Can You Name These Disney Movies Just By Seeing The Sidekick?

Everybody loves Disney. From the Jungle Book to Aladdin, from The Little Mermaid to Mulan, we all grew up with a favorite Disney movie. You might have loved the princess stories, had a soft spot for the animal films (Oliver & Company was seriously the best) or loved the full-scale adventures like The Lion King. While some recent Disney movies might be off your radar, most serious Disney fans still go see the latest releases. Who cares if you're an adult? You were as excited about Moana as kids were!

If your love of Disney reaches far, then you should have no trouble getting a perfect score on this quiz. Most Disney fans could name a movie based on the title character any day, but what about the sidekicks? It takes a whole new level of Disney love to master this Disney sidekick quiz. If you know Disney like nobody else, then you'll have no trouble acing this challenge. But, what if it's been too long since you watched your favorite Disney movies? Disney fan wannabes beware: this quiz is only for the best of the best.

Only a serious Disney fan can recognize all of these sidekicks. Can you?

Question 1

Which Disney movie is Venellope from?

If you were born in the 90s or earlier, you might have a hard time getting this Disney quiz question right. Disney switched over to all computer animated films right around Tangled, and this Disney movie is one of those later additions. If you've seen this movie, however, you should have no trouble recognizing Venellope, since she's the unexpected sidekick in this fun Disney movie about video game characters and the worlds they live in. Can you guess it?

Question 2

Which Disney movie is Timon from?

Everybody's seen this Disney movie. In fact, as far as Disney sidekicks go, few are as famous as Timon and his warthog friend, Pumbaa. Timon believes in Hakuna Matata, a problem-free philosophy that means no worries for the rest of your days. He befriends a scared orphan lion in the jungle, and the rest is history. Any Disney fan should recognize Timon and be able to name his movie in a flash. Can you? What movie is Timon from?

Question 3

Which Disney movie is Terk from?

It's not in every Disney movie that the lead character has a gorilla for an older sister, but that's exactly who Terk is. While she can be a bit bossy (and she declares that her younger sibling is "freaky looking" when she first meets them), she's a lot of fun, and she'll always have the lead character's back. You shouldn't have any trouble recognizing this Disney sidekick since just about everyone knows this Disney classic. Can you place this Disney movie?

Question 4

Which Disney movie is Dopey from?

If you don't recognize Dopey, then you're not much of a Disney fan! Everyone, all around the world, knows this Disney movie, and Dopey is one of the most beloved characters from the movie. In fact, when this Disney movie first came out, fans loved Dopey so much, they wanted another Disney movie just like the first. Walt Disney was too original to make more of the same, but you can see the influence of Dopey in the next film Walt Disney made.

Question 5

Which Disney movie is Sebastian from?

If you were a fan of Disney princess movies as a kid, then you should have no trouble recognizing Sebastian. He's a crab who lives under the sea, and he likes it there. He even sings a song about how lucky fish are to be in the ocean where they're safe and happy, and far from the plates of human beings. He's the sidekick of a beloved Disney princess who just wants to be where the people are. Can you name his movie?

Question 6

Which Disney movie is Rex from?

This green plastic dinosaur is everybody's favorite. Well, one of their favorites. There are a lot of characters to love in this Pixar movie (and its sequels), but Rex the dinosaur is one of the cutest. He has useless little plastic arms, a fear of change, and a big heart. In short, he's the exact opposite of the T-Rex cliche. He's voiced by the same actor as Vizzini from The Princess Bride, and he can't get much cuter. What's his movie?

Question 7

Which Disney movie is Meeko from?

This trash panda loves biscuits. He's never had them before (not like this, anyway) until a mysterious ships arrives near his homeland, and a man named John has a bunch of them. Meeko wastes no time stuffing his face with them. Like all raccoons, he likes food, and he likes to steal. When he isn't foraging for food, he's being a good sidekick and animal buddy of the title character in this Disney film. Do you know which one?

Question 8

Which Disney movie is Piglet from?

Just about every Disney fan knows this character! He's small, shy, and not very brave, and he relies on the help of his friend, a yellow stuffed bear who loves hunny. (Excuse us - honey.) All around the world, people know and love the bear, but most fans of this story also know and love Piglet. He's a good sidekick because he's loyal, kind, and sometimes needs rescuing. We're sure you know which Disney movie Piglet is from. Everybody does!

Question 9

Which Disney movie is Mushu from?

He's only a few inches tall, but Mushu is still everybody's favorite dragon. He wants to get back into favor with the ancestors, so he helps the title character of his movie run away to war. He wants her to succeed, so he helps guide her on her journey. He also makes funny quips and wishes dishonor on people's cows. if you love this Disney princess movie, then you love Mushu, and you know exactly which Disney film he's from.

Question 10

Which Disney movie is Morph from?

We knew we could stump you! Even the most dedicated of Disney fans might miss this sidekick. He's from the last era of animated Disney films, and his movie is regrettably full of early 2000s references, like hip-hop music and skateboarding. The story itself is a good one, however, especially if you're a fan of the book, Treasure Island. This little blob is named Morph for a reason: he can change his shape in a bunch of different ways.

Question 11

Which Disney movie is Little John from?

Everybody knows this story, even if they've never seen the Disney film. (If you haven't, go rent it at once! No one should miss this Disney classic.) If you don't recognize the woodland green and the pointed caps, you should at least get a clue from the arrow Little John is holding. This story is famous, from old English legends, and Disney turned it into a hilarious animated classic starring animals. If you need one more hint: the title character is a fox.

Question 12

Which Disney movie is Stitch from?

You shouldn't have any trouble guessing what Disney movie Stitch is from. He's technically a sidekick, but he's also the best part of his movie, and the entire story revolves around him. He's an alien who drops from the sky into Hawaii, and he befriends a young Hawaiian girl. She is having troubles at home, where she and her big sister are trying to make ends meet. When Stitch arrives, he turns everything upside down and for the better.

Question 13

Which Disney movie is Laverne from?

You might have forgotten that this gargoyle's name was Laverne. (It's hilarious, isn't it?) He's one of three gargoyles that live on the top of a famous cathedral, and he's the friend of Quasimodo, the main character of this Disney movie. He gives good advice, but he's also there for comic relief, as are his other gargoyle pals. There's only one Disney movie where cathedral gargoyles come to life and sing, so you should have no trouble guessing this Disney movie.

Question 14

Which Disney movie is Jiminy Cricket from?

This Disney movie is based on an Italian novel (which is much stranger than the Disney film). In the book, there's a cricket who has a conversation with the title character. When Walt Disney decided to use this story as his second full-length motion picture, he made the cricket's character a much bigger deal. He named him Jiminy Cricket (a popular expression at the time) and made him the conscience of the title character. Do you know this movie?

Question 15

Which Disney movie is Dory from?

Everybody loves this fish. How could they not? Voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, this blue fish has a heart of gold and suffers from short term memory loss. After meeting you, she might forget who you are after a few minutes, but she can remember P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney. She lives in the ocean, and she teams up with a clown fish who's looking for something important. Can you guess the name of this beloved Disney and Pixar movie?

Question 16

Which Disney movie is Pegasus from?

This type of mythical creature is called, well, a Pegasus, but that's also the sidekick's name. He's a flying horse, and he's the ally of a Greek god turned mortal. He never speaks, but we always know what he's thinking, since his roguish expressions (just look at that face) are totally clear. He makes a good steed for the title character of this Disney movie, but he also makes a good sidekick. Can you guess which movie he's from?

Question 17

Which Disney movie is Heihei from?

Only the biggest Disney fans have seen this recent Disney movie, but if you're taking this quiz, you're already a huge fan. In other words, we bet you've seen it! This very, very stupid chicken goes on adventure across the ocean because he accidentally stowed away on the title character's boat. He's so silly he doesn't know how to eat, and he ends up eating rocks (and important stones) in this recent Disney princess movie. Can you name it right?

Question 18

Which Disney movie is Pascal from?

Look at that attitude! Every Disney princess should have a sidekick, and this Disney princess is no exception. While Pascal never speaks, he's sweet, funny, and makes a great pet. Since he's a chameleon, he can change his color and pattern, which makes him fun for games of hide and seek. At first, his story starts out in a tower, but he moves on to have lots of new adventures. Can you guess the name of this Disney movie?

Question 19

Which Disney movie is Olaf from?

Oh, we KNOW you know this one! Even people who have never watched a single Disney movie (assuming they're even out there) would know this Disney sidekick anywhere. He's voiced by Josh Gad, and he's the funniest part in Disney's best beloved princess movie. If you're a parent, you might be sick of the sight of Olaf, but your kids continue to sing songs from this movie each and every day. Can you guess what movie Olaf is from?

Question 20

Which Disney movie is Timothy from?

Timothy plays a funny role in his Disney movie. For one thing, we almost never hear his name, so if you grew up loving this Disney movie, you might have forgotten his name was Timothy in the first place. Why don't we know his name? Because the title character of this early Disney movie never speaks. Timothy does all the talking, so he helps pull the story forward. He has just as big a role as the title character in this Disney film.

Question 21

Which Disney movie is Dawson from?

This Disney movie is one of the lesser known films, but fans of this movie love it. It's an all-mouse (well, and one rat) spin on the Sherlock Holmes stories, and Dawson is the mouse version of Watson. He's good natured, bumbling, and is always there to marvel at the genius of Basil of Bakerstreet. You shouldn't have any trouble guessing the title of this Disney movie, but if you do, just remember that it's from the stories of Sherlock Holmes.

Question 22

Which Disney movie is Gus from?

Speaking of Disney mice, this mouse sidekick barely talks. He can mumble a few words in his squeaky voice, but otherwise, he relies on gestures. He's the pet mouse of a beloved Disney princess, and she rescues him from a mousetrap, gives him clothes, shoes (which he's happily examining in this picture), and gives him the name Gus. He might be small, but Gus and his friends help out their Disney princess quite a bit, from beginning to end.

Question 23

Which Disney movie is Mater from?

This rusty tow truck has a thick accent, uses funny expressions, and loves life. He especially loves tractor tipping. He seems like the exact opposite of the main character, Lightning McQueen, but the two end up as friends. Everybody loves Mater, from his silliness to his enthusiasm. If you're a fan of Pixar, there's no way you don't know the title of this Disney film. After all, Pixar's thing is to make a whole world out of everyday things or animals.

Question 24

Which Disney movie is Mrs. Potts from?

Mrs. Potts might be only a teapot, but she's one of the best Disney sidekicks out there. She used to be a human, and she dreams of the day when she gets to be human again. Like everyone else in the castle where she lives, she's under an enchantment. She used to be a servant, however, so she still goes about business, as usual, serving tea despite the fact that she's now made of porcelain. Do you know her movie?

Question 25

Which Disney movie is Baymax from?

If you haven't seen this recent Disney movie, then you're missing out on one of Disney's most huggable sidekicks. Baymax is a inflatable healthcare companion robot. He's full of air, so he can cushion falls, and he's equipped with all sorts of healthcare information. He was designed by the main character's older brother, and his mission is to care for anyone who's hurting, physically or emotionally. You should recognize Baymax right away, as long as you know his movie.

Question 26

Which Disney movie is Baloo from?

Nobody's ever had a friend like Baloo the bear, and if we were lost in the jungle, he's just the person we'd want to meet. Baloo lives by the bare necessities: he wanders the jungle, finds food, and sings all day long. He's got a great heart, and he doesn't want Mowgli, the man cub, to return to the man village. Why live like a human when you could live like a bear? We know you know the name of this one.

Question 27

Which Disney movie is Tito from?

If you watched this Disney movie too many times as a kid, then you probably heard Tito's voice as soon as you saw his face. He's part of an all dog crew that teams up with a little orange kitten. Tito's crew steals for a living to help their owner Fagin make ends meet. They're street smart, they love to sing, and they're great at pulling off complicated schemes. Everybody loves a good Disney animal movie. Which one is this?

Question 28

Which Disney movie is Tinker Bell from?

Tinker Bell never speaks in this Disney movie, but she's probably the most famous Disney sidekick of them all. She's the little ball of light that sails over the Cinderella castle, every time a Disney movie starts to play. She's the pixie companion of a famous boy, and he's the title character in this Disney movie. While Tinker Bell is sweet in her own line of computer animated films, in this Disney classic she's feisty, pouty, and a little bit mean.

Question 29

Which Disney movie is Archimedes from?

Not every Disney fan has seen this old classic, but Archimedes is unforgettable if you have. He's the talking owl of the wizard, Merlin, and he's full of owlish wisdom and good humor. He accompanies Wart, the main character, on a few of his crazy adventures, but he'd rather be sitting on his perch, enjoying a nice snack. If you can just hear Merlin saying, "Oh, Archimedes!" then you should have no trouble guessing the title of this Disney film.

Question 30

Which Disney movie is Pacha from?

Pacha is a good guy. In fact, he's a much better guy than the main character of this movie. Pacha just wants to protect his family and keep his home safe from the building project of selfish Emperor Kuzko, but even when he has a chance to leave the Emperor alone in the woods, he helps him out. The two strike up an unlikely friendship. And did we mention that the Emperor is a llama? What's this Disney movie called?

Question 31

Which Disney movie is Merryweather from?

In this Disney princess movie, the princess doesn't do much talking. In fact, she's not shown much during the entire film. The biggest characters in this Disney classic end up being the sidekicks: three fairies who raise the princess in a tiny cottage. They're funny and peculiar, and this fairy is most fan's favorite. She's the one who always wears blue (and wants the princess's dress to be the same), and her feisty personality makes her a great addition to this Disney classic.

Question 32

Which Disney movie is Abu from?

Everybody needs a sidekick, especially if you're living on the streets. The title character of this Disney movie relies on Abu for help as they steal to stay alive and get ahead in the world of Arabian Nights. Abu never talks, but he's the animal sidekick every Disney character should have. Besides, how cute is his little vest and hat? Everybody knows and loves this Disney movie, and we're guessing you'll have no trouble naming this one correctly.

Question 33

Which Disney movie is Sgt. Tibbs from?

In a lot of Disney movies, the cats are the bad guy. Just look at Lucifer from Cinderella (he's even named after the devil!) or the Siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp. Cats are usually out to get the main character, but not in this beloved Disney movie. While the title characters are still dogs, this kitty helps them get on their way. He's a sergeant, and he makes it his personal mission to help see a lot of puppies to safety.

Question 34

Which Disney movie is The White Rabbit from?

With the recent Tim Burton movies, this story by Lewis Carroll has become even more famous. Disney first made it as an animated classic back in the 50s, however, and fans of this movie spend their lives wishing they could go explore Tulgey Wood. You should recognize The White Rabbit, and if you do, you shouldn't have any trouble guessing this Disney movie where things get Curiouser and Curiouser. We bet you know the name of this beloved Disney classic.

Question 35

Which Disney movie is Thumper from?

There are few things cuter than a bunny, and this little guy is no exception. He's the best friend of the title character, and while the title character hardly says a word until he grows up, baby Thumper is full of things to say, such as, "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." He lives in a beautiful forest, loves eating clover, and goes skating on the river when it's frozen over. What movie is he from?

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