Choose The Better Comfort Food And We'll Guess Your Zodiac Sign

One of the greatest joys in life is food. Healthy food, homecooked food and even fast food can be wonderful. There are enough kinds and styles of cooking in the world to suit the many different kinds and styles of people that populate this wonderful planet that we call Earth. And each and every one of those wonderful people has a favourite comfort food. That special food that brings them never-ending joy when eaten or even mentioned in casual conversation.

This food, for whatever reason, has ties to a warm memory for that person and every time that food is eaten, those warm memories are awoken and they find themselves submerged within them for the duration of the meal.

For this writer, that comfort food is homemade macaroni and cheese, just like grandma used to make during family gatherings. That is the stuff, right there. And since everyone has a favourite comfort food, one has to wonder if that favourite comfort food says anything about who that person is.

Does a favourite comfort food provide any insight into someone's personality, their wants, their dreams, or who they are at the core of their being? By combining classic and internationally beloved comfort foods with the twelve Zodiac signs, this quiz will attempt to answer the question of whether or not there is a correlation between comfort foods and personality.

Question 1

Brownies or Fudge?

My thoughts are with all of the chocolate lovers taking this quiz for this may be one of the most difficult choices they will ever have to make. Brownies or fudge? Though remarkably similar at first it is important to note the differences between the two. Brownies have the texture of a denser and thicker version of a traditional chocolate cake. Whereas fudge is a non-baked chewier and sweetened version of chocolate; though it is also important to note that it can come in many non-chocolate flavours. But both are utterly delicious and a very welcomed treat for any occasion.

Question 2

Birthday Cake or Pie?

This question may be one of the most decisive questions on the list. Birthday cake or pie? Which dessert is the better treat overall? Which is better for a party setting? For those who are not partial to frosting, pie may be the obvious choice. However, to those who are not exceedingly fond of baked crusts in their desserts, a more traditional birthday-style cake may be the fan favourite choice. It is important to note that there are so many different varieties and flavours available for each that this comparison truly comes down to personal preference and nothing more.

Question 3

Kebabs or Classic BBQ?

Picture this: It's late, one has spent a long night dancing their cares away with friends and loved ones, and now that the party has ended it is time to fill up one's empty stomach with the most delicious and truly satisfying foods available. But what food is right for that job? Is it the classic post-party kebab? Or do those lengthy skewers cause a sense of aversion in those who are no longer in control of their own dexterity? Or is classic BBQ the way to go? No sharp tools that can cause issues. Just piles of delicious foods.

Question 4

Moussaka or Baklava?

Some foods are comfort foods because they are delicious in their own right and hit the spot in just the right way. And some foods are comfort foods because they remind those eating it of a fond memory, the person who often made the food for them growing up, or a piece of their past/childhood that they long to return to. The nostalgic qualities that are tied to some of our favourite comfort foods are sometimes even better than the foods themselves. Moussaka and Baklava are two classic comfort foods that often hold loving and warm memories within each bite for those who hold them close to their hearts.

Question 5

Cinnamon Buns or S'Mores?

Those who are averse to sweet treats need to avert their eyes for this question is not for them. Having to choose between Cinnamon Buns or S'Mores might be one of the hardest decisions an online quiz will ever ask of those taking it. Does one prefer the lovely melted cream cheese icing that coats each and every delectable cinnamon bun? Or is the soft and gooey marshmallow that sits between the chocolate and graham crackers of each S'More the better option? Though the deciding factor between the two might be whether or not the cinnamon buns use raisins in their recipe.

Question 6

Pork Buns or Steamed Dumplings?

It is important to include international foods when creating a list of classic and beloved comfort foods as not all comfort foods have the same cultural roots. Each and every culture has its own comfort foods that are grounded in their culture and the recipe is passed down from generation to generation. The foods have deep nostalgic ties to those who love them as they remember being taught how to make them with their family members at their side. And that is exactly what makes a comfort food so comforting and truly special to those who consume and love the foods.

Question 7

Cheesecake or Cream Puffs?

Desserts are often some of the most comforting foods out there for one does not eat a dessert on a sad occasion. Desserts are reserved for the best days in a persons' life. Birthdays, graduations, perfect report cards, weddings, and wonderful milestones. These are the sort of things that we celebrate with dessert. Since these foods are so often associated with warm and happy feelings, the foods themselves invoke the same feelings when eaten (even if they are being eaten on a normal Tuesday.) These foods will bring warmth and light to one's day, even if the day was sour to begin with.

Question 8

Nachos or Tacos?

So similar and yet so different, the Nachos and Tacos of the world are utterly delicious and a treat to be had whenever they are served. But, since both are such filling meals, one must choose one or the other or end up risking a bit of a stomach ache at the end of that meal, which is the opposite of comforting. But which one is the superior meal? With the endless ability and room for customization on either side, this decision truly comes down to the mode of transportation. Does one prefer the soft tortilla, the harder shells, or the tortilla chips?

Question 9

Apple Pie or Cherry Popsicles?

Ah, Apple Pie. One of the most classic and nostalgic pies of all time. The mere name of the treat brings up thoughts of a wholesome and loving family unit working, eating, and loving together over a home-cooked meal. Classic, warm, and nostalgic of the best parts of a time long since passed. But cherry popsicles are a summer staple that the majority of us grew up on during the brightest and most memorable years of our collective childhoods. Days in the sun, afternoons at the beach or the waterpark, evenings at the playgrounds, weekends at camp... the memories that popsicles spark are personal and endless.

Question 10

Poutine or French Fries?

Poutine is, without a doubt, the greatest culinary invention since the creation of Macaroni and Cheese. The thick cut and deep fried potatoes, the hand stirred gravy, and the delectable mozzarella cheese curds... there is no greater food than the Poutine. Sure, french fries are a delicious treat and one of the fundamental building blocks of the Poutine but french fries, on their own, cannot compare to the delicious and complex yet simple flavour palette of a traditional poutine. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion and some may prefer the more tradition french fries to the delectable poutine.

Question 11

Beignets or Doughnut Holes?

What is it about the food one sees presented in animated films? Animated food always looks far more delicious and satisfying than their real-world counterparts. The beignets featured in the Disney animated feature film, 'The Princess and the Frog" are truly some of the most delicious looking animated foods in the entire Disney oeuvre. But are they superior to the classic doughnut holes? Somehow the most delicious aspect of the doughnut is the one that typically does not exist within the doughnut itself. The doughnut hole is one of the most delicious dough based baked goods out there, but is it better than a Beignet?

Question 12

Spaghetti and Meatballs or Lasagna?

Though these two foods seem deceptively similar at first glance, they truly are two very different meals and the difference between the two must be noted. Lasagna is essentially the cake version of spaghetti and must be eaten as such. It comes in layers and is baked until deliciously crispy. But spaghetti is a simple yet wonderful mess of noodles, sauce, and meatballs. Each element can be eaten separately and each element is as wonderful and delicious on its own as it is as a whole. Does one prefer the structured aspect of lasagna or the more chaotic yet delightful nature of traditional spaghetti?

Question 13

Pizza or Bagel Bites?

Oh, now this is a tough one. As mentioned earlier in this quiz, even the most unappealing pizza is still pizza and having pizza is better than not having any pizza at all. But is it better than bagel bites? Yes, bagel bites are essentially a smaller form of pizza, but the difference between the dough that creates the classic pizza crust and the bagel in which the toppings of the bagel bites lies upon is like night and day. The two could not be more different and that difference is where the preference lies. Which classic after-school treat will win?

Question 14

Pad Thai or Fried Rice?

Maybe one is not in the mood for a cheese-based comfort food nor a sweet dessert. Maybe one just is not a fan of those types of comfort food or maybe those types of comfort food simply are not comforting to some people. And that is okay. There are as many different types of comforting dishes on this Earth as there are people to enjoy them and any food can be a comfort food if the person eating it finds feelings of warmth, nostalgia, or comfort from each and every bite. After all, that is the point of comfort food.

Question 15

Burger and Fries or Classic Breakfast?

Both are classic hometown diner staples but one cannot have both in the same sitting; unless one has a hankering for a major stomach ache. Does one seek the delicious, greasy, and filling burger and fry combo or is the egg, bacon, and toast style meal more their style? Are they the kind of person who likes to eat breakfast-style foods for every meal of the day? Or do they spend their morning waiting until it is an appropriate time to eat their most preferred foods that may not be well suited for the earlier hours of the day?

Question 16

Sausage Rolls or Mozzarella Sticks?

Sometimes one is just not in the mood to eat a solid meal but is still finding themselves rather peckish. And that is where appetizers and hors oeuvres come into play. A plate of selected savory appetizers can be the best substitute for a meal both for a casual mid weeknight as well as a way of preparing the palette and satisfying grazers during long parties and times of festivities. But what appetizer is the best? Which one draws the whole crowd and which simply falls flat? Is it the delicious sausage roll or the cheese filled mozzarella sticks?

Question 17

Macaroni and Cheese or Pizza?

On the one hand, there is Macaroni and Cheese. A true homegrown staple. One of the most delicious foods in the history of the culinary arts and the food on which most of us were raised. No matter how one prepares it, no matter which cheeses, or garnishes used, Macaroni and Cheese will always be one of the greatest comfort foods of all time. And on the other hand, there is Pizza. Even having objectivaly subpar Pizza is better than having no Pizza at all. And there are so many ways in which Pizza can be made that one could eat Pizza for a week and never have the same toppings twice.

Question 18

Milk & Cookies or Treacle Tarts?

If one is looking for a food that reminds every one eating it of their childhood, then Milk and Cookies may be the best choice to fill that goal. For many households, milk and cookies were the go-to after-school snack and thinking about the snack reminds this writer of doing long division at her desk in her childhood attic bedroom. The best bedroom in the house, if you ask this writer. Even Santa Claus agrees that milk and cookies are the best treats around. Are treacle tarts good enough to take the title of greatest snack away from one of the most classic treats around?

Question 19

Pierogies or Pork Buns?

Every culture in human history has its own dough related dish with a special filling. Making food with dough and filling it with some of our other favourite foods is practically human nature at this point. And every single person on this green Earth has a favourite dough related dish. Some may even have multiple dough related favourites on their top ten list. But between pierogies and pork buns, which one will come out victorious? Which one will come out on top and which one will come in second? Still a noble position on a top ten list, but it's not the top.

Question 20

Strawberries & Cream or Milkshakes?

Ah, two of the best dairy related treats and two reasons why my fellow lactose intolerant peeps ignore their allergies in order to indulge their pleasures and treat themselves. It's okay, we have all done it. Even though none of us should have risked it. But dairy is so good though. And few things are better than the combination of fruit and dairy. Strawberries and cream is one of the most simple yet delicious summertime desserts in the world. Laying out in a hammock with a bowl of this delectable treat is one of the most sublime human experiences out there.

Question 21

Pancakes or Waffles?

Ah, the classic breakfast debate. Pancakes or waffles? Which will be chosen and which will be left behind? Though some may argue that they are basically the same meal, some people (who consider themselves devoted breakfast aficionados) would be gobsmacked t hear someone even imply any similarities between the two foods. But the time to choose between these classic breakfast foods is upon us and a choice must be made. Which will win? Is it the coveted syrup pockets that each and every waffle promises or is it the classic smooth surface of the pancake that will bring home the crown?

Question 22

Roast Dinner or Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich?

These next two comfort food options could not be more opposite to one another if they tried. Is there truly anything more different than a roast, potatoes, and beans compared to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? These two items are not even eaten at the same meal (traditionally) so choosing between the two should be a piece of cake. There is no overlap that could cause one to feel torn between the two choices nor is there any need to weigh the pros and cons of each dish. This is simply an instinctual question. Do not over think it.

Question 23

Paprikash or Stroganoff?

Choosing between these next two meals may be a bit more difficult than the last choice as these two meals both glean their "comfort food" status from the memories tried to the dish rather than the dish itself (though the dishes themselves are delicious in their own right.) These foods are both often tied to deep nostalgic memories for each person and eating them evokes those same feelings of warmth and joy with each and every bite. Memories of perfecting the recipe in the kitchen with one's grandmother or eating a big dish of them to celebrate a personal milestone.

Question 24

Shepherd's Pie or Honey Glazed Ham?

Which one of these delicious holiday staples would one rather split with their loved ones at their next family get together? Is it the classic honey glazed ham or the equally beloved and delicious Shepherd's Pie? Both are easily shared, produce a bounty of leftovers, and are equally filling. Both of these foods are so filling that they belong to the "a nap needs to be taken within 30 minutes of consuming this meal" food group. A group to which most comfort foods belong if we are being honest with ourselves. A good group. The best group. My favourite group.

Question 25

Fish and Chips or Poutine?

As mentioned earlier in this quiz, this writer is an avid poutine lover. Few things can equal the delicious flavours of the traditional poutine as very few foods are good enough to rise to the challenge. However, the classic beachside treat of Fish and Chips may just give the poutine a run for its money. There is nothing better than driving to the beach with one's entire family in tow, spending the morning slathered in sunscreen and swimming in the briny water, and only coming out to eat a delicious and much deserved oversized helping of Fish and Chips from the local Chippie.

Question 26

Steamed Dumplings or Sweet and Sour Pork?

A lovely take-a-way is not complete without one or the other. But which will one choose as the better take-a-way staple? The classic steamed dumpling or the delectable sweet and sour pork? For this writer, the answer is close but sweet and sour pork wins out. Ready-made, day old, leftover, or fresh; sweet and sour pork is a delicious meal for all occasions. There is just something so special about blowing through multiple seasons of one's favourite show while surrounded by devoured take out containers. There is nothing like it and, in this writer's humble opinion, there is nothing that can compare.

Question 27

Penne Alfredo or Spaghetti Bolognese?

Pasta based dishes are some of the best dishes around. Who said that carbs are anything but delicious and perfect? Cutting out carbs would make this writer nothing but a shell of her former self. Carbs make the world go round, put a smile on our faces, and make life worth living. But which traditional pasta dish is the superior dish? Is it the red sauce based Spaghetti Bolognese or the white sauce based Penne Alfredo? Does the type of noodle matter or does it all come down to the sauce? Some say that noodle shape does not matter but is that true?

Question 28

Honey Challah or Bagels?

It is time for the bread-based dishes to shine and take their place in the comfort food debate. We have heard from dairy, we have heard from pasta, and we have heard from the desserts but we have yet to hear from the breads. Ah, bread. The utter kings of the comfort food world. But which type of bread is the best and the most comforting food out there? Is it the classic bagel or is it the honey challah? Which one is the favourite comfort food? Which one brings more joy? Which one is the one who will win?

Question 29

Classic Southern BBQ or Pho?

Sometimes it is important to place two foods who are incredibly similar up against each other to see which food is the better iteration of the same concept and sometimes it's important to pit two foods, who have absolutely nothing in common, against each other to see which type of food is the fan favourite and which food must accept the title of second best. So, which dish, out of these entirely unique yet delicious meals, is the better comfort food? Is it the classic southern BBQ, a southern summer staple? Or is it a big hearty bowl of Pho?

Question 30

Pho or Grilled Cheese?

How does Pho stand up against grilled cheese? Both are considered incredibly delicious by those who turn to them in moments of need and comfort, but is one considered objectively more delicious than the other? And if so, which one would take the title of the more delicious comfort food, is put to the test? Is it the more traditional and recently trendy Pho? Or is it the classic and delicious after school delicacy that is the grilled cheese sandwich? Which food will take home the title of ultimate comfort food champion and which will have to accept the title of second best?

Question 31

Chicken Noodle Soup or Chicken Nuggets?

Alright, it is time to allow two classic chicken based meals to face off in the ring. Which one will come out victorious and which one will be left in the dust? Will the classic "home-at-sick-day" favourite, also known as chicken noodle soup take home the victory? Or will chicken nuggets, which are loved by all who consume them, be the winner today? Only one can win. The choice is up to those who take this quiz. Which will they choose? Which will they decide to make themselves after completing this quiz? And which will have to accept imminent defeat?

Question 32

Sundaes or Ice Cream Cones?

Though incredibly similar at a first glance, ice cream cones and ice cream sundaes are anything but. First of all, ice cream cones have cones. Sundaes do not. Second, ice cream cones cannot have as many delicious and elaborate toppings as a sundae or else they will end up running down the consumer's hand and ruining their shoes. The mess will be kept with a minimum (while boosting fun to a maximum level) with a delicious sundae, but can the same be said of ice cream cones? Which snack is the better summertime favourite and which is just a mess waiting to happen?

Question 33

Cupcakes or Brownies?

The cake-like texture of traditional Brownies makes it the perfect snack to be placed up against the delicious and beloved cupcake. There are few things as delicious as a cupcake. Mini cupcakes, huge cupcakes, cupcakes with fun fillings, or cupcakes with no fillings at all... all cupcakes are valid. All cupcakes are beautiful. When one eats a cupcake do they ingest the frosting first and the cake later or eat them both at the same time? Can one have the same amount of fun with a brownie? And if so, does that make this choice all the more difficult?

Question 34

Pork Adobo or Bahn Mi?

It is time to take a break from the dessert-related comfort foods and focus on the comfort meals. Comfort foods do not need to be a guilty pleasure. Comfort foods do not need to be something that we have to work our days around or figure out ways to compensate for with the rest of our routine. Comfort foods can be delicious, hearty, and healthy. Between these two healthy and comforting meals, which one is the better dish? Is it the classic Pork Adobo or the portable yet delicious Bahn Mi? Which dish is the better comfort food?

Question 35

Baklava or Burritos?

One could not find two more opposing comfort foods if they tried. But choosing between two foods that have nothing in common can actually be a good indicator of personality and personal preference. If given the choice, would they pick something sweet or savory? Something that they had to eat with their hands or with cutlery? Something that could exist as a meal on its own or something that is more of a dessert or snack? Do they prefer their comfort foods to be lighter or hearty? Would they rather a healthy comfort food or something delicious yet clearly a treat?

Question 36

Gumbo or Chicken Curry?

In the great big world of meal based comfort foods, it is important to pick something hearty and filling. After all, the most comforting foods are the ones that create a sense of fullness and warmth that mimics the feelings of love one has when surrounded by family or when they are knee deep in nostalgic memories. That warmth is the key to the comfort food label and one cannot have a comfort food without it (whether or not the warmth is the product of nostalgia or the food itself is up for debate and based solely upon personal preference.)

Question 37

Cocoa or Green Tea?

When one is feeling cold or stressed, a warm beverage is the best thing to turn to. When the day is cloudy and overcast, nothing can warm up the room like a steaming mug of one's favourite warm drink. But what drink is the superior choice? Is the nostalgic and creamy warm cocoa the way to go? Coated with whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and cinnamon? Or is the healthy yet soothing green tea the superior drink? Which one is the better drink to turn to on a cozy winter's night? Which one feels just like home in the best way?

Question 38

Sushi or Fruit Salad?

Not all comfort foods are warm in and of themselves (though it is important to note that they can evoke the same internal feelings of warmth without being warm themselves.) Some comfort foods are cold and that is just as delicious and valid. But which classic cold comfort food is the better choice? Is it the traditional and beloved sushi that makes the world go round? Or is the summer favourite fruit salad the better choice? Which one brings endless and pure joy to all that consume it and which one just falls flat when put to the task?

Question 39

Grilled Cheese or Macaroni & Cheese?

Now it is time to let the two greatest cheese based, delicious and divine, comfort foods face off against each other in the championship round. To all of the lactose intolerant readers out there, know that this writer is also lactose intolerant. Which cheese based dish is the better comfort food? Is it the sublime delight that is macaroni and cheese or is it the classic after-school snack that is the grilled cheese sandwich? Which cheese based comfort food is the champion and which will be forever known as the second best food? Now, here is for the real question. With or without ketchup?

Question 40

Fried Chicken or Mashed Potatoes?

Though these two comfort foods are often eaten together, it is important to note which one is the better part of the meal? When digging into a big plate (or bucket, let's be honest, it will most likely be a bucket) of fried chicken and potatoes, which is the better part of said meal? Is it the fried chicken? Or is it the mashed potatoes? Though they both will be eaten and savoured by the end of the meal, which food is the more anticipated part and which is merely second best in comparison? The time to make the choice is now.

Question 41

Chili or Corn on the Cob?

The wonderful thing about this question is that the two elements can be eaten together. Corn on the cob and chili can be part of the same meal. Both can be combined in order to unlock maximum comfort. And that is the greatest kind of meal. Everyone deserves a meal that was expertly designed in order to create a sense of maximum comfort in those consuming it. It is truly the best experience. But which element of the meal is the better one? Is it the chili or is it the corn on the cob? Which on will be the winner?

Question 42

Fried Rice or Egg Rolls?

When ordering a large amount of take-out, everyone has their favourite dish from said order. Some prefer the lemon chicken while others live for dry garlic pork. Some believe that there is nothing better than dumplings while others think that beef and broccoli is the greatest part of ordering in some take-out. And all of those opinions are equally valid and the people who hold them are entitled to them. But when it comes to the two big stars of the take-out experience, who will win? Which is the better choice? Is it the egg roll or the fried rice?

Question 43

Doughnuts or Ginger Snaps?

Time to take a break from the more meal based comfort foods and return to the treats and desserts that we often turn to when needing a bit of comfort in our daily lives. Sometimes someone is just having a day where nothing seems to go their way and all they need is a delicious treat, comfy pajamas, and a night of binge-watching their favourite show in order to feel okay again. But what snack is the better snack for the job? Is it the chewy yet satisfying ginger snap cookie or is it the sweet doughnut that will turn their day around?

Question 44

Frosted Sugar Cookies or Lemon Tarts?

In another dessert based debate, we have the frosted sugar cookie and the lemon tart. Both are sweet, both are equally delicious, and both are a welcomed addition to the menu of any party or get together. Nothing improves the quality of a boring baby shower faster than the presence of a large table absolutely covered in the most delicious homemade treats and desserts. All the better to escape the nonstop small talk and never-ending cliche party games with, my dear. But which treat will provide the better excuse/distraction? Is it the frosted sugar cookie or the lemon tart?

Question 45

Mashed Potatoes or Chicken Pot Pie?

The best thing about the long, neverending, and cold winter season that freeze the northern sections of the globe and keep us indoors for months on end is the food. Ah, the food. The big, hearty, warm, and heavy meals that keep us strong, nourished, and excited while the cold months drag on and we wait for summer to return. Some of the best winter dishes are chicken pot pies and potatoes. But which classic winter dish is the superior comfort food? Is it the delicious, creamy, and moldable potatoes? Or is it the hearty and filling chicken pot pie?

Question 46

Deep Fried Oreos or Celery and Peanut Butter?

In the world of opposing snacks, the deep fried oreo and the celery stick are the most unrelated snacks in existence. But both can be a lovely after-school snack and both are equally delicious in their own ways. But which is the superior snack? Is it the delicious yet completely and utterly unhealthy deep fried oreo? Or is it the healthy and delicious peanut butter coated celery stick? No two more opposite snacks exist but the fact that they are so different makes them the perfect snacks to pit against each other. So which is the better comfort snack?

Question 47

Raw Cookie Dough or Nanaimo Bars?

If one has not eaten a Nanaimo Bar, then they have not lived. Nanaimo Bars are one of the most delicious snacks in existence and one of the best things about the winter holiday season and its festivities. Nothing compares to them and few things are as delicious as a perfectly made and hand crafted Nanaimo Bar. However, the question still remains... are they better than a big spoonful of raw cookie dough? Or no? Which treat reigns superior and which treat must accept that they are the subpar dessert? Which treat is second best and which is the true champion?

Question 48

Milkshakes or Lemonade?

Not all comfort foods are necessarily foods, strictly speaking. Sometimes people glean comfort from certain beverages and the nostalgic memories they have associated with said drinks. Which is the best summer time drink? Which beverage is the one that we would choose to sip on while laying poolside and soaking up the sun? Is it the classic ice cold lemonade (the non-carbonated fruit-based version of the drink for all of the international readers) or is it the creamy and chilled milkshake that will take the top spot in this contest? Which ice cold summer beverage is the better drink?

Question 49

Cereal and Milk or Eggs and Bacon?

After a series of dinner and dessert based queries, it is time to decide the better way to start one's day. Is a classic bowl of one's favourite cereal and milk the best way to start one's day? Or is the eggs and bacon style meal the better breakfast choice? Which breakfast is king and which is merely the pauper? Is the nostalgic milk and cereal combo the better choice? Or is the classic diner-style breakfast far superior in every way? The choice is up to the person taking this quiz. Which is the best way to start one's day?

Question 50

Alphabet Soup or Corn Dogs?

Two comfort foods need not be related to one another in any way in order to be compared. Sometimes one just needs to choose between two entirely different lunch time classics in order to decide which comfort food is the better choice. Is the better comfort food a classic, warm, and hearty bowl of Alphabet soup or are mustard covered corn dogs the true comfort food of our dreams? Is there anything better than a corn dog? Sure, Alphabet soup is wonderful but does it really compare to the utter cornucopia of flavours that resides within a perfect corn dog?

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