Choose The Hotter Starlet And We’ll Reveal Which One You’ll End Up With

Alright movie fans, time to get to the bottom of who the best starlets really are! While we have been watching some of these women on the big screen for years, others we have only just begun to see what they are truly capable of. Regardless of how long they have each been in the business, today we will be picking out all of our favorite ones! In every question, we will be pitting two actresses up against each other. Everyone here just has to pick which they like best! There are no wrong answers, just personal preferences! Once everyone has selected their all time faves, we will be able to pair everyone up with their perfect match! Is everyone ready for this star-studded event?

Question 1

Anne Hathaway or Natalie Portman?

Here we are looking at two brunette starlets, who actually rose to fame around the same time. Both of these women started landing acting roles in the late 90s. Anne Hathaway's big break came from the 2001 film The Princess Diaries, whereas Natalie's came from Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace in 1999. (Wikipedia)

Question 2

Bella Thorne or Chloë Grace Moretz?

Here we are looking at two rather young actresses, who have already managed to turn their names into household ones. While both of these starlets have starred in a handful of films, they have both recently stepped back from the whole acting thing. We can look out for some new music from Bella though!

Question 3

Leighton Meester or Blake Lively?

So we are thinking some of you probably already know where we are going with this one. Both of these gorgeous stars got their start from the very same television show. We are of course talking about Gossip Girl. They played epic frenemies, and both remained on the show until the very end.

Question 4

Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts?

Over the year, we have seen both of these starlets take on projects from all kinds of genres. That being said, there is simply no denying that Angelina Jolie is one butt-kicking action star, while Julia Roberts has managed to change the entire face of the romance genre. What do we think?

Question 5

Rachel McAdams or Mila Kunis?

While Rachel McAdams has played some pretty beloved movie characters throughout the years, the same can be said about the roles Mila has played on television. Who could ever forget Rachel in The Notebook or Mean Girls? Then again, what would Family Guy even be without Mila playing the voice of Meg?

Question 6

Megan Fox or Scarlett Johansson?

As talented as both of these actresses are, there is simply no denying that they are both down right gorgeous as well. They have both actually worked as models as well as actresses, so this one is just going to come down to everyone's own preference! Did we like Transformers or Avengers more?

Question 7

Margot Robbie or Sandra Bullock?

While Sandra Bullock has been in the spotlight for many years now, Margot Robbie has not exactly been around for as long. Sandra has been acting in big ticket films since the early 90s, though Margot only got her big break in 2013 thanks to the film The Wolf of Wall Street. (Wikipedia)

Question 8

Cameron Diaz or Kate Hudson?

Both of these blonde starlets are known for their work in the romantic comedy genre. Of course, they have both worked on other projects as well, but with films like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and There's Something About Mary, the two of them have more than earned their spot in the romcom hall of fame.

Question 9

Emily Blunt or Gwyneth Paltrow?

Both of these actresses have proven that they have the skill to be leading ladies, but they have both also found a ton of success by playing secondary roles as well. While Emily Blunt blew critics away with her smaller role in The Devil Wears Prada, Gwyneth Paltrow has had fans in tears while watching her as Pepper Potts throughout the MCU films.

Question 10

Gal Gadot or Brie Larson?

Alright, here we have two ladies who have been taking over the superhero industry as of late. Gal Gadot made her way onto everyone's radar, after it was announced that she would be taking on the role of Wonder Woman. That being said, we just saw Brie Larson save the entire MCU as the legendary Captain Marvel.

Question 11

Lucy Liu or Drew Barrymore?

Back in the year 2000, we knew both of these girls as two out of the three Charlie's Angels. After the success of that film, they both went on to star in countless others. That being said, they have both definitely cashed in on the romcom genre. Who to pick?

Question 12

Amy Adams or Nicole Kidman?

Both of these women have done their share of work in the film business, and they have both be well awarded for their hard work as well! While Amy Adams has won herself 2 Golden Globes and has been nominated for 6 Academy Awards, Nicole Kidman has actually taken home an Oscar for Best Actress. (Wikipedia)

Question 13

Charlize Theron or Kate Winslet?

Here we are looking at two very fierce starlets. Neither of these women were going to be content with just being another pretty face in Hollywood. Oh no, these women wanted it to be known that they have real talent! Both of these women have taken home an Academy Award for Best Actress. (Wikipedia)

Question 14

Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawrence?

These girls are barely 30 years old, and they have still managed to impress just about every critic and fan out there! While Emma Stone used her comedic role in the film Superbad to propel her to stardom, Jennifer Lawrence took the superhero route by starring as Mystique in the X-Men film series.

Question 15

Kristen Wiig or Amy Poehler?

It is almost hard to read these ladies names without cracking a smile. Even though we have seen kristen Wiig venture out and play a few more serious roles, it would be tough to deny that both of these ladies are best known for their over-the-top comedic performances. Who are we picking?

Question 16

Ellen Page or Sophie Turner?

Even though Ellen Page has left her mark on the movie industry by starring in films like Juno, she has also done her fair share of television work. Recently, she was the star of the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy. Sophie Turner on the other hand, needs little introduction. She is Sansa Stark for Pete's sake!

Question 17

Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Aniston?

Both of these starlets have been in the business for quite some time now. Back in the 90s, Jennifer got her big break by landing the role of Rachel Green on the hit show Friends. Around the same time, Reese Witherspoon landed her first major role as Tracy Flick in the film Election. (Wikipedia)

Question 18

Shailene Woodley or Emma Roberts?

Here we are looking at a couple of young starlets, who have slowly been carving out their place in Hollywood. While Emma Roberts rose to fame by landing a role on the coveted Disney Channel, Shailene Woodley wound up taking a role on an ABC teen-drama series. Who to pick?

Question 19

Jennifer Lopez or Amanda Seyfried?

Here we are looking at two actresses, who both bring something a little different to the table. Jennifer Lopez was obviously a singer and dancer first, but she has acted in enough films to be considered a Hollywood star at this point. Amanda Seyfried is definitely an actress first and foremost, but thanks to Mamma Mia!, we now know she can sign too!

Question 20

Emma Watson or Kristen Stewart?

Alright fiction fans, this one's for you! To some, Emma Watson will always be known as Hermione Granger. She played the role in all 8 films of the Harry Potter series. However, to others, nothing will ever beat Kristen's role as Bella Swan in all 5 of the Twilight films.

Question 21

Cate Blanchett or Penélope Cruz?

Here we are looking at a couple of Academy Award winners. Cate Blanchett has been in the business since the early 90s, and over the years she has managed to win herself two Oscars. Penélope Cruz started making a name for herself around the same time, but didn't win her Oscar until 2008. (Wikipedia)

Question 22

Rihanna or Lady Gaga?

We know that both of these starlets are best known for their work in the music industry, but they have both been working extremely hard to also make it as actresses. We have seen Rihanna take on a few films roles recently, and we are sure everyone still remembers Lady Gaga's performance in A Star Is Born.

Question 23

Jennifer Garner or Jennifer Aniston?

In this question, we are looking at a couple of the most famous "Jennifers" currently working in Hollywood. To be fair to the others, we know there are a lot of starlets with the name, but these two do happen to come to mind when thinking about it. Who do we like more?

Question 24

Julianne Moore or Laura Dern?

In the late 80s and early 90s, these two starlets were all the rage. While they are still doing all kinds of impressive work today, some of their previous projects will always be at the forefront of some minds. Afterall, it would be pretty tough for Laura Dern to beat Jurassic Park, right?

Question 25

Kerry Washington or Jessica Chastain?

Here we have a television icon, going up against a film legend. Kerry Washington is no doubt best known for her role on the hit TV series Scandal. Jessica Chastain on the other hand, has made herself known by starring in movies like Zero Dark Thirty and The Help. Thoughts?

Question 26

Amber Heard or Hayden Panettiere?

Both of these women have been fighting exceptionally hard to ensure their place in Hollywood. While Amber Heard began her rise to fame in 2004, Hayden Panettiere started a bit earlier by kicking things off back in 1994. Which of these starlets would you rather watch in a blockbuster film?

Question 27

Mindy Kaling or Jenna Fischer?

Do we have any fans of The Office here with us? Both of these women have the popular sitcom to thank for propelling them to stardom. Mindy Kaling played the boy-crazed Kelly, while Jenna Fischer played one half of one of the most iconic TV relationships ever. Are we voting Kelly or Pam?

Question 28

Joey King or Dakota Fanning?

Both of these ladies found success very early on in their lives. Dakota Fanning has no doubt been one of the best received child actresses of all time, though these days, she is a full on grown up and starring in films to match! Joey King is still a teenager, but has recently started taking on some pretty major roles.

Question 29

Saoirse Ronan or Keira Knightley?

Here we have an up-and-comer, going up against a well established starlet. Neither of these actresses have actually taken home an Academy Award just yet, but they have both been nominated for several. They have roughly 10 years between them, so the race is on to see who wins one first!

Question 30

Tina Fey or Amy Schumer?

It is the battle of the comedy queens in this question! Both of these starlets are obviously hilarious, but they both happen to be very talented writers as well. Tina Fey wrote and starred in her show 30 Rock, while Amy wrote and starred in her film Trainwreck. Who are we picking?

Question 31

Mila Kunis or Anna Faris?

Both of these women have a knack for being hilarious and adorable all at the same time. We don't think anyone could have made That '70s Show character Jackie Burkhart as lovable as Mila Kunis did. That being said, the Scary Movie franchise would have never made it without Anna Faris.

Question 32

Uma Thurman or Winona Ryder?

Both of these women have done a spectacular job with role selection throughout their years in Hollywood. Uma Thurman really cemented her place in the business after aligning herself with award-winning director Quentin Tarantino. That being said, Winona has starred in huge films like Girl, Interrupted and Edwards Scissorhands. Thoughts?

Question 33

Brie Larson or Lily Collins?

In the past few years, both of these actresses have been sneaking up on us. Brie Larson first made sure we knew her name by starring in the film Room. She took home an Oscar for that one. Lily Collins is actually the daughter of singer Phil Collins, but she has definitely been putting in the work to prove she belongs in Hollywood!

Question 34

Anna Kendrick or Dakota Johnson?

Both of these starlets have famous book series to thank for their stardom. Anna Kendrick found her place in Hollywood after taking on the role of Jessica Stanley in the Twilight Saga. That being said, Dakota Johnson found her's after landing the lead role of Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades series.

Question 35

Blake Lively or Kat Dennings?

While it is true that both of these stars have each acted in a handful of popular films, their fame has definitely come from their roles on various television shows. Blake Lively is best known for playing Serena van der Woodsen, though Kat Dennings was the star of the hit series 2 Broke Girls for 6 seasons.

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