Can You Pass The Impossible Dragon Ball Z Quiz?

If you grew up on Dragon Ball Z, then your childhood was probably as replete in high energy screams and imaginary ki blasts as ours was. For a kid, watching something as tame as Sesame Street provides a sensational thrill, so one can imagine how a youngling's brain lights up when watching even the most low key episode of Dragon Ball Z. There's nothing quite like it, to say the least.

Assuming your mind is as lit up with DBZ memories as ours are, then you should breeze through the following quiz without having to dip into your energy reserves, despite this being the one and only Impossible Dragon Ball Z Quiz. After all, the series is about overcoming impossible odds in order to achieve victory, and of course to secure planet Earth's safety.

Maybe the planet isn't at stake here, but your reputation as a DBZ nerd certainly is. If you can't manage to score higher than 60% here, we're not sure why you've even ventured to this corner of the internet. However, if you do achieve a high score, then you might just have a power level of 9001 or higher. At any rate, let's get this impossible quiz started.

Question 1

How many Dragon Balls are there on Earth?

No one can really call themselves a DBZ buff if they can't answer this simple question about the Dragon Balls. After all, one of the things that makes these magical items so special is how their potential is unleashed - namely, by assembling all of them together in order to summon Shenron. Since you've clicked on this quiz, we're sure you're looking to prove your power level, so answer this one correctly - how many Dragon balls are there on Earth?

Question 2

Which of these DBZ villains appears in the series first?

The DBZ series wouldn't be quite as enthralling as it is without its incredible array of unique villains. These tyrants test Goku and the Z fighters time and time again, ensuring that their power levels can match the sort of adversity the universe may throw at them. Try thinking back on the progression of the Dragon Ball Z storyline, specifically the order in which its villains show up. Then take a look at your options below, and choose the villain who appears in the series before the rest.

Question 3

How does Nappa meet his end?

Nappa was quite the force of malicious nature during his run in the Saiyan Saga. After all, this is the villain responsible for essentially cutting the number of Z fighters in half, all in one battle. Thankfully though, his reign was stopped before he could do any more damage than that. As any true Dragon Ball Z fans will remember, Nappa lost his life in a now classic, iconic manner. Guess the correct manner below, and move on to the next one.

Question 4

1 day in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber = how much time in the real world?

Without the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, planet Earth would surely be ruin by now - at least the one depicted in the Dragon Ball Z reality. This is because the chamber has, on multiple occasions, helped the Z fighters cram in an insane amount of training in a really short period of time. Let's see if you remember how the mechanics of the chamber really works. Answer this: 1 day in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber = how much time in the real world?

Question 5

Which of these DBZ characters uses a sword in battle?

Of course, Dragon Ball Z warriors aren't really known for using swords. This isn't Sword Art Online or Samurai Champloo - this is Dragon Ball Z, a series where men fight with their merciless limbs and ki energy. However, swords do tend to make an appearance every now and then throughout the progression of the story, to great effect, actually. Out of the characters below, choose the one known for using a sword in battle during at least one key fight.

Question 6

Which of these DBZ characters has three eyes?

Dragon Ball Z characters tend to come in all shapes, sizes, species and power levels. As it turns out, they tend to come in varying facial structures as well - specifically, we're referring to the dude with the three eyes. It's hard to miss, since his third eye is located splat in the middle of his forehead, the most esoteric of facial areas. Think back on which DBZ fighter has this very distinct physical characteristic, and click his name below.

Question 7

Who's this giant monkey?

As all Dragon Ball Z fans know (especially those who have been watching the series since the early days of the original Dragon Ball), giant monkeys tend to appear every now and then, and these instances aren't usually the most peaceful. In fact, these giant monkeys (or Oozaru, as they've been originally called) can unleash incredible ki blasts from their mouths in addition to the physical destruction they're capable of unleashing. Take a look at the giant monkey pictured here, and tell us who it actually is.

Question 8

How does Goku get so powerful while on his way to Namek?

The Z fighters (and Bulma) were having a really hard time on Planet Namek during their search for the planet's Dragon Balls. Of course, the Ginyu force made their way there before long, specifically in order to deal with Krillin, Gohan and Vegeta. They were right about to do so, actually, but Goku arrived in the nick of time and stronger than ever. His power level jumped so drastically, one might wonder how exactly he was able to get so strong. How did he do it?

Question 9

Which member of the Ginyu force can freeze time?

The Ginyu Force warriors are known for having a decent range of powers, though it's admittedly not the most impressive range in the entire anime universe. Although, one of the members in particular can access an incredible power, one that comes at a decent cost - he can freeze time for as long as he can hold his breath. That's a big drawback, but think of the potential advantages! Say, which Ginyu Force member is capable of doing that, again?

Question 10

What do the Potara earrings do?

In the Dragon Ball Z universe, the Potara earrings are much more than mere fashion accessories worn by the gods of the show. In fact, if used in a certain way, they can accomplish quite the effect. Of course, if you're a real Dragon Ball Z fan, then you can probably remember what the effect is without being given much of a hint. So, we won't hold your hand here - think back on the Buu Saga, and try remembering what the Potara earrings do.

Question 11

How does Goku die in the series for the first time?

As any Dragon Ball Z fan - from amateur level all the way to Super Saiyan Blue - knows, death in the DBZ universe doesn't necessarily mean the end of the subject's existence. Actually, when you die in an episode of Dragon Ball Z, you get sent to a single file line, waiting to be judged by King Yemma. That's what happens to Goku on more than one occasion, though his deaths tend to demand special circumstances. How does Goku die in the series for the first time?

Question 12

Who's this Namekian?

This Namekian looks a lot like Piccolo, but of course, the subtle differences in character design are enough for most DBZ fans to realize that this is not, in fact, Piccolo. Of course, the two look a lot alike, which is something that can be said for all Namekians. That's not to say that all Namekians are the same! Let's just stop this train of thought while we're ahead. Take a look at this Namekian, and tell us who you see.

Question 13

How does Goku meet his end in Trunks' future timeline?

Since you've nearly made it to the halfway point of this quiz, we'll venture a guess that you're no rank amateur when it comes to DBZ trivia. If we're correct in assuming that, then we'll go ahead and assume that you also know about Trunks' alternate reality - a future time line that plays out in a wholly unique way for the Z fighters. In this future, our hero Goku is no longer with the living world. How did he meet his end?

Question 14

In what battle does Vegeta first reveal his Super Saiyan form?

By now, everyone already knows that Vegeta is a Super Saiyan. If you didn't learn this from a Dragon Ball Z episode, then simply googling the series will inevitably show a picture of Vegeta in his full, Super Saiyan glory. However, you'll need more than the memory of a Google image search to know the context behind Vegeta's first Super Saiyan revelation. It was a special opponent that got to see this side of the Saiyan prince for the first time.

Question 15

Who was responsible for terminating Zarbon and Dodoria?

During the Frieza saga, Zarbon and Dodoria proved to be incredible pests. At every turn, they were quick to thwart the Z fighters if the opportunity presented itself. However, eventually, these minions of Frieza's found their fateful ends. As it turns out, the fighter responsible for terminating Zarbon was also the one who "took care of" Dodoria, which is fitting. Let's see how well you remember the occurrences on Namek - which warrior was responsible for terminating Zarbon and Dodoria?

Question 16

What technique does Goku learn after the battle on Namek, before returning to Earth?

Whenever you lost sight of Goku for a handful of episodes or longer, you can bet that he's probably received a significant boost in power. This is certainly the case during the pre-Android Saga, while Goku was making his way to Earth after the battle on Namek. As it turns out, Goku ran into a friendly civilization on a distant planet who taught him a certain technique which he would go on to use for the rest of the series. What technique might that be?

Question 17

Who's this villain?

This villain didn't appear in an abundance of Dragon Ball Z episodes, so there's a good chance that any casual fans taking this quiz might not know who he is. Well, that's what we're here to do - separate the masterful fans from the casuals. This character quickly met his end at the hands of Trunks, but he was quite memorable during his brief appearance. Let's see if you're a truly masterful fan by naming this classic DBZ villain. Can you do it?

Question 18

What event causes Evil Buu to appear?

Digging deeper into the Dragon Ball Z mythology, we quickly learn that the entity known as Buu has been split into various forms throughout time. Some of these transformations occurred in historical scenes not depicted in the series - others, we were privy to witnessing first hand. There's a handful of examples, though we'll focus on Evil Buu for the time being. Since it happened to quickly, you might have forgotten the events that caused Evil Buu to appear. We hope that's not the case.

Question 19

Where do Videl and Gohan first meet?

If there was ever such a thing as romance depicted in the Dragon Ball Z series, then Videl and Gohan were definitely the best examples of it. During the pre-Buu Saga, we got to see a different side of Gohan as he courted (reluctantly, perhaps) the lovely Videl, daughter of Hercule. If you remember this portion of the series well, then you won't need to be reminded of how the two lovers met. If not, then you might have some trouble here.

Question 20

How many forms does Cell have?

Transformations are often the name of the game when it comes to epic Dragon Ball Z fights, and that's certainly the kind of fight that Cell called for. After all, by the time he was ready to face all of the Z warriors head on, he had reached his perfect form. Since Cell was such a formidable villain in the Dragon Ball Z universe, it doesn't take a genius to note the amount of his forms fans were exposed to.

Question 21

How does Goku acquire the Kaioken technique?

It looks like Goku is charging up his ki energy once more, readying himself for an incredible burst of power. As you know, this describes the state of Kaioken, wherein Goku can amplify his bodily energy to several times his normal output. The side effect is a huge, very imminent burn out, but Z fighters need to do what Z fighters need to do in order to save the planet. Let's see if you know how Goku acquired the Kaioken technique.

Question 22

Who's this DBZ movie character?

It looks like Goku, but it can't be... just look at the scouter on his face, not to mention that evil scowl. In fact, you might remember this character as the main villain of one of the Dragon Ball Z movies - Tree of Might, specifically. He really laid the smack down on the Z fighters for a good while, and it looked like he wouldn't even be stopped before the film's end. What's the name of this DBZ movie character?

Question 23

What's Piccolo doing here?

Is that Piccolo? It can't be... green skin, pointy ears - it's Piccolo alright! But why would he be wearing a backwards cap and a shirt that says Post Boy? Why is he driving a car with a nice lady next to him?! Whatever is going on in this scene, we're happy that it was only restricted to a single, happy go lucky DBZ episode, and was not expanded into its own arc. What on Earth is Piccolo doing here?

Question 24

Was Goku born on planet Earth?

Speaking of planet Earth, was Goku born on it? It might not be super clear if you're not super well-versed on Dragon Ball Z mythology - especially if you haven't seen the original Dragon Ball series. We know that Goku is a Saiyan, but we can't conclude much based on that fact alone. In the end, it'll take a real Dragon Ball Z buff in order to get this one right, unless you manage a lucky guess, of course. What will it be?

Question 25

What Super Saiyan level does Gohan achieve during the fight against Cell?

Ever the emotional Saiyan, Gohan had always been looked down in battle as one of the weaker fighters. Of course, this always changes in about a second as soon as the little Saiyan gets filled with rage - once he does, there's no telling what sort of havoc he'll unleash on his opponents, regardless of their differences in power level. Think back on the fight with Cell, for instance - specifically, try recalling the Super Saiyan level Gohan achieves during it.

Question 26

How many times does Piccolo perform fusion throughout the series?

Piccolo is an incredibly gifted fighter in his own right, though it becomes clear before long that he would never be able to keep up with the Saiyans using traditional means. Instead, he needs to use a Namekian fusion technique in order to access his true potential. Without this technique, Piccolo would have remained on the sidelines as an advisor throughout the Frieza and Cell sagas, though we're thankful to see things turn out the way they did. How many times does he fuse with Namekians throughout the series?

Question 27

Who's this Saiyan?

This Saiyan might not have enjoyed the longest time on screen during his appearances in the Dragon Ball Z series, but he managed to fit in an incredible amount of carnage and havoc during his relatively short time. Of course, this character was the subject of a number of Dragon Ball Z movies - he wasn't a part of the series' main plot. Still, that doesn't take away how insanely resilient and, frankly, insane he is. What's this Saiyan's name?

Question 28

What Super Saiyan level does Goku reveal during the fight against Buu?

Pictured here is Kid Buu in one of his most demonic scowls. If Kid Buu ever happens to be looking at you like that, you know that it's far too late to run - he will catch you, and he will probably blast you away. You'll need an ascended Super Saiyan transformation in order to stand a chance, which is exactly what Goku revealed during his fight against Buu. If you remember the series, you should be aware of the transformation.

Question 29

What miracle gives Goku's Spirit Bomb the energy it needs to finish Buu off?

Buu was a determined little bugger, we'll give him that. Despite how tiny this character is, he's been terrorizing the universe for thousands of years, and he surely would never have stopped until the whole thing was completely destroyed. Thankfully, Goku stopped him during their battle on the Planet of the Kais, and not a moment too early, too. He did this with the Spirit Bomb, of course, though it wouldn't have been possible without a certain miracle taking place.

Question 30

How many times does Yamcha die in the series?

No matter how many push ups Yamcha does, one thing is for sure - he will always be the biggest weakling on the battle field, no matter what. Such a thing is as sure as gravity in the Dragon Ball Z world, and frankly, we don't even feel bad for the guy. At this pint, he's surely accepted his role by now. He forfeited his potential godliness the moment he got taken out by a wee Saibaman. How many times does he die in the series?

Question 31

How does King Vegeta meet his end?

Nope, that's not Vegeta, prince of Saiyans - it's his father, King Vegeta, King of Saiyans. This is the man himself, the legend from a Saiyan planet named after him. King Vegeta certainly had his time to reign over his corner of the galaxy, but of course, he was answering to a certain intergalactic tyrant all the while. Although his flashback arc was small, we're sure that any true Dragon Ball Z fan will remember how he met his end.

Question 32

At the end of the series, who is the god of planet Earth?

There can only be one god of planet Earth at any given time - it isn't a title that can be split between two people or more. That said, there are of course higher gods who preside over the god of the Earth - it's part of the Dragon Ball Z hierarchy, of course. Since you've made it this far, we're sure you'll have no problem recalling who the god of planet Earth is at the end of the series.

Question 33

What's Yakon's favorite meal?

Here is Yakon, Babidi's ferocious beast. During the Buu saga, Goku, Vegeta and Gohan had a lot on their plate when they entered Babidi's ship, and they didn't know exactly what they'd be getting themselves into. However, they quickly found out - and Yakon helped impart the lesson. Of course, he didn't last very long (so it goes), but at least we got to see him enjoy a tasty meal before he exploded. What's his favorite food to munch on?

Question 34

Who does Goku want to fight so badly at the last World Martial Arts Tournament of the DBZ series?

Here is Goku in his signature blue gear - the clothing he wears during the final World Martial Arts Tournament of the Dragon Ball Z series. As you might recall, Goku was looking to face one opponent in particular during the tournament, and he wouldn't be satisfied unless the two of them enjoyed a fair, uninterrupted battle. If you really know Dragon Ball Z, there's no way you'll allow yourself to miss this key detail. Who was Goku looking to fight here?

Question 35

At what point in the series do we meet this character?

Congratulations on making it this far - you must have Super Saiyan potential after all. However, every true Super Saiyan makes a point of finishing their plate, so we can't really let you go without getting your answer on this last question. Pictured here is an ultra iconic character in the Dragon Ball universe, and his reputation is even more impressive considering he only appeared on screen for a minute or two. If you're a real DBZ master, you'll get this one right for sure.

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