If You Fail This 'Never Have I Ever' Game, You Probably Have No Life

Anyone up for a little game of "Never Have I Ever"? While we may each have our own definition of what constitutes an exciting night out, there are a few basics boxes we all have to check if we do not want to be considered the "wet blanket" of our friend group. Today we will be getting to the bottom of who can use a night out on the town, and who can use a night in.

We will be asking a variety of questions in this quiz, and everyone here just has to state whether or not they have done what is being asked. Once all of the questions have been answered as honestly as possible, we will let everybody know who really needs to leave the house, and who desperately needs to stay in.

Question 1

Partied in Las Vegas?

Question 2

Had a crush on a friend's SO?

Question 3

Pulled a prank?

Question 4

Been on a sports team?

Question 5

Been to a bachelor/bachelorette party?

Question 6

Dated someone mom and dad didn't like?

Question 7

Binged an entire season in a day?

Question 8

Been bungee jumping?

Question 9

Pulled an all-nighter?

Question 10

Been engaged?

Question 11

Broken off an engagement?

Question 12

Had a Star Wars marathon?

Question 13

Had some fun in an elevator?

Question 14

Been camping?

Question 15

Been to a costume party?

Question 16

Crashed a wedding?

Question 17

Played Dungeons and Dragons?

Question 18

Used a fake ID?

Question 19

Played hooky?

Question 20

Taken a helicopter ride?

Question 21

Ghosted a romantic interest?

Question 22

Been in a fight?

Question 23

Had a Harry Potter marathon?

Question 24

Thrown a house party?

Question 25

Been hungover?

Question 26

Sang Karaoke?

Question 27

Been called the "life of the party"?

Question 28

Celebrated Mardi Gras?

Question 29

Had some fun on an airplane?

Question 30

Snuck into a movie?

Question 31

Been to a music festival?

Question 32

Had a New Year's Kiss?

Question 33

Played an online video game?

Question 34

Stayed out past curfew?

Question 35

Used a cheesy pick-up line?

Question 36

Gotten a piercing?

Question 37

Gotten a tattoo?

Question 38

Been on a road trip?

Question 39

Been on a roller coaster?

Question 40


Question 41

Been skydiving?

Question 42

Bailed on a night out just to stay home?

Question 43

Been on a blind date?

Question 44

Been swimming in the ocean?

Question 45

Texted an ex?

Question 46

Gotten a ticket?

Question 47

Been on a Tinder date?

Question 48

Traveled alone?

Question 49

Played Truth or Dare?

Question 50

Been to Disney World?

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