Can You Name All These Steel-Type Pokémon?


Pokémon Gold Silver introduced two new types of Pokémon to the series. This was because the Psychic-type dominated the first generation of games and Game Freak needed to add in some new Pokémon to balance things out. These new types were called Dark and Steel.

Steel-type Pokémon were originally created to fight against Psychic-type Pokémon. They found a new purpose in Pokémon X Y when they became one of the most effective weapons against the newly introduced Fairy-type of Pokémon. This was a reference to the myths of fairies and how they were only weak against cold iron. They are also weak against Fighting-type Pokémon. This was added in because Fighting-types were all but worthless in Pokémon Red Blue and the new kinds of Pokémon introduced in Gold Silver were specifically made to be weak against them.

We have seen many powerful Steel-type Pokémon users in the series, such as Jasmine, Byron, Wikstrom, and Molayne. The Champion of the Hoenn region in Ruby Sapphire also specialized in Steel-type Pokémon. His name was Steven Stone and your last challenge in the Pokémon League was against his team of metallic monsters. This challenge was made even more difficult in Pokémon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire, as he now had the power of Mega Evolution on his side...

If you clicked on this quiz, then you probably think that you know your Steel-type Pokémon. These metallic monsters have been hanging around the series since Pokémon Gold & Silver, which gives us a lot of creatures to choose from. So, Can You Name All These Steel-Type Pokémon?

Question 1

Brock used one of these Pokémon in the anime

The insect kingdom has provided inspiration for some of the most bizarre Pokémon of all time. Parasect is based on an ant that has had its brain taken over by a mushroom, while Shedinja is the ghost of a shed skin. This Bug/Steel-type Pokémon is based on an insect called the bagworm. These are a species whose caterpillar create shells from the insides of plants. The people at Game Freak thought this would be an excellent idea for a Pokémon.

Question 2

This powerhouse stalks the Hoenn region

Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire added one of the most resilient creatures to the series. This Pokémon has a murderously high defense, which most other creatures will have a hard time penetrating. This means that you can use this Pokémon as a wall in battle, as it spams status effect attacks and entry hazards. This mighty creature would see use again after Pokémon X & Y were released, as those games added a powerful new Mega Evolution form to this Pokémon.

Question 3

"Let's just add faces to two gears and call it a day"

Pokémon Black & White were often accused of including lazy designs for the new creatures added to the games. The most criticized Pokémon was Vanilluxe, which was just an ice cream cone with a face drawn on it. This Pokémon may be the 2nd most reviled Pokémon in Black & White, due to the fact that it is literally two metal gears with faces drawn on them. They aren't even interesting to use in battle, as they are sole Steel-type Pokémon.

Question 4

This Pokémon was chosen to appear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

This is a Fighting/Steel-type Pokémon that was first introduced in Diamond & Pearl. It has become one of the most popular Pokémon in the series, despite the fact that it debuted in one of the least popular eras. This Pokémon has even starred in some of the animated movies. This is one of the few Pokémon who have been chosen to represent the series in the Super Smash Bros. games. It debuted as a fighter in Brawl and appeared again in the 3DS/Wii U game.

Question 5

Onix gained a new evolution in Pokémon Gold & Silver

Pokémon Gold & Silver added an item called the Metal Coat to the series. This was created for the purpose of added new trade evolutions for some of the Pokémon from Red & Blue. It can also be held by Steel-type Pokémon in order to boost the power of their attacks. When an Onix is traded while holding a Metal Coat, it will transform into this Pokémon. You will also face a powerful version of this Pokémon at the end of Jasmine's Gym in Gold & Silver.

Question 6

This is the signature Pokémon of Steven Stone

This Pokémon will be your last challenge in Ruby & Sapphire. It is the signature Pokémon of Steven Stone, who is the Champion of the Hoenn region. He uses a souped-up version of this Pokémon as the final member of his team. Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire added a Mega Evolution for this Pokémon. You also received a Shiny version of its original form as a free download if you bought the game when it was first released. This means that the final battle in the game might involve both you and Steven using this very Pokémon...

Question 7

This Pokémon wasn't always a Steel-type

Magnemite Pokemon

This Pokémon debuted in Red & Blue as an Electric-type monster. Pokémon Gold & Silver introduced the Steel-type to the series, which meant that this Pokémon and its evolutionary form had to be changed. They became Electric/Steel-type Pokémon, which was also retroactively added to the remakes of the original games. You can expect to battle against two of these in the Olivine City Gym. They are used by Jasmine, who was the first Steel-type specialist to appear in the Pokémon series.

Question 8

This is the mascot of Pokémon Sun

You will hate this Pokémon when you first meet it in Sun & Moon. This is because it evolves from Cosmog, which is a Pokémon that never gets in the bag, no matter how many times you tell it to. Most of your problems in Sun & Moon come about because that stupid Cosmog gets out of the bag and runs off into trouble, meaning you have to go and rescue it. That stupid Cosmog can potentially turn into the mascot of Pokémon Sun.

Question 9

This ancient Pokémon was revived by Team Plasma

Team Plasma use a form of technology so advanced that they can revive ancient Pokémon from the dead. They managed to resurrect an ancient Bug-type Pokémon and gave it cybernetic enhancements, which also transformed it into a Steel-type Pokémon. That giant cannon on its back isn't just for show. It is possible for the trainer to equip this Pokémon with different Drive items, which will change the element of this Pokémon's signature attack. This means that you never know exactly what this Pokémon is going to hit you with.

Question 10

The Alola region turned this Pokémon into Hanson

The Alola region from Pokémon Sun & Moon is based on Hawaii. Game Freak used the idea of its tropical environment to bring back some of the older Pokémon from the series and give them new forms. The explanation for this is that these Pokémon had to adapt to the new environment, which means that they developed in different ways. The new form for this classic Pokémon quickly drew comparisons to both the '90s band Hanson, Fabio, and Donald Trump.

Question 11

You once needed to own Pokémon Colosseum in order to catch this creature

This Pokémon is a Steel/Psychic-type Legendary that was introduced in Ruby & Sapphire. The intention with this Pokémon was to make it an event-only creature that could not be found in the game, in the same way that Mew and Celebi required you to go out of your way to find them. In this Pokémon's case, you either needed to own the Pokémon Colosseum Bonus Disc (in America) or Pokémon Channel (in Europe). This means that this Pokémon was either really easy for you to find or incredibly difficult if you didn't own the hardware.

Question 12

This big bell uses the power of psychic energy

This is a Steel/Psychic-type Pokémon that was introduced in Diamond & Pearl. It is another Pokémon that is accused of having a lazy design, as it is basically just a big bell. You will encounter a powerful version of this Pokémon near the end of your journey in Sinnoh. Lucian of the Elite Four will use this Pokémon on his team, which will spam Earthquake and Psychic attacks until you give up. This Pokémon was actually toned down for the version of Lucian that appears in Platinum.

Question 13

This metal bird was first introduced in the Johto region

This is a Steel/Flying-type Pokémon that was introduced in Gold & Silver. You might want to consider using this Pokémon in your competitive team, as it is very powerful in combat. This Pokémon's stats help it survive in battle, as it possesses a range of status effect attacks and the ability to remove enemy entry hazards. It can also fight it out with the best of them. This Pokémon's Steel/Flying-type also gives it resistances to some of the most popular Pokémon in the competitive scene.

Question 14

This is the mascot of Pokémon Diamond

This is the Steel/Dragon-type Legendary creature that acts as the mascot for Pokémon Diamond. The Sinnoh region is home to the creation trio, of which this Pokémon is a member. This Pokémon has the ability to control time, to the point where it can move backward and forwards through history. You never a get a chance to use this ability in the game, however, which means that this Pokémon is relegated to using its signature Roar of Time attack on your enemies.

Question 15

This Pokémon can switch between its sword and shield forms

Pokémon X & Y introduced the Fairy-type to the series. These were created to act as a counter to Dragon-type Pokémon. Luckily for Dragon-type trainers, the Kalos region was also home to one of the most powerful Steel-type Pokémon in the series, which would carve up all of the Fairies that got in your way. This Steel/Ghost-type Pokémon starts out as a haunted sword. It evolves into two swords, before transforming into a sword and shield. This Pokémon can switch between its sword and shield forms in battle.

Question 16

This Pokémon has a disturbing origin story

Magnemite wasn't the only Pokémon on this list to have its form changed. This Pokémon started out as a Steel-type creature when it was introduced in Ruby & Sapphire. It was turned into a Steel/Fairy-type Pokémon in X & Y. This Pokémon is based on the legend of Futakuchi-onna, who are cursed woman who have a second mouth on the back of their head, which gobbles up all of the food around them. The people at Game Freak thought this was an excellent idea to be adapted for a game meant for kids.

Question 17

The Alola region changed a famous Ground-type Pokémon into a cold metal monster

The Alola region from Pokémon Sun & Moon is based on Hawaii. Game Freak used the idea of its tropical environment to bring back some of the older Pokémon from the series and give them new forms. The explanation for this is that these Pokémon had to adapt to the new environment, which means that they developed in different ways. This Pokémon started out as a Ground-type creature in Red & Blue. It was changed into an Ice/Steel-type Pokémon in Sun & Moon.

Question 18

This Ultra Beast is a mockery of a celestial being

Pokémon Sun & Moon introduced an entirely new group of catchable creatures to the series, known as the Ultra Beasts. These are Pokémon from another dimension, who became attracted to our reality, due to the machinations of Aether Foundation. This Ultra Beast is a Steel/Flying-type Pokémon. It is known by the codename of UB-04 Blaster. This is because its arms are actually powerful laser cannons, which can fire blasts of pure energy at their enemy. Despite its strength, the design of this creature's arms is based on bamboo shoots, which suggests that they are fragile.

Question 19

Scyther gained a metallic evolution in Pokémon Gold & Silver

The Metal Coat from Pokémon Gold & Silver had the ability to change two creatures from Red & Blue into Steel-type Pokémon. The first was Onix, and the second was Scyther. Scyther was a cool looking Pokémon who sucked in battle due to its horrible Bug/Flying-type, which gave it a range of weaknesses. The Metal Coat transformed it into a powerful Bug/Steel-type Pokémon. This Pokémon later gained a Mega Evolution form, which turned it into one of the best competitive Pokémon in the series. `

Question 20

Groucho Marx was reincarnated as a Pokémon

This bizarre Rock/Steel-type Pokémon was first introduced in Ruby & Sapphire. Its design seems to be a mixture of an Easter Island head and a Groucho Marx disguise. Why Game Freak decided to create this monstrosity is anyone's guess. You can only create this Pokémon by taking its earlier form into a special magnetic field. These can be found in Mt. Coronet (in Sinnoh), the Chargestone Cave (in Unova), Route 13 (in Kalos), New Mauvile (in Hoenn), and Vast Poni Canyon (in Alola),

Question 21

This Pokémon looks strong but it is actually very fragile

Pokémon Black & White introduced this Dark/Steel-type creature to the series. It is one of the coolest looking Pokémon in existence, yet it isn't so much fun to use in a fight, due to its type. This Pokémon might look like a badass, but it actually has a crippling weakness. The Dark/Steel-type means that it has a x4 weakness to Fighting-type attacks. Fighting-type Pokémon are notoriously strong, which means that one of them could wipe the floor with this sharp Pokémon.

Question 22

This metallic fairy is made of clockwork components

This Steel/Fairy-type Pokémon is one of the event Legendaries of Sun & Moon. Like a lot of the special Legendary Pokémon, this one starred in one of the movies. This Pokémon appeared alongside Volcanion in the 19th animated movie, The movie established that this Pokémon was created by a human who used a mixture of science and magic. This is one of the few cases in which someone directly created a Pokémon. It joins Mewtwo and Genesect in the "Don't Mess In God's Domain" club.

Question 23

This is a member of the four Swords of Justice

This Steel/Fighting-type Legendary Pokémon first debuted in Black & White. It is the leader of a group known as the Swords of Justice, which are a team of four Legendary Pokémon who protect the Unova region and are willing to take on Kyurem in battle. The four Swords of Justice are not necessarily friends of humans, as they have been shown to go to war with humanity in the past. They have been said to shed the blood of humans who would harm Pokémon.

Question 24

This is one of the three titans of Hoenn

The Hoenn region is home to the three titans. These are Pokémon that are said to date back to prehistory. They are based on the real-life legends of the Golem, which are artificial lifeforms that come from Jewish mythology. This member of the titans can be found resting in the Ancient Tomb of Hoenn. This Pokémon actually needed its sprite censored in some regions, as it initially looked like it was performing a Nazi salute with its arms. This sprite was changed for all regions in Pokémon Platinum.

Question 25

Everyone hates the keychain Pokémon

It seems that we owe the two gears and the bell an apology, as they aren't the stupidest looking Pokémon in this quiz after all. Pokémon X & Y introduced a Steel/Fairy-type Pokémon to the series. It is a floating keychain Pokémon, which is the biggest sign that Game Freak has finally run out of ideas. This is a shame, as this Pokémon is actually powerful in battle. Let's just hope that Sora from Kingdom Hearts becomes a Pokémon trainer some day.

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