Can You Name These 35 Digivolutions?

Digimon original team

The Digital World is a place more dangerous than our own, filled with digital monsters. Some are kind and congenial while others are dangerous and conniving. Some say that the Digital World was not so dangerous until it came in contact with the human world. Human scientists, after discovering this mysterious realm, sometimes seek to control it, to enter the world by force, or to create their own type of Digimon. The result is chaos in the Digital World.

The Digidestined are called upon, sometimes for no known reason, sometimes in order to help the Digital World with its plight. These children become partners to the Digimon, helping them to reach new heights in training. The most determined among them become mega Digimon, or reach a level beyond.

These Digimon have not reached their full potential. Some are rookies or in training while others are fresh or baby Digimon just starting out. A few are on the verge of their mega forms and need the help of a Digidestined to proceed any further along their digivolutionary path. They need help in order to grow into their stronger forms. Can you figure out what form each of these Digimon is meant to reach next?

Question 1

What does Gabumon digivolve into?


Gabumon is a shy rookie Digimon who hides under a pelt which it creates from from the data its next form leaves behind. It attacks with the cylindrical horn protruding from the center of its forehead, or produces a beam of blue fire from its mouth. In the original series, Gabumon hangs close to its partner, Matt, also known as Yamato. Not quite ready to face off against serious enemies, Gabumon prefers to avoid combat. What does this shy little rookie digivolve into?

Question 2

What does Pabumon digivolve into?

Pabumon, or Bubbmon in the original Japanese, is a baby slime Digimon. Made of green bubbles, the little creature is unfit to wander the Digital World without protection. When attacked, it will react by blowing sticky bubbles at its enemy and scurrying away while the aggressive Digimon struggles to break free. As a baby, Pabumon seeks out paternal figures to look after it until it gets strong. It makes strong bonds with those who show it kindness while slinking away from danger. What is the next form for this adorable green creature?

Question 3

What does Starmon digivolve into?

Starmon from Digimon

Normally a symbol of fairness and justice, Starmon plays an important role in the Digital World. In Digimon Adventure 2, Starmon is the sheriff of a ghost town. Unfortunately, the heroic Digimon is overcome by the Dark Ring and is imprisoning Digimon unjustly. Being a champion Digimon, Starmon has advanced abilities including Meteor Stream and Star Seeker. It uses these abilities against virus Digimon and all who defy justice. What does this respectable Digimon grow into when it is ready to metaphorically spread its wings?

Question 4

What happens to Nyaromon?

Nyaromon from Digimon

This in-training Digimon looks and acts like a cat head with a tail. With the attitude of a house cat, it will demand attention at one moment and turn away at the next. It also has a strong, somewhat dangerous sense of curiosity. Not one for cowering away, the little Digimon will whip, smash, and slap with its powerful tail. Rather than Digivolving naturally, Nyaromon becomes a subject of an experiment to imitate household pets in its next Digivolution. What does it get turned into?

Question 5

What does Greymon digivolve into when he's well trained?


Greymon may be a dinosaur Digimon but it is equipped with much more than a lizard brain. The champion Digimon can learn amazing techniques that rely on teamwork and coordination. In a fight, it will use its horns, claws, teeth, and flame attacks at the perfect moment. The next step in Greymon's digivolution is tricky, and requires a caring and reliable partner. In the show, Tai tries to help Greymon digivolve but fails again and again. What is the ideal digivolution for Greymon?

Question 6

What does a Viximon turn into?


Viximon is an adorable in-training Digimon whose name comes from the world for a female fox. This mysterious creature is only active in the moonlight or in the evenings. People who manage to become partners with a Viximon are seen with a certain esteem given how rare and mystical the creatures are. It is extremely difficult to capture a Viximon using strength or speed, but easy to lure one out. By simply setting out its favorite food, a person is sure to capture a Viximon's attention.

Question 7

What does Sora's Biyomon digivolve into?

Biyomon in Digimon Cyber Sleuth

As a popular Digimon in the series, Biyomon has been shown to be able to digivolve into several different forms including Aquilamon, Kokatorimon, and Karatenmon. Only one digivolution is the classic transformation as seen in the original show, and it is fearsome indeed. Despite its cute, pink appearance, Biyomon can be quite ferocious, using energetic pecking attacks or using its baby claws. It can't wait to be able to grow up and develop an adult set of wings so it can fly freely.

Question 8

What will Ikkakumon digivolve into when it trusts its partner?

Ikkakumon from Digimon

This Arctic creature was first seen by humans inside the computer at an Arctic exploration base. The horn in the center of its forehead is made of mithril. Ikkakumon keeps its footing on the ice by heating the ground with the soles of its paws. The large, fuzzy creature is a champion vaccine-type Digimon with a gentle nature but considerable fighting prowess when pressed. To help Ikkakumon reach its next digivolution, its partner must develop a strong bond without betraying its trust.

Question 9



This rookie Digimon attacks with both its fists and its powerful roar. "Gao" in Japanese is onomatopoeia for an animal roar, creating the name of this fierce fighter. Gaomon most notably appears in Digimon Data Squad with his partner, Thomas. In the television series, Gaomon has a militaristic, serious personality and only responds to commands, rarely chatting until later in the series. According to Digimon canon, the boxing gloves over Gaomon's paws are believed to protect them until they fully develop.

Question 10

What does Kuwagamon digivolve into when it's strong enough?

Kuwagamon performing Scissor Claw.

This red virus beetle is not to be confused with its blue vaccine counterpart, Kabuterimon. The two types will avoid each other at best and fight ceaselessly at worst. Kuwagamon lives in the forest and is often aggressive. In a fight, Kuwagamon uses its large pincers to squish its enemies. Its powerful shell keeps it safe from weak attacks but it is hardly the strongest Digimon out there. What does this red virus Digimon digivolve into when it becomes strong enough?

Question 11

What is Taomon's mega digimon form?

Taomon writing in the air

Taomon is a highly skilled and intelligent ultimate Digimon with a variety of attacks up its sleeve. Taomon uses a brush to invoke spells, unleashes talismans, and sometimes even uses concealed daggers. "Tao," meaning path, indicates that Taomon must follow years of concentrated study in order to possess the abilities that it has. Whether this is meant to be taken literally is left to the imagination. The character on its robe means "truth." By following its path even further and becoming a mega Digimon, what does Taomon eventually become?

Question 12

What is Bearmon's next digivolution?


This cutesy rookie Digimon is shy at first but quick to make friends. Rather than scratching, it will stand on two legs and punch, or use a rolling attack. According to the Digimon canon, the belts wrapped around Bearmon's paws are intended to protect it from its own attacks. Bearmon has also been translated as "Kumamon" in Digimon World 3, Digimon World DS, and Digimon World Dawn and Dusk. The word, "BEARS" on its baseball cap helps answer the question of what this Digimon is based on.

Question 13

What does Garudamon digivolve into?


Garudamon is named after a mythical bird from Hindu and Buddhist stories. A Garuda amulet is believed to protect the user from snakes. Garudamon is a legendary Digimon that is said to only appear in times of crisis. Garudamon attacks with its powerful claws in order to defend those in need and restore justice throughout the Digital World. Only chosen Digimon are said to be able to reach this form, and it is not even the final digivolution on the tree.

Question 14

What does Gekomon turn into?

Gekomon in Digimon Cyber Sleuth.

Gekomon is a silly musician champion Digimon. Though some have shown their prowess as fortune tellers, most pass the time playing beautiful music on their brass horns or singing with their bizarre, three-holed tongues. Their music is known to be mesmerizing and gorgeous, though this is represented in games as abominable, damage-dealing noise. The bizarre frog-like Digimon are on a path to becoming something even stranger. What is the next step in the digivolution of these strange yet musically gifted individuals?

Question 15

Which digimon does Chibomon become?


This little baby Digimon is friendly and curious, not too different from others of its level. People are often interested in finding these creatures because they can one day evolve into powerful dragons. For the best result, a Chibomon must be properly disciplined as it is growing up so that it can reach its next digivolution. Until it gets older, a Chibomon must be protected from all danger. It may be able to spit small amounts of acid, but it is helpless against fully grown Digimon.

Question 16

What does Meramon digivolve into?

Meramon in Digimon Cyber Sleuth

This fiery Digimon is extrememly difficult to tame. It originally formed from a literal firewall, and will burn anything it touches whether it wishes to or not. Meramon is famous for having a violent temper, not being trustworthy even when properly trained. However, sometimes the fiery Digimon is simply misunderstood. In Digimon Next, a Meramon is thought to be to blame for burning down a grassland and leaving a group of Digimon homeless, but it turns out to have been controlled by Barbamon behind the scenes.

Question 17

What does Terriermon digivolve into?

Terriermon is a calm rookie Digimon that looks strikingly similar to its more emotional twin, Lopmon. Though named after a species of dog, Terriermon also performs an attack called Bunny Blast, creating some confusion as to what this Digimon actually is. The rookie is capable of generating significant amounts of heat and wind, making it a decent opponent for its stature. Together with Lopmon, Terriermon can perform Double Typhoon in which the two unleash a gust of wind at the same time.

Question 18

What is the next digivolution in MetalGreymon's chain?


The little dinosaur, Agumon, has come a long way to reach this impressive level, but the journey is not over yet. To reach even this point in its digivolution, MetalGreymon needs an earnest companion and friend. Otherwise, the tree branches out to more violent virus type Digimon and the end goal of Agumon's dream digivolution is out of sight. To reach the next step in Agumon's dream digivolution chain, it must sometimes go through several digivolutions and de-evolutions. What is the next step in Agumon's dream evolution chain?

Question 19

What does Gigimon digivolve into?


Despite its cute, ball-like appearance, Gigimon can be quite a ferocious in-training Digimon with a burning hot bite and a surprising counter attack. The little creature shows its dragon blood (or the digital equivalent) with its fierce personality. The little in-training Digimon is resistant to fire and weak to earth attacks in Digimon World Dawn and Dusk. In Digimon Tamers, Gigimon is partnered with Takato, a cheerful yet sometimes emotional young boy who actually created Gigimon from his deep imagination.

Question 20

Which digimon partner from the original series does Yokomon digivolve into?

Yokomon in Digimon Cyber Sleuth

Yokomon is a happy-go-lucky plant Digimon that lives in large groups of other Yokomon, usually in bright, open fields. The little bulb can hop into the air, seeming to hover as it settles back onto the ground. Yokomon partners with Sora in the original series. The bulb Digimon's attacks are notably weak, only being cute bubbles that it pops from its mouth. Yokomon needs a little bit of sheltering and a little extra patience before it can come into its own as a rookie Digimon.

Question 21

What does Cyberdramon digivolve into?

Cyberdramon digivolves into Justimon.

Despite its terrifying appearance, Cyberdramon is a noble vaccine type committed to the safety of weaker Digimon. The ultimate dragon Digimon works alone, preventing dangerous virus Digimon from escaping the computer network. The dark armor that protects it is made of rubber, providing protection while also allowing the flexible dragon to move entirely unrestricted. Cyberdramon most often attacks using its claws, moving at impressive speed with no small amount of force. In short, this well-meaning monster has no significant weakness.

Question 22

What does Otamon digivolve into?


This little rookie Digimon has a lot of hidden skills. Aside from pouncing and scratching, the tadpole Digimon can call on a ball of water from the sky and sing a lulling lulluby. Otamon are capable, independent rookies though they sometimes need help from kindly strangers. For virus types, they are very friendly and will sometimes run shops. In the original series, Sheena partners with an Otamon and helps see it through to its next form. What form is that?

Question 23

What is the next step in Gaogamon's digivoluton chain?

Gaogamon performing Spiral Blow.

Gaogamon is an imposing figure with powerful claws and sharp teeth, but its secret weapon is a spiral of air that erupts from the Digimon's mouth. As indicated by its blue color, Gaogamon is susceptible to fire attacks yet ressistant to earth moves in Digimon World Dawn and Dusk. The next step in the champion Digimon's evolution usually involves fighting experience but is sometimes the next natural digivolutionary step without much extra trouble. Where does Gaogamon's digivolution go from here?

Question 24

What does Jyarimon turn into?

Jyarimon from Digimon

This baby Digimon is too daring for its own good. Due to its dragon nature, Jyarimon is drawn to combat even when its foe is much larger than itself. Some Digimon will shrug off the baby Digimon but others are less merciful. Jyarimon's disposition makes its chances in the wild very slim, and the Digimon type is sometimes difficult to find. When fighting, its most powerful move is a bubble heated by Jyarimon's naturally high body temperature. What is next in its digivolutionary chain?

Question 25

What does Togemon digivolve into?

Togemon angrily getting ready to punch.

Togemon is a champion Digimon that is often seen staring off into space. If angered, the creature enters a fit of violent rage that cannot be quelled easily. Passers-by must look out for painful needle attacks as well as unpleasant punches. Final Fantasy fans may recognize the similarity to Cactaur, an enemy that is as prone to running away as it is to KO a party member instantly with a thousand needles. What is the next step for this feisty cactus?

Question 26

What does Birdramon digivolve into?

Birdramon flying

Birdramon is a large bird made of flame, originally born from the Internet's firewall. Unlike its virus counterpart, Meramon, Birdramon is not naturally vicious, but it will put up a horrifying fight if threatened. One of Birdramon's attacks is to hurl down its flaming feathers at the enemy. Birdramon makes a nest out of scrap metal in Digimon World which the protagonist stumbles upon, triggering a dangerous fight. Rather than leaving the protagonist in bad shape after the fight, Birdramon kindly flies the weakened protagonist back to File City.

Question 27

What does Wormmon digivolve into?


Wormmon is a weak rookie Digimon that shies away from confrontation. As a larva Digimon, it is much more timid than its future forms. When pressed into a fight, it will spit a sticky net at its enemy and then run away, or sometimes spit out a razor-sharp silk thread to damage its attacker. In Digimon Adventure 2, Wormmon is partnered with a digidestined named Ken who does not treat it well, resulting in the rookie remaining in its weak rookie form.

Question 28

What is the next step in the Dorimon digivolution chain?

Dorimon from Digimon

Dorimon is a fierce in-training Digimon that ironically hates training. If a person approaches this fuzzy creature, it is far more likely to ram head-first into them than to accept any kind of friendship. The only character to successfully become partners with a Dorimon is Hikaru, also known as Zhiguang, who first raised his Dorimon in a D-Cyber game. Dorimon may look cute and cuddly but its ears are hard like horns. It is not to be underestimated. What is the next step for Dorimon?

Question 29

What fearsome digimon does Growlmon digivolve into?

Growlmon in Digimon Cyber Sleuth

While the first thing a person may notice about Growlmon is its terrible claws, its more magical attacks are even more threatening. Growlmon can launch a fireball out of its mouth to produce impressive damage, or direct plasma energy to the the sharp blades growing out of its arms in order to create even more deadly weapons. Growlmon is a serious fighter, no longer curious or playful. Its next step brings it even further down the line of fighting prowess.

Question 30

What does Betamon digivolve into?

Betamon in Digimon Cyber Sleuth

Betamon is usually a very docile Digimon, and has a considerate and social attitude in Digimon towns. In Digimon Digital Card Game, Betamon assists new players with the rules of the game while challenging experienced players. Betamon also frequents Digitamamon's diner in Digimon Adventure. When threatened, Betamon defends itself with an Electric Shock, Water Tower, or physical attack depending on the opponent. In the next step of its digivolution, does Betamon remain its docile self, or does it show a new, ferocious side?

Question 31

Which digimon does Agumon turn into?

Agumon jumping in the air.

As the mascot of the series, Agumon gets a lot of screen time. His first partner, Tai, matches Agumon's fearlessness and sense of adventure. The two fight their way through the Digital World together equipped with the Crest of Courage. As a rookie, Agumon has an impressive assortment of attacks including fire breath, claw attacks, and bites. Though Agumon may digivolve into several different forms, only one is the classic form that leads Agumon on its way to its destiny.

Question 32

What does Tentomon digivolve into?

Tentomon in Digimon Cyber Sleuth

Tentomon is a rookie digimon with design influence from ladybugs. Unlike most insectoid Digimon, Tentomon has a curious and carefree nature, enjoying the sights and smells of plants in the Digital World. Tentomon has a hard shell but not much physical attack power. Instead, its blue blaster attack is more than enough to take care of small enemies. As the rookie Digimon grows up, its shell grows harder and its physical attacks more impressive. What is the next form for this Digimon?

Question 33

What does Turuiemon digivolve into?


While only a champion Digimon, Turuiemon has taken on a personal noble quest to take down virus Digimon that exploit people through email. With its unique metal weapons and its training in the ch'uan fa fighting style, Turuiemon is a force to be reckoned with. It uses its rabbit-like agility to its advantage, attacking with well-aimed fist attacks when the enemy least suspects it, then unleashing powerful combo attacks. Its next form is far more well-known, though the two have much in common.

Question 34

What does Garurumon digivolve into?


Garurumon is a fearsome beast with a wolf-like sense of loyalty. Its fur, while flexible, is as hard as mithril, with pointy edges all along its back and the sides of its head. It produces an icy attack from its mouth, or bites with its subzero teeth. Only the bravest out there will attempt to become partners with this terrifying beast. While it would never betray a person that it considers to be its alpha, it has no sympathy for a weak or disrespectful partner.

Question 35

What does Guilmon digivolve into?


Guilmon is not only sneaky but also crafty. In Digimon World 3, there is a Guilmon which gives the protagonist a counterfeit Blue Card called a 8lue Card. Before the protagonist can respond, it hides away in a basement, only surrendering the actual Blue Card when the protagonist manages to find it again. In a fight, Guilmon uses fire and rock attacks as well as drill-like physical attacks with its claws. It may be a formidable opponent but is nothing next to its champion form.

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