would win this fight?

Question 14

Primeape vs Machop

In this next Pokemon battle its Primeape vs Machop! Both of these Pokemon are super tough and don’t pull any of their punches. Primeape can be very energetic and can really get on the bad side of its enemies. On the other hand, Machop can really deliver some great blows to its opponents. Both of these Pokemon are fighting type, which means that they would be evenly matched, but only one can come out on top. Who would win this match up?

Question 15

Rhyhorn vs Dragonite

The next Pokemon battle is sure to be an interesting one! It’s Rhyhorn against Dragonite! Now this is going to be a fight that is not to be missed. Dragonite is a rare Pokemon, one whose good disposition and friendly personality sure doesn’t stop it from being effective in battle. On the other hand, Rhyhorn is a powerful Pokemon, who even at its first level, is still very strong and can really do some real work against its opponents. Who would win?

Question 16

Charizard vs Nidoqueen

Now this is going to be a good fight! The next Pokemon battle is going to be between Charizard and Nidoqueen! Charizard is a formidable Pokemon to go up against. It is basically a fire breathing dragon, with the ability to learn fire, air, and land based attacks. It certainly has many advantages in combat. However, a Pokemon like Nidoqueen is not one to give up so easily in the face of an imposing Pokemon like Charizard, and it has its own variety of great attacks.

Question 17

Aeordactyl vs Flareon

The next Pokemon battle is between Flareon and Aeordactyl! These are two Pokemon who would certainly put on a very interesting show in battle. On the one hand, there is Aeordactyl, a prehistoric flying Pokemon who also exhibits characteristics of a rock type Pokemon. On the other hand, there is Flareon, the fire stone evolved version of an Eevee. This Pokemon may be small, but it can pack a fiery punch. Either of these opponents could get the upper hand in battle, but only one can succeed. Who will win?

Question 18

Ditto vs Magikarp

Now this battle is juts going to be hilarious, and the fact of the matter is that neither of these Pokemon are going to do very well. It’s Ditto against Magikarp! So how does this battle go down? Well, Magikarp only has one attack: splash. It doesn’t do anything. Ditto also only has one attack: mimic. So what happens? Ditto turns into Magikarp, uses splash, and nothing happens. Oh boy. This is going to take a while, but again, only one Pokemon can win, so who is it?

Question 19

Alakazam vs Electabuzz

The next Pokemon match up is between Alakazam and Electabuzz! Both of these Pokemon definitely have their advantages, strengths, and weaknesses. Alakazam is a powerful psychic type, and as a level three Pokemon, it definitely has the experience to do well in battle. On the other hand, Electabuzz only has one form, and it is pretty powerful on its own. Its powerful electric attacks can do some serious harm to its opponents. Both of these Pokemon have the potential to win, but who will?

Question 20

Hitmonchan vs Lapras

The next Pokemon battle is going to be a doozy! It’s Hitmonchan against Lapras! These two Pokemon are certainly impressive, and can really get some good attacks in. Lapras is a water type who is very strong, even if it is generally a very gentle Pokemon with people. Hitmonchan, on the other hand, is a fighting type Pokemon that doesn’t hold back. It may be smaller than Lapras but it definitely packs a punch! So who would win in this interesting match up?

Question 21

Mewtwo vs Ninetales

Now this is a match up for the ages, because it features one of the most elusive and powerful Pokemon on one side of the battle. It’s Mewtwo against Ninetales! Mewtwo is definitely a formidable foe for any Pokemon. It is by far one of the strongest Pokemon in existence, even if it was created in a lab as a clone of Mew. Of course, a Ninetales can really get its shots in when it needs to. It utilizes speed and fire attacks, so who would win this one?

Question 22

Krabby vs Charmeleon

This battle is going to be a fun one! It’s Krabby going up against Charmeleon! Krabby is a level one Pokemon, but it’s water attacks, along with its hard shell make it a formidable opponent for almost any Pokemon. Of course, Charmeleon is a level two evolved Pokemon, and its fire attacks can be pretty imposing. However, when facing a water Pokemon, a fire Pokemon can be put at a huge disadvantage. So who would be the winner in this match up?

Question 23

Psyduck vs Slowbro

The next Pokemon battle coming up s going to be a little bit silly, but definitely a good one! It’s Psyduck going up against Slowbro! Now, this is going to be an interesting battle. Both of these Pokemon are both water and psychic types, so they have a range of attacks which they can utilize. Psyduck is known for its silly personality and its sometimes weird actions, but also for its powerful psychic abilities. Slowbro is actually known for the same things, so who would win this one?

Question 24

Exeggutor vs Seel

In the next big Pokemon match up it’s Exeggutor going up against Seel! Who could possibly predict the winner between these two? Well, Exeggutor is a grass type, and against a water type that is a big advantage. However, Seel has been known to hold its own against most of its opponents. Also, Seel is just adorable! Look at its little tongue sticking out! Still, cuteness does not guarantee a victory for anyone. so, who is going to win this big Pokemon battle?

Question 25

Mr. Mime vs Arcanine

The next battle is between the Pokemon Mr. Mime and Arcanine! This one is sure to be a good match up. Mr. Mime is one of the sillier looking Pokemon out there, resembling a painted clown more than an animal, but that doesn’t mean it should be underestimated, as it possesses some powerful psychic abilities. Of course, Arcanine is a powerful fire Pokemon, so who knows who could take the victory in this battle? Both Pokemon have their strengths and weaknesses, so it’s anyone’s guess!

Question 26

Zapdos vs Hypno

Now this would be a wild Pokemon battle! Here, we have the electric bird type Zapdos going up against the psychic type Hypno! Now, this may seem like a clear cut case of who would win. After all, Zapdos is a pretty powerful Pokemon to begin with. It is also very rare and hard to catch. However, it’s not like Hypno is going to make it easy for Zapdos. After all, this Pokemon can very quickly put its opponents to sleep with its psychic powers.

Question 27

Moltres vs Vaporeon

It’s another case of a rare bird Pokemon going up against a normal opponent! In this case, its Moltres facing off with Vaporeon. While Moltres is a truly powerful Pokemon, with some really strong fire type attacks, Vaporeon is the water stone evolved version of Eevee, meaning that it has an advantage over fire type Pokemon. Still, Moltres probably wouldn’t make it easy for Vaporeon to win. Moltres can, after all, utilize the fly ability to take off and swoop down with a powerful physical attack.

Question 28

Ivysaur vs Magnemite

In the next battle, it’s going to be interesting to see who can get an edge over their opponent. It’s going to be Ivysaur going up against Magnemite! Now, while Ivysaur is a second level evolved Pokemon, it is a grass and poison type, which means that its main attacks are not going to be as effective on a steel and electric type like Magnemite. Likewise, Magnemite’s electrical attacks will not work so well against Ivysaur. Who wins in this face off?

Question 29

Seadra vs Onix

In the next Pokemon match up, it’s Onix vs Seadra! Once again, this is a fight between Pokemon that seems like it would have a clear winner based only on size. Onix cuts an imposing figure, considering its immense size and strength. However, Seadra is a water type Pokemon, which means, that it has an advantage over a rock type like Onix, which has a weakness against water. On the other hand, though, if Onix can get the upper hand and deliver some serious blows , it could still win!

Question 30

Articuno vs Kabutops

Here’s another battle that features one of the rarest Pokemon in the world. It’s going to be Articuno going up against Kabutops! Now, this might seem like a pretty cut and dry battle. After all, Articuno is an ice type, which wopuld have an advantage against a rock type like Kabutops. On the other hand, Kabutops is a pretty strong Pokemon on its own, and it can deliver some truly powerful attacks. It could be anyone’s battle to win, but who would take the victory?

Question 31

Dugtrio vs Jolteon

Alright, now this is going to be an interesting battle! In this round, it’s going to be Dugtrio going up against Jolteon! Now, this is battle clearly gives the advantage to Dugtrio, since it is a ground type Pokemon and therefore less susceptible to electric attacks. However, Jolteon can also learn some pretty effective physical attacks. It all depends on what moves the trainer chooses to utilize. Although, if Dugtrio uses dig, it is going to be hard to hit. So who comes put on top in this match up?

Question 32

Rapidash vs Tangela

Now here’s a Pokemon match up that would be pretty interesting to see. It’s going to be Rapidash going up against Tangela! Now, some people out there would immediately say that Rapidash should win because it is a fire type and Tangela is a grass type. Not so fast though! Tangela always has a few moves up its, er, sleeves? No one knows! That being said, this could be a surprise victory for the underdog. After all, stranger things have happened in Pokemon battles!

Question 33

Clefairy vs Wartortle

The next big Pokemon match up is going to be Clefairy against Wartortle! Now, Clefairy might be at a disadvantage, due to the fact that it is a first level Pokemon while a Wartortle is evolved from Squirtle. However, Clefairy is the kind of Pokemon that can really surprise people! If it uses the metronome attack, it could end up throwing anything against Wartortle, including an attack that could go after its weaknesses (grass or electric). So who would come out on top in this battle?

Question 34

Meowth vs Sandshrew

This next battle is going to be a fun one to watch! The competitors in this battle are Meowth and Sandshrew! Who could possibly take the victory in this battle? Meowth is pretty feisty fighter, utilizing its claws and teeth to deliver some powerful attacks. However, Sandshrew has a rough hide and some really effective ground abilities that could give it a real edge in combat. So it’s definitely going to be an interesting fight, but who is going to be the winner in this match up?

Question 35

Pikachu vs Kangaskahn

In this final Pokemon battle, it’s going to be a fan favorite going up against a real underdog! It’s Pikachu, the most famous Pokemon in the world, going up against Kangaskahn, a Pokemon that is lesser known, but nonetheless, pretty great! Pikachu, of course, can summon up some truly powerful electric attacks, which can really hit an opponent hard. However, Kangaskahn has some pretty powerful moves, and because it is so willing to protect its baby, which it carries in a pouch, it might even fight harder than anyone could expect.

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