Can You Score 100 Percent On The Ultimate Ross Geller Quiz?


Everybody has a favorite Friends character. You may be drawn to Chandler's witty comebacks and humor. You could be drawn to Monica's neurotic obsessive compulsive behavior. Maybe you sympathize with Rachel's ever ongoing search for love and independence. I suppose one may feel an affection for Phoebe's carefree and open mindedness. Many love Joey's smooth albeit witless sense of charm. But if you have an affinity for the sciences, and perhaps a dash or two of self-consciousness, there's only one character for you, Ross.

Ross Geller is a hyper-intelligent guy who enjoys high minded activities, comics, science, and is a befuddled yet hopeless romantic. A few moments into the pilot, we meet Ross at a time when he is going through something of a romantic crisis and the others gather around him for support. It's often not easy for Ross. He sees the good in people and often finds himself quite out of his comfort zone when he tries to please them. Chances are that if you're a fan of Ross, you feel very in touch with your inner and more than likely, outer nerd. Hey, it's okay! Nerds aren't so bad.

Don't believe me? Follow Ross' adventures for very long and you're sure to discover how awesome it can be to have a nerd or two as a friend.

Think you already know all about Ross? Okay smarty-pants. Let’s just see.

Question 1

What is Ross’ occupation?

There is no doubt in Ross’ mind that he is the smartest of all the friends. Rest assured, he never misses an opportunity to demonstrate his vastly high-minded and superior intellect. He is constantly reminding everyone about his advanced degrees to the point of nausea. His obsession with science lasted way past his middle school and adolescent years and well into his adulthood. It has actually paid off handsomely, providing Ross with a long and decorated career as a ______________.

Question 2

Where is Ross when Carol tells him she is pregnant?

If you're a man who has ever been told that your significant other is pregnant, you know that you never forget exactly where you were and what you were doing when you were given the news. Every man reacts a little differently. Some men are overjoyed at the thought of having a little one running around. Others just freeze in terror and search through what little of their brain is able to be used whilst engulfed in the panic of being told they're going to be a father. Ross had a combination of reactions.

Question 3

Which magazine did Ross have a joke published in?

In Season 6. Episode 12 titled, The One With The Joke, Ross submits a joke to a famous magazine. But when that joke is published in said magazine, Chandler is none too amused as he feels the joke is his. So as not to take this seeming defeat lying down, Chandler begins logging his jokes. However, when later Monica tells the boys that the joke isn't funny and is in fact, offensive, neither of the two want to lay claim to the joke at all.

Question 4

For how many seasons does David Schwimmer’s character remain 29 years old?

If one were to pay close attention to any TV show, one could more than likely find a few inconsistencies, contradictions, or writing snafus. But this TV show certainly takes the cake. We all wish that we could remain young forever and while Ross certainly didn't stay young forever, he was 29 for quite a while. If you paid attention you may have noticed this, but did you notice for how long he 29? Search your Friends memory banks and see if you can come up with the answer.

Question 5

Who turns out to be the person that mugged Ross during his childhood?

When Ross was young he was mugged, the thief made off with Ross' original comic, Science Boy! The trauma haunts Ross to this day. So much so that when he and a friend are mugged later on in life, the memories of that terrible night flood back all at once. If only Ross had known who was actually mugging him. If he had ever found out, maybe there would have been hope for Science Boy. The identity of the mugger comes out later. Can you tell us who it turned out to be?

Question 6

What does Phoebe say after Ross leaves defeated?

Ross discovers over bagels that Phoebe doesn't believe in evolution. This really gets under Ross' skin. Ross tells Phoebe that he has studied evolution his entire adult life. He tells her that they have fossils at his museum that show the evolution of many species. Phoebe is still not convinced. Later, Ross brings a suitcase of fossils to the apartment for Phoebe to see. Phoebe reminds him at one time the most "brilliant" minds on the planet thought the world was flat and asks him if he is so arrogant as to believe that he is 100% right. Ross caves.

Question 7

What makes Ross’ sandwich so special that he yelled at his boss?

We have all had that day when someone goes into the company fridge and eats something with our name on it. Something we brought from home. Depending on the day you're having, this could cause you to fly into an uncontrollable rage threatening the lives of someone’s spouse, animal and/or children. This, presumably minus the threat to family members and/or pets is what happened to Ross when his boss eats his special leftover Thanksgiving sandwich causing him to lose it on his co-workers and administrators. Hey, you gotta protect what's yours, right?

Question 8

What does this gesture Ross is doing mean?

There's no question in our minds that Ross and Monica were very special kids. We've come to love them so much that hearing about their childhood via flashbacks and dialogue has become one of the things that made the show so great and entertaining to watch. In this episode, Rachel and Ross are arguing. Ross responds with a gesture that confuses Rachel and Monica laughs and reminisces how on the very night Ross made that up, she knew she was cooler than her brother.

Question 9

How many divorces has Ross had?

In the new millennium, it's all most of us can do to find just one person to marry, but in the mid 90's marriages and divorces alike were a dime a dozen. Don't believe us? Just ask Ross Geller, man-about-town and dream client of divorce lawyers the everywhere. This over-educated, push-over has been married and divorced more than he’d like. In fact, one could make the argument that after the show's ending, he was likely married at least one more time to Rachel.

Question 10

Which costume does Ross wear to Monica’s Halloween party?

What do you get when you cross an over-educated bed wetter with a holiday built on the fabrications of superstitious, scientifically illiterate people trying to explain the changing of the seasons to a great number of even more superstitious, scientifically illiterate people scared by the changing of the seasons? Some really inventive albeit dumb Halloween costumes. Ross Geller just couldn't help himself in the episode titled, The One With The Halloween Party. The man has a Ph.D. Couldn't he come up with something better than this?

Question 11

What is the martial arts technique Ross teaches Rachel and Phoebe?

We've all seen those idiots on the quad "teaching" girls how to defend themselves with the half-cocked technique they gleaned from a combination of all those Chuck Norris movies they watched as children and those two free introductory classes they took at the local dojo back in their hometown. Ross is even sadder. When Phoebe and Rachel take up martial arts, Ross takes it upon himself to give them a little help based on his "many years" of study in the field of martial arts. Of course, they later kick his ass.

Question 12

What was the name of the girl Ross slept with when he was on a break from Rachel?

It's happened to all of us. Someone in the relationship decides that it's time to take a break. So when Rachel decides she wants to take a break from Ross, he does what any self-respecting man does the unthinkable and sleeps with someone else. Naturally, like most who call for a break, Rachel isn't happy with the consequences of her words. She soon realizes that Ross gave her what she asked for in a way she didn't expect nor care for.

Question 13

Who does Ross’ first wife leave him for?

It's one thing to have a woman leave you because you're an asshat. It's one thing to have your woman leave you because she's an asshat. It's comprehensible when a woman leaves you for a richer man. (Though in accordance with the man code, you'll still have to kick his ass before you can move on and return to full manhood again.) But Ross' wife left him for a woman which he viewed as alt in an open wound. Ross felt he would never recover.

Question 14

Where was Ross supposed to go on his honeymoon with Emily?

Ross has been left for a woman. He has been left by a woman for saying the name of another woman. Now, this he looks like he very well maybe going on a honeymoon he should be having with one woman who left him for saying the name of the other woman, with the other woman. Yeah, I know. It hurts my head too. With all of that, I'm not even sure I remember where the hell he's supposed to be going. Do you?

Question 15

What is the name of the young, pretty student who Ross dates?

I believe Michael Jackson's song P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing) says it all. Every man, no matter his ethnicity, station in life, level of education or list of accolades, seems to at some point, play with the idea of a lovely, younger member of the female persuasion. Nothing says power, riches, and swag like a beautiful young lady on your arm. Ross feels the primal tug of the P.Y.T on his heart-strings upon meeting a student befitting said descriptors but there are challenges he doesn't expect.

Question 16

Why does Ross break up with Elizabeth?

Relationships are such an important part of life. We learn from each one ideally. It's all about taking it to the next step. Step by step. Day by day. Until we reach that step where it becomes absolutely necessary for us to leave. That's right. The truth is that if you're lucky you'll only have one relationship that sticks. The rest eventually wither and die. So when Ross decides to break-up with Elizabeth, it should come to no surprise to anybody. But can you tell us why?

Question 17

Which zoo did Ross send his monkey, Marcel to when he reached sexual maturity?

Puberty hits us all pretty hard. If you're a boy turning into a man, your voice begins to crack, your body looks awkward and gangly, and the girls start to get a hell of a lot more sensitive about everything. If you're a girl turning into a woman, you start to develop body parts you seemingly didn't have before, you have a new monthly cruelty of nature to contend with and if that wasn't enough you have to deal with boys going through puberty. Imagine what Marcel was feeling and he's a monkey!

Question 18

From which institution did Ross receive his Ph.D?

You can say a lot about Ross Geller. He's irritating. He lacks social skills and spatial acuity. He certainly has no clue what to do with the majority of women around him and he very well may be the most poorly put together character on the show. What he is not, however, is dumb. This socially inept guy has a Ph.D. from a very prestigious university. With all those years of schooling you'd think, he would have picked up some knowledge regarding the female half of our species currently roaming the Earth.

Question 19

What was stolen from Ross when he was a teenager?

Most of us at some point or another have experienced injustice at the hands of someone bigger and/or meaner. As much as Ross would like to be, he is no exception. So naturally, when Ross is mugged at gunpoint with Phoebe, it brings back the memory of a very similar event in his younger years. Thankfully Phoebe recognized the would-be mugger as an old friend of hers from her past days on the mean streets of New York and the rest works itself out.

Question 20

What did Ross have to do to get Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment?

When the going gets tough, the tough get naked. Ross wanted that apartment. Nay, he NEEDED that apartment. Sometimes when you need something bad enough you have to be willing to do anything, ANYTHING! in order to get it. This is New York people! This is ground zero for housing and real estate! Space comes at a premium here! You gotta be crafty. You gotta be rough and tumble. You gotta be quick. You gotta be inventive. Even if you have to get naked! Is it just me or is it breezy in here?

Question 21

Which two months were written as Ross’ birthday month, years apart by mistake in the show?

So, not only is Ross arguably the most poorly put together guy character on the show, but he is certainly the most inconsistently written character as well. It wasn’t enough that the writers of the show forgot to age him for several years causing him to be 29 years old for longer than any human being ever, but they also gave him two conflicting birthdays over the course of the show. Fans took notice and wondered why the writers didn't just use a calendar to keep track.

Question 22

Who did Ross lose his virginity to?

When you have the brains of a genius with the body of an extra elongated cucumber, you don't get that many opportunities for lovin'. Add to that the inability to know that one day someone as awe-inspiringly fine as Jennifer Aniston would be coming down the pipeline and you'll take what you can get. Hey! Don't act like you've never done the deed with someone you had to turn the lights off for and had a none-too-proud walk of shame home the next day!

Question 23

Which of these statements is true?

We give Ross a pretty hard time around here but in fact, he's a very accomplished guy. Ross not only earned a Ph.D. from an Ivy League school, he also has managed to travel the world, speaks several languages and landed, slept with and arguably eventually kept Rachel who is quoted as saying that when it comes to them, the sex is so good that it's never off the table. Still there are also things you may not remember know about him.

Question 24

Why does Janice dump Ross?

Moving on to the aftermath of the subject of our last question ... When the mistake you're watching your friend make, blows up in his face in a fiery ball of "I told you so", the only thing we can do is laugh even harder than we did when we watched the mistake being made in the first place. When Janice breaks up with Ross, Chandler finds himself in this very position. Oh well. It's for the best really. Can you imagine how hairy Ross and Janice's children would have been?

Question 25

What was the first song Ross ever learned to play on the keyboard?

As we've already discussed, Ross is a man of many talents. He wasn't always into dinosaurs as his main love. At one point he claims to have turned down a promising career in basketball, and that he invented the phrase, "Got Milk?" Of course, he also claims to have spent years studying martial arts, and we all know how that went. But one thing you've gotta give him is that he played a mean keyboard in high school. Just check out Monica's old home video's if you need proof.

Question 26

Where’s the weirdest place Ross admits to ever having sex?

When your are Ross Geller, you take it where and when you can get it. When Ross was with Carol he wasn't about to sit idly by and let an opportunity for some loving go uncaptured. Ross is a man of action! Opportunities may arise in the strangest and most inopportune places. You have to be on your toes. Whether you're in a school, in a hospital, the back of an old magic shop you used to love in high school, or in a boat somewhere in the bowels of a Disneyland ride. Preparedness is key!

Question 27

The child actor who plays Ross’ son Ben in his somewhat older years on the show would later go on to star in which TV show?

Many child actors aren't so lucky as to go from one wildly successful show to another, but this one is certainly an exception. His brother was on a different successful show while he was playing with Schwimmer and Co. on Friends. To answer this one you'll need one hell of a memory and pretty good knowledge of near vintage prime time television programming. Only the truly devoted fans of Friends will get this one correct. Don't be too hard on yourself if you don't.

Question 28

Which of these statements is not true?

There are many strange coincidences and suitable achievements involving the good Dr. Geller. It's so tempting to believe they are most coincidental. Then we consider the most seemingly apt achievements as almost certainly true. Of course, the obviousness of those coincidences make them surely not true and merely made up by someone trying to stump you. Then there's always favoritism to be suspicious of. A part being written specifically for Mr. Schwimmer? An actor virtually unrecognized in Hollywood at the time? Take a guess.

Question 29

What did Ross not put on his list of reasons NOT to date Rachel?

We're all familiar with the decision-making exercise of making a list of pros and cons. Ross decided to use this exercise in the good company of his closest friends, Chandler and Joey to create a list of the pros and cons of dating Rachel. It leads to a very real revelation that it doesn't matter in the end because in the end, he just wants Rachel. If only Rachel felt that way when she saw the list after Chandler accidentally prints it while she's standing in front of him.

Question 30

In the second season, why does Ross dedicate a song to Rachel over the radio?

The practice of dedicating a song to someone over the radio is as old as the ability to call a radio station itself. There are many reasons one may choose to do this. Maybe it's Valentine's Day, and you lack all sense of originality. Maybe, like Ross, you are a thirty something year old scientist with next to no swag and no game and you're short on charm and this is the best you can do on such short notice.

Question 31

What toy does Ross not want his son to have?

It's common for young children to have little sense of limitation when it comes to objects with which to play. A child may love a toy gun without thinking about what that gun actually means or represents. He may want to play with kitchen based toys, or maybe little Suzie loves to play with footballs rather than dolls. Ross finds himself in an interesting situation when his son, Ben starts playing with a toy that Ross doesn't quite understand his fascination with.

Question 32

What is the name of Ross and Chandler's band?

Throughout the years there have been many, many bands and for every band, a name. Some names are good. Most are stupid and terrible. Some honest to God real band names that spring to mind are (in no particular order): Cheap Knob Gags, Fanny Bloom, Evil Edna's Horror Toilet, Midget H-----b, and our personal favorite, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza. Chandler and Ross do not disappoint when it's time to come up with a moniker for their musical endeavor. Can you remember which of these beauties they decided on?

Question 33

Ross and Chandler made a pack not to date 3 out of these 4 women. Which one was not on the list?

Back in college Chandler and Ross were often interested in dating the same young woman. They almost began to argue over who should date a fellow classmate who promised to come see their band play that weekend. However, rather than get competitive, they decided to add her to their already growing list of women neither of them would date. They made a pack and stuck to it for over twenty years until they go to their college reunion. Is there that Chandler, who is already married to Monica , gives Ross permission to break the pack.

Question 34

What was the name of Ross’ pet monkey?

For many people, the love of an animal is one of the best things about life. The cold nose, the wagging tale, the whiskers against your face in the morning, the sweet mew of a wee kitten, the strangely human hands of a banana pilfering, stuffed animal humping simian. Well, 4 outta 5 isn't bad. And we all do the best we can to choose a name befitting our favorite little creatures. Ross is certainly no exception. Do you remember the name of his favorite Capuchin monkey?

Question 35

Who’s ex-girlfriend does Ross date?

We all have blunders we cannot take back, that we regret and that we cannot for the life of us understand even as they're happening. Such is the case when Ross dates one of his friend's ex-girlfriend. I know what you're all thinking, "Hey man! What about the code? You're disrespecting the bro code!" But every now and then, it's such a bad decision that all you as a friend can do is sit back and laugh. This, ... is one of those times. Do you remember which friend's ex-girlfriend Ross dated?

Question 36

Which one of Joey’s ex’s does Ross eventually date?

Well, one good mistake deserves another. At least, that's Ross' motto. It didn't work so well when he dated a friend's ex before, so why not give it another shot right. Actually, in this case, I don't blame him. This one was gorgeous, smart, tall and leggy. So, all's fair in love and war. When one of Joey's fresh exes gravitates towards Ross, he can't help himself. They have so much in common. Now don't get me wrong, this relationship takes a dirt nap like almost all do. But who was this beautiful leftover of Joey's Ross just couldn't keep his hands off?

Question 37

What does Charlie do for a living?

Ah Charlie, the only African American friend. She's drawn to Ross after briefly dating Joey. It's no surprise. Ross is brilliant and Joey's IQ is right on par with your average head of cabbage. Seriously, the guy's got all the intelligence and emotional sensitivity of produce. Her intellect is much better suited for someone of Ross' mental caliber. They have so much in common. And, in case I hadn't mentioned it, she's hot. What is it she does for a living?

Question 38

Why do Charlie and Ross break up?

When Charlie and Ross' relationship took the sudden but inevitable dirt nap we all knew was coming eventually (after all, Rachel IS still alive and breathing). But was Rachel the cause? They had so much in common. And Charlie is quite stunning, educated, intellectually equal to Ross (many would say, in STARK contrast to Rachel). Charlie even gets on quite well with the rest of the crew. So many reasons to try to think of. Could have been Ross' fault? Could she have broken Ross' heart? What hell happened?!

Question 39

What happens that prevents Ross from asking Rachel out during the blackout?

In episode 7, The One With The Blackout, New York City is experiencing an electricity blackout and all the friends except Chandler are at Monica's place waiting it out. Joey gives Ross a pep talk explaining how he's never going to get anywhere with Rachel because she has placed him deep in the friend zone. Ross says no he's just taking his time and Joey insists that he is the mayor of the friend zone. Joey finally gets through to Ross and Ross goes out to the balcony to make his move.

Question 40

Which of these things did NOT happen to Ross in the episode “The One where Nana Dies Twice”?

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things a person will go through in this lifetime. When Ross and Monica get the news that their beloved grandmother is ill and in the hospital, they drop everything that they're doing and rush to be at her side. While in the hospital their grandmother begins to flatline and then she appears to die. When Ross goes to touch her seemingly lifeless body she awakes again and scared him half to death. Ross and Monica scream for a nurse and then once again, watch their grandmother passed away.

Question 41

Whose pills did Ross take at his Grandmother’s funeral?

After Ross had fallen into an empty grave at the cemetery during his Grandmother's burial, he was in a lot of pain. Somehow the fall caused severe back pain. At the funeral reception, he was laying on his back on the floor in front of everyone in agony. Phoebe tried to help him get the back spasm to relax but it didn't work. So someone suggested he take a pill which was a muscle relaxer so the pain would stop.

Question 42

Where did Ross' parents decide to go for thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a very special holiday for many families across the United States. It is a time for relatives near and far to come together and celebrate the holiday season and to show gratitude for living through another year. These times are particularly special to Ross, however, this particular year his parents have decided to go away on a vacation which makes Ross very very upset. Ever the mother hen of the group, Monica offers to make Thanksgiving dinner for everyone but things don't turn out the way she plans.

Question 43

What does he tell his unborn child ?

Ross stops by Carol and Susan's apartment to pick up a skull he left there. While he and Susan look for it, Susan tells him she has been talking to his unborn child. Jealous, he tells Carol and schedules a visit to come back when Carol is home so he can talk to the baby too. At first Ross is feeling really awkward. He thinks it's very silly to be sitting on the floor talking to Carol’s stomach so it takes him a while to find the rhythm.

Question 44

Where did Ross get Marcel?

"The One With The Monkey" is the tenth episode of the first season of Friends, which aired on NBC on December 15, 1994. In this episode, the friends discuss how they each have no one special to kiss on New Years. They then decide to make a pact to not have dates on New Year’s Eve but instead to have a big party. But the pact is quickly broken. Ross arrives at Monica's apartment with the most unusual date for the party, a monkey named Marcel. Marcel is a White-headed Capuchin Monkey, (Cebus capucinus).

Question 45

Phoebe's boyfriend is a psychiatrist and begins to analyze every friend in the group. Why does he say Ross married a lesbian?

We've all had friends who date someone that we don't like. It could be for any number of reasons. Maybe they're pushy, or rude. Maybe our friend's Mr./Ms. Wonderful is embarrassing in public functions, or maybe we don't like the way they treat our friend. Here the offender in question, is a Phoebe's boyfriend. He is a psychiatrist named Roger who enjoys lording psychological power over all they come into contact with. Roger has a habit of analyzing everyone, but he takes it a bit far when he decides to tell Ross why he married a lesbian in the first place.

Question 46

What does Ross do to ruin his day on Valentine's Day in season one?

After his relationship with his ex-wife Carol ended, Ross tried his best to move on with his life. Even though he was still sad and hurt, he tried to date other women. He works up the courage to ask out a lovely woman for dinner on Valentine's Day. He is nervous but he tries to make the best of it. Then he spots his very pregnant ex-wife Carol with her lesbian lover Susan across from he and his date at the restaurant.

Question 47

What is the name of the episode described in the paragraph below?

In this episode, Ross and Phoebe are alone at a bar at night and out of nowhere they start kissing. Phoebe lays back on the pool table to get more comfortable and Ross climbs up next to her. It looks like it's about to get R rated but then Ross feels a pool ball in a most uncomfortable position. The sexy moment between them quickly passes when Ross keeps bumping his head on the light fixtures above the pool table.

Question 48

What does Ross say when asked by his date to talk dirty to her?

We've all been asked to do things that maybe we aren't one hundred percent comfortable with. It could be anything really, but it's intensely more uncomfortable when someone asks us to do something intimate that we're uncomfortable with. In season 1, episode 15 titled, The One With The Stoned Guy, Ross finds himself right smack dab in the middle of some particularly uncomfortable territory. Can you remember which word Ross says when asked by a date to talk dirty to her?

Question 49

Who is the doctor that saves Ross' monkey Marcel's life?

In episode season 1 ep 17, Ross is feeling inadequate as a father to be and wonders how he will ever be a good dad. While playing with Chandler, Marcel, Ross’ monkey, swallows the scrabble letter k (as well as an “M” and an “O”). Ross rushes Marcel to the nearest people' hospital. The head nurse freaks out and demands they take the Monkey out of there. Ross stands up to the nurse, declaring that the nearest animal hospital is miles away, clear across town. He insisted that Marcel choking was an emergency and demanded help and help he got.

Question 50

Ross’ first ex wife wanted to give Ross’ child her new lover’s last name. What was it?

We all know that Ross’ ex wife Carol left him for a woman she met at her gym. But to add insult to injury, Carol also wanted to give the baby that woman's last name. Ross is beside himself when they surprise him with this information. A heated discussion begins in the doctor’s office when Ross realizes that his last name isn’t going to be the same as his baby's last name and who can blame him. He gets so upset he almost leaves the doctor’s examination room. He has one foot out the door when he hears the baby's heartbeat and so moved he comes back and watches the monitor.

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