Can You Name These 35 Nintendo 64 Games?


The Nintendo 64, released in 1996, is seen by many as the last great Nintendo home console. While the Wii’s sales figures dwarfed the N64 and the Switch seems promising the N64 hit the targets of having mainstream success, critical acclaim, groundbreaking hardware, killer first party games, and a solid and hefty library of third party games (the Wii notoriously lacks a good third party library, for instance). The system kicked off with 2 games in North America (and 3 in Japan), and very quickly won the hearts and minds of millions of gamers.

The controller for the cartridge-based system was unconventional, to say the least. The general shape can be referred to as three-pronged-- as a protrusion down the middle held the ‘Z’ button and served as the housing for part of the center analog joystick. This, along with the traditional Nintendo D-pad and the addition of a set of 4 yellow ‘C’ buttons, made the controller both complicated and versatile; capable of different styles of play to suit different kinds of games. Later in the system’s life an Expansion Pack was made available to double the system’s RAM and allow for more advanced gaming. While it wasn't released in the U.S., an expandable disc drive called the 64DD was released for the console (and was considered a commercial failure).

In North America, nearly 300 games were released for the system. Many of them are entirely forgettable. There are some landmark games in the system’s library, however-- some of the greatest and influential games of all-time, and some of the most comically awful games of all-time. Do you have what it takes to name these Nintendo 64 games?

Question 1

Can You Name The Nintendo 64 Game?

Super Mario 64

The first of the Super Mario games to be 3D, this game served as a flagship title (and launch title) for the N64 and completely redefined what it meant to be a Super Mario game in the process. The game managed to preserve much of the feel of the traditional 2D platforming of the previous iterations, but added a vast open world to be explored-- serving as a template for 3D action-adventure/platforming games for decades to come. While the graphics may not have aged well, the game is an all-time classic, and is still immensely fun and challenging.

Question 2

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Doom 64 2

This 1997 game is a sequel to one of the most important FPS games of all-time. As with the previous entries of the series, the plot serves as little more than a flimsy reason to have a hyper-violent space marine use an arsenal of hyper-violent weapons on demons from Hell. The gameplay and art style vary very little from the previous titles in the series. The game, the only one made by developer Midway, received a tepid critical response. It did little-to-nothing to further gaming or the genre, and ultimately just existed in order to allow console gamers to get a taste of a franchise that’d seemingly already run its course years earlier on the PC.

Question 3

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Wave Race 64

In 1996, Nintendo released this uncharacteristic curveball from the company. The game is a jet ski racing game with a realistic aesthetic and humanoid characters (rather than situating Nintendo’s fictional characters on the vehicles). To make the game more than just a simple racing game, different colored buoys provided a slalom component to the proceedings. The game has appeared on several all-time lists, and spawned a sequel for the Game Boy. The game was also released for the Wii Virtual Console.

Question 4

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

This title is often regarded as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, games of all-time. In this Nintendo-made epic, you control a young Link (beginning at childhood) as he traverses the kingdom of Hyrule in search of the Triforce. Years pass in the game and Link’s rival for the Triforce, Ganondorf, has obtained them and now rules Hyrule. You must recover the Triforce and restore Princess Zelda to power. This game also received a successful 3D re-release in 2011.

Question 5

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Goldeneye N64

Released in 1997, this game is widely considered not just one of the greatest licensed games of all-time, but one of the greatest first person shooters of all-time. It is seen as hugely important and influential for future games. This James Bond game is based on one of the Pierce Brosnan-led films, and features a stellar single player mode that largely follows the plot of the movie. It is better remembered, though, for its deep and well-balanced multiplayer mode that would serve as the template for many future FPS titles. The game is also well-known for having one of the single-most unbalanced characters in video game history in Odd Job.

Question 6

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Donkey Kong 64

Released in 1999, this game was Rare’s first foray into 3D platforming for Nintendo’s iconic ape, Donkey Kong. It was the first game for the Nintendo 64 to require use of the RAM-doubling Expansion Pak, and was bundled along with the hardware accessory. The game featured five playable characters (all a part of the DK Crew), and was stuffed to the gills with different mini-games. It was a big winner in the Nintendo Power Awards for the year it was in contention, but ultimately is remembered as a greatly flawed game.

Question 7

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Super Smash Bros N64

This game is the first entry in the now-long running series. A novel take on fighting games, the game has players racking up a damage total (in percentage form) on opposing players instead of the conventional life bar. The higher the damage total, the likelier it is that the character is unable to recover from a hit off the fighting platform. Points are scored for each fall off the platform. The game also features up to 4 simultaneous combatants, unlike the traditional 1-on-1 format. The fighters are plucked from Nintendo’s diverse roster of first-party characters, and include Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus Aran, Pikachu, and more.

Question 8

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Mario Kart 64

This title is often considered the best or second best of the series (which is currently up to 13 titles across the consoles and arcades). This racing game was the 2nd in the series, and was released in 1996 to wide acclaim. The characters, which consist of an assortment of mainstay Nintendo characters, race on tracks inspired by locations in other Nintendo games. Multiple game modes are available, including a battle mode where lives are tallied by the number of balloons trailing a character’s vehicle.

Question 9

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Diddy Kong Racing N64

Capitalizing on the success of the Mario Kart franchise, developer Rare created their own kart racing game based around members of the Donkey Kong Country franchise (while adding some new child animal characters to round out the roster). The game, a very bright and cheery solid kart racer, allowed racers to pick from different vehicles. Racers could choose either a car/kart, an airplane, or a hovercraft for their races-- each coming with their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages.

Question 10

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Yoshi's Story N64

Released in 1998, this game is the 2nd of the Yoshi-centric platformers made for a Nintendo console, after Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (released in 1995 for the Super Nintendo). The game contained, for the time, a rather unique aesthetic that implied the characters and setting were made from everyday materials like cardboard. While the game is charming and well-meaning, this romp starring Mario’s dinosaur sidekick was not well received by the critics and wound up being the last Yoshi home console game until Yoshi’s Woolly World in 2015.

Question 11

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Banjo-Kazooie N64

Before bringing Donkey Kong to the newest generation of consoles, developer Rare tried their hands at a game featuring their own original intellectual property. The result was a universally beloved 3D platformer/adventure game that is now featured on all-time greatest games lists. The protagonists are a bipedal bear and his bird friend, who is kept in the bear’s backpack. They work together to solve puzzles and hunt down the witch Gruntilda in order to rescue the bear’s little sister. The game was remastered for the XBox 360, and was included in the XBox One compilation of Rare games.

Question 12

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Mario Party N64

A large departure from previous Mario-centric games, this 1999 title was catered to the idea of a large multiplayer contingent. The game’s layout took the form of a board game, and progression through the board led to a series of randomized minigames. In all, over 50 minigames were available in this version-- some requiring timing, some speed, some strategy, and some luck. The minigames varied from being cooperative to being a free-for-all (and included every configuration in-between). The game was a big hit, and has spawned over ten sequels.

Question 13

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Quest 64

This game was released in 1998; a balm to the legions of RPG-starved Nintendo 64 owners. While the game was just mediocre, it arrived with considerable fanfare due to it being a game in an otherwise anemic genre for the system. The game does away with numerous RPG conventions (such as the traditional level-up XP system and item shops), but maintains a high fantasy setting. The main character, Eric, is able to wield magic based on the four elements. Two sequels were later released in this series.

Question 14

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

The Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask N64 2

The follow-up to the legendary Ocarina of Time is just as fondly remembered by the gaming community. The game, released in 2000 and requiring the Expansion Pak, again stars Link. Rather than saving Hyrule, the game is set on Termina, which is about to be destroyed in three days. A character called Skull Kid has caused the moon to be set on a collision course with the world, and Link must travel through dungeons and through time itself in order to set things right.

Question 15

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Pilotwings 64

One of the launch games for the Nintendo 64 on the system’s release in 1996, this game developed by Nintendo is a sequel to the Super Nintendo original. The game, a flight simulator, primarily features the use of a hang glider, a jet pack, and a gyrocopter. There are also skydiving portions to the game. Progressing through the levels allows the player’s chosen pilot to earn new pilot licenses. A follow-up to this game was released for the 3DS handheld system.

Question 16

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Star Wars - Shadows of the Empire N64

Originally released for the holiday season in 1996, this Nintendo 64 game was released the following year to PC. The Star Wars game is atypical, as it follows the major events from the original Star Wars movies from the perspective of an outsider: bounty hunter Dash Rendar. The game begins with the player piloting a snowspeeder during the battle on Hoth (from The Empire Strikes Back). This is a bit misleading, as the majority of the game is a 3rd-person action shooter and not a game of piloting vehicles.

Question 17

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Paper Mario N64

A sequel to Super Mario RPG, this game was released in 2001 to critical praise. Boasting a vivid visual style that featured two dimensional characters in a three dimensional world, it wound up being as welcome a departure from traditional Mario art styles as the role playing game genre was from Mario’s typical outings. The game, which spawned its own series despite being a sequel to another series, is consistently mentioned as being one of the greatest games released for the Nintendo 64 (and is often on the list, but a bit far down, on all-time greatest game lists).

Question 18

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Star Fox 64

A Nintendo-made shooter from 1997, this title features a squad of space-based anthropomorphic animals. The game is a sequel to a 1993 Super Nintendo game notable not just for being a good game, but also for being the first time Nintendo made a game using polygons instead of sprites. In addition to piloting a spaceship, you are able to control a tank, a submarine, and even fight on-foot (in multiplayer mode). The game was remade in 3D for the 3DS in 2011.

Question 19

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Superman 64

Released in 1999 and based on a cartoon from that same era, this videogame is often brought up as being one of the worst of all-time. While the N64 had its fair share of classic gems, it was not immune to horrendous cartridges. The game was ranked as the 7th worst of all-time by noted humorist/gaming writer Seanbaby, who said, “Superman has about 300 different super powers... and the only one the game thought to include was his fantastic ability to fly through hoops. It would have been more fun if they made a game about Superman window shopping with Aquaman.”

Question 20

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Flying Dragon N64

Released in 1998 (and actually one of the later entries in a long-running series in Japan), this fighting game was notable for a couple different reasons. Firstly, as evidenced by the ad campaign and box art, it was rather unique of the game to feature two separate art styles for the fighters (separated by different game modes): a deformed cartoonish style in ‘SD Mode’ and a more traditional 3D fighter realism in ‘Virtual Mode’. Secondly, the game allowed players to level their fighters up, and even equip items for statistical bonuses. The game, not especially good, still received multiple sequels (though none of them were never released in the States).

Question 21

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Castlevania N64

A solid game hampered by a spastic camera (since this was the early days of polygon-based 3D gaming), this 1999 title made the first jump from 2D to 3D for this legendary series. You control one of two vampire hunters-- one equipped with a whip, and one able to shoot magical fireballs. Either character must work their way to confronting the reincarnated form of the evil Count Dracula. Borrowing from the previous entries in the series, characters also had sub-weapons at their disposal such as holy water, crosses, and axes.

Question 22

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Pokemon Snap

This game was the first large diversion from the standard formula of the Pokemon franchise. Released in 1999, this first person game charges the player with going on an adventure through various settings in search of different Pokemon. Rather than catching them in pokeballs and having them fight, you are tasked with photographing them in their natural element. Points are awarded for the quality of the photograph. An oddball game and premise to be sure, it has won over a heavy cult following over the years.

Question 23

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Resident Evil 2 N64

This all-time classic by Capcom was originally released for the Sony PlayStation in 1998. It was later ported to the Nintendo 64 in an enhanced version that also added features such as alternate costumes and an item randomizer. The game features two playable main characters: police officer Leon Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield. The game is set in Raccoon City, which has been overrun by zombies thanks to a virus released by the evil pharmaceutical company The Umbrella Corporation.

Question 24

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

F-Zero X N64

The 1998 sequel to the Super Nintendo original, this game is known for its remarkable depiction of speed. A futuristic racing title where the player pilots a hover car on a track that often appears to defy physics and structural integrity; including a number of loops and corkscrews. A total of 30 different hovercars (and their corresponding drivers/pilots) are selectable. The game included different game modes, including the addition of a death race mode. One of the characters from this series appears as a playable fighter in the Smash Bros. series.

Question 25

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine N64

Originally created for Windows computers, this game was released (in an enhanced version) on the Nintendo 64 in 2000 (a year after its PC release). The game continues the adventures of adventurer/archaeologist Indiana Jones. Taking place after the comic series Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix, the game pits Jones against Russians in a cold war escapade. Despite the poor history to this point with licensed games, this Jones entry is rather solid, and was made by legendary game developer LucasArts.

Question 26

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Jet Force Gemini N64

If it feels like Rare ruled the Nintendo 64, it did. This is another gem from the developer, released in 1999. The third person action game features a sci-fi setting and a bright, colorful aesthetic that is at once both typical of and atypical of Rare. The single player mode allows the player to switch between three different characters in order to access each of their talents (in order to progress through the puzzles and action). The goal of the game is to defeat the forces of the evil Mizar after rescuing the captive race of the Tribals.

Question 27

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Turok - Dinosaur Hunter N64

This 1997 first person shooter was based on a character that publisher Acclaim Entertainment acquired after buying comic company Valiant in 1994 (which also explains the existence of the Shadowman games). The character, a Native American who has to fight velociraptors and the like, predates even Valiant. He first appeared in comics in the 1950s made by Western Publishing. To combat the terrible lizards, giant bugs, and more, players can wield a bow and arrow, shotgun, knife, and even some high tech sci-fi weaponry. The game was tremendously popular and well-received, and wound up spawning five sequels.

Question 28

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

A long-running series in Japan, this 1997 game was just the second to be released stateside. The plot of the game is silly and complex, but amounts to a ninja boy working to stop an alien plot to convert Japan into a musical theatre. The action-adventure game utilized musical numbers to great effect, and contained a heaping dose of humor along with its action and exploration. Over a dozen follow-ups and spin-offs have come since this game, but only one (also for the Nintendo 64) managed to reach the U.S.

Question 29

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Dual Heroes N64

Released in 1998, this fighting game is often considered one of the worst games of all-time. A combination of poor controls and the ability to instantly die due to environmental factors (aka running over the edge of the arena) were mostly to blame. The game’s premise is a post-apocalyptic one; albeit one with the somewhat optimistic concept of an endless energy source being discovered in the midst of the turmoil. Characters include Evil Fascinator Ray, Cutie Chaser Hana, and Dragon Kung-Fu Hoe.

Question 30

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Tetrisphere N64

This game was released in 1998 for the Nintendo 64, and while it is an outlier for a popular puzzle game in that it had no sequel, it is generally regarded as being a fun and original concept. A spin-off of a popular game, this puzzler featured several different modes of play. At its core, the player drops a puzzle piece somewhere on a ball that can be rotated in order to set off a chain reaction of disappearing puzzle pieces.

Question 31

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Conkers Bad Fur Day N64

Another Rare game, this one stands out as an anomaly among their other 3D platforming games. Normally a family-friendly company, Rare took a cuddly squirrel character named Conker (who originally appeared in the kiddy kart game Diddy Kong Racing) and turned him into a foul-mouthed, hard-drinking rapscallion. The game, which is rated for Mature audiences, had a bawdy sense of humor that has kept it beloved as a cult classic since its arrival in 2001. The game was remade for the Xbox 360 in 2005.

Question 32

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Perfect Dark N64 2

Using a modified version of the GoldenEye engine, Rare created this first person shooter in 2000. While the game lacked the boost from licensing that GoldenEye had, it wound up being popular enough to warrant a sequel for the Nintendo GameCube. The game’s sci-fi near-future setting allows for futuristic speculative weapons and items (including holographic disguises) to be used. The single player game is, like GoldenEye, fantastically designed and immensely fun. Like GoldenEye also, the multiplayer mode is where the game is best remembered-- as this game had a bevy of options that allowed players to micromanage and nearly infinitely reconfigure their gameplay experience. It is frequently placed among the all-time greatest games on lists.

Question 33

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Harvest Moon 64

This game, released in 1999, is the third in a series that began on the Super Nintendo. A farming simulation game, the player controls a character in charge of a farm inherited from their grandfather. Within the constraints of limited stamina, a day/night cycle, and the seasons, you are expected to grow and maintain your farm. Several other RPG-esque side quests are available. Another interesting wrinkle to this adorable game is the ability to court and marry one of a number of girls in your town (and subsequently have a child).

Question 34

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Excitebike 64

Released in the year 2000, this game is the direct sequel to a beloved NES classic released all the way back in 1984. While some may have questioned (and continue to question) why there hadn’t been a sequel in the intervening 16 years, the game wound up selling well and was generally regarded positively. The motocross game featured all the bells and whistles one would expect of a modern motorbike racing game, and also included several minigames and both the original game (and a 3D remake of the original game) as extras.

Question 35

Can You Name This Nintendo 64 Game?

Clay Fighter 63 1-3

A send-up of the popular fighting game genre and its tropes, this 1997 game is a sequel to a 16-bit predecessor released for both the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. The game has a unique art style meant to mimic stop motion animation, and features a host of comical characters. Among the fighters playable are a living snowman, a killer clown, a racist Asian caricature, Earthworm Jim (of the Earthworm Jim series of games), and Boogerman (of the Interplay game Boogerman).

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