Cancel Your Netflix Subscription If You Can’t Name Over 80% Of These Movies

There are a number of different ways for a person to enjoy a good film nowadays. Of course, nothing can quite compare to the joys of going to the theater with buttery popcorn,  cushioned seats, a massive screen and surround sound. However, it would be wrong to say that there isn’t some pleasure from watching a movie in the comfort of your own home. It's where you can pause any time you like, wear your comfiest clothes, and even watch those feel-good films you’re too embarrassed to see in public.

Since the era of Blockbusters is long gone, the most popular way to watch movies now is with subscription services just like Netflix. After paying a small fee there are dozens upon dozens of movies and television shows to be watched in all kinds of genres—romance, action, family, drama, thriller, the list goes on. Due to the fact that this service is quite popular, it is constantly adding (as well as removing) new films and televisions all the time.

Some of the movies that are featured in this quiz are exclusive to Netflix (meaning that they were produced by the company) while others are simply just provided on subscription site.

Question 1

Name this romantic comedy:

This is a 2018 romantic comedy where the two main characters—Harper and Charlie, team up so they can get their bosses into a relationship. They’re assistants for their bosses who are notorious for being a bit harsh and/or unfriendly. However, Harper and Charlie believe that if their bosses were in a relationship they’d be more happy. Who better than the people that are responsible for everything in their lives (i.e scheduling), and also known all of their likes and dislikes. Their plan actually works, and it gives Charlie and Harper some free time to actually do things that they want.

Question 2

Name this holiday film:

This is a 2017 holiday romantic comedy where the main character Amber gets the opportunity of a lifetime to attend a press conference in a different country. She is an aspiring journalist and stops at nothing to get a juicy story that her boss will want to print. The target of the story is the handsome prince who was to be taking the throne, although he had a bit of a reputation for not caring about responsibility. Amber manages to sneak into the castle and pretends to be the prince’s younger sister’s tutor. During her investigation, Amber learns that the prince is not who everything thinks he is.

Question 3

Name this teen romantic comedy:

This is a 2018 teen romantic comedy where the main character is highschool student Elle who keeps a major secret from her best friend Lee. The two had been close from a very young age, and as they grew up they developed a list of rules they had to follow. On this list was a very important rule: they cannot date any of their relatives (specifically Lee’s older brother whom he didn’t always get along with). Elle of course had a crush on him for many years, but she never explicitly acted up it. That was until during a school event Noah kissed her and she kissed him back.

Question 4

Name this comedy:

This is a 2018 comedy where the main character Rachel finds herself taking an unexpected holiday with her father, despite the fact that they don’t have the best relationship. It all began when Rachel was about to be married but her fiance leaves her at the altar. Due to the fact that the honeymoon was already paid for, her father ends up travelling with her. The two shared the same perspective of life, one that involved working tirelessly even if it did wreck their relationships. However, while on the vacation the two began to understand there was more to life, and upon returning home had a new appreciation for life.

Question 5

Name this fantasy film:

This is a 2018 fantasy comedy where the main character is a man named Christopher, who had a number of unique friends that lived in Hundred Acre Wood when he was a child. After leaving home to go to boarding school, he had to say goodbye to these friends, but made a promise he’d never forget them. Fast forward many years, Chris was a grown up who had married and had a daughter of his own. He had lost sight over what is important in life (spending time with family) by getting wrapped up in work. However, a friend from the past comes into his world and reminds him of the person he once was.

Question 6

Name this fantasy/comedy film:

This is a 2019 fantasy/comedy film where the main character Kyle comes to the realization that a new phone app gives him the ability to make anything come true. He is not the most popular kid in high school, not to mention that he was essentially starting over because of his parent’s separation, but things start to lean in his favor because of this mysterious app. After a bunch of bullies wreck his phone, he meets a phone seller who tells him about this app. Now every time he posts something, no matter how ridiculous or far-fetched, it all comes true.

Question 7

Name this romance movie:

This is a 2015 romance film where the two main characters is an English literature college student named Anastasia and a successful billionaire named Christian. Ana goes in her roommate's place to interview Christian about his impressive successes, and it’s clear from their short time together that they share some chemistry. He pursues her after the meeting, agreeing to a favor she asked mostly because he wanted to see her again. However, his attitude changes abruptly when he warns her that he isn’t the right type of guy for her, and she’s left feeling confused and also a little offended.

Question 8

Name this romance drama:

This is a 2015 romance fantasy film where the main character is a woman who has magically stayed 29 years old for decades. She stopped aging after an accident that took her life, but she was mysteriously brought back from a strike of lightning. Ever since she had never stayed in one place for too long, especially since a group of FBI agents expressed their interest in experimenting on her. The only person who knows her secret is her daughter, who was now the same age as her. Suddenly her life takes an unexpected turn when a handsome young man becomes interested in her, where she knows she can never fall in love.

Question 9

Name this superhero movie:

This is a 2017 fantasy superhero film where the main characters are a group of unlikely heroes that take on the responsibility of protecting the universe once again. Unfortunately, things don’t go according to plan when one of the group’s members decides to steal the item that they were meant to be guarding. The team narrowly escapes from an attack, and luckily had the assistance of a mysterious new character. This person actually turned out to be the leader’s father, and invited the team to his home planet so they could be safe. Unfortunately they quickly discover he’s not as heroic as he made them believe.

Question 10

Name this action/comedy:

This is a 2017 action comedy film where the main character is a man named Michael who makes a living by being a professional bodyguard for some of the most elite and dangerous people in the world. His reputation takes a big hit after he is unsuccessful in protecting one of his highest paying clients, and in the present day he’s not having much luck. However, when an ex reaches out to him to help in a case involving a criminal who was meant to testify in an even bigger case, he reluctantly agrees. Little did he know his service would include avoiding countless attacks and wicked car chases.

Question 11

Name this comedy:

This is a 2018 romantic comedy where the two main characters are Avery and Noah, who had been friends for many years. It begins with Avery’s engagement party and Noah is recollecting on their friendship, mostly the fact that he has had feeling for her for many years. He foolishly admits these feelings to another friend, where it all began from their first encounter. After falling asleep in a place they once hung out, Noah wakes up and realizes he’s travelled back in time, to the very day he met Avery the first time. Now he is determined not to mess it up.

Question 12

Name this drama:

This is a 2018 comedy/drama film where the main character is a highschool student named Willowdean and doesn’t really have the best relationship with her pageant mother, Rosie. For most of Willowdean’s life, she spent her time with her aunt, who she unfortunately loses prior to the beginning of the film. One of the reasons they don’t spend much time together is the fact that Rosie is kind of a town celebrity and focuses most of her attention and energy on beauty pageants and perfecting her look. As a way to spite her mother, Willowdean enters this years beauty pageant.

Question 13

Name this romance/drama:

This is a 2018 teen comedy/drama film where the main character is a highschool student who isn’t all that popular. Out of nowhere, she gets a text message from a cute boy who attends a different school than her, and they get along quite well. That is until she realizes he believes she’s someone else. As it turned out, one of the protagonist’s bullies decided to give her number instead as a practical joke. In a desperate attempt to continue on the facade, she makes a deal with this same girl to help her pull it off, and in exchange she’ll help her get her grades up.

Question 14

Name this children's fantasy film:

This is a 2018 adventure fantasy film where the main character is a child who was rescued by a panther after his family was attacked by a Bengal tiger. He brings him to the wolf pack where the leader decides to spare his life, and even protects him when the tiger arrives and demands for the man-cub. For years he was raised as one of the wolves, but one day he stumbles upon the tiger and just narrowly escapes his grasp. It was then that the panther (his guardian) decided to explain his true heritage, and how he’d be safer if he was with his own kind.

Question 15

Name this family drama:

This is a 2017 teen drama film where the main character is a young woman named Cora who has dedicated her life to modelling. All her life her mother (who is in charge of a modelling agency herself) has tried to take control over everything, and Cora struggled to live up to her expectations. After a video is released of an emotional breakdown of Cora’s, she decides to take a vacation from her life and her mother, and goes to visit her aunt. Although the two girls are very different, it becomes clear that they are what each other needed.

Question 16

Name this fantasy film:

This is a 2013 fantasy adventure film where the main character is a young woman named Clary who finds herself being pulled into a magical world she never knew existed. While out celebrating her birthday with her best friend Simon, Clary sees something she shouldn’t have. She controls this mysterious man named Jace, who explains he was getting rid of a demon. Out of nowhere, she receives a phone call from her mother telling her not to come home. Going against her mother's wishes, she does, only to get attacked by a demon herself. Luckily Jace had followed her and saved her before it was too late.

Question 17

Name this romantic comedy:

This is a 2011 romantic comedy where the main character is a single woman named Rachel. It begins with this character waking up the morning after her birthday in the same bed as her best friend’s fiance—who also happens to be a good friend of hers from law school. Although they both came to the conclusion it was just a one time thing, after discussing they both had crushes on each other in the past, their secret relationship sparks into a long term thing. This was despite the fact that he was still engaged to be married to her best friend.

Question 18

Name this historical fantasy:

This is a 2012 fantasy adventure film where the main characters are two people who were never supposed to be allies, let alone friends. It begins with the explanation with how the female lead’s father came to marry a beautiful woman named Ravenna. As it turned out, this girl was actually a very powerful sorceress who used her beauty to lure kings into marrying them so she could rule their kingdoms. Ravenna learns from her relic the Magic Mirror that the protagonist is the only thing that stands in the way of Ravenna’s immortality, so she sends a huntsman to track her down in the Dark Forest.

Question 19

Name this romance film:

This is a 2016 romance drama film where the main characters are neighbors Gabby and Travis. They do not have the best start to their friendship because Gabby was upset with his loud music and the fact that her dog was pregnant (believe it was Travis’s who was responsible). Nevertheless, he uses his southern charm, where he and Gabby bicker a lot but it’s clear there is something between them. Their brief romance comes to a screeching halt when Gabby’s actual boyfriend comes back home after he returns from a business trip. Travis tries to convince her that what they had was more special.

Question 20

Name this fantasy:

This is a 2016 fantasy film where the main character is a wizard named Newt Scamander who unintentionally lets loose a hoard of magical creatures in New York. To make matters worse he let a No-Maj see him use magic, which of course is a major no-no in the wizarding world. Tina was there to witness the entire thing, an Auror who was sadly demoted (although she doesn’t tell Newt that). In order to prevent the situation from spiralling out of control, Tina, Newt, the No-Maj Jacob, and Tina’s sister Queenie band together to track down all of the escaped magical creatures before one of them gets hurt.

Question 21

Name this drama:

This is a 2017 drama film where the main character is a woman named Ellen who struggles with an illness. It had influenced her college education, and after not demonstrating much progress in an initial hospital program, her step-mother seeks out other options. She decides it is time for Ellen to seek professional guidance, and after having a meeting with Dr. Beckham he suggests she comes to his personal program which houses a number of other young adults who are in a similar situation as Ellen. Ellen is not entirely pleased to be involved in such an in-depth program, but seems to strike an interest in the patient named Luke.

Question 22

Name this comedy:

This is a 2018 romantic comedy where the main character is a woman named Violet. It starts with Violet in the prime of her life—she has an amazing job, a loving boyfriend which whom she’d been dating for a couple of years, and she was looking better than ever. In fact, all her life Violet has been taught that the key to her beauty was having well-maintained hair. Her life seems to fall apart after a catastrophe involving her hair, as well as the fact that her boyfriend didn’t propose even though she was expecting it. This lead to her temporary downward spiral that began with a break-up.

Question 23

Name this teen romance:

This is a 2019 romantic comedy where the main character is a boy named Griffin. It is about a group of friends who all plan to make the most of the final two months after high school before they go off into the real world. Griffin expresses his interest in a girl by the name of Phoebe. Meanwhile, Griffin’s best friend Alec and his girlfriend (or rather ex-girlfriend) Erin are coming to terms with their break-up. Although Griffin is clearly interested in music, he tells Phoebe that it wouldn’t be wise of him to pursue it as a full-time job, which is why he plans to study business.

Question 24

Name this teen comedy:

This is a 2018 teen comedy drama where the main character is a highschool student who has a spontaneous night with his lifelong best friend named Claire. They shared this initial moment because the main protagonist was trying to deal with the fact that his mother was being tested for an illness. Regardless of the fact, he and Claire started dating, although while they were attending a party he meets someone new, and feelings something for him. Torn about what he should do (and feel), the protagonist opens up to Claire about his emotions but she doesn’t take it too well.

Question 25

Name this science fiction film:

This is a 2012 science-fiction adventure film where the main character is a girl named Katniss. She lives in a world that is divided by districts, each of which is intended to serve the Capitol, where all of the wealthy people live. Each year a boy and a girl are selected from each district to fight in an arena as a way to honor the past uprising. When her younger sister is selected, Katniss bravely volunteers in her place, not wanting her sister to get involved. She and the male tribute Peeta travel to the Capitol to train with the remaining tributes before entering the arena.

Question 26

Name this comedy:

This is a 2017 action comedy film where the main characters are Matt Brody, an Olympic gold winner interested in becoming a lifeguard, and Lt. Mitch, who is in charge of the rest of the lifeguards. It begins with a tryout for new lifeguards, and there are a number of viable candidates who peak the interest of the elite team. This include a spunky woman named Summer, an unlikely pick named Ronnie, and of course, Matt as well. However, in the midst of their training, Matt doesn’t believe it’s necessary because of his background in swimming, which doesn’t sit well with the Lieutenant.

Question 27

Name this mystery film:

This is a 2013 thriller mystery film where the main characters include a group of illusionists who are: Danny, Merritt, Henley, and Jack. Prior to the beginning of the movie, these four individuals were not friends, although they all received a unique tarot card which led them to the same location. Their cards were their new identities—or stage names; for example, Henley had become The Priestess. Together they rose to fame as the new “Four Horsemen” and performed in huge theaters that sold thousands of tickets thanks to their mysterious benefactor. However, it was revealed that their illusions was really a front to pull of a bank robbery.

Question 28

Name this comedy:

This is a 2016 action comedy film where the main characters are two men named Charlie and Max who were old high school friends that reconnected. Unfortunately the two guys had very different lives: Max is a FBI Agent meanwhile Charlie was working as a bank manager and did not have a lot of motivation or things to look forward to. During a weekend getaway to help Charlie have some fun, Max executes an elaborate plan that involves blowing up the yacht so that the two of them can have a fresh start at life. Charlie was skeptical at first but then realized he had nothing to lose.

Question 29

Name this teen romance:

This is a 2019 teen romantic comedy where the main characters are highschool students Brooks and Celia. Brooks dreams of attending a really good college, so he decides to make a little extra cash by being a stand-in boyfriend for a wealthy girl named Celia. He even goes as far as to release an app where he could become anyone's plus-one to an event. Despite his commitment to Celia, he was interested in another girl and she was also wanting someone else, so the two make a plan to have a public break-up. Although she had agreed to it, Celia wasn’t happy to be ending things.

Question 30

Name this holiday film:

This is a 2018 holiday-themed romantic comedy where the main characters are Stacy and Margaret, two girls that look strangely alike although come from two different worlds. Stacy runs a bakery with her best friend Kevin, and with the holidays coming up she’s still struggling with her recent break-up. As a way to get her mind off things, Kevin reveals they were invited to participate in a baking competition in another country. Reluctantly she agrees, and the two (along with Kevin’s daughter) go. This is where she stumbles into Margaret, who is a duchess that looks like she could be Stacy’s twin.

Question 31

Name this apocalypse film:

This is a 2018 action/thriller film where the main character is a man named Will. It starts off rather normal, where Will and his girlfriend Sam are expecting their first child. During a dinner with her parents, Will and Sam’s father get into an argument, and he never gets the chance to share the good news. The next morning while Sam was on the phone he hears something strange on her end, and after doing a little research he realizes all flights have been cancelled. Across the entire west coast electricity and communications are down, so with no other option Will and her father decide to drive to where Sam was last.

Question 32

Name this romance film:

This is a 2010 romantic drama film where the two main characters are John and Savannah who share a long love story. It all began while John was home for a brief period in between deployments. He meets Savannah who was a student working to rebuild homes during her summer break. Although they were well aware that their time together would be short because John was leaving and Savannah was going back to school, they ended up falling in love. They decide to make their relationship work long distance, and agree to write letters whenever they can so they can share everything.

Question 33

Name this fantasy film:

This is a 2008 romantic fantasy film where the main character is a highschool student named Bella. Compared to the rest of the characters in this movie Bella is seemingly ordinary. She moves to the town of Forks, and during her first days at school she becomes interested in a guy named Edward. He was a bit strange, especially since he repeatedly told her they shouldn’t be friends, but one night when he saves her life they get to know each other. After conducting some research, Bella comes to the realization that the man she’s falling in love with is really a vampire.

Question 34

Name this romance movie:

This is a 2018 romantic drama where the two main characters are Josie and Liam, who were engaged to be married until Liam foolishly left her at the altar. He made the decision to leave to pursue his music, and didn’t know that Josie was actually pregnant with their child. Fast forward many years, Liam had finally returned home after learning of the tragic news that he had lost his best friend. Josie was not particularly pleased to see him, although it was clear that he still had feelings for her. It doesn’t take long for him to learn that he actually had a daughter.

Question 35

Name this comedy:

This flick is a 2013 comedy film where the main character is a father and husband named Lenny. Following the events of the first film, Lenny and the rest of his family have moved to his hometown and have more or less adjusted to small-town life. The four best friends (Lenny, Eric, Kurt, and Marcus) spent the day together where a plan is set in place to have a party at Lenny’s house that evening. They reminisce about their childhood after visiting the quarry, where they run into a small group of college kids that demand them to leave immediately.

Question 36

Name this children's fantasy:

This is a 2014 fantasy film where the main character is a powerful fairy who lives in the magical realm of Moors which is home to a number of other magical creatures. As a young fairy, she meets a boy named Stefan who was attempting to steal from the realm, but she handles the situation. They become friends, and for years they spent time getting to know each other to the point that they fell in love. However, Stefan grew greedy and wanted a place in the kingdom, which affected his friendship with the main protagonist. Especially since she had become the protector of Moors, and the king had attempted to invade the magical realm.

Question 37

Name this science fiction film:

This is a 2017 science fiction film where there are a number of main characters, including photographer Mason, Captain James Conrad, and Lieutenant Packard. It begins with a man named Bill formulating an expedition on a mysterious island with the front that he is investigating a scientific theory. He brings with him a photographer, a skilled tracker to guide them on the island, and an entire army force as a “precaution.” Upon arriving at the island, they detonate a number of explosives that end up waking a monster, which turned out the be the very reason for exploring the island.

Question 38

Name this teen romantic comedy:

This is a 2018 teen romantic comedy where the main character is a quirky highschool student named Lara Jean. It begins with her younger sister taking a leap of faith by mailing out all of the letters that Lara Jean has written over her lifetime to the boys she’s all had crushes on. When Lara Jean discovers this she’s extremely embarrassed, especially since one of the receipts was her sister’s boyfriend (who was initially her best friend). Another recipient is a student, who although flattered, is interested in someone else. Still, she and Peter come to an agreement to pretend to take so he can get his ex-girlfriend back.

Question 39

Name this holiday film:

This is a 2017 holiday comedy film where the main character is a rich girl named Ellen who works at her father’s successful business. After embarrassing herself at a party, Ellen agrees she can prove she takes the business seriously by travelling to a small town where her father’s old business partner lives. The had always written Christmas letters to each other, and delivering them in person is the only way to do it. The only catch is that she must go “undercover,” and not let anyone know who she really is so she won’t get any special treatment there.

Question 40

Name this comedy:

This is a 2017 fantasy comedy film where the main character is a passionate artist named Kit. It begins with Kit feeling defeated after she was unsuccessful in art school, and has no choice but to move back in with her parents. She takes a job working as a temp at an advertising agency although she still torn up about her failures in art school. In the midst of her job haze, Kit receives a mysterious letter from a man that claims he works at a store that will get you whatever “you need.” She is given the opportunity to fulfill a childhood fantasy, but first she must prove she’s ready.

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