Catch Some Pokemon And We’ll Reveal Your Trainer Alter Ego

What started out as nothing more than a couple of video games meant for the GameBoy (remember that thing?) way back in the 90's has since evolved into something bigger than all of us. Pokemon has been capturing the hearts and minds of hardcore gamers for more than twenty years at this point. It's had games across loads of consoles, it's had its own anime TV series, its own manga comics, its own series of trading cards, to say nothing of the movies, books and other related media. The world of Pokemon is vast and seemingly limitless, and all we can say is, as self-proclaimed super fans, that's fantastic!

There's no shortage of Pokemon material out there to keep our imaginations busy, and with the semi-recent release of Pokemon Go, we've seen a surge in Pokemon that we support 100-percent. Even after all of these years, we still get a kick out of reading about all of those fantastic little creatures, and our desire to "catch 'em all" hasn't diminished in the slightest. In fact, our love for this franchise has only grown over the years. So, let's have some fun! Catch some Pokemon and in the end, we'll reveal everyone's Pokemon trainer alter ego!

Question 1


A Pokemon so iconic that he's getting his very own movie (in which he'll be voiced by Ryan Reynolds and will play a detective of all things), Pikachu is an adorable little rodent-like creature with the power of electricity, not to mention the power to apply blush #Flawlessly. Honestly, look at it. That stuff is on fleek.

Question 2


Celebi is a psychic Pokemon that isn't known to evolve, which isn't exactly the norm for a Pokemon. The reason that Celebi is seriously the coolest is because it can travel through time AND inhabit multiple places all at the same time. Man, that would be so convenient. We could get so much stuff done if we could do that...

Question 3


At first glance, the Cubone may look like a cuddly little adorable Pokemon who maybe is just going through an emo phase, what with the skull. But, as it turns out, that skull belongs to its mother, and since we're pretty sure it's impossible to survive without a skull? Well, let's just say Cubone is a little on the dark side.

Question 4


Now this is a Pokemon after our own heart. Snorlax's special power? It's sleeping. Heck, if that's how low the bar is set, then WE could be a Pokemon, 'cause we can sleep like nobody's business! In order to catch a big, slumbering Snorlax, a trainer must first awaken it with music from a Poke Flute or Pokegear.

Question 5


Who wouldn't want a Charmander, huh? They're basically baby dinosaurs, which is too cool for school, plus, if you ever need to fire up a grill or light some candles on a birthday cake, your Charmander's tail is there for ya, dude. The Charmander evolves into a Charmeleon, which then evolves into a Charizard.

Question 6


Ditto may look like Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time, but we're sure that's just a coincidence. This little cloud of purple is not known to evolve into any other Pokemon, however, it's a master of shapeshifting, taking the form of anything from inanimate objects to other Pokemon. Naturally, this ability provides great camouflage.

Question 7


A dual-type Pokemon possessing both grass and poison capabilities, the Bulbasaur evolves into an Ivysaur, and then later, a Venusaur. Along with Squirtle and Charmander, the Bulbasaur is one of the three starter Pokemon given to new trainers, but it can be a tough one to track down in the wild.

Question 8


An adorable blue turtle with a long, curled tail, the Squirtle is as adorable as it is powerful. This is a water Pokemon that eventually evolves into a Wartortle and, later, into a Blastoise. Unlike real turtles, the Squirtle walks on its hind legs, although it may run on all fours when it feels threatened.

Question 9


A psychic-type mythical Pokemon (we thought ALL Pokemon were mythical, but okie dokie), the Mew looks like a monkey and a pink cat had a baby that could levitate, and nobody can convince us otherwise. The Mew is not known to evolve into any other Pokemon, and it can travel freely through air AND water. Neat, huh?

Question 10


Sorry, sorry. We just can't get over the fact that the Jigglypuff evolves into a Wigglytuff. LOL, that gets us every time. Anyway, this Pokemon is a Normal/Fairy type with the impressive ability to float by filling itself with air, and the even more impressive ability to mesmerize its opponents with its eyes. Its final stage of evolution is a Moon Stone,

Question 11


A ghost/poison type Pokemon, the Gengar kind of looks like a purple version of Taz the Tasmanian Devil, but maybe that's just us. In any case, this Pokemon is cunning, that's for sure, and quite mischievous, often pranking trainers and other Pokemon. The Gengar hides in shadows and, because it absorbs heat, makes its presence known by lowering the temperature in the surrounding area.

Question 12


We bet THIS cuddly little purple rodent never started a plague in the 14th century. The Rattata has only one evolution, it turns into Raticate at level 20. Its most powerful asset is its set of huge front teeth, which, when under attack, the Rattata uses to deliver a powerful bite.

Question 13


Kind of like a dinosaur, kind of like a sea monster, kind of like a turtle, the Lapras has got a lot going on when it comes to its appearance. Obviously a water Pokemon, the Lapras is fairly benign and, indeed, often quite helpful, helping trainers and other Pokemon cross large bodies of water.

Question 14


A plump, pink little creature with water and psychic capabilities, the Slowpoke is notoriously dim-witted, oblivious to environmental stimuli, and incredibly forgetful to boot. The Slowpoke evolves into a Slowbro, and its final stage of evolution is a Slowking. Alternatively, the Slowbro can evolve into the Mega Slowbro with the use of a Slowbronite.

Question 15


The Togepi might just be the most adorable little cracked egg in the Poke-world. I levels up to a Togetic and, when given a Shiny Stone, a Togekiss. This little guy may not look like he can do all that much, but when it feels threatened, it can release a poison from the spikes on its head.

Question 16


The Vulpix looks like a fox who takes hair care very seriously. Check out that curly mane and tail! What kind of product does she use? We'd love to have that kind of volume! Anyway, the Vulpix, when given a Fire Stone, will evolve into a Ninetales, a Pokemon that—surprise, surprise—has nine tails.

Question 17


Koffing turns into Weezing, just like in real life. The Koffing is a poison-type Pokemon, filled with toxic gasses that it releases in an effort to fend off enemies. The gases the Koffing emits act similar to tear gas, and the fumes can catch fire if an open flame and/or electricity happens to be nearby.

Question 18


Aside from looking like an adorable little fox who is on her way to the opera or an art auction, what with her fancy fur bolero there, Evee can evolve into eight different Pokemon, including Glaceon, Leafeon, Umbreon, Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Sylveon and Espeon, it all depends on what kind of stone or rock that they're given beforehand.

Question 19


The Magikarp may look like nothing more than a fish with a vacant expression on its little animated face, but it's so powerful, it uses its stiff fins to splash around so forcefully that it's able to leap to great heights, even scaling mountains. This Pokemon evolves into the Gyarados starting at level 20.

Question 20


Later, Metapod, and even later, Butterfree, the Caterpie may as well be called the Cutiepie, because, for real, it's adorable. Look at those big eyes! So precious! The Caterpie is a bug-type Pokemon, no big surprise there, and thought its powers mostly lie in its ability to camouflage itself from predators, it may release a foul stench to ward off predators.

Question 21


A cute little bird, the Pidgey prefers to fly away from enemies instead of taking them head on. With incredible homing skills and a keen sense of direction, the Pidgey can find its way back to its nest from great distances, and it will use its powerful wings to create dust clouds to disorient predators.

Question 22


The Weedle is a bug Pokemon, as it's plain to see, and it evolves into a Kakuna, which then evolves into a Beedrill, its final stage. The Weedle may look like a cute little caterpillar, but it's a lot tougher than it looks. This Pokemon uses the stinger on its head and the barb on its tail to inject venom into its enemies.

Question 23


A purple snake-like creature, the Ekans—and its later stage of evolution, the Arbok—rely on their signature move, Glare, to take down their enemies. This move stuns other Pokemon and temporarily paralyzes them. Much like real snakes, the Ekans can unhinge its jaw to swallow prey, swim and, uh...slither...we guess...

Question 24


The Sandshrew is basically a golden armadillo-looking mouse, and that's alright with us. This guy is a master when it comes to burrowing, and it spends most of its time in its tunnels, hunting for bugs. The thick, scaly plates on this Pokemon's body protect it from attack. The Sandshrew evolves into a Sandslash starting at level 22.

Question 25


Not to be confused with Jigglypuff, Clefairy is another cute, round, pink Pokemon. A fairy-type, this Pokemon is wary of humans, and only descends from its mountain home to dance in the light of the moon. Honestly? We do the same thing. Instead of using them to fly, the Clefairy stores moonlight in its wings and uses the energy to float.

Question 26


A blue bulb with leaves on its head, the Oddish burrows into the ground during the day, to both protect itself from the harsh sun rays, and to hide from predators. This Pokemon evolves into Gloom, and later into Vileplume or a Bellossome, depending on what kind of stone it's been given.

Question 27


Not to be dramatic or anything, but we've never been the same ever since a friend told us they always thought the red thing on Diglett's face was its open mouth with a tooth. Personally, we see a red nose with a glare on it, but whatever. Anyway, Diglett is a mole Pokemon that turns into Dugtrio, and it burrows a lot, and that's about it.

Question 28


A Meowth was famous the trickster companion of Team Rocket, just FYI. This Pokemon evolves into a Persian, but in its Meowth form, it's attracted to bright, shiny objects (hey, aren't we all?), walks on two legs and uses its sharp claws and teeth to scratch and bite its opponents. So, just like a real cat, then.

Question 29


The Psyduck may look like a yellow platypus with a migraine, but that's only because it basically is. See, the Psyduck (which evolves into a Golduck) is plagued by a constant headache, which keeps it in a perpetual state of disorientation. Poor little guy! Get this Pokemon some Aleve, why don't you?

Question 30


Ponyta is a horse with an on fire mane and tail, and if you don't think that is just THE coolest thing, then get out of our face. The Ponyta has gray hooves that are said to be harder than diamonds, and they can control their flaming manes and tails so that riders are not burned. So considerate!

Question 31


Literally a rock with two fists, Geodude evolves into Graveler, which later evolves into Golem. Geodudes often fight with others of their own kind, throwing themselves against each other to see which one is made of harder rock, and they're magnetic, too, which is cool, 'cause we bet they make neat fridge magnets.

Question 32


This precious looking sea snake is just a lovely shade of baby blue, and it's constantly growing, so it can easily grow over six feet. When this Pokemon evolves, it becomes Dragonair, and later, Dragonite, an orange, winged Pokemon that can fly faster than that thing Coldplay's always singing about—the speed of sound.

Question 33


When in the vicinity of a water stone, the Staryu transforms into Starmie, which is cool, too. But we like Staryu because it's pretty much just a regular starfish, but blinged up because it's got a bright red jewel in its core. And did we mention that this jewel lights up at night? Awesome!

Question 34


Krabby is an elephant Pokemon—LOL, just kidding, it's a crab. We mean, come on, what does it look like? This Pokemon is pretty hardcore if you ask us, because it will forcibly remove its own claw if it cannot be repaired, and the claw will regrow after a short period of time.

Question 35


Drowzee has a trunk, is yellow and is also always tired. Fortunately, we have a picture to illustrate what exactly it looks like, because just going by the description, you might've been imagining an overworked elephant with jaundice. This Pokemon is a psychic-type; it puts people to sleep, then senses their dreams to see if said dreams are worth eating. If they are, the Drowzee sucks the dream through the person's nose, causing an itching sensation.

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