Choose The Scarier Movie And We'll Tell You How Brave You Are


The horror movie market is huge. For some reason or another, people love to be scared. Perhaps it’s because they make good date movies, because you can hold your date tight and that brings you one step closer to, well, you know. Or maybe it’s because it’s the movie genre that you can feel the most out of. That’s what cinema’s all about. You’re supposed to feel something. Sure, you can laugh or be moved or cry or throw your fist in the air because Rocky Balboa won the fight, but do you ever feel something as primal at the movies as fear? It cuts deep into your psyche. Just like some comedy movies are funnier than others (like, say, The Naked Gun compared to Meet the Spartans), some horror movies are scarier than others. But then, these are difficult to tell. Everyone has a different sensibility. Different people find different things scary. Some people could find the new It movie terrifying, for example, whereas others might laugh at it and sleep like a baby afterward. With that in mind, let’s find out if you’re tough as nails or a total wimp. Which of these movies did you think was the scariest?

1Halloween or Sinister?

Halloween is a little dated now, but it stills stands as an all time horror classic. John Carpenter directed what is perhaps the earliest example of a slasher movie, changing the genre forever. But Sinister, that was, well, for lack of a better word, sinister! Which did you enjoy more?

2The Evil Dead or Cabin in the Woods?

The Evil Dead is the little independent movie by Sam Raimi that created the whole genre of some teenagers going out into the middle of the woods to battle evil. And then The Cabin in the Woods came along to satirize that genre. Which one of them did you enjoy more?

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