Choose The Better Actor And We'll Totally Guess Your Favorite Movie

Getting into acting is a tough gig for any person, but making it in the business can lead to a lifetime of success and riches. The performers pulling down consistent work are able to appeal to a large demographic, and they are able to deliver solid performances each time they step in front of the camera. Naturally, the people that spend time in front of the cameras are going to be judged and critiqued by fans around the world.

A person's preference in actor says a lot about the types of films that they enjoy, and the most avid fans will always make sure to turn out when their favorite star has landed another role. This is a huge reason why certain performers are able to maintain such longevity at the top, and it is why they haul in millions of dollars with each new hit film that sees a theatrical release. During conversations about films, preference in actor is sure to come up, and lines in the sand are quickly drawn by those that are staunch supporters of their favorite actors.

Today, we are giving people the chance to choose their favorite performers on each entry, giving us a clue about the types of films that they enjoy. There will be both male and female performers on this quiz, so these decisions won't be easy to make.

Question 1

Jennifer Aniston or Jaimie Alexander?

Question 2

Chadwick Boseman or Bradley Cooper?

Question 3

Demi Lovato or Daisy Ridley?

Question 4

Jamie Foxx or Jason Statham?

Question 5

Keira Knightley or Julianne Hough?

Question 6

Christian Bale or Ben Affleck?

Question 7

Halle Berry or Gal Gadot?

Question 8

Jeremy Renner or Jensen Ackles?

Question 9

Scarlett Johansson or Sofia Vergara?

Question 10

Mark Wahlberg or Mark Ruffalo?

Question 11

Jessica Alba or Jennifer Lawrence?

Question 12

Brad Pitt or Henry Cavill?

Question 13

Evangeline Lilly or Emma Roberts?

Question 14

John Krasinski or Joaquin Phoenix?

Question 15

Ariel Winter or Blake Lively?

Question 16

Tom Hardy or George Clooney?

Question 17

Brie Larson or Camren Bicondova?

Question 18

Josh Gadd or John Cho?

Question 19

Michelle Williams or Mila Kunis?

Question 20

Michael B. Jordan or James McAvoy?

Question 21

Christina Applegate or Charlize Theron?

Question 22

Jake Gyllenhaal or James Marsden?

Question 23

Marion Cotillard or Megan Fox?

Question 24

Johnny Depp or Freddie Prinze Jr.?

Question 25

Eliza Dushku or Elisha Cuthbert?

Question 26

Daniel Craig or Chris Pine?

Question 27

Milla Jovovich or Natalie Dormer?

Question 28

Zac Efron or Will Smith?

Question 29

Anne Hathaway or Anna Kendrick?

Question 30

Ryan Gosling or Robert Downey Jr.?

Question 31

Sarah Hyland or Salma Hayek?

Question 32

Charlie Hunnam or Cillian Murphy?

Question 33

Jennifer Lopez or Jessica Biel?

Question 34

Dave Franco or Daniel Radcliffe?

Question 35

Zendaya or Zooey Deschanel?

Question 36

Andy Samberg or Ashton Kutcher?

Question 37

Amy Adams or Amber Heard?

Question 38

Oscar Isaac or Idris Elba?

Question 39

Amanda Seyfried or Alison Brie?

Question 40

Tom Holland or Tye Sheridan?

Question 41

Lauren Cohan or Mandy Moore?

Question 42

Chris Hemsworth or Guy Pearce?

Question 43

Olivia Wilde or Nina Dobrev?

Question 44

Paul Rudd or Chris Pratt?

Question 45

Sophie Turner or Sarah Michelle Gellar?

Question 46

Aaron Paul or Adam DeVine?

Question 47

Reese Witherspoon or Priyanka Chopra?

Question 48

Channing Tatum or Taron Egerton?

Question 49

Emilia Clarke or Emily Blunt?

Question 50

Stephen Amell or Sebastian Stan?

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