Can You Name This Pokémon Town?


So you wanna be a master? Pokémon! Do you have the skills to be number one?

Well, we hope that you have the navigational skills needed for the Pokémon world. If you want to go where no one's been far beyond the crowd, then you'll need to know some of the franchise's most iconic locations, right?

From first towns to the Pokémon world's most populated cities, we're going to test your knowledge about locations from several regions. Below, we have some famous places that you've traveled through over the years - and a couple that if you can't answer, you should not call yourself a Pokémon fan.

There's a couple of things we need to get out of the way, though.

  1. For the question hint, you'll be given the town's slogan exactly as it appears font and punctuation wise. If a city's slogan is missing a period or exclamation point, we have left it that way.
  2. To make it easier on you, the majority of the answers all come from the same region. For example, a Johto town isn't likely to have any answers from Kanto in there.
  3. Because of the hardware improvements that have come with each generation, there won't be many locations from the newer generations here. Think of this quiz as Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh with some other towns mixed in.

If you're all ready, then grab your Town Map and hand it to me...we're not letting you cheat here. Good luck!

Question 1

A Pure White Beginning!

It only makes sense to start with the first town we ever experienced - at least, if you started the series with Red and Blue. The home to Kanto's Professor Oak, this town isn't much more than two towns and a lab - there's not even a Pokémon Center around - but there's a quaint feeling that's hard to beat, even all of these years later. If you can't get this one right, then you're not ready for the Pokémon world. Which town is this?

Question 2

Warm and Kind

And now, we go from a small, humble town in Kanto to a fancier city across the world in Sinnoh. Between a Pokémon gym, a concert hall, and even a church (!!!!), this is certainly a unique town that we likely wouldn't have imagined existing when Red and Blue debuted with a relatively tame mood. Oh, right, they had a giant cemetery and murder. Right. Can you take us back to Sinnoh and tell us what this fantastic city was named?

Question 3

City of Joy

Sticking in Sinnoh, this area is hailed as, "The most modernized city in the Sinnoh region. It is bustling with people on the go." Well, we've certainly come a long way since Pallet Town, and the technology here is proof in the pudding. Hosting contests for the Pokétch - a watch-like device that can do everything from tell time to show how much your Pokémon love you - and also holding a Trainer's School, this city is a must visit for any trainer. Its name is...

Question 4

The Port with Sea Breezes

While Kanto had a port town of its own, gamers got their first real seaside town with this Generation II area. Hosting the series' first Steel-type gym and a lighthouse that uses an Ampharos for power and vision, this city also has a famous restaurant and allows for easy travel to Kanto. Its gym leader, Jasmine, has been known to visit other regions - including attending contests in Hoenn - when not combating trainers. What's the name of this seaside city?

Question 5

The City of Life

Like we said, there likely won't be too many of the newer cities in here, but we absolutely had to include the most populated city in the Pokémon universe to this point. Known as a "dazzling metropolis of art and artifice, located in the very heart of the Kalos region", this city is the series' version of Paris, France - as if you couldn't tell by the Prism Tower; this city also serves as the base of Looker, the fan favorite officer/special agent who speaks with a Shatner-esque tone. This city is called...

Question 6

A tiny island in the blue sea

Is it fair that we go from the biggest city in the series' history - population wise, of course - to a small island inhabited by few and off the grid? No. Are we going to do it anyway? South of the Hoenn region's mainland, this island is sparsely populated, though it does field a Fighting-type gym and a nearby cave that stone enthusiasts find interesting. As you prepare to continue on your journey, can you point this town out on the Hoenn map?

Question 7

The City of Rainbow Dreams

There's a lot of grass and trees around this city, which makes sense given that its gym leader is of the Grass-type. A booming metropolis with a department store and a Game Corner, this city is a must-stop for any traveler to the Kanto region - though, we advise you not to look under the posters in the Game Corner. You don't need to know what's under there. Seriously. Don't look. You can, however, look and tell us which city this is.

Question 8

A Historical City

Like with Celadon City, this area in the Johto Region serves as the home of the fourth badge for many travelers (given that the player can't advance in the story as the gym allows for the use of Surf, this IS the fourth badge), but also features a heavy sense of history and tradition. With Pokémon legends both new and old forming, even those taking a vacation to Johto may want to stop here. What was this fall-covered city called?

Question 9

Town of Sand!

And now, we go from two elaborate, fancy cities to a smaller, lowkey town in the Sinnoh Region. Right on the water, this town is the home of Professor Rowan, a sagely old man who will occasionally leave his suitcase - usually carrying rare Pokémon around - out in the open. There's not much else interesting about this town, but it does feature some sand. Who names their town the Town of Sand? What is this boring area from Sinnoh called?

Question 10

An excellent place for relaxing!

Another lowkey town, this area is a hell of a lot cooler than Sandgem Town because it at least has an attraction. Who wouldn't want to bathe in the lava springs? Oh, right, there's a bunch of old people in there. Is that someone's skin? This town also features a Fire-type gym that is led by Flannery, the grandaughter of a revered trainer who we never meet or encounter (in the games, at least). Which town from Generation III is this?

Question 11

Methodical and Orderly

"A town where all honor old customs, living as methodically as clockwork." See, that's a cool map description for a place like this, one that is haunted by old traditions in the form of a 'terrifying monster.' There's not much to do here, though the Great Chasm is northeast from here; oh, and you can battle your rival here in Black and White 2, but that's pretty much it. Can you tell us what this small, boring town is called?

Question 12

Home of the Ninja

They say that this smaller, mountain town has a suspicious air to it and really, can you blame them? It's the home of the ninja, after all! South from Johto's Lake of Rage, this town is home to Pryce and an Ice-type gym where the gimmick is sliding guessed it, ice. Thankfully, we don't have to deal with any type of puns from Arnold. As you pet your new shiny Gyarados, can you tell us what this town is known as?

Question 13

Where the morning sun smiles upon the waters

You want to talk about lowkey and calm? It doesn't get much better than this town, where the houses are all made of wood and handcrafted in the midst of the water. East of Slateport City and west of the Pokemon League, this town is sparsely populated, with many of the denizens being those who were born on boats. This town is also not too far from Mirage Island, an island full of Wynauts which will very rarely appear. What was this town called?

Question 14

The windswept highlands with the sweet fragrance of grass

Another boring town from Hoenn, this area is known for three things: contests, the Battle Tent, and Wally, your TRUE rival in Generations III and VI. Oh, and it has clean air that probably will get polluted when Oddish from the nearby Route 117 come over. That plant-thing looks like a bag of weed. Anyways, that's all there is to say. Can you save me from this nothingness and please answer the question of what Wally's town is called? Please?

Question 15

The City of Nostalgic Scents

Johto's first city with a gym, this is also the first city in the region we encounter that emphasizes history and tradition. With the Ruins of Alph south of the city and the Sprout Tower in the northern part, this is a fascinating first gym town. Oh, right, this city's gym is the Flying-type and led by Faulkner, who comes to battle with a Pidgey and a Pidgeotto. Really? What about Spearow? Maybe a Skarmory? Can you tell us what this city is named?

Question 16

Between Rugged Mountains

Another first gym town, this one is unique in that here, we have the first one in the entire series (that we can use at the time of arrival, at least). North of Viridian Forest and west of Mount Moon, this city features a museum and a Rock-type gym that is led by the aptly-named Brock. Get it? All you have to do is put the letter B in front of the word rock and you get Brock! You have to know what this city is called if you're taking this quiz, right?

Question 17

The mystical city where history slumbers

Now THIS is a cool city that the Game Boy Advance was really able to utilize well (though the version from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire was even cooler). Inside of a volcano and only accessible from either the sky or underwater, this city is home to Hoenn's final gym: a Water-type, led by either Wallace or his flamboyant, Sabado Gigante product mentor, Juan. This is also the location of Groudon and Kyogre's final battle in Emerald. Remember this city's name?

Question 18

Fresh and Free!

Our starter town from Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, this slightly-snow covered town is pretty similar to Pallet Town in its design; we have the water route to the south, the player's house in a corner (Red's was on the top left, your player is on the bottom right) and the rival's home in reverse (Blue's was next door and Barry's was diagonal). That's all you need to know about this first town, other than snow was added in Platinum. What is this town's name?

Question 19

The treetop city that frolics with nature.

What an awesome area we have here and one that perfectly captures the environmental focus that Generation III and the Game Boy Advance were able to take advantage of. With houses built on treetops, this Hoenn town is certainly unique, though its gym leader, Winona, is pretty unique herself. Google her outfit if you don't believe me on that one. There's some sort of symbolism to this town having a Flying-type gym, but we can't figure it out; can you figure out this town's name?

Question 20

Where people mingle with nature.

This is the second town in a row with a weird slogan, though I think this one works better with Fortree. People mingle with nature there by using the trees as homes! Anyways, all we really need to know about this city is that, like Viridian City, you can't access the gym early (the leader, Norman, will refuse to battle you - you're his kid, by the way - until you earn four badges). What is Norman's new home and escape from your mother called?

Question 21

The bright and shiny city of fun!

Another Hoenn city? Sure, why not? Not only does this city feature the least interesting Game Corner in terms of prizes (you can't win any Pokémon here!), but it also has one of the game's hardest gyms if you don't have the right typing. Yep, this is an Electric-type gym, led by the eccentric Wattson (get it? Watt?) and his Magneton and Manetric. If you don't have a Ground-type or a Combusken/Maukuhita, I hope you have a strategy. Oh, and I hope you have the answer!

Question 22

Shining Big City

Finally, we can get out of Hoenn for a bit (and trust us, we're not returning for a little while, but we'll let you know when Hoenn is confirmed) and return back to Kanto. While Celadon will rightfully get all of the attention from a traveling point of view, don't hate on its neighboring metropolis, which boasts the Silph Co. building and a Psychic-type gym led by the dominatrix - we mean dangerous - Sabrina. What is this Kanto city named?

Question 23

The Ravaged Town of the Past

It's one thing to build a city on a crater of a former volcano, which is basically what Sootopolis did. But for the people of this city to build theirs with an active volcano nearby...what were they thinking? Home to not only a Fire-type gym, but also a Pokémon lab where Mewtwo was created, make sure to stop here BEFORE the volcano erupts. While here, you can probably get a burger that shares the town's name, which is known as...

Question 24

The Marsh City

A city near a body of water? Check. A Safari Zone-like area with rare creatures to catch? Check. A gym? Check. Basically, this city is Sinnoh's version of Fuschia City, though we prefer the Safari Zone to the Great Marsh based on the walking speed alone. Why would the programmers implement something that slows you down in a game where the walking speed is so slow? Anyways, if you've made it this far, good work, so make sure to get this one right.

Question 25

The Ultimate Goal of Trainers!

Yes, we're ending with this one, even if this location isn't exactly a city. Kanto's Pokémon League challenge ends here at the home of the Elite Four, where trainers will either go up against four trainers AND the champion using everything that they've learned so far - and plenty of revives, so long as they're not playing a Nuzlocke. Calling this place the Pokémon League is correct, but it technically has a different name. Can you give us that name?

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