Play 'Hot Or Not' With These Starlets And We'll Match You With A Famous Jennifer

Some of the best starlets in the world are mentioned here on this quiz! Why are they the best? Probably due to their various talents or their immense beauty! Blake Lively is one of the more talented women listed because of all the work she has done in the world of film and television. Between the years of 2007 to 2012, she took on the leading role of Serena van der Woodsen in the show Gossip Girl. Outside of that TV show, she also starred in movies like The Shallows, A Simple Favor, The Age of Adaline, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and Green Lantern!

Kylie Jenner is a gorgeous starlet mentioned for her time as a reality TV star, her huge makeup company, and her large number of followers across her social media profiles. She has millions of followers who contribute to her fame by watching her on TV, purchasing her beauty products, and much more! Play "Hot or Not" to be matched to the perfect Jennifer!

Question 1

Gigi Hadid?

Question 2

Scarlett Johansson?

Question 3

Demi Lovato?

Question 4

Jenna Dewan?

Question 5

Ariana Grande?

Question 6

Natalie Portman?

Question 7

Kim Kardashian?

Question 8

Megan Fox?

Question 9

Katy Perry?

Question 10


Question 11

Khloe Kardashian?

Question 12

Bella Hadid?

Question 13

Penelope Cruz?

Question 14

Charlize Theron?

Question 15

Taylor Swift?

Question 16

Adriana Lima?

Question 17

Kylie Jenner?

Question 18

Olivia Wilde?

Question 19

Selena Gomez?

Question 20

Nicki Minaj?

Question 21

Victoria Justice?

Question 22

Jessica Alba?

Question 23


Question 24

Emily Blunt?

Question 25

Kristen Stewart?

Question 26

Amanda Bynes?

Question 27

Elizabeth Olsen?

Question 28

Elle Fanning?

Question 29

Amanda Seyfried?

Question 30

Kourtney Kardashian?

Question 31

Blake Lively?

Question 32

Rachel McAdams?

Question 33

Kate Beckinsale?

Question 34

Ashley Tisdale?

Question 35

Mila Kunis?

Question 36

Rachel Weisz?

Question 37

Emma Stone?

Question 38

Anna Kendrick?

Question 39

Brittany Snow?

Question 40

Paris Hilton?

Question 41

Katie Holmes?

Question 42


Question 43

Emma Watson?

Question 44

Anne Hathaway?

Question 45

Kendall Jenner?

Question 46

Miley Cyrus?

Question 47

Jessica Biel?

Question 48

Elizabeth Gillies?

Question 49

Iggy Azalea?

Question 50

Keira Knightley?

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