Can You Name This Grand Theft Auto Mission?


"We're in the great melting pot. We're not spics, or guidos or fags - we're proud Americans." — "Gay Tony" Prince.

I agree, Tony, that probably is the best way to describe the Grand Theft Auto universe. Racism exists and the cities are certainly plagued by crime. But at the end of the day, these places are still a massive melting pot for everything and everyone.

But in the same way that with great power comes great responsibility, crime-infested cities come with criminals out to climb up the ladder. From bank robberies to political assassinations, these criminals–or our protagonists–do things that may not be the morally best, but make for great video game missions.

With that said, can you name some of the series' most iconic missions? Like with ‘The Ultimate Grand Theft Auto Quiz’–which you should take if you haven't already–there are MAJOR spoilers ahead for the following games:

Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City

Grand Theft Auto V

Although we did consider adding a mission or two from Grand Theft Auto Online, we have limited to the single-player campaigns only. If you have not played a game in that list or you’re playing through one now and want to avoid spoilers, then turn back now!

Question 1

Which mission is this?

We start our list off with what is chronologically the first mission in the HD Universe...but not the first mission, time-wise, in all of the games this quiz includes. Taking place nine years before the events of Grand Theft Auto V, this introductory mission is more than a simple tutorial as we follow Michael Townley and Trevor Phillips on their final heist. The mission's end will take some first-time gamers by surprise, but all is not as it seems. What was this mission called?

Question 2

Which mission is this?

Fast-forward nine years later where Michael is already a retired criminal turned depressed drunk and has changed his name to Michael De Santa, while Trevor is a meth-addicted, gun-toting criminal mastermind. We'd say that fate forces them together but really, it's the FIB needing the two–and Michael's new protege, Franklin–to take care of business for them. Oh, and Michael almost giving his identity away during an earlier heist. The first mission to have all three characters be playable was called...

Question 3

Which mission is this?

Five years prior to Grand Theft Auto V's wackiness and poorly written story, we had Grand Theft Auto IV and its excellent story. Niko Bellic, our protagonist, has to work for a lot of a*sholes, but few are worse than Vladimir Gebov. A Russian loan shark who remains alive only because his boss is 'banging his sister', Vlad has Niko run errands until the dangerous hitman finally has enough and kills him. In this mission, however, Niko is tasked with grabbing a car for Vlad. What was the mission called?

Question 4

Which mission is this?

Now, we're headed all the way back to the first incarnation of San Andreas! This early game mission–which either comes super early or close to the story's first arc depending on how the player handles the mission–sees Carl 'CJ' Johnson and Big Smoke meeting with some Russians in Los Santos. Well, Smoke is meeting with the Russians, and CJ is hanging outside and flirting with a woman. Taking cues from the Terminator series, CJ and Smoke shoot out with the Russians through the city and the draining system. The mission was called...

Question 5

Which mission is this?

Remember how we mentioned that Michael may or may not have given away his identity because of a heist? Well, heists are an important part of Grand Theft Auto V if only because they're the only way to make money, and this heist sets the tone early. Utilizing bikes, guns, and even knockout gas, Michael and Franklin's efforts wind up on television when a security guard is interviewed and repeats a quote from Michael, one Trevor instantly recognizes. Which heist was this?

Question 6

Which mission is this?

I don't know about you, but Grand Theft Auto's satirical humor with regards to politics always remains funny and seems to be an easy way to make us forget about how bad real-life American politics can get. Johnny Klebitz, the protagonist of the Grand Theft Auto IV DLC 'The Lost and Damned', learns this firsthand when he begins to work with Senator Thomas Stubbs III. Johnny's first job? Killing Thomas' uncle, who is arriving to Liberty City by air. What was this mission called?

Question 7

Which mission is this?

While Grand Theft Auto IV's main story with Niko focused on the American Dream for an immigrant, The Lost and Damned was more about the reality of the American dream for those who don't have a realistic chance at wealth; that and loyalty. Johnny begins the DLC as the interim leader of the Lost biker gang, but feuds with true leader Billy Grey about tactics and decisions. When Billy is arrested halfway through, the Lost is split up into two factions—Johnny's group and a faction led by Brian Jeremy, Billy's second-in-command. Which mission sees this divide happen?

Question 8

Which mission is this?

Believe it or not, The Ballad of Gay Tony DLC, the second and final of the Grand Theft Auto IV DLCs, also has commentary about the American Dream, although it comes in differing forms and is a bit more subdued with Luis Lopez. Many of the game's early missions have a similar premise—Luis needs to run an errand for Tony or the Ancelotti Family so they do not find a horse head in their bed. Do you remember this mission?

Question 9

Which mission is this?

Is Michael De Santa a bad father? This remains a common argument for many fans, a surprising chunk of which people believe he should have let Amanda take the children for good following her mid-game departure. Once everything is supposedly cleared up with the FIB and gang leader Martin Madrazo, Michael begins to bring his family back into the picture, culminating in a group therapy session where he and Amanda throw all of their issues out into the air and Michael threatens to kill her. Remember this mission?

Question 10

Which mission is this?

As I've said several times before, betrayal from friends and bosses is a common theme in the Grand Theft Auto series. While Catalina is technically the first character in the main series games to commit betrayal by shooting Claude in Grand Theft Auto III's intro, a paranoid Salvatore Leon is the first boss to turn on the silent hitman. Although Claude had done no wrong, Salvatore's wife did tell him that the two were a thing. Why? What was the mission where Claude ends the Leone Family don?

Question 11

Which mission is this?

Nine years earlier, though, Salvatore was far from a paranoid man. Granted, he still loved to plan ahead and take control where he could, but it wasn't until Carl Johnson betrayed HIM that Salvatore became a paranoid mess. After sending Carl on a hit to assassinate a Forelli group that was flying to Las Venturas, Salvatore comes up with the perfect idea to let the other families know Venturas is his, having Carl fly to Liberty City to all but destroy the Forelli family. What was this fan-favorite mission called?

Question 12

Which mission is this?

We saw the first mission of the Terrifying Trio that is Michael, Franklin, and Trevor in Three's Company, but this is when we really see what all three are capable of in combat. Doing more work for the FIB, the three are tasked with taking money from an armed truck and holding off the police. While this is admittedly a simple premise–after Trevor arrives in Los Santos, there are way too many bland mission ideas–this is noteworthy because we can use all three in a shootout. This mission was called...

Question 13

Which mission is this?

And while 'Blitz Play' angered fans for not having a reward, this Grand Theft Auto IV mission certainly did. In fact, the developers have even said that this mission helped inspire much of Grand Theft Auto V, and it's hard to blame them because this is arguably the game's best mission. Out of nowhere, Niko, Packie, his brother Derrick, and Irish goon Michael decide to rob a bank in Algonquin. Michael is shot, the group takes a million dollars, and then fights their way out through not only the streets, but the subway. You NEED to get this one right.

Question 14

Which mission is this?

Packie and Derrick aren't the only McRearys that Niko works with in Grand Theft Auto IV, as shortly into the game's second arc, corrupt cop Francis enters the picture. Liberty City's deputy commissioner–contrary to popular belief, he is NOT the LCPD's commissioner–Francis has Niko run several errands for him and, at one point, brings him into the talk in their office. Bringing a highly-wanted criminal who at least one officer might realize is a mistake, no? Which mission sees Niko and Frankie talk in the LCPD building?

Question 15

Which mission is this?

While we thankfully never see Niko dress up as a police officer, Michael and Trevor aren't spared from that. As one of their first missions that offer absolutely zero reward, the two serve as motorcops to pull over two trust fund kids that are competing in a sports car race with Franklin. Some love this mission for its racing, others hate it for having no reward and the sudden tone shift of being in a high-speed chase to being a cop. What was this mission called?

Question 16

Which mission is this?

We are headed back to Vice City and rather than engage in high-speed races, we are taken to the air for an aerial assault. This early game mission for Frank Lopez–please excuse us, Ricardo Diaz–sees Tommy and Lance partner up to eliminate some wannabe gangsters who are stationed on Prawn Island. Not only is this a nice change of pace from the boring drive, shoot, drive missions, but it also mixes air and ground combat. What mission was this called?

Question 17

Which mission is this?

Sticking with Vice CIty, Tommy is one of the few protagonists to make friends with celebrities as he hangs out with the Love Fist band. Although Tommy has nothing but distaste for their manager, Kent Paul, the crime lord takes a bit of a liking to the group but their fans are something else. In this mission, Tommy drives the group in their limo which is strapped with a bomb attached by a crazy fan while keeping the car going at a steady pace. What was this fan-favorite mission called?

Question 18

Which mission is this?

As I've said before, Grand Theft Auto V's story really takes a downturn after Trevor reaches Los Santos to start the game's second arc. There are some fun missions, sure, but the satisfying moments that we'd come to expect–and yes, this includes rewards after missions–are rarely present. When Trevor pitches a heist that involves Merryweather, a private security group that has seemingly come into conflict with him before, the gamer becomes excited until they have to do manual labor in a port. Remember this mission?

Question 19

Which mission is this?

Remember the good old days when missions featuring manual labor had a true payoff? Well, San Andreas not only had that, but it also had a storyline with actual twists, turns, and compelling moments. In this mission at the first arc's conclusion, the divided Grove Street Families come together at the Jefferson Motel to remind each other that they're in this for life and that there can be no slinging of drugs. Unfortunately, the cops and SWAT team show up, leaving Carl to go and rescue Sweet. What was this mission called?

Question 20

Which mission is this?

Alright, maybe that last entry was a bit too harsh about Grand Theft Auto V's storyline because there ARE some shocking plot moments. After all of the nonsense that the three characters have to go through with the FIB, Michael meets agent Dave Norton at the Kortz Center to bury the hatchet and end it. However, not only do Steve Haines and Andreas Sanchez show up, but the IAA, Sanchez' contingent of the FIB, and even MERRYWEATHER show up. One of the game's top missions for many fans was called...

Question 21

Which mission is this?

While San Andreas is the only game to this point with gang warfare in terms of turf control, The Lost and Damned also had a true gang rivalry with The Lost and the Angels of Death. We prefer the latter's name, but their rivalry is nothing to joke about during the story as Billy leads a dangerous war against the Angels, one that costs several members their lives and puts the police attention on the gang. Which early mission is this image from?

Question 22

Which mission is this?

Do you want to know why Grand Theft Auto IV's story is so beloved and revered? There was a human element that was unparalleled in the series, especially with the ability to make decisions regarding a certain character's fates. In this set of missions, Niko has to pick between rising-but-trying-to-go-legit Playboy X and his ex-mentor, Dwayne, who had asked Niko to take over a strip club that X had an investment in. One of several missions that make you choose between one character and another was called...

Question 23

Which mission is this?

Salvatore Leone wasn't the only ex-employer that Claude has to kill in Grand Theft Auto III, as the lisped Kenji Kasen, whose sister, Asuka, helped rescue the silent criminal from Salvatore's planned hit, is killed late in the story. Did he do anything to upset Claude? Maybe, but it's another one of those 'just business' things as businessman Donald Love, who realizes that the Yakuza and the Colombians are 'far from friends,' wants Claude to take a Colombian car and kill Kenji. What was this called?

Question 24

Which mission is this?

We talked earlier about the heist committed by Niko Bellic and the heists that the gang from Grand Theft Auto V performed. But what about the first one in the main series? Well, it was the first playable one because Claude, technically, is shot after a bank heist to open Grand Theft Auto III. Anyway, Tommy, alcoholic gunrunner Phil Cassidy, and some other thugs rob a bank for anywhere from 200,000 to 250,000 dollars. What was this fun, thrilling, and thankfully rewarding heist called?

Question 25

Which mission is this?

In the entire Grand Theft Auto series, I don't think there are more shocking missions than the one that properly introduces Trevor Phillips. Between him being introduced having graphic s*x with the Lost's Ashley Butler, Johnny Klebitz randomly showing up, Johnny Klebitz randomly being KILLED by Trevor stomping his skull in, and Trevor eliminating Clay and Terry, this was insane. In this scene, Trevor threatens Ortega, the Aztecas' leader and another rising drug lord. What was the first mission to feature Trevor since the prologue called?

Question 26

Which mission is this?

For as difficult as it can be, this Vice City mission is definitely a fan favorite, and that's not only for p*rn star Candy Suxxx's exposed breasts, mind you. Hoping to get the word about a new p*rno that includes Candy, Tommy takes a motorcycle and sets up spotlights around the city, all of which will flash the picture you see. It's certainly an interesting way to promote the film and, based on your income from the p*rn studio, it works. What was this mission called?

Question 27

Which mission is this?

From the city on the water and boats to a city that featured water and boats, Grand Theft Auto III's version of Liberty City seemingly has more boat-related missions than people remember. This late game mission for Donald Love doesn't have the explosiveness (no pun intended) of Kenji's assassination, but it does require precision and focus as Claude will have to pick up packages dropped from a plane. It's cute, it's clever, and it has a nice payday. Which mission was this?

Question 28

Which mission is this?

While we credit the Grand Theft Auto III writers for their creativeness in the Donald Love missions, how about the job that the Ballad of Gay Tony writers provided in a universe that was aimed at being more realistic? In the final mission for playboy Yusuf Amir, Luis has to take what is described as, "The price of the fleet. The a*sf*cking flagship of the LTA!" by Amir. That's certainly an interesting way of putting it and this was certainly an interesting mission. What was its name?

Question 29

Which mission is this?

When people talk about Grand Theft Auto V's story mode, even with its downfalls, this mission gets a lot of love. Despite so much of the momentum of the reveal that Michael set Trevor and Brad up, in essence getting the latter killed, being ruined by the points being discussed openly earlier in the story, that doesn't change how emotional this mission gets. In particular, the acting from Ned Luke and Steven Ogg sell this as brilliant. What mission was this?

Question 30

Which mission is this?

Now, here is an emotional mission done well. After everything that Luis does for the Ancelotti Family, including rescuing Gracie from Niko and Packie, he's finally delivered with a choice—kill Tony to avoid the wrath of the Russians or go to the ground with him. At first, you really think that Luis is considering it, but instead, he turns his gun to 'Uncle Vince' and shoots him. Within minutes, the club is filled with angry Russians trying to eliminate them both. What was this mission called?

Question 31

Which mission is this?

Back to Vice City and yet another emotional mission, although this is more heartwarming than anything because it shows how loyal Tommy can really be. Angry because Ricardo played a role in killing his brother, Lance goes after him and is tortured, leaving Tommy to arrive at the junkyard and rescue his partner in crime. For all of the bad that the two go through, especially later on, Tommy's willingness to risk his own life and break off the relationship with Ricardo to save Lance is awesome. This mission was titled...

Question 32

Which mission is this?

A mission from Vice City Stories is one thing, but Phil Collins? Yep, the legendary British artist and a fan of video games himself guest stars as himself in Vice City Stories and even puts on a concert where Victor Vance–yes, Lance's brother–has to keep him safe. For a game that gets easily forgotten, this mission earns a lot of love from the fans, especially with the background noise of Phil Collins singing. Which song was the mission named for?

Question 33

Which mission is this?

A classic mission for San Andreas gamers that is beloved by some and continues to irritate others, Carl and Ryder team up to do something for the Grove Street Families—steal guns. Rather than do it from somewhere like a police station or an Ammunation, Ryder thinks that they should rob a retired soldier who keeps antiques and a confederate flag from his war days. The two do it, the gang gets more guns, and all is well. Which mission was this?

Question 34

Which mission is this?

Do I need to brag about Grand Theft Auto IV's story again? No? Well, I'm planning on doing it anyway because the story's penultimate mission is brutally upsetting. At long last, Roman and Mallorie are going to get married and Niko has seemingly escaped the world of crime; either he's survived an ambush from Dmitri to kill his soldiers or he's taken care of Dmitri himself, so this should be a fun day until all goes wrong and someone dies. What was the wedding titled?

Question 35

Which mission is this?

And it's that crashed wedding that leads to the game's final mission, which has Niko, Little Jacob, and potentially Roman (if the Revenge option was taken) getting involved in a high-speed chase, fighting through an abandoned casino, chasing Dmitri or Jimmy Pegorino to Happiness Island, and taking care of business. This shot (no pun intended) comes from the likely-canon Revenge ending, where Niko hunts Jimmy down for killing Kate McReary. A fan favorite mission, this classic end to a classic game was titled...

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