Choose The Better RomCom And We'll Reveal What Your Celeb Hubby Looks Like

There's nothing quite like a good rom-com to make anyone feel like love is in the air and that anything is possible. these movies deliver laughs, drama, and, of course, grand romantic gestures. Sure, they can be a bit formulaic sometimes, but all stories follow some kind of formula, don't they? After all, everyone watching these movies just wants the guy and the girl to wind up together, and sometimes a crowd-pleasing ending isn't such a bad thing!

Whether or not you're a rom-com fan, it's hard to deny the influence that the genre has had on filmmaking. Besides, everyone loves a good story about people coming together, especially if it seems like there's no way their relationship could ever actually work. It's just the sort of inspiring thing that makes any story worth telling.

There are countless rom-coms out there to love, from The Wedding Planner to Forgetting Sarah Marshall and everything in between. While they all appeal in one way or another, it goes without saying that each person has their own unique preferences when it comes to actors and stories. Take a look at these romantic comedies and choose the ones you prefer to see what your celebrity hubby looks like!

Question 1

The Kissing Booth or Forgetting Sarah Marshall?

Elle and Lee have been friends since the day they were born, and in order to remain friends, they decide that they have to make a set of rules regarding their relationships. One of those rules is that neither one of them can date the other's family members, a rule that is complicated by the fact that Elle has developed feelings for Lee's older brother, Noah. This movie is up against Forgetting Sarah Marshall, another film about complicated relationships and trying to keep things right.

Question 2

Forgetting Sarah Marshall or Juno?

Peter is happily dating Sarah Marshall, the star of a network television show. However, his world falls apart when she not only abruptly breaks up with him, but also reveals that there is someone else. To get over his emotional pain, Peter decides to take a trip to Hawaii. Unfortunately, he winds up at the same resort as Sarah, who is there with her new boyfriend, pretentious rock star Aldous Snow. This movie is up against Juno, a film about a different kind of relationship complication.

Question 3

Juno or The Break-Up?

High schooler Juno MacGuff gets the surprise of her life when she finds out that she is pregnant. What makes it worse is that the father is her friend Paulie. After mulling her options, Juno decides to give the baby up for adoption to a nice couple. Unfortunately, the more time she spends with the couple, the more she learns about the cracks in their relationship. realizing that no couple is perfect. This movie is up against The Break-Up, another film about fractured relationships.

Question 4

The Break-Up or Enchanted?

Gary and Brooke begin a whirlwind romance, eventually moving in together and sharing a beautiful condo. However, cracks soon begin to appear, and the couple, as the title suggests, breaks up. Neither party is willing to move out of the condominium, so they reach an agreement to live as roommates. They start to act out in ways that will provoke the other person, including dating other people and trying to make each other jealous. This film is up against the modern fairy tale pastiche, Enchanted.

Question 5

Enchanted or The Proposal?

Disney decided to poke fun at their history of animated princess films with Enchanted. The movie tells the story of Giselle, a young woman who threatens to take the throne of Queen Narissa. Narissa pushes Giselle into a well, which takes her from her animated home to the live-action world of New York City. There, she learns to survive in her new home, as well as falls in love with a successful lawyer. This magical and self-aware film is up against The Proposal.

Question 6

The Proposal or Bridesmaids?

Margaret is a successful CEO, and her assistant, Andrew, is just trying to get ahead in the publishing business. Unfortunately, Margaret has gone against the terms of her work visa, and is about to be sent back to Canada. She convinces Andrew to marry her, but the two must put on a show for an immigration officer. They fly to Andrew's family home in Alaska to meet his family. As they continue the ruse, they begin to develop real feelings for each other. This film is up against Bridesmaids.

Question 7

Bridesmaids or Just Go With It?

Annie is on the ropes in life. She's single, working a job she doesn't like, and the bakery she opened has closed down. Her best friend Lillian announces that she is getting married and wants Annie to be her maid of honor. Annie meets the rest of the titular bridesmaids, which includes Helen, a rich, well-t-do friend who tries at every turn to outshine Annie. Along the way, Annie strikes up a relationship with a police officer. This film is up against Just Go With It.

Question 8

Just Go With It or 500 Days of Summer?

Danny was about to marry the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, right before the wedding, he discovered that she was seeing someone else. Later, at a bar, Danny charms a young woman by sharing his sad story. Twenty years later, Danny is still using this same story to get with women. When he meets a beautiful woman who won't fall for his ruse, he enlists the help of his coworker and her children to play his ex-wife and kids. This film is up against 500 Days of Summer.

Question 9

500 Days of Summer or The DUFF?

Tom is a guy who is looking for love, which he finds when he starts dating Summer, a girl who hits all the right notes for him. As they continue their whirlwind romance, cracks start to form in the relationship, and after a while, they break up. Tom is heartbroken, but eventually, with the help of Summer he comes to realize that the two of them were never going to be right for each other. This indie comedy is up against The DUFF.

Question 10

The DUFF or Hitch?

Bianca spends her days with her friends, who may be more popular and attractive, but they still maintain their friendship with her. However, at a party, she is informed of her status among the friends: she is the DUFF, the friend is not quite as popular or attractive, and is only kept around to make the other girls feel better about themselves. At least, that's what she starts to think, leading to a realization that friendship means much more than that. This film is up against Hitch.

Question 11

Hitch or Set It Up?

Albert is a lonely guy who is in love with one of his coworkers. He enlists the help of Hitch, a relationship expert who specializes in helping men improve themselves in order to get the girl of their dreams. However, along the way, Hitch also starts to develop feelings for a reporter who is writing a story about him, and none of his usual charms or tricks seem to work on her, throwing him off balance. This film is up against Set It Up.

Question 12

Set It Up or Friends With Benefits?

Set It Up examines the high-pressure lives of personal assistants to powerful people. Harper and Charlie are both dismayed at their lack of progress in the professional world. They are also feeling the effects of their bosses' bad temperaments. Together, the two assistants decide to get the bosses together in a relationship in order to ease their tense personalities. Along the way, Harper and Charlie also begin to have feelings for each other. This film is up against Just Friends.

Question 13

Friends With Benefits or Easy A?

In Friends With Benefits, two working professionals explore a casual relationship with each other. Jamie is a recruiter for a major company in New York, and Dylan is a designer who is being eyed by that same company. He and Jamie quickly become friends after he moves to New York, but their relationship quickly also becomes physical. Though the friends try to keep each other at a distance, they can't help but develop feelings. This film is going up against Easy A.

Question 14

Easy A or The Other Woman?

Easy A is the tale of a high school girl who quickly gains a reputation that she wasn't entirely ready for. PArtially based on the novel The Scarlet Letter, Easy A follows Olive, a girl who has claimed to have more experience in the bedroom than she actually has. As a school church group catches wind of her claims, they decide to take her on as a project. Olive, though plans to embrace her new reputation. This film is going up against The Other Woman.

Question 15

The Other Woman or The Switch?

Carly begins a relationship with a man that she really thinks could be the one. However, when she goes to visit him at his home unannounced, she makes an awful discovery: the man is married. His wife, Kate, decides to work with Carly instead of against her. After they follow the husband on his vacation, they discover he is seeing yet another woman. All three of them band together and decide to take revenge. This film is going up against The Switch.

Question 16

The Switch or Notting Hill?

Kassie wants to have a baby, but since she is single, she doesn't know if it will ever happen. She decides to use a donor, much to the chagrin of her best friend Wally, who has always had feelings for her. After an accidental spill, Wally switches the sample with his own at a party. Years later, Kassie returns to New York with a seven-year-old son who is surprisingly similar to Wally. This film is going up against Notting Hill.

Question 17

Notting Hill or Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again?

Notting Hill is the story of a movie star falling in love with a regular guy. Will owns a small bookstore in the titular neighborhood, and one day sees Anna, a world-famous movie star walk in the door. After a few more chance run-ins, the two find that they keep running into each other. They decide to go to a party together, and their relationship begins to grow. However, there are challenges that come with their difference in status. This film is up against Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again.

Question 18

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again or You've Got Mail?

The hit sequel to the film version of the famous ABBA musical, Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again once again revisits the life of Donna Sheridan, the matriarch from the first film. Her daughter, Sophie, is getting ready to hold an event for her mother's hotel. Meanwhile, the film also dives into Donna's past, exploring how it was that she came to end up with the three suitors from the first film. This musical romance is going up against You've Got Mail.

Question 19

You've Got Mail or 27 Dresses?

Kathleen and Joe have been communicating with each other for weeks, and they don't even know it. You've Got Mail came out at the turn of the millennium, and perfectly captured the zeitgeist of that time period. Kathleen owns an independent bookstore that is about to be put out of business by a chain store owned by Joe's family. Eventually, the two strike up a friendship without really knowing their online identities. This film is going up against 27 Dresses.

Question 20

27 Dresses or The Five-Year Engagement?

Jane is always a bridesmaid and never a bride. She has been a bridesmaid a whopping 27 times, leading to a closet filled with 27 bridesmaid dresses, each one a building block in her view on marriage. However, meeting Kevin might change her views. Unfortunately, Kevin is secretly writing an article about Jane's neverending state as a bridesmaid, leading to a tense confrontation between the two. This particular romantic comedy is going up against The Five-Year Engagement, which is also about the frustrations of people getting married.

Question 21

The Five-Year Engagement or Crazy, Stupid, Love?

Tom and Violet have been dating for a while, and Tom decides that now is the time for the two of them to get engaged. However, Violet's work along with Tom's encouragement leads the pair to relocate from San Francisco to Michigan so Violet can continue her psychology studies. Tom, however, finds the move harder than Violet, and the pair become more and more frustrated as their wedding continues to get pushed back. This film is going up against Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Question 22

Crazy, Stupid, Love or Love Actually?

Cal thinks he is in a happy marriage until the day his wife tells him that she has been seeing someone else and that she wants a divorce. One night, when he is wallowing in self-pity, he meets Jacob, a total ladies man who offers to take Cal under his wing and show him that he doesn't have to feel lonely or stuck. At the same time, Jacob starts seeing Hannah, who throws him off his game. This film is up against Love Actually.

Question 23

Love Actually or The Holiday?

Several different love stories are told through a series of vignettes in this romantic Christmas film. They include the story of a boy who wants to learn to play the drums in order to impress a girl at school, a man trying to keep up a relationship outside of his marriage, and the Prime Minister of England embarking on his own relationship with a housekeeper who works at Downing Street. The stories also tend to overlap, and don't all have happy endings. This film is up against The Holiday.

Question 24

The Holiday or To All The Boys I've Loved Before?

Amanda and Iris are both in dire straights when it comes to their relationships. Amanda has just discovered that her boyfriend is in another relationship with his secretary. Iris, on the other hand, finds out the man she has been on and off with is engaged to someone else. The women find each other on a house-swapping site and decide to take holidays in each other's homes. This decision leads to romance in two different countries. This film is up against To All The Boys I've Loved Before.

Question 25

To All The Boys I've Loved Before or Pretty Woman?

Lara Jean has found plenty of boys that she has liked through her years, and as a way to express her feelings, she wrote letters to them without sending any. One night, her sister sends all of the letters, and suddenly Lara Jean has to deal with all of the boys she has expressed affection for in the past. That includes Peter, who agrees to help Lara Jean in her quest to find all the letters. This film is up against Pretty Woman.

Question 26

Pretty Woman or Silver Linings Playbook?

Edward is a white-collar guy who finds himself in unknown territory when he hires Vivian, a working girl. Over the course of the weekend, the two of them develop feelings for each other and embark on a relationship. However, since they are from two different worlds, things are a lot harder for them. They have to overcome the societal pressures that are put on their relationship. this film, directed by Garry Marshall, is going up against David O. Russell's Silver Linings Playbook.

Question 27

Silver Linings Playbook or Definitely Maybe?

Pat is a man who is dealing not only with bipolar disorder but also trying to get back together with his ex-wife. One night, he meets Tiffany, a young woman who is dealing with depression and using dance as therapy. After they spend some time together, Pat agrees to be Tiffany's dance partner in an upcoming competition. This film is an intricate look at the relationships that can develop between people dealing with mental illness. This film is up against Definitely, Maybe.

Question 28

Definitely, Maybe or Valentine's Day?

Will is a caring and devoted single father to his daughter Maya, but has never revealed to her who her mother is. One night, Will tells Maya the long story of how he moved to New York and how it changed his life forever. He reveals that there were always three important women in his life, and that one of them still has a hold on his heart in a way that the other two never will. This film is up against Valentine's Day.

Question 29

Valentine's Day or 50 First Dates?

Valentine's Day is the kind of day that can be different for everyone. That's the central conceit of the storyline-hopping film, appropriately named after the holiday on which is set and directed by Garry Marshall. The film follows several different couples through their own Valentine's Day romances and failures. With a star-studded cast, the film manages to deftly swap stories and let characters wander in and out of each other's worlds. This story-filled film is going up against 50 First Dates.

Question 30

50 First Dates or How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days?

Henry is happy to spend his days working at an aquatic wildlife park in beautiful Hawaii, until one day he meets the woman of his dreams, Lucy. They spend the night together, but in the morning, Lucy has forgotten who Henry is. this is due to the fact that she has retrograde amnesia, and forgets everything about the previous day when she falls asleep. Henry keeps trying his best to make his way into her memory for good, but it proves difficult. This film is up against How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days.

Question 31

How to Lose A guy in 10 Days or She's The Man?

Andie is a writer for a women's magazine. For her latest article, she decides that she will start dating someone and make him break up with her in 10 days or less. Ben makes a bet with a client at his advertising firm that he can make any woman fall in love with him in 10 days. Andie and Ben end up dating each other, and their opposing objectives case a lot of hilarious tension. This film is up against She's the Man.

Question 32

She's The Man or Bridget Jones's Diary?

Who would have thought that a Shakespeare play could be used to make a teen romantic comedy? The bard was really onto something. She's the Man is loosely based on the play Twelfth Night. Viola, a soccer player who is cut from her team, poses as her brother and attends a private school so that he can run away to England and start a band. There, she joins the soccer team, but complications arise as she tries to keep her identity secret. This film is up against Bridget Jones's Diary.

Question 33

Bridget Jones's Diary or Sweet Home Alabama?

Bridget Jones is trying her best to keep it together. After a chance encounter with an old family acquaintance at a Christmas party, she realizes that she needs to make some personal changes. She decides to quit smoking, get in shape, and take her status from 'single' to 'in a relationship.' Along the way, there are plenty of setbacks, both romantic and professional, and it seems harder than ever to make things go her way. This film is up against Sweet Home Alabama.

Question 34

Sweet Home Alabama or The Wedding Planner?

Melanie grew up in the state of Alabama, but as she got older, she decided that she wanted to leave her simple country life behind. She moves to New York and gets engaged. The only problem is that she is still married to Jake, her childhood friend and currently estranged husband. She heads back home to get divorce papers signed by him, but ends up remembering everything she left behind. This film is going up against the Jennifer Lopez classic, The Wedding Planner.

Question 35

The Wedding Planner or A Cinderella Story?

Mary is a successful wedding planner who also happens to be single. When she is almost struck by a runaway dumpster, she is saved by Steve, a charming pediatrician. The two discover that they have a lot of chemistry. The only problem is that Steve is getting married, and Mary has been hired to plan the wedding! This film is going up against A Cinderella Story, which featured Hilary Duff as a waitress who wants to escape her life and go to Princeton.

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