Can You Name These British Celebs?


The backgrounds of the biggest names in entertainment come from places all over the world. Most of the top names come to the United States due to the opportunities being greater to make a bigger name along with more money. Actors and musicians primarily will often move from the United Kingdom to the United States for the hope of bigger success. Some of the talents make their names back home first before getting their talent showcased in the United States to larger extent. We will take a look at a plethora of celebrities that are from the United Kingdom.

These names all have provided enough entertainment through their work to leave a legacy. It will be your job to test how well you know the British stars that have made their mark at some point. The quiz will show you a picture and short summary about the career of each person. You will then have to correctly select the right person of the choices given. Many people claim to have a great deal of knowledge about the United Kingdom and British culture. Now is the chance to prove it by answering the following twenty-five questions to see if you know these British celebrities.

1Who is she?

This singer was born in Hereford and now lives in London staying true to her English roots. Despite being based in the United Kingdom, the music of this talent has delivered many huge hits in the United States. Her career took off to become an international star with multiple successful tours following the releases of her albums. The singing skills of this young lady were going to lead to fame regardless of where she was. UK fans do get the bragging rights of her great work. Can you name this talented singer?

2Who is he?

This actor was born in the Greenwich area in the United Kingdom. He went on to become one of the most successful British actors of all time with a hit list of films under his resume such as Gangs of New York, Lincoln and There Will Be Blood. Recent headlines saw him announce he was planning to retire from acting after such a long and respected career. Do you know the name of his talented actor that hails from the United Kingdom?

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