Choose The Better Grey's Anatomy Character And We'll Give You A Dreamy Doctor To Take Home

Calling all Grey's Anatomy fans! This show has now been on the air for 15 seasons, so we are thinking it is time to see which of its many characters are in fact everyone's favorites. We have been watching these characters come and go since the very first season, and while some of them will always hold a special place in our hearts, others have been happily forgotten. Not for long though!

Today we are pulling out fan favorites, as well as some of the show's less likable characters. In each question, everyone will be asked to choose between two characters. Everyone is free to pick whichever character they truly think is best. Once all of the selections have been made, we will pick out the perfect McDreamy husband for everyone to take home. Who's ready for this ultimate Grey's AnatomSy character quiz?

Question 1

Derek Shepherd or Meredith Grey?

Since these two shared the most epic relationship of the entire series, we figured they would make an interesting pairing. These two definitely had good times as well as bad times, but when it came around to Derek's last season, they had nothing but love for each other and their children.

Question 2

Teddy Altman or Owen Hunt?

Not only do these guys have a long history on the show together, but their on and off love story actually started way before we even met them. Teddy came to work for the hospital at Owen's request, but they had actually met and became best friends during their time serving in the army.

Question 3

Christina Yang or Alex Karev?

Here we have two of our original interns. Christina Yang left the series a few seasons back, but she will definitely always be remembered as Meredith's best friend and "person". That being said, after she left, Alex Karev stepped up and took over the role of best friend to Meredith.

Question 4

George O'Malley or Andrew DeLuca?

Neither of these guys started off their internship at Seattle Grace on the best foot. George was just so young and innocent when he started, plus he let the other interns get under his skin far too easily. Andrew DeLuca turned things around for himself rather quickly, though his first day was a rough one.

Question 5

Denny Duquette or Alex Karev?

Now here is a showdown that is sure to send people right back to season 2. When Denny Duquette entered the hospital, he immediately drew the attention of intern Izzie Stevens. Since Alex was already trying his best to win Izzie over, this created quite a conflict between the two men.

Question 6

Meredith Grey or Amelia Shepherd?

In more recent seasons, we have seen these two interact a lot with each other, giving us excellent material to base this decision off of. Even though Meredith is our leading lady, Amelia has received some pretty hearty storylines over the last few seasons. How does everyone feel about these two?

Question 7

Derek Shepherd or Mark Sloan?

We are pitting McDreamy against McSteamy in this question! Derek was the original handsome doctor at Seattle Grace. To be fair, almost all of the hospital's doctors have been quite attractive, but Derek definitely stood out back then. Even though Derek was the original, many women couldn't help but to fall for Mark once he arrived.

Question 8

Jackson Avery or April Kepner?

It may seem unfair to put these two up against each other after everything they went through, but come on, which characters haven't gone through the rigger in this series? Jackson and April started working at Seattle Grace together, but it took some time before they developed any romantic feelings.

Question 9

Jo Wilson or Izzie Stevens?

Here we have a couple of women who have both held the heart of Alex Karev at one point or another. Jo and Alex's relationship is obviously much more current. However, Izzie was technically Alex's first wife. While many were upset with how Izzie left Alex, we know not everyone is a fan of Jo's either.

Question 10

Callie Torres or Addison Montgomery?

Back when Addison first arrived at the hospital, there were many reasons for the other characters (and us fans) not to like her. However, once she agreed to take on the job permanently, she did manage to find a friend in Callie Torres. It seemed they both needed a friend at that point.

Question 11

Arizona Robbins or April Kepner?

These two ladies kind of became unexpected besties. While the two characters had not interacted a whole lot, after one specific episode where they shared a couple of cocktails, the two really did form a lovely bond. Ever since that episode, these women have always had each other's backs (mostly).

Question 12

Addison Montgomery or Meredith Grey?

Now here is a heated question! While these two did eventually manage to squashes their beef, we cannot overlook the fact that they have both been the wife of Derek Shepherd at one point in their lives. Addison was Derek's first love, but Meredith was no doubt his true love.

Question 13

Owen Hunt or Miranda Bailey?

Let's take a look at these two for a moment. Even though they are both extremely different people, they have both held the job of Chief. Owen worked the position for a very long time, but Miranda was always in line to take over once the job became available. Who was the better boss?

Question 14

Meredith Grey or Cristina Yang?

Here is a question we are thinking many will have difficulty with. What would one of these characters even be without the other? They both started their internships together, and the bond they formed over the years is one that could bring a tear to anyone's eyes. Who to pick?

Question 15

Alex Karev or Jackson Avery?

Both of these characters are extremely talented surgeons, though they are also a couple of the prettiest boys working at Seattle Grace. There is simply no denying that these two are studs. They have both had their ups and downs on the show, but overall they have proven themselves to be good guys.

Question 16

Lexie Grey or Maggie Pierce?

Here we have both of Meredith's surprise sisters. When Lexie arrived at the hospital, we quickly found out that she and Meredith shared the same father. When Maggie showed up though, we were all floored to find out that Meredith's mother had given a child up for adoption without ever telling anyone.

Question 17

George O'Malley or Alex Karev?

These two are kind of like the original rivals. They were both part of the original group of interns, and it did not take long for them to decide that they did not like each other. Alex viewed George as a weakling, while George viewed Alex as mean and overconfident.

Question 18

Derek Shepherd or Preston Burke?

If we head back on over to season one, we would see these two competing to be top dog of the hospital. Preston Burke was the head of Cradio, whereas Derek was the Head of Neuro. Both men were known around the world for their talents, but they both desperately wanted to be the very best.

Question 19

Richard Webber or Miranda Bailey?

In this question, we are deciding between our original Chief, and the one we have currently. Richard was the first man we ever saw in charge of the hospital. Even way back in season 1 though, it was clear that he was grooming Miranda to take over for him one day.

Question 20

Izzie Stevens or George O'Malley?

After it became clear that Christina and Meredith had partnered off, George and Izzie found their way to each other. Since no one back then wanted to befriend Alex, these two were logical allies. Even though they did briefly get involved romantically, they quickly realized that they were better off as friends.

Question 21

Meredith Grey or Maggie Pierce?

These two may be sisters, but they are quite a bit different. While we have been watching Meredith for much longer than we have Maggie, in the last few seasons, we have seen them both get a ton of screen time. Which of them stands out as the better character?

Question 22

Lexie Grey or Callie Torres?

Now this pairing is a little bit interesting. These ladies never exactly had a great relationship. Lexie was in love with Mark, and Callie was Mark's best friend. Even though Callie told Lexie not to worry, it was evident that Lexie was always a little cautious whenever Callie was around.

Question 23

Finn Dandridge or Derek Shepherd?

Here is a question for everyone who has been watching since the very beginning! Back when Meredith had decided to let Derek go so he could give his marriage another chance, she started up a relationship with Finn Dandridge. He was a veterinarian and a widower. He wasn't around too long, but he treated Meredith well.

Question 24

Mark Sloan or Jackson Avery?

Who here remembers the Plastics Posse? Back when Mark was the Head of Plastics, he decided to take young Jackson Avery under his wing. Since Jackson had not selected a specialty at that point, we were all excited to see him discover his passion. Also, watching these two work together was always amusing.

Question 25

Christina Yang or Derek Shepherd?

Talk about a tough decision! We have seen both of these characters save each other on various occasions. Derek would have been lost in the shooting had Christina not operated on him, and Christina would have given surgery up for good had Derek not convinced her to return to work.

Question 26

Callie Torres or Arizona Robbins?

Even though these two did eventually separate, that does not change the fact that they shared one of the longest running relationships in the show's history. Considering the amount of drama that tends to take place in this hospital, we would say their many years together were pretty darn impressive! Who to pick?

Question 27

Adele Webber or Catherine Avery?

Here we are looking at just two of the women Richard Webber has loved. Adele was Richard's first wife. To say they had a rocky relationship, would be the understatement of the year. That being said, his current marriage to Catherine Avery has not exactly been hiccup free either. Pick the better character!

Question 28

Andrew DeLuca or Atticus Lincoln?

Since our leading lady had to make this very same decision, we figured it would only make sense to have the fans choose between these two as well. Andrew has been around quite a bit longer, but when Atticus showed up this past season, he certainly had the whole hospital buzzing.

Question 29

Erica Hahn or Preston Burke?

We first met Erica under some pretty stressful circumstances. It did not take long for us to learn that she and Preston had a long standing rivalry, that seemed to date back to when they had been in med school together. After Preston left the hospital, Erica briefly took over his position.

Question 30

Jackson Avery or Matthew Taylor?

We know pitting these two against each other seems mean, but we had to do it! Both of these men have been married to April Kepner. When April ran out on her first wedding to Matthew to be with Jackson, we figured we would never see Matthew again. However, he and April have somehow managed to find their way back to each other.

Question 31

Lucy Fields or Izzie Stevens?

Both of these ladies took their turn breaking the heart of Alex Karev. While Lucy was dating Alex, she decided to be sneaky and steal a job right out from under him. Then again, Izzie had been married to Alex when she decided to run out on him, leaving him to deal with her many hospital bills.

Question 32

Maggie Pierce or Amelia Shepherd?

In the last couple of seasons, we have seen these two ladies really step up as characters. After Meredith lost Derek, she was left to raise three children on her own. However, she did not have to wait too long for these two to decide to move in and help with the workload!

Question 33

Preston Burke or Richard Webber?

Back in the first few seasons, these two held very important roles in the hospital. Richard was Chief at the time, and though Preston was already Head of Cardio, it was clear he was gunning for a promotion. They may have had their arguments, but they did share a great respect for each other.

Question 34

Thatcher Grey or Ellis Grey?

It could be argued that these two are in fact the most important of the entire series. Without these characters, Meredith would have never even been born! That being said, it's not like either of them were great parents to her while she was growing up. Thatcher left, and Ellis was preoccupied.

Question 35

Sloan Riley or Lexie Grey?

The interactions shared between these two characters were quite hilarious. Sloan Riley was the surprise daughter of Mark Sloan, who showed up unannounced and pregnant. Lexie, who was dating Mark at this time, was about the same age as her and not so into the idea of sharing her man. Pick one!

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