Choose The Best TV Shows And We'll Reveal How Much Of A Pushover You Are

Alright people, it's time to stop flipping through the channels and actually start figuring out what shows we will be binge-watching this TV season. There is no denying that there's plenty of amazing content to watch these days, but someone has got to sort through all of the options!

In this ultimate TV show quiz, we will be picking and passing on some of the most binge-worthy series around. Hopefully, everyone will pick up a few new shows to watch. However, even if someone has seen absolutely everything that TV has to offer already, this quiz will still have a purpose. Once we know how everybody feels about the selected programs, we will be able to reveal how much of a pushover everyone is. Who's ready?

Question 1


Question 2


Question 3

That '70s Show

Question 4

Mad Men

Question 5

Desperate Housewives

Question 6


Question 7

The Mindy Project

Question 8


Question 9

Game of Thrones

Question 10

New Girl

Question 11


Question 12

The Big Bang Theory

Question 13

Stranger Things

Question 14

Modern Family

Question 15

Grey's Anatomy

Question 16

Rick and Morty

Question 17


Question 18

Peaky Blinders

Question 19

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Question 20

Once Upon a Time

Question 21

This Is Us

Question 22


Question 23


Question 24

The Sopranos

Question 25

Sons of Anarchy

Question 26

Russian Doll

Question 27


Question 28


Question 29

The Vampire Diaries

Question 30


Question 31

Prison Break

Question 32


Question 33

True Blood

Question 34


Question 35

Orange Is the New Black

Question 36


Question 37

Bob's Burgers

Question 38

Schitt's Creek

Question 39

Breaking Bad

Question 40

The Handmaid's Tale

Question 41

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Question 42


Question 43

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Question 44

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Question 45

The Office

Question 46

SpongeBob SquarePants

Question 47


Question 48

Parks and Recreation

Question 49

Downton Abbey

Question 50

Teen Wolf

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