Can You Name These Kids TV Shows Every Parent Is Forced To Watch?


For parents of toddlers, it can seem like their days are similar to cruise ship itinerary leaders that need to have a constant schedule and activity planned for every second of the day. From Mommy and Me classes to scheduled playdates, sometimes the life of a toddler just doesn't seem to stop. The infant phase was absolutely adorable for your little one but the days of bottle feeding and two-hour naps have started to be a thing of the past. The life of a toddler is much more active and they require a constant flow of stimulation to help develop their minds and encourage creativity.

While most parents try to limit their toddler's interaction with television, it's inevitable that their child will watch some kid-appropriate programming. Whether it's an educational show that you don't mind putting on for them or just a quick show to keep them entertained while you jump in the shower, it’s inevitable your child has seen an animated show or two. There are some television shows that are parent-approved and a staple in anyone's household. Yet, television has changed drastically for children over the years and there are some characters that simply aren't available (or appropriate) for a toddler's growing mind. From the dearly departed Mister Rogers' Neighborhood being practically impossible to find to some of those Bugs Bunny cartoons that aren't exactly the best thing to mold a young mind, there are new staples for what today's children are watching. Whether you're a parent of a toddler or just remember those days (and theme songs) without any trouble, check out our quiz on the toddler television shows every parent is forced to watch and see if you can match these characters to their shows.

Question 1

Train cartoon

While trains aren't always a characteristically female theme, this particular show seems to be beloved by both boys and girls. There are male and female trains and bright colors to keep toddlers entertained. There are often life lessons to be learned with each episode and the catchy theme song encourages kids to sing along. This is a song that has been driven into the brains of millions of parents and it's often led to the purchase of a train table or two. For kids into Hot Wheels and race tracks, this show offered a great alternative to get them into their love of trains. Many of the coordinated themed-toys offer wood options, which is better since parents worry about plastic ones going into their toddler’s mouths. What is the name of this show?

Question 2

Bald kid

This show features a 4-year-old boy, while he learns about new things all around him. From learning how to ride a bike to meeting people from different walks of life, there are usually life lessons to be learned with each episode. The little boy has often caught some flack for being bald and for having a strange name but that hasn't been the biggest criticism for the series. Some of the earlier episodes showed the boy misbehaving at times and there have been some parents that felt that the show was teaching young viewers that it was acceptable to throw temper tantrums. Over the years, the show changed a bit to show a much less bratty version of the boy but it's still not a favorite among some parents. What is the name of this show?

Question 3

Field trips

This is one of those shows that will probably never be forgotten and will find its way onto a kids' network no matter how long it has been since its original release. The show is meant to give kids a better understanding of various things and is often used in school settings as well. While toddlers aren't able to grasp some of the more complex ideas expressed in the series, parents often feel better about putting an episode of this show on rather than some of the others. The transformative elements of the series help to encourage imagination and creativity and the themes that are discussed are very educational. What is the name of this educational and informative kids' animated series that you have undoubtedly had to sit through with your child?

Question 4

School friends

This television series is based off a popular book series, featuring a main character that is an 8-year-old aardvark. All of his friends are other various animals but they are child-like characters that go to school and interact in various ways. While shows like The Lion Guard has its place in the minds of children, seeing these other types of animal characters is a great way to teach kids about interacting in social groups. The main character is a tad older but that doesn't seem to matter when it comes to the themes that are discovered in each episode and the colorful characters. Kids all seem to have their favorite characters in the show and there are some great teachable moments for toddlers. What is the name of this show?

Question 5

Mouse house

There has been a version of this show on television for decades but this particular show released its first episode in 2006. It's perfect for both girls and boys and offers some favorite Disney characters that every toddler will come to know and love. While everyone seems to love the main character, even the characters like Donald Duck and Pluto have garnered a huge fan base. While there are those that criticize the series for hooking toddlers at a young age to badger parents to take them to Disney World, others just think of it as a part of everyone's childhood. The bright colors and catchy theme song are a great addition to the problem-solving skills addressed in the show. What is the name of this show?

Question 6

Neighborhood show

This is one of the few shows on television that have passed from one generation to the next and is still just as popular as it was when the baby boomers were having children. There have been a number of changes the series has gone through over the years but the core characters are still the same. Everyone remembers Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, as well as Cookie Monster and Snuffleupagus. New characters like Elmo have been added but the real draw to the series has been the lessons of the day, which typically highlight recognizing numbers and letters. This is a show that has undoubtedly made its way on your television if you have a toddler you needed to entertain for a bit. What is the name of this show?

Question 7

Musical adventures

This series was released in 2005 and taps into parents that believe that classical music is helpful in developing the brain. The series focuses on a group of young kids that go on adventures in their magic rocket ship. There is always a piece of classical music and renowned work of art or artist that is featured in each episode. Toddlers are able to listen to the music and learn more about the arts while watching a colorful and exciting show. There are a number of moments in each episode where kids are encouraged to interact with the series, whether it's singing along or tapping for a blast off. Every kid seems to have their own favorite character and is suitable for young toddlers. What is the name of this show?

Question 8

Funny monkey

There are some characters that never seem to be forgotten and continue to entertain kids, regardless of how much times has passed. In this case, the main character is not an actual child but he does need to learn new things. Oftentimes, the episodes of the series helps to teach this character a variety of things and explains it in a way that toddlers can really learn through what the main character is doing wrong. It promotes problem-solving skills but in a way where the child just thinks it's watching a fun animated show. The character has become so popular that it's spawned a number of films and, of course, the hugely popular book series. What is the name of this beloved show with the man with the yellow hat?

Question 9

Country family

This is another show that has a hugely popular book series. Audiences have loved watching the characters come to life in the television show and the themes that it has addressed are a tad bit older. Oftentimes, things like cheating on a test or pretending to be sick in order to get out of school are the themes of each episode. While this isn't relative to small toddlers, it is a show that has often made its way on the television. Toddlers love to think of a family of animals that all talk and dress up and the sibling dynamic is a great learning tool as well. With the family having both a girl and a boy, it's fun for everyone to watch and no one squabbles that it's only for girls. What is the name of this show?

Question 10


While there are other animated shows that focus on animal characters going to their own school settings, this show is a bit different. Instead of just having the animals wear clothes and act like they are human children, this show deals in woodland features and outdoor activities. The main character offers a great way to reach out to kids that may not be completely perfect at everything. The show offers ways to be encouraging in difficult situations and problem solving. Parents often feel good about letting their toddlers watch this show because it has kid-friendly themes that will help with real-life situations. The series also has a hugely popular book series to coincide with the captivating characters. What is the name of this nature-based animated television show?

Question 11

Tigger and the entire gang

This is another show that has spawned a series of books, toys, games, and films that have been featured at the movie theater. This beloved character will never go out of style and the episodes are never disappointing. Toddlers love to see the way these characters interact with one another, whether it's the cranky Mr. Rabbit or the sad Eeyore. Yet, there are others that just focus on the main character and his obsession with honey. Although Christopher Robin is a young boy, the show isn't only geared towards boys. The animal characters resonate with all children and parents don't feel bad about putting on one of these episodes now and again. What is the name of this show that focuses on the Hundred Acre Wood?

Question 12


Oftentimes, one of the first interests for children involves space exploration. From the glow-in-the-dark stars on their ceiling to pointing out the moon, this show taps into a child's imagination about space. The main characters are three little aliens, discovering what it is to live life on Earth. It is perfect for young minds and offers teachable moments in a fun and interesting setting. The aliens are only three inches tall, so it's not intimidating to young viewers. There is also a bit of a Toy Story theme due to the setting and kids seem to really enjoy thinking that their toys are having their own experiences. With the bright colors and interesting characters, this is the perfect show for toddlers. What is the name of this show?

Question 13

Cartoon and non-animated together

This is a show that is no longer producing new episodes but the reruns are played continuously on various children's networks. It originally ran for six seasons and underwent a number of changes. The premise started off as an animated dog interacting with a real-life person. The mix between animated and non-animated characters is interesting to children and each episode helped to enhance problem solving and listening skills. There were some changes to characters over the years but the original premise and blue dog remained the same. The popularity of the series actually made the main character, Steve Burns, in an interesting situation because he didn't want to be on the series for quite so long. He was on it for seven years before training his replacement. What is the name of this show?

Question 14


Unlike other animated television series that come from former Disney films, this show doesn't have the exact same characters. Instead, it offers some of the same characters but with a plethora of new ones that kids can relate to. There is a good mix of both boy and girl characters and the spirit of the show revolves around adventure and exploration. There are usually some great teachable moments in each episode but the overall theme revolves around friendship, working as a team and problem solving. Kids are encouraged to be kind and compassionate while sharing and interacting with one another. This is a great show for both girls and boys in the toddler stage and perfect for those with siblings of a different gender. What is the name of this show?

Question 15

Connected to app

This show features four animal characters going on adventures and learning new things. The characters all have their own unique qualities so kids will often get to pick their own favorite. Hatty, the hamster, is the main character to pose questions throughout each episode but kids love the blue panda, yellow chick and beagle. The series promotes listening skills and problem solving in a way that seems like a game. The show even asks the audience to participate so that kids feel like they are interacting with their favorite characters. There is even an app that coordinates with each episode so that kids can truly play along. With the interactive abilities and beloved characters, there's no surprise that this show has become a huge favorite with toddlers. What is the name of this show?

Question 16

Mermaids and mermen

With the success of other animated films about mermaids and sea life, it shouldn't be surprising that a children's television show would try and tap in on that interest. The series was first released in 2011 but became hugely popular with young kids and reruns continue to air. The premise revolves around a group of young mer-kids, which is great for catering towards both girls and boys. The setting is like a school and their teacher is a large goldfish. There are animal characters that are also in the show, which only broadens the demographic. There are lessons learned in each episode and often a song and dance number that really gets kids going. Parents know that if they need a show to keep the kids enthralled, this is it. What is the name of the show?

Question 17

Team Umizoomi

While there are so many children's shows that focus on reading and learning letters, there aren't many that put the focus on math skills. Yet, parents think of this as an important part of learning, especially at a young age. The characters in this show are called out for help by real kids that are shown in this animated series. The characters set off on their journey and pose questions to the audience about how to solve each problem. It's always set in a fun way that gets kids interested in learning about shapes and numbers. It is very interactive and there are a number of catchy songs that help keep the kids entertained while watching it. What is the name of this animated show focused on math skills?

Question 18

Animals on wheels

This show was part of the Playhouse Disney segment on kids' programming networks and ran in reruns until 2016. While the show can still be seen in some places, the popularity of it during its four season run makes it completely solidified in the minds of children and parents alike. The premise of the show revolved around a group of animals living together in harmony, even though they had their own homes and settings. While the characters were all animals, they were shaped somewhat like vehicles. They all had wheels for feet and they zipped around on roads around the neighborhood to interact with each other in various ways. The series focused on helping one another and problem solving, as well as being compassionate towards others. What is the name of this show?

Question 19

Hiding friend

Not all animated shows are created equally and sometimes parents tend to look at the developmental elements the child sees. Just like how vertical lines and black and white patterns can be stimulating in babies, the same can be said about bold colors and patterns in young toddlers. This show has a lot of patterns in its programming and uses 3D CGI with cel-shading to produce each episode. The rounded shapes and bold outlines to the characters can be extremely interesting to toddlers and the storyline is easy to follow. The main character loves to hide and the side characters are just as entertaining. While the series originally ran from 2003 to 2006, the reruns are hugely popular on Qubo. What is the name of this show?

Question 20

Bug Show

There are a number of animated shows that focus on animals as the main characters. Yet, this one features bugs as the main characters. It's a great way to talk about how everyone is different and that not all families are made from people that all look alike. The mother and father of the main family has children from different families and they celebrate their differences. While parents feel good about putting a show on that teaches kids about compassion and celebrating differences, toddlers seem to enjoy it because of the bright colors and the funny segments featuring different bugs. From the ladybugs to the bed bugs, there are usually funny segments that involve music and lots of movement. What is the name of this bug-themed series?

Question 21

Crime fighters

There's no real guideline of when a child will hit the superhero stage in their likes but it's almost inevitable that a child will one day try and make some sort of cape and claim that they have superpowers. This series focuses on a group of young kids doing exactly that but on an upgraded scale. While toddlers may not be ready for characters like The Dark Knight and The Joker, this is a great way to have them see a superhero like series without all of the darkness of dead parents and havoc and chaos. This is a show that has a lot of action but still teaches lessons about teamwork and friendship. What is the name of this show that really focuses on superheroes?

Question 22

Super animals

This series has been thought of as a favorite by parents because of its focus on helping others and working as a team. The setting starts out as a school classroom and the main characters are actually part of the class as mascots of sort. It's interesting to think of these little guys having an adventurous life when the kids are released at the bell and it has resonated with toddlers. The theme song is super catchy and kids love to sing along and the way the animation is shot makes it look more like a hybrid of non-animated and animated elements. The characters think of themselves as superhero-like in the way they always seek others to help. What is the name of this show?

Question 23

Little cub

There have been a number of animated television shows that have spawned from a popular Disney film but not all of them have been successful with young fans. While an Aladdin series may have seemed like a great idea after the success of the Disney motion picture, it didn't have a cast of characters that truly garnered a fan base that could stand the test of time. Yet, hopes are high for this particular show. The film was hugely popular and featured a number of memorable characters and songs that toddlers can't seem to get enough of. This series focuses on the first film from its franchise, even though there have been sequels that went straight to video. What is the name of this animated series that focuses on Simba protecting the Pride Lands?

Question 24

Animal friends

While the world no longer has Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, this is an off-shoot of that series that features an imaginary environment. The characters are animals and are drawn in a way to cater towards preschool-aged children. Toddlers love the bright colors and often get to see their favorite animal amongst the characters in the cast. The themes that the show addresses are similar to what Mister Rogers' Neighborhood would address. This is a great show for parents with nostalgic memories of their own childhood shows. The interesting part of this series is that some of the backgrounds are actually similar to the background sets that were used in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. What is the name of this bright animated series dedicated to entertaining small toddlers?

Question 25

Spelling adventures

While watching television isn't exactly the most educational thing for a child, there are some shows that seem less harmful than others. This show focuses on learning how to read and sounding out different letters. With parents trying to teach their kids how to read at the infant stage, this is usually right up everyone's alley for toddlers. The characters get toddlers excited about learning to read by making it seem like a superpower. There are both girl and boy main characters, which helps it to resonate with a wide audience. The show even has apps that feature the same sort of reading activities that are featured in the show. What is the name of this television show that tries to get children excited about reading?

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