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Does any actor have as odd of a career track as Arnold Schwarzenegger? The future governor of California was born in Austria, rising to fame as a body builder before immigrating to America in 1968. He continued on as a body builder, winning competition after competition without much rivalry before landing his first acting gig in the '70s. It was in the '80s, however, when Arnold skyrocketed to the status of action film icon. Then, in 2003, Arnold announced that he was running for Governor of California. However, after his two terms were up in 2011 the Governator returned to the world of Hollywood.

There's something about a Schwarzenegger movie that you just can't put your finger on. Whether it's an explosion-filled extravaganza or a goofy slapstick comedy, films with Arnold in them exhibit a certain type of charm that's hard to come by in the modern age of film. He's not a "good" actor by any means. But bless his heart, he tries. And he always looks like he's just so happy to be there!

This joy and charisma leaks onto the audience, as well- There's a reason that Arnold is such a beloved celebrity. But how well do you know his movies? Are you ready to take the ultimate test of fandom for the Governator? Can you match these Arnold Schwarzenegger pictures to the correct movie?

Question 1

This movie was perhaps Arnold's most famous comedic role.

Jingle All The Way

In 1996, Arnold Schwarzenegger embarked on what has to be one of his strangest roles to date. In this Christmas-themed movie he played Howard, a workaholic dad who wanted to go all out and get his son the perfect toy for the holidays. However, the toy his boy wanted in particular was completely sold out, forcing him to go on all sorts of crazy adventures to try and track one down. The message of this film (that of commercialism) was a fairly strange one for a holiday classic...

Question 2

This late '90s flick tried a more "gritty" approach to the actor's normal roles

End of Days

This film, made in 1999, was an attempt by Arnold to become a more serious action star. The previous films in the actor's repertoire were straight-up cheesy '80s action extravaganzas. In this movie, Arnold plays a former NYPD Detective as he gets wrapped up in a conflict as old as time itself; after saving a wealthy banker from assassination he discoverers that the target was actually at the center of a plot for the devil to conceive the Antichrist and bring about Revelations.

Question 3

This was Arnold's very first role.

Hercules in New York

Maybe it's a coincidence that the Governator's first role is also widely regarded as one of his worst. Completely new to the acting scene as well as still adjusting to life in America, Arnold was nearly incomprehensible in this film. It was so bad that the director even had to go back and add subtitles over all of his character's lines. Even Arnold himself regrets this one, saying that it is the only film in his career that he wouldn't want to do again.

Question 4

This 2015 flick was Arnold's first Zombie movie.


In 2015 Arnold Schwarzenegger shocked the world by showing us that finally, after almost forty years in the industry, he could be a good actor. In this film, Arnold plays a father looking for his daughter, who had voluntarily run away after getting bitten by a zombie. The film deals with a lot more serious and heavy topics that past Schwarzenegger vehicles; things like what it means to be human, responsibility, and fatherly love are all present in this emotional rollercoaster.

Question 5

This movie pitted Arnold vs his greatest enemy yet.


This is the quintessential Arnold Schwarzenegger film. Released in 1987, it starred the musclebound actor as macho military many Dutch as he led his group of elite warriors through the jungle on a rescue mission. However, the group encounters more than they expected when they stumble upon the site of a massacre...This was the movie that cemented Arnold as one of the action icons of the '80s as well as created one of the greatest action franchises of all time.

Question 6

This beloved sci-fi film got a reboot in 2012.

Total Recall

For years, this movie has been viewed as one of the greatest sci-fi films of the '90s. It had everything you could want in a film of the genre: a fleshed-out world, unique technology that could bend the laws of physics, a dystopian government, and interestingly-designed alien beings galore. As with most great films, a reboot/reimagining was released in 2012. Most people weren't entirely pleased with the shift in tone and many argued that it lacked the campy charm of the original in opting to go fo ra big-budget sci-fi feel.

Question 7

This mid-nineties film saw Arnold as a government operative.


In this film, Schwarzenegger played a U.S. Marshall tasked with protecting a key witness of an illegal arms deal. However, things go south when he realizes that one of his old friends is a mole; Arnold is then forced to fight his old allies as they come after the witness with a series of calculated attacks. Although the movie tried to be more of a "political thriller," it quickly reverted back into the Schwarzenegger style of machine gun shootouts and explosions.

Question 8

This was Arnold's first time playing his most recurrent and well-known role.


You all know what film this is. Seriously, it's Arnold's most recognizable role and the one that cemented him as an iconic action star. Plus, it launched a lucrative sci-fi action franchise that's still going to this day. Since this film's release, the character Schwarzenegger is playing has become a cultural icon not only of the '80s, but all of sci-fi. Though the franchise today has been the result of several reboots, TV shows, and sequels, this is the one that started it all.

Question 9

This was the Governator's second fray into the Swords and Sandals genre.

Red Sonja Arnold

What better of a role to play for a burly Austrian man than a fantasy world strongman? The future governor snagged this part in the mid-'80s, during the time period before he was typecast as an action star. Instead, this was the time when Schwarzenegger was seen as only being able to play musclebound characters that barely talked and could perform acts of great strength. Weirdly enough, this role required the actor to try and be something he hadn't before- Charismatic!

Question 10

This movie proved that even after eight years of retirement, the Governator still had it.


In 2014 Arnold Schwarzenegger showed the world that he was still a viable action star, even though he was close to pushing 70. Though it was far from a commercial success, this film was satisfying (if not a little bit ridiculous) to watch. Who didn't want to see a sixty-something lead a team of DEA officers against a bunch of drug lords? Well, if box office returns are any indicator, a lot of people. A lot of people didn't want to see it.

Question 11

One of the many Schwarzenegger family-friendly movies.

Kindergarten Cop

In this movie, Arnold stars as a tough as nails police detective who is forced to go undercover in a local school. This was one of the first movies in the actor's career to try and blend together his knack for comedy with his tough guy persona. This is hilariously portrayed by having Arnold responsible for a large group of kids; suddenly, the detective who has brought down drug dealers and hardened criminals finds out his true weakness- Dealing with young children.

Question 12

While Governor of California, Arnold took time out of his schedule to film a cameo for this movie.

Seven years ago, Arnold was at the tail-end of his career as Governor. In 2010, acting duty called once again: A fellow action star decided to start up a new franchise with a who's-who of the greatest stars of the '80s and '90s. As much as fans would have loved to have the Governator at center stage of a new action series, Arnold could only afford to take off for a short cameo. He appeared alongside fellow action stars Slyvester Stallone and Bruce Willis.

Question 13

This comedy starred Arnold and Danny Devito.


In this 1988 comedy, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito starred as long lost brothers. The movie played with the stereotypes about the actor by portraying him as the "intellectual" of the two while Devito was the "street smart" one. At first the two refuse to believe that they are related (for obvious reasons), but they eventually decide to hunt down their biological mother. Directed by Ivan Reitman, the film naturally was filled with off the wall situations and dry, DRY humor.

Question 14

Arnold's first and only fray into the world of Superheroes.

Mr. Freeze

Freeze well! This famous flop was known for effectively killing (or at least severely crippling) the superhero genre in 1995. It was the latest in a series of beloved films following a superhero that had been around since the 1930s. Although the series itself was able to recover almost a decade later, everyone universally remembers just how corny and over the top this film was and how it completely destroyed the reputation of its titular character. If you are one of those people that actually enjoys the film, then just tell everybody to "CHILL."

Question 15

This was the very first appearance of Schwarzenegger on film.

Pumping Iron

In 1977, Arnold got his first big break as the subject of this docudrama film. It did not include any explosions, slapstick, or machine guns. Instead, the focus of the movie was on the culture of those who engage in the bodybuilding industry. The primary "character" of the movie was Arnold himself, in particular his victories at his many Mr. Universe competitions. He is portrayed in a mostly positive light, and this is the movie that many argue sprung the Austrian to stardom.

Question 16

This is the most recent entry in the actor's beloved franchise.

Terminator Genysis

Is post-'94 Arnold Schwarzenegger a franchise-killer? All three of the latest entries have been financial and critical failures, but the pictured movie was the worst of them all. By far. Though the Governator himself was able to put on a decent performance, the rest of the cast was dry and uncharismatic. Seriously, Jai Courtney as one of the leads!? The parent company has stated that they wish to move forward with the series with or without everyone's favorite Austrian actor.

Question 17

Arnold's first big franchise role.

Conan The Barbarian

It's probably the least popular of Arnold's three big franchises, but this one was the one that was probably the most perfectly cast. Who else could play a giant brooding medieval swordsman than a musclebound Austrian with golden locks? These movies are ridiculously corny. They are poorly written with horrendously bad special effects and terrible acting. Yet, the action scenes are good and Arnold's casting alone makes them worth watching. It's one of those "It's so bad, it's good" situations.

Question 18

Arnold's biggest non-franchise role.


This is the Schwarzenegger film that shockingly didn't end up spawning a franchise or even a sequel! Released at the height of the actor's popularity, this was everything you could want from an Arnold movie; it stars the Austrian as an elite military fighter who gets betrayed by his old friends. They take his daughter captive, and Arnold must become a one man army (literally) to get her back. This is one of the better films on Schwarzenegger's resume, though it is crazy over the top with its action.

Question 19

This movie was one of the many collaborations between Arnold and James Cameron.

True Lies

This film was one of the few James Cameron movies to be classified as a "action comedy." The film focuses on Arnold's character, a spy for the U.S. Government who struggles more with balancing his work and family life than any daring mission. The climax included an epic fight between Schwarzenegger and a villain in a jet. Yes, it's just as awesome as it sounds. The lead actress from this movie went on to win a golden globe for her role.

Question 20

This was Arnold's first starring role after his term as Governor ended.

The Last Stand

After two terms as the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger took a three-year break from acting. Sure, he had a decent cameo in 2012's "The Expendables 2," but this was his first role as a leading man since 2003. People were afraid that the Governator would be a little rusty. Thankfully, the story was just as nonsensically action-packed and campy in all the right ways! It also helped that Arnold was joined by comedy superstar Johnny Knoxville in the role of the sidekick.

Question 21

This movie had arguably the craziest plot of any Schwarzenegger movie.


Where do we even begin on this one? This 1994 comedy saw Arnold reteam with Danny Devito and Ivan Reitman. However, the results were much less funny (and more painful) than their previous collaboration. This movie followed Arnold and Devito as they experimented with a new fertility drug. When their company threatens to shut them down, Arnold injects himself with their invention; this causes him to get pregnant. Yeah, you read that correctly. Despite bad reviews, Arnold received a Golden Globe nomination for this one.

Question 22

This is considered to be one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever made.

Terminator 2

After the massive success of the first Terminator film, MGM knew they had a franchise on their hands. This entry in the series is considered to be the best of them all on top of being one of the greatest action films of all time. Though it was a sequel, this movie brought back the elements we loved from previous entries while also changing things up enough to keep the franchise fresh. It also saw the return of previous characters in the series.

Question 23

This was the first movie in which Arnold and Stallone starred together as leads.

Escape Plan

Although it was panned by critics and only did so-so at the box office, the mere concept behind this movie was enough to make any action fan salivate. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone were the two biggest action stars of the '80s and '90s. However, they had never starred together in a movie! They appeared on screen together in the Expendables franchise, but those were mostly glorified cameos. In 2013 this film followed the two leads as legendary criminals locked in a high-tech prison.

Question 24

Made in 1989, this was a ridiculous science fiction movie starring the Governator.

Running Man

It may have aged poorly, but most Schwarzenegger fans have a soft spot for this entry in the actor's resume. It stars him as a dangerous criminal in the year 2017. In this "future" criminals are no longer put in prison; instead they are put on a television game show in which they must survive repeated assassination attempts from the world's greatest hitmen. The concept is crazy. The costumes were crazy. The overreactive acting was crazy. Yet, this movie still endures as one of those '80s classics.

Question 25

This 1993 movie was a parody of most of Arnold's previous films.

Last Action Hero

Released in the early '90s, this was the movie that everyone had been waiting for. It starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as an action movie hero that the main character was a huge fan of; the boy finally gets to meet his hero when a magic ticket sucks him into the universe of Arnold's film franchise. Despite the actor's straight-faced attitude throughout, this movie skewered the typical tropes of the typical Schwarzenegger film; within their universe the heroes are protected by something called "plot armor" and the villains are literally never able to win. It's a meta movie that still ranks among the favorites of Arnold's fans.

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