Pick The Cutest Hollywood Men And We'll Reveal Your Perfect Match

Looking for love, or maybe just a fun way to pass the time? Either way, we have just the ticket! In this hunky quiz, we will be picking and passing on all of Hollywood's finest men. If that doesn't already sound awesome, we have a little bonus for everyone as well. Once the quiz has been finished, we will be matching everybody up with the man of their dreams!

Here is the game: We will present some totally gorgeous pictures of some very handsome gentlemen. We will then ask everybody to either "pick" or "pass" on each one. After everyone has selected all of their favorites, we will play matchmaker and assign a dreamboat to everyone! Nothing to lose here, only cute Hollywood men to gain!

Question 1

Ryan Reynolds

Question 2

Taylor Kitsch

Question 3

Sam Heughan

Question 4

Zayn Malik

Question 5

Chad Michael Murray

Question 6

Shawn Mendes

Question 7

Zac Efron

Question 8

Jesse Williams

Question 9

Alexander Skarsgård

Question 10

Bradley Cooper

Question 11

Jonathan Groff

Question 12

Bruno Mars

Question 13

Dwayne Johnson

Question 14

Johnny Depp

Question 15

Charlie Hunnam

Question 16

Jared Leto

Question 17

Gerard Butler

Question 18


Question 19

Michael Fassbender

Question 20

Joe Jonas

Question 21

Mark Ruffalo

Question 22

Harry Styles

Question 23

Andrew Garfield

Question 24

Michael B. Jordan

Question 25

Shemar Moore

Question 26

Jude Law

Question 27

Channing Tatum

Question 28

Jamie Dornan

Question 29

Tyler Hoechlin

Question 30

Josh Hutcherson

Question 31

Mark Wahlberg

Question 32

James McAvoy

Question 33

Colin Farrell

Question 34

Kit Harington

Question 35

Joe Manganiello

Question 36

Chris Evans

Question 37

Matt Damon

Question 38

Tom Welling

Question 39

Josh Duhamel

Question 40

George Clooney

Question 41

Chadwick Boseman

Question 42

Patrick Dempsey

Question 43

Ryan Gosling

Question 44

Justin Timberlake

Question 45

Chris Pratt

Question 46

Enrique Iglesias

Question 47

Joseph Morgan

Question 48

Stephen Amell

Question 49

Nick Jonas

Question 50

Taylor Lautner

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