Can You Outlast A Halloween Horror Movie?


Every year, you sit down and watch movies befitting the Halloween season. There are a number of different types of films that work. There are horror films, slasher films, family Halloween movies, kids' movies and combinations of any of these. They all work a little differently, but there's a great deal that feature characters overcoming a Halloween-style threat. Over the years, you've become an expert in these types of movies. You feel that you would be able to survive these scenarios if you were thrown into this world. Well, why don't we put that confidence to the test?

To celebrate the Halloween season, we wanted to see how many of you could survive a Halloween film. You've thought about this before. Surely, you think you could make it to the end. By putting you through similar situations that the characters in these films face, by determining what your personality is and what kind of problem solving abilities you have, we can see how well you would actually do if you were caught in a Halloween-type movie scenario. Would you be the survivor or one of the casualties? Let's find out.

We want to know: Would You Outlast This Halloween Movie?

1You're at a Halloween party. Suddenly, the power goes out and everything is dark. You…

Everyone is having a good time. You're dancing or drinking or moping. Whatever you're doing, it feels safe. But then the power goes out. No need to panic, or is there? After all, it is Halloween. This is the night that scary stuff tends to go down. Which of the following four things do you do next?

2What would an outsider say your biggest flaw is?

Think about someone who knows you in little bursts. What kind of a first impression do you give off? If someone that you just met had to identify your biggest flaw, which of the following options would they chose. Be honest with yourself. Just because this person chose this trait, doesn’t make it true. Maybe they're mistaken. They just need to get to know you.

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