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Who Said It? The Video Game Quiz

While being an avid gamer was once a title only given to nerds, dorks, and squares (you know, uncool people), society has totally done a 180 on how it feels about video game culture. It's cool to be o...

What Are These 25 Superheroes' Real Names?

Superheroes have been an integral part of popular culture for almost a century. The extreme superpowers and events that occur in comics allow us to extend our own selves in a way that is not possible ...

Did Ash Catch These Pokemon?

"Yes. I am Ash. And now that I'm 10, I can finally get my Pokemon license. I will journey to gain the wisdom of Pokemon training. And I declare to the Pokemon of the world: I will be a Pokemon master."

How Well Do You Know Dragon Ball?

Dragon Ball and its subsequent follow up show, Dragon Ball Z, are regarded as some of the best anime of all time and have given decades worth of entertainment to readers of the manga as well as fans of the animated series.

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