Can You Name These Lost Characters?

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There are few shows that had a larger impact than Lost. The show, which ran for six seasons on ABC, fundamentally changed the way audiences talked about television, and is in part responsible for the culture of recapping that exists today. Part of the reason Lost left such a large impact was because it created a memorable cast of characters that audiences instantly felt sympathetic towards. There were former rock stars, estranged spouses, and very pregnant women, and all of them were trapped on an island that was filled with unexplainable phenomena.

Whether or not you think Lost ultimately paid off on its initial promise, it's hard to deny the raw impact of the show on the world of pop culture. Having said that, it's been more than seven years since the show left TV screens, and even some of its die-hard fans may feel their memories of certain characters and story lines lapsing a bit. It's this very lapse that this quiz seeks to address. If you've got a keen memory for what happened on Lost, if you obsessed over every detail, this quiz should be no problem for you. If you were a casual fan, you might have more trouble. Either way, it's time to discover whether or not you can name these Lost characters.

Question 1

Which Lost Character Was a Founding Member of Drive Shaft?

Charlie Pace on Lost

This castaway was perhaps the most famous of the surviving members of Oceanic 815, although that's not saying much. He was a member of a one-hit wonder band during his life before the island, and eventually developed a crippling addiction to heroin as a result. On the island, he managed to kick his addiction, and fell in love with a super pregnant woman named Claire. Although he didn't survive to the show's end, the island's resident rock star certainly made an impressive.

Question 2

Which Lost Character Blew Up Her Father?

Kate Austin on Lost

Although many of Lost's central characters had violent pasts, perhaps none could top this felon, who was on the run prior the to arriving on the island. Although she didn't know it was her father, this character staged a gas leak and blew up the abusive drunk. She was eventually captured in Australia, which explains how she ended up on a plane that departed from that airport. Although she was a hardened criminal, she also proved to play an important role in the story the show told about redemption and family.

Question 3

Which Lost Character Claims He Was Born on the Island?

Ben Linus on Lost

Although this isn't the case, this Lost character claims to have lived his entire island on the show's central island, and was originally introduced under the pseudonym Henry Gale. Although he's eventually revealed to be a member of The Others, the island's original inhabitants, the castaways don't manage to kill him before he escapes. Always thinking four steps ahead, this character has a way of manipulating those around him, and also manages to get his adopted daughter killed along the way.

Question 4

Which Lost Character Was Stuck in a Wheelchair?

John Locke on Lost

Although he can walk on the island, this Lost character was stuck in a wheelchair before the plane crashed because his father pushed him through a window. This character is undoubtedly a man of faith, and always believed that all of the show's central characters had been brought to the island for a reason. Although he doesn't make it to the very end of the show, his legacy lives on, in part because he was mostly right about that whole destiny thing.

Question 5

Which Lost Character Won the Lottery?

Hurley on Lost

Even though he believes that he's cursed, this Lost character was actually really well off before he arrived on the island. Having won a mega jackpot after playing some special numbers in the lottery, this character believes that the money is cursed. On the island, he proves to be a useful leader because of his innate ability to raise people's spirits. He ultimately becomes the leader of the island at the show's conclusion, and presumably treats its inhabitants as kindly as he treats everyone else.

Question 6

Which Lost Character Served in the Iraqi Army?

Sayid Jarrah on Lost

A supremely skilled torturer, this character has a fair share of darkness in his past that still haunts him. In his previous life, he was an intelligence officer for the Republican Guard, although he tries to turn over a new leaf with his life on the island. He eventually ends up working for the Man in Black, he ultimately redeems himself with a moment of heroic sacrifice. He was a better man than anyone gave him credit for. All he needed was someone who believed in him.

Question 7

Which Lost Character Was a Fertility Specialist?

Juliet Burke in Lost

On an island where women can't get pregnant, this doctor was recruited by the Others to make miracles happen. Although she never fully succeeds, she ultimately becomes trapped on the island. This story isn't a complete tragedy, though. She does manage to fall in love with a dashing con man, and the pair live happily in the 1970s until outside forces ruin everything. This spunky doctor proved pivotal for Lost, and may have caused the infamous incident that led to Oceanic 815's crash.

Question 8

Which Lost Character Lost his Son at Least Three Different Times?

Michael Dawson in Lost

This Lost character was the most driven to get off the island, and actually built a raft to that end. Although he didn't spend much time with his son in the real world, the pair quickly bonded during their time on the island. Although the raft thing doesn't totally work out, both he and his boy eventually escape the island, but that's not the last we see of this artist/construction worker. He returns during the show's fourth season, and ultimately sacrifices himself during a boat explosion.

Question 9

Which Lost Character is the Daughter of a Gangster?

Sun-Hwa Kim Lost

This Lost character grew up wealthy, only to find herself falling in love with a fisherman's son. The pair of star-crossed lovers had a rough marriage off the island, largely due to the influence of her gangster father. Eventually, she began cheating on her husband, and finds that she's pregnant on the island. She was planning to leave her husband before they arrive, and had been learning English in secret. They manage to reconcile on the island, and die holding one another's hands.

Question 10

Which Lost Character Used to be a Cop?

Ana Lucia in Lost

This Lost character became the de facto leader of the tail section of the plane, which landed on the opposite of the island after the crash. Unlike the main castaways, this group was terrorized by the Others, and lacked many of the resources the other end of the plane got. In her former life, she was a police officer who was shot down while on duty, and lost her child as a result. She eventually kills the man who shot her, and goes into hiding as a result.

Question 11

Which Lost Character is a Con Man With a Heart of Gold?

James Ford in Lost

This Lost character got pretty good at conning people out of money before he landed on the island. While he managed to use that skill during his time among the castaways, he also became a surprisingly strong leader as the series progressed. He's one of the few characters who made it off the island at the end of the series, but that doesn't mean he wasn't changed by his time there. Perhaps more than any other character, this con man became a whole new person over the course of the show's six seasons.

Question 12

Which Lost Character Ran a Race Around the World?

Desmond Hume in Lost

This character is one half of an epic romance that spanned decades and inter-dimensional travel. He arrived on the island in a boat during a race around the world, and was introduced to the castaways as the guy who pushed the button in the hatch before any of them arrived. Although he eventually leaves the island to find his long lost love, he gets a chance to do some time travelling before he leaves. The island won't seem to leave him alone, as hard as he tries to get away from it.

Question 13

Which Lost Character Doesn't Seem to Age?

Richard Alpert in Lost

This Lost character is shown in both the present and in flashbacks looking exactly the same, and it's not entirely clear why that is. We eventually learn that he came to the island on a slave ship called The Black Rock, and met with the island deity Jacob, who granted him eternal life. This character has been a go-between for Jacob with the island's inhabitants since that time, but seems to have suffered enough by the time the show's present day rolls around.

Question 14

Which Lost Character Was Very Pregnant When She Arrived on the Island?

Claire Littleton in Lost

Flying in the third trimester is usually not advised, but this Lost character's doctor made an exception so that she could give her baby up for adoption. Although she wasn't planning to raise the baby, she was encouraged by a psychic to keep it. In the show's first season, she was kidnapped and returned to the castaways with a severe case of amnesia. Although she survived the entire series, she also disappeared for over a season and abandoned her child, only to reunite with him after the show concluded.

Question 15

Which Lost Character Was a Drug Dealer Turned Holy Man?

Mr Eko in Lost

Despite leading a life of crime in Nigeria before he arrived on the island, this Lost character led a life of strident faith during his time on the island. Although he was initially mistaken for a priest while running drugs out of the country, this character eventually adopted the persona, even as he continued to commit occasionally brutal acts. During his time on the island, he proves his lethality, even as he discovers that the plane he planned to fly drugs on had actually crashed on the island.

Question 16

Which Lost Character Used to be the Leader of the Others?

Charles Widmore in Lost

This Lost character was kicked off of the island after conceiving a child with a mainlander, but swore that he would one day return to claim what was rightfully his. In fact, he eventually hired a boat full of people whose sole purpose was to find the island. He eventually does return, but is quickly shot by Ben Linus. Although his role in the show may seem small in terms of screen time, he's a pivotal character, one who also set Locke on the course of getting Jack and the rest of the people who left the island to come back.

Question 17

Which Lost Character is Definitely a Genius?

Daniel Faraday in Lost

This Lost character was the scientist in charge of navigating the freighter to the island, and was almost definitely a genius. Although he's ultimately shot and killed by his own mother, he sets events into motion before his death that ultimately lead to the incident at the heart of the show's fifth season. One of the show's ultimate tragedies, this character loses almost everyone he loves, and eventually suffers from brain damage as a result of experiments he conducted that moved people's brains back and forth in time.

Question 18

Which Lost Character Was an Enforcer?

Jin-Soo Kwon in Lost

This Lost character married into a life of crime, and perpetuated that criminal enterprise in order to keep his marriage intact. Unfortunately, the stress and horror of this job ultimately led to an unraveling of his marriage, and it was only after he escaped from his father-in-law's influence that his life measurably improved. Although he's initially cold and distant with his wife on the island, we eventually come to understand just how kind the man really is, and how hardened he had become by his life of crime.

Question 19

Which Lost Character Had Cancer?

Rose Nadler in Lost

The island has special healing properties, which explains John Locke's ability to walk while he's there, but it also explains why this character, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, no longer has it on the island. Part of a couple that was separated on the island, she's eventually reunited with her partner, and the pair live out the remainder of their days on the island in relative peace. They keep out of the drama of the day, which is probably for the best, all things considered.

Question 20

Which Lost Character Was an Actress Turned Jewel Thief?

Nikki Fernandez in Lost

This Lost character was widely despised by fans, so much so that she was unceremoniously killed off along with her partner in the show's third season. Before she was on the island, she conspired to kill her rich benefactor and steal his precious jewels. This character searched for the jewels obsessively during her time on the island, and proved to be incredibly annoying while she did it. Although she wasn't a character for long, she inflicted more than her fair share of damage on audiences.

Question 21

Which Lost Character Kidnapped Claire?

Ethan Rom in Lost

Although he seemed to be one of the castaways, this Lost character was quickly revealed to be a plant sent by the Others. In other words, he wasn't on the plane. Although he doesn't make it through the first season alive, he does pop up several times in flashbacks after his death. He's also the man responsible for kidnapping Claire, and he manages to kill a few of the castaways before he meets his own demise. He also gets a couple of epic fights in.

Question 22

Which Lost Character Lived Alone on the Island for 16 Years?

Danielle Rousseau in Lost

During the show's very first episode, the castaways hear a transmission from this character, who's been stranded on the island for 16 years. She explains that some disease killed off the rest of her crew, and we eventually learn that her child was taken from her at a young age by the Others. As a result, her introduction suggests that she's more than a little bit deranged, and it doesn't come as an enormous surprise that she tortures Sayid when she first meets him.

Question 23

Which Lost Character Ran a Bridal Company?

Boone Carlyle on Lost

This Lost character didn't make it past the show's first season, but he made quite an impression during his time on the island. Despite a tumultuous relationship with his sister, he became a much more spiritual person during his time on the island, thanks in large part to the influence of John Locke. In the end, he died when the plane he was in fell from its perch, but not before an entire episode was spent trying to save him.

Question 24

Which Lost Character Was Supposed to be Flying Oceanic 815?

Frank Lapidus in Lost

Although he overslept and missed the flight, the island eventually got him anyway. This pilot flew the helicopter that shepherded people from the freighter to the island during the show's fourth season, and he eventually returned as the pilot of Ajira 316. Although he didn't factor into the overarching story too significantly, he always managed to provide wry commentary about what was unfolding on the show. At times, it seemed like he was the only character who understood how weird everything was.

Question 25

Which Lost Character Lives in the Foot of a Statue?

Jacob on Lost

This Lost character has lived on the island for a long time, and he's been at war for almost that entire time. Although he initially seems to possess some magnificent power and knowledge, we come to understand that he's more human than he initially seems. He brings the castaways to the island in the hopes of finding someone to replace him, and he ultimately succeeds, even if he dies in the process. He may be a deity, but even he isn't immune from death.

Question 26

Which Lost Character Falls in Love with Sayid?

Shannon Rutherford on Lost

This Lost character loses her stepbrother and is ultimately shot to death, but not before falling in love with Sayid. The pair share a romance that is founded in part on her ability to speak French. Off the island, we see that she's engaged in scams designed to con her stepbrother into giving her money. Their relationship gets more complicated when we realize that they might share romantic feelings for one another, ones that they acted on shortly before getting on the plane.

Question 27

Which Lost Character Left the Island as a Young Girl?

Charlotte Lewis on Lost

Although she returned many years later, this Lost character was actually born on the island, and spent her entire adult life looking for clues as to where she was born. Her long history with the island actually turned out to be a curse, as it led to her death during the show's fifth season. Before she died, she did manage to strike up a romantic relationship with Daniel Faraday, although it was ultimately doomed for a plethora of tragic reasons.

Question 28

Which Lost Character Liked to Wear a Fake Beard?

Tom Friendly in Lost

Although we eventually learn that Ben is the leader of the Others, it initially seems like it's this character. He's never a main player on the show, but we learn about his work as a soldier of the Others until his death during the season three finale. Part of his disguise as the Others' leader comes from his fake beard, which he wears several times, and contributes to the disheveled appearance that the Others like to put on when they know they're being seen. This character also takes Walt from the raft.

Question 29

Which Lost Character Never Set Foot on the Island?

Penny Widmore on Lost

Although she's a pivotal enough character to appear in several seasons, this character never actually set foot on the island that was the center of the whole show. The daughter of a powerful former leader of the island, she fell in love with the man who would one day push the button down in the hatch. Although it took years for the pair to find one another, they never gave up, and eventually had a son off the island, and decided to name him Charlie.

Question 30

Which Lost Character Talks to Dead Bodies?

Miles Straume on Lost

Though there are technically two characters on Lost who speak with the dead, this character can hear the thoughts of those who have recently died. He was also born on the island, and left at a young age. He arrived on the freighter during the show's fourth season, and remained stranded on the island, eventually becoming Sawyer's second in command at the Dharma Initiative. He makes it off of the island during the show's series finale, thanks in part to the power of duct tape.

Question 31

Which Lost Character Comes to the Island in a Coffin?

Christian Shepherd in Lost

This Lost character is only ever a corpse during his time on the island, which makes sense. After all, he was being taken back to Los Angeles for his own funeral after his son found him dead in Australia. While he was alive, he had a fairly substantial drinking problem, one that led to a run in with Sawyer at an Australian bar. Although he was never able to fix things with his son while they were alive, they ultimately do come to an understanding during the show's series finale.

Question 32

Which Lost Character Was Once in a Mental Hospital With Hurley?

Libby Smith in Lost

This Lost character arrived on the island as part of the tail section, and ultimately entered into a romance with Hurley. Before her time on the island, she was a clinical psychiatrist. At some point, she was also inside a mental hospital with Hurley, although we never learn exactly why. Her life is eventually cut short when she goes to the hatch to pick up some blankets, and walks in on a murder in progress that she becomes a victim of.

Question 33

Which Lost Character Was Told He Was Special?

Walt on Lost

This Lost character had a complicated relationship with his father, who was also stranded on the island. Although he plays an important role in Lost's first season, he disappears for much of the second after he's taken by the Others. When he finally reunites with his father, the pair of them leave the island, and he never returns. We see him several times when other characters leave the island, and we're told throughout the show's run that he has special abilities that make him different than other kids.

Question 34

Which Lost Character Appears in All of the Dharma Orientation Videos?

Pierre Chang in Lost

This Lost character uses a variety of pseudonyms including Marvin Candle and Edgar Halliwax, and provides the narration for the Orientation films for each Dharma Initiative station. Although we don't meet him in person until the show's fifth season, we come to understand that he was one of the leaders of the Dharma Initiative, and was also the father of another one of the show's central characters. We don't spend much time with him, he proves himself to be one of the good guys during the season five finale.

Question 35

Which Lost Character Opens His Eye in the Show's First Image?

Jack Shepherd on Lost

This Lost character is our way into the world of the island. He becomes the de facto leader of the castaways after he rescues many of them in the aftermath of the plane crash. Throughout his time on the show, he changes from a man of science to a man of faith, and manages to perform quite a few surgeries. We learn about his complicated relationship to his father and his ex-wife, even as we see how the island has made him a better man.

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