Choose Between These Male Actors And We'll Guess Your ‘90s Crush

There are probably two things that we can all agree on here: There were some total cuties back in the ‘90s, and there are some very good-looking male actors in today’s time! And based on these facts, we thought we would just create a quiz that combined these two amazing aspects of pop culture…

So, the first part is all about our crushes from the 1990s. Many of us are guilty of cutting out photos from magazines and hanging them on our walls - photos of people like Nick Carter, Zack Morris, and James Van Der Beek. And today, everyone here kind of gets to relive that, as we will guess everyone’s crush from the ‘90s!

But first, in order to get that answer from us, everyone must choose between some celebrities - big names like Johnny Depp and Zac Efron and Brad Pitt and Channing Tatum. It will be tough, but it will be worth it.

So who is ready to select some attractive actors? And who is ready to find out their true ‘90s crush? Yes? It’s time? We’re ready? It’s a go? Good...then scroll on down to answer the 35 questions that are below, and then we will guess that crush!

Question 1

Cole Sprouse or Dylan Sprouse?

First up in this quiz, we are putting siblings up against each other...but not just any siblings - twin brothers! Who will be picked out of Cole Sprouse or Dylan Sprouse? They both have been acting since a young age. They both starred in the Disney Channel together. And now, they are in separate projects and in serious relationships, so some fans may have decided that one is better than the other. However, this could be the hardest question of all for others! Either way, select one of the twins below.

Question 2

Dylan Minnette or Gaten Matarazzo?

Dylan Minnette has been in television shows like Lost, Awake, Scandal and Grey's Anatomy, but he is best known for starring in 13 Reasons Why. Gaten Matarazzo is also another talented young male actor, and he rose to big-time fame when Stranger Things was released on Netflix. They are both in widely popular shows, but we need to know: Which actor will be selected out of Dylan Minnette and Gaten Matarazzo? Choose one of them now, please and thanks!

Question 3

Donald Glover or John Stamos?

Donald Glover, who, when singing, is known as Childish Gambino, is best known for being in Community and Atlanta. And John Stamos is probably called Uncle Jesse by many who are here today, since he played that character on Full House and still plays that character on Fuller House. While they both can sing, only one can be the winner of sorts here, so choose carefully between these two guys, Donald Glover and John Stamos.

Question 4

Dylan O'Brien or Zac Efron?

Dylan O'Brien starred in The Maze Runner trilogy, and he is Stiles Stilinski in Teen Wolf. Zac Efron will always be Troy Bolton, from High School Musical, to many of us, but he has gone on to star in some really big films. Yes, these two young actors have both accomplished a lot at young ages, but once again, everyone can and must only click on one name down do so now, before continuing on in this quiz!

Question 5

Colton Haynes or Michael Cera?

Colton Haynes is an actor, a model and a singer, known for roles in TV shows such as Teen Wolf and Arrow. Michael Cera went the movie route, and he has been in films like Superbad, Juno and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. They are different, but they are both loved. And we wonder which one will be chosen by more people…? We will soon find out, after everyone picks out one name below - Colton Haynes or Michael Cera.

Question 6

Liam Hemsworth or Josh Hutcherson?

Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson are both famous for being in The Hunger Games movies, but they have both done a ton of work in the industry outside of this story. Will more people go with a Hemsworth, clicking on Liam’s name below? Or are there a lot of Peeta fans here, and will Josh get more votes on this question? Both answers are good ones...We just need an answer from everyone, to help us figure out those ‘90s crushes.

Question 7

Chris Colfer or Taylor Lautner?

On TV, Chris Colfer rose to fame through the series Glee. On the big screen, Taylor Lautner made fans swoon by playing Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga film series. Will more people choose Chris Colfer here, we wonder? Or will more people go for Taylor Lautner? We do not know, but we are anxious to get in all the answers and see those results! So keep on moving on, further along in this quiz...

Question 8

Tyler James Williams or Channing Tatum?

Tyler James Williams is an actor, recording artist/musician, director and graphic designer who has been seen on series such as Everybody Hates Chris, TWD and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. Channing Tatum is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, having starred in films like Magic Mike, 21 Jump Street and Step Up. As usual, please click on one of their names, as both are listed out as the answer options that are down below.

Question 9

Matt Bomer or James Franco?

We are moving right along here, in this quiz full of very pretty pictures...Matt Bomer is an actor, producer, director and singer who has won a Golden Globe Award. James Franco got his breakthrough starring role on Freaks and Geeks and has gone on to big a big force in the industry. Think about both of these guys. Picture their faces. Imagine all their works. Then choose between Matt Bomer and James Franco!

Question 10

Ian Somerhalder or James Marsden?

Ian Somerhalder is an actor, a model and a director who has been in television series like Lost and The Vampire Diaries. James Marsden is an actor, he used to be a Versace model, he plays Teddy on Westworld, and he was in movies like Hairspray, 27 Dresses and The Notebook. Surely everyone knows the drill by now: Just look at these two names down below, and then, after some careful thinking, simply pick out one of these men.

Question 11

Chace Crawford or Chris Pine?

Chace Crawford is best known for his starring role on the teen drama Gossip Girl; he played Nate Archibald, who was a golden boy, an athlete and a delight to us all. Chris Pine is an actor who plays similar roles in movies like Just My Luck and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. But he has a range of talents and can also be seen in works such as Star Trek Into Darkness and A Wrinkle in Time. So, who will it be: Chace Crawford or Chris Pine?

Question 12

Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling?

Ah, here it is...The Ryan vs. Ryan question, which we definitely had to include! People are always debating about which of these men is more superior, and it is a tough call. They are both talented actors. They are both very nice to look at, too. They seem nice and caring, as they are both loving husbands and fathers. But the rules are that only one man can be picked out here. So will it be Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling?

Question 13

Tom Welling or Jake Gyllenhaal?

Tom Welling is another actor that people do not mind looking at, and many look at him on the TV, as he starred in Smallville. And Jake Gyllenhaal is a well-known actor who has starred in films such as The Day After Tomorrow and Brokeback Mountain. Will more people go with this television star named Tom, or are more people drawn to Mr. Gyllenhaal here? We will soon find out, once all the votes are in on this question and the others.

Question 14

Chris Evans or Harrison Ford?

Chris Evans is one of the more popular Chris's in Hollywood, and he is best known for playing Captain America in the Marvel movies. While these superhero flicks reign supreme these days, there is another action story that people love...Star Wars. And in these films, there is a character named Han Solo, who is played by Harrison Ford (a man who has done much more but who will always be Han to us)! So select either Chris Evans or Harrison Ford here.

Question 15

Chris Hemsworth or Dax Shepard?

Speaking of famous people named Chris...Up next we have Chris Hemsworth, who also plays a Marvel character (Thor). We also have Dax Shepard, a funny guy who had a starring role on Parenthood and who is married to Kristen Bell in real life. These two are different, these two are both loved, and these two are up against each other in this question here - so answer now, either way, before moving forward in this man-centered quiz!

Question 16

Michael Pena or Orlando Bloom?

Michael Peña has starred in films such as Crash, World Trade Center, Shooter, Observe and Report, Tower Heist, Battle: Los Angeles and End of Watch. Orlando Bloom is best known for playing Legolas in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film series and for playing Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. And we need and want to know: Who will go for Michael Pena here, and who is choosing Orlando Bloom instead on this question?

Question 17

Bradley Cooper or Jared Padalecki?

Some of these men are more popular on the big screen, while others are enjoyed from the comfort of home and in television shows. One actor who is seen in films like The Hangover and Silver Lining Playbook is Bradley Cooper. One actor who is seen in shows like Gilmore Girls and Supernatural is Jared Padalecki. Whether we like one or the other more (between these men and these forms of entertainment), we all need to decide on an answer.

Question 18

Alex Pettyfer or Hayden Christensen?

Alex Pettyfer is an actor and model known for portraying Alex Rider, the main character in the 2006 film version of Stormbreaker. Hayden Christensen is an actor and producer, and he gained international fame for his portrayal of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones (2002) and Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005). Please choose one of these young stars here and now!

Question 19

Leonardo DiCaprio or Ben Affleck?

Next up, we have two of the greats: Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck. They have both been in the industry for some time. They are both known for acclaimed films. They are both famous guys who have many, many fans around the world. And now, they are up against each other in this quiz. So, we know the drill...We must either click on Leo’s name down below, or we can click on Ben’s name in the answer box down below.

Question 20

Taye Diggs or Shane West?

Taye Diggs is an actor and singer. He has been seen in Broadway musicals like Rent and Hedwig and the Angry Inch and in films like How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Brown Sugar, The Best Man and its sequel, The Best Man Holiday. Shane West is an actor, musician and songwriter. He starred in the family drama Once and Again and in the movie A Walk to Remember. So who will it be: Taye Diggs or Shane West?

Question 21

Jonah Hill or Christian Bale?

Jonah Hill and Christian Bale are both big names in the industry. Jonah Hill is mostly known for comedy roles, though he has shown to possess a wide range of talents. Similarly, Christian Bale is mostly known for dramatic roles, but he, too, has ventured into other endeavors. Both are quite famous, but people will prefer one over the other. That being said, answer the question by selecting one of these names, and then continue on here.

Question 22

Javier Bardem or Matt Damon?

Javier Bardem is known best for his starring role in No Country for Old Men. Matt Damon is known for many movies, since he is an actor, producer and screenwriter who is ranked among Forbes magazine's most bankable stars and is one of the highest-grossing actors of all time. This may be a tough question for some, but others will find it to be easy, when it comes to choosing between Javier Bardem and Matt Damon. Who will it be?

Question 23

Will Smith or Robert Downey Jr.?

Will Smith started out rapping and in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and he is now one of the biggest film actors in Hollywood. Robert Downey Jr. has also been around for some time, and he has starred in major movies like Tropic Thunder, The Avengers, Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes. These are two very popular guys, so we are interested in learning everyone’s opinions. To do so, we need everyone to simply choose one of the names below, where we have them listed as answer options.

Question 24

Jude Law or Jamie Foxx?

Jude Law’s most memorable films include The Talented Mr. Ripley, Cold Mountain, The Holiday, Hugo, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Sherlock Holmes and the Fantastic Beasts film series. Jamie Foxx’s most memorable films include Ray, Collateral, Jarhead, Dreamgirls, Django Unchained, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Baby Driver. Those are all notable flicks that have been watched over and over by many, many fans, so be sure to think hard when deciding between these two guys.

Question 25

Tom Hardy or Oscar Isaac?

Tom Hardy may be recognized from works such as Black Hawk Down, Star Trek: Nemesis, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Revenant, Mad Max: Fury Road, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Dunkirk and Venom. Oscar Isaac has been seen in Ex Machina, in the Star Wars sequel trilogy and in X-Men: Apocalypse, to name a few. And, as usual and of course, we want to know, people: Will it be Tom Hardy on this question, or will the answer be Oscar Isaac? Let’s find out: Choose a name now!

Question 26

Jesse Eisenberg or Mark Wahlberg?

Jesse Eisenberg is an actor, an author and a playwright, and his two biggest films are The Social Network and Zombieland. Mark Wahlberg is an actor, a producer, a model, a rapper and a songwriter who is known as Marky Mark and is known for big films like Planet of the Apes, The Italian Job, The Departed, The Fighter, The Other Guys, Ted and Transformers: Age of Extinction. Again, we have these big names, these differing men and these options that are listed out down below.

Question 27

Idris Elba or Mark Ruffalo?

Idris Elba is an actor, producer, musician and DJ. He was on the HBO series The Wire, on the BBC One series Luther and in the biographical film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. Mark Ruffalo is an actor, producer and political activist from movies like 13 Going on 30, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Shutter Island and The Kids Are All Right. He also plays Hulk in Marvel films. Now that the facts are out there, a selection must be made: Please click on either Idris Elba or Mark Ruffalo.

Question 28

Benedict Cumberbatch or Michael B. Jordan?

Benedict Cumberbatch has performed in film, television, theatre and radio, and he was trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, where he obtained a Master of Arts in Classical Acting. Michael B. Jordan is an actor known for his roles in Fruitvale Station, Creed and Black Panther, all three of which were directed by Ryan Coogler. And we really can’t wait to find out if more people choose Mr. Cumberbatch here, or if more people go with MBJ!

Question 29

Charles Melton or Justin Hartley?

For this next question on this quiz, we are going to put two TV stars up against each other - both of whom are on current and popular series! Charles Melton is known for playing Reggie Mantle in the teen drama Riverdale. Justin Hartley is known for playing Kevin Pearson in the family drama This Is Us. The two shows differ yet have some similar themes and plenty of thrills. But only one young male actor can be selected as the answer, right here and right now.

Question 30

Kal Penn or Kit Harington?

For some celebs, a certain role follows them around forever. While these two men are more than what we are about to say, they are known mainly for what we are about to say! Kal Penn was Kumar Patel in the Harold & Kumar film series, so many fans know him as Kumar! And Kit Harington is Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, so, to many, he is Jon Snow and Jon Snow only! Now, when it comes to these men, though...Who is better, favored and picked, we wonder?

Question 31

Brad Pitt or George Clooney?

For this question, we have two more classics...Brad Pitt and George Clooney are two of the most popular and most celebrated actors of all time. They win awards, they are active in the industry, and they are always at the top of hottest celebrity lists. So we definitely wanted to put these two together here, as we are quite interested in what the results will be. So think long and hard before deciding between Brad and George.

Question 32

KJ Apa or Milo Ventimiglia?

It is time to choose between some more actors from Riverdale and This is Us! KJ Apa portrays Archie Andrews on Riverdale, and Milo Ventimiglia plays Jack Pearson on This Is Us. He also is known for his role as Jesse Mariano on Gilmore Girls. Yes, these two TV actors are fan favorites, and we do not like that only one can be selected...but only one can be selected! Please make a pick down below, where both of these names are listed.

Question 33

Jason Momoa or Jensen Ackles?

Jason Momoa has been seen in several things, but of as late, many fans just know him as Aquaman, as he recently played this title character in that film. Similarly, Jensen Ackles is a known actor, but he is most popular due to his starring role in the television series Supernatural. Now, both are good at their jobs, both are attractive, both are young, both are here...So who will be picked? Will it be Jason? Or will it be Jensen?

Question 34

Hugh Jackman or Steve Carell?

Hugh Jackman and Steve Carell are big names in the industry. Both have been celebrated by their many performances. Hugh Jackman, for example, plays Wolverine in many superhero films. And while Steve Carell has been in his fair share of flicks, he may be best known as Michael Scott, a star of The Office. This is another toughie! So do it now: Click on either name, as both are listed out down below as choices here.

Question 35

Eddie Murphy or Zach Galifianakis?

Let us now decide between some funny guys...Eddie Murphy and Zach Galifianakis. Their lists of comedy movies could go on and on and on...but instead, we just want people to stop and think and really understand these two talented men. Think about Eddie Murphy, and decide if he will be picked here or not. Then think about Zach Galifianakis, and decide if he is the one who will be chosen here or not. And now answer the question down below!

Question 36

Penn Badgley or Keegan Allen?

Two of the most popular teen drama series are Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl. That being said, many may know that Penn Badgley portrayed Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl (and that he is in the new hit show You, with Shay Mitchell from PLL!) and/or that Keegan Allen played Toby Cavanaugh in PLL. These series are similar, and they are both praised, but remember: People who are here can only click on either Penn Badgley or on Keegan Allen.

Question 37

Dwayne Johnson or Liam Neeson?

Dwayne Johnson is one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, as well as an actor who was seen in The Scorpion King and The Fast and the Furious franchise, to name a couple. Liam Neeson is known for films like Schindler's List, Les Misérables, Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, Batman Begins, Taken, The Grey and The Chronicles of Narnia trilogy. Man, these are some really hard questions. We believe in everyone, though, so please choose a name below.

Question 38

Tom Cruise or Samuel L. Jackson?

Tom Cruise started his career at age 19, and he made his breakthrough in the comedy Risky Business. Yes, he is pretty popular, so we wonder how many people will choose him here? Samuel L. Jackson achieved prominence and critical acclaim in the early 1990s, as he was in movies like Goodfellas, Jungle Fever and Patriot Games. He, too, is very popular, so we are imagining that many people will choose him here! Either way, we need an answer when it comes to Tom Cruise vs. Samuel L. Jackson.

Question 39

John Krasinski or Josh Duhamel?

John Krasinski has been in many things - more and more all the time, it seems - but to many of us, he will always be Jim Halpert from the hit TV show The Office. Josh Duhamel has also been seen in many places, as an actor and a model, but he made his acting debut on the soap opera All My Children. These men are also on many the-hottest-male-stars’ lists, but we just need an of pick!

Question 40

Johnny Depp or Denzel Washington?

Okay, the end of the quiz is near, but we wanted to go over some more of the big hitters. Johnny Depp is known for roles in Tim Burton and Pirates of the Caribbean films. Denzel Washington is known for roles in dramatic and action films, like Training Day and Remember The Titans. They are both talented, celebrated male actors. And they are both listed below, as one of their names must be selected by everyone who is here today.

Question 41

Gerard Butler or Ashton Kutcher?

Gerard Butler is another man known for his action roles, though he has been in, say, rom-com flicks, too, like The Ugly Truth. Ashton Kutcher has also been in movies (mostly comedies), but he is another celeb who will always be remembered for one certain role: Kelso in the television series That 70s Show. So will more people go for the dramatic Mr. Butler? Or will more people pick the funny Mr. Kutcher? We will find out soon enough, won’t we?

Question 42

Dev Patel or Chad Michael Murray?

Dev Patel made his screen debut on Skins, and before that, he had no professional acting experience. Chad Michael Murray has been around for a little bit longer, and he starred in several teen films - like Freaky Friday and A Cinderella Story. So, remember that the options here are Dev Patel and Chad Michael Murray, and remember that only one dude can be selected before continuing on in this quiz.

Question 43

Eric Bana or Jon Bernthal?

Eric Bana had roles in movies like Black Hawk Down, Hulk, Troy, Munich, Star Trek, The Time Traveler's Wife and Deliver Us from Evil. And when it comes to Jon Bernthal, he is best known for starring roles in two dramatic and action-packed TV shows: TWD and The Punisher. So, once again, we have a film actor going up against a (mostly) television actor, and we want to know: Who will be chosen on this question...Eric Bana or Jon Bernthal?

Question 44

Aaron Paul or Rob McElhenney?

Aaron Paul will always be remembered for starring as Jesse Pinkman in the hit television series Breaking Bad. And Rob McElhenney rose to fame due to his television show that is called It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. These young television stars are here, on this question, ready to be picked or not. That being said, click on a name, then move on to the last few questions in this quiz and to find out that ‘90s crush from us, too!

Question 45

Norman Reedus or RJ Mitte?

Norman Reedus is another guy who has been seen in several works, but he, too, is known primarily for one role, as he plays Daryl Dixon on AMC’s drama series TWD. And speaking of Breaking Bad...RJ Mitte played the son in that show, Walt, Jr. So two more TV celebs are here, and two more names are up for grabs! Please click on a name down below, as both are listed as answer choices on this particular question right here.

Question 46

Steve Carell or Kevin James?

Seth Rogen and Kevin James are both well-known names, and they are both stars who are known for their comedy roles. From television series (Any fans of Freaks and Geeks or King of Queens out there?) to films (such as Pineapple Express and Paul Blart: Mall Cop), these two know how to make fans laugh. So, this could be a tough question - funny guy vs. funny guy! Will more people go with Seth, or will more people end up choosing Kevin?

Question 47

Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell?

Let’s keep the challenge going with two more comedy actors - Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell! These guys are legends in their field, and they have been making funny films forever. However, some people prefer Adam Sandler and his style and his jokes, while others are more into Will Ferrell and his vibe and his comedy. And we will see who is who now, as everyone makes a selection on this question, getting one step closer to those desired end results...

Question 48

Ben Stiller or Bruce Willis?

Ben Stiller focuses on comedy roles in comedy movies like Zoolander, The Cable Guy, There's Something About Mary, the Meet the Parents trilogy, DodgeBall, Tropic Thunder, the Madagascar series and the Night at the Museum trilogy. Bruce Willis, on the other hand, focuses on action roles in action movies like Pulp Fiction, The Fifth Element, Armageddon, Sin City, The Expendables 2, Split and Glass. We have very different men and styles here, but they are both acclaimed actors - and we need everyone to decide between them now!

Question 49

Joseph Gordon-Levitt or Aziz Ansari?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been in movies such as (500) Days of Summer, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Looper and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. And while Aziz Ansari has also been in several things, he is mostly known for played Tom Haverford on the television show Parks and Recreation. Will JGL get more votes here, or will Aziz? Just answer, so we can give out those pretty crushes from the 1990s!

Question 50

Daniel Radcliffe or Rupert Grint?

Okay, we saved a goodie for the end here...There are so many Harry Potter films around the world, and we are putting two of the films’ stars up against each other on this last question. We wonder...Are more people going to pick Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter? Or were more people into Ron Weasley, which will cause Rupert Grint to get more clicks on this final question? Make that choice now, then get ready for the end results here!

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