Can You Name All These Electric-Type Pokémon?


What is it that makes Electric-type Pokémon so popular? Is it because the mascot of the whole series happens to be one? It could be because they specialize in lightning-fast speed, which allows them to get the first hit in on the enemy. They also have the strength to back it up, as their attacks have the power of lightning itself. Is it because it just feels good to have a Pokémon that can fire electricity from its body? There is a chance that people just like the color yellow, which is a common theme among Electric-type Pokémon.

The Electric-type Pokémon are made up of a wide range of animals. There are Electric-type rodents, birds, fish, bugs, dogs, sheep, balls, serpents, robots, and rocks. It seems that all it takes to make an Electric-type Pokémon is to strike something with lightning as if it were Frankenstein's monster.

Pokémon Red & Blue introduced the Electric-type to the series. They can be found hiding in almost every corner of the Pokémon world. If you are smart enough to find one, then maybe you too can add the power of lightning to your Pokémon team. You will have to be prepared for a fight, however, as these shocking Pokémon won't go down without a fight.

If you clicked on this quiz, then you probably think that you know your Electric-type Pokémon. These became some of the most popular Pokémon in the series, which encouraged Game Freak to make more of them. This gives us a lot of Pokémon to choose from. So, Can You Name These Electric-type Pokémon?

Question 1

This is the most recognizable Pokémon in the franchise

Flying Pikachu Pokemon

This Pokémon is one of Nintendo's most famous characters. It was the mascot of Pokémon Yellow and it has appeared alongside Ash Ketchum since the very first episode of the Pokémon anime. This Pokémon is also one of the original characters in Super Smash Bros. and has appeared in every game in that series. You can find one of these Pokémon as early as Viridian Forest in Red & Blue. It can still be found in the wilds of the Pokémon world to this day.

Question 2

You can find this Legendary bird in the Power Plant

Zapdos Pokemon

This Pokémon is one of the three Legendary birds of Kanto. It is notorious for being the most difficult of the three to catch. You can spend all day inflicting status effects and flinging Ultra Balls at this stubborn bird, without ever coming close to catching it. It can be found hiding in the Power Plant off of Route 10. If you are strong enough, then you can try and catch it as early as when you complete the third Gym.

Question 3

Mega Evolution gives this Pokémon an amazing haircut

Mega Ampharos Pokemon

This Pokémon was originally introduced in Gold & Silver. It is the final evolution of Mareep. When Mega Evolution was introduced in Pokémon X & Y, this creature received a new form. If you Mega Evolve this Pokémon, then it will transform into an Electric/Dragon-type. It will also gain a flowing white mane of hair that is to die for, as well as a bushy tail that is adorned with jewels. These style upgrades won't help it in battle, however.

Question 4

This Pokémon took the World Championship

Pachirisu Pokemon

This Pokémon was first introduced in Diamond & Pearl, where it was quickly written off as nothing more than a Pikachu knockoff. Everything changed in 2014 when Se Jun Park included this creature in his team during the final match of the Pokémon World Championships. By using this Pokémon and the movie "Follow Me", Se Jun Park was able to win the championship, as all of the enemy's moves were directed toward this creature. This Pokémon was an integral part of Se Jun Park's winning strategy.

Question 5

This Pokémon can be found running across Johto

Raikou Pokemon

This Pokémon is one of the three Legendary beasts of Johto. When the player enters the Brass Tower, they will find the petrified remains of this Pokémon. Ho-Oh awakens the three beasts from their sleep and scatters them across Johto. If you want to catch this Pokémon, then you need to track it down across the world. You will only be given a few turns to catch it before it runs away. In this way, it is even harder to catch than Zapdos.

Question 6

If you give Eevee a Thunder Stone...

Jolteon Pokemon

This is one of the many possible evolutions of Eevee. It was first introduced in Pokémon Red & Blue as one of the initial three "Eeveelutions". If you expose an Eevee to a Thunder Stone then it will transform into this Pokémon. You may want to consider using this Pokémon in battle, due to its high speed and attacks stats, as well as its awesome Volt Absorb ability, which heals it every time it is struck by an Electric-type move.

Question 7

This is the Cheap Imitation-type Pokémon

Dedenne Pokemon

Each generation after the first has been accused of trying to make lightning strike twice with a Pikachu ripoff. Pachirisu was one such victim of this scrutiny, though it at least managed to win a World Championship. This Pokémon has no such accolades to its name. This Electric/Fairy-type Pokémon first appeared in X & Y, where it debuted alongside all of the Fairy-type creatures. You don't want to use this pitiful Pokémon in a competitive battle, as it lacks the stats to make a difference in combat. It is pretty cute though.

Question 8

The Alola region transformed one of the original 150 Pokémon into this

Alolan Golem Pokemon

Pokémon Sun & Moon introduced the concept of regional variants of classic creatures from the series. The tropical location of the Alola region forced many familiar Pokémon to develop in different ways. This usually resulted in them becoming different types and gaining new abilities. This Pokémon originates from Kanto, where it is a Rock/Ground-type creature. In the Alola region, this Pokémon developed into a Rock/Electric-type monster instead. This caused it to grow a huge cannon on its back, through which it can fire its new Electric-type moves.

Question 9

You can find these in the waters of Johto

Pokemon Lanturn

The first generation of Pokémon games established that Water-type Pokémon are weak to Electric-type Pokémon. If you take a Pikachu into Misty's Gym, then chances are you will wipe the floor with everyone there. This is despite the fact that Misty has Starmie, which is one of the best Pokémon in the series. Pokémon Gold & Silver proved that the worlds of the sea and the storm clouds are not incompatible, as they introduced a Water/Electric-type Pokémon to the series.

Question 10

Is it the one your thinking of, or is it the other?

Voltorb Pokemon

Pokémon Red & Blue started the trend of lazy designs for Pokémon, as the creators of the series just added a pair of angry eyes to a Pokéball and called it a day. You may struggle to identify this Pokémon, as it bears a strong resemblance to the creature that it evolves into. When this Pokémon reaches level 30, its evolutionary form switches its colors. The top becomes white and the bottom becomes red. Can you tell the difference between this Pokémon and its evolution?

Question 11

This Pokémon can evolve with the aid of an Electirizer

Electabuzz Pokemon

When this Pokémon was first introduced, it started out as the lone members of its family. This Pokémon was a pure Electric-type creature, with the strength to rival that of Pikachu. As the series progressed, this creature gained a baby evolution, which requires a high Friendship score in order to evolve. This Pokémon later gained a powerful new evolution of its own, which can only be acquired through trade. You need to trade this Pokémon whilst it is holding an Electirizer in order for it to evolve.

Question 12

This pointy dog is a native of Hoenn

Manectric Pokemon

Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire was the first point at which the designs of the Pokémon were accused of becoming stale. This was the point when the series become formulaic, with a repeating set of story elements that have appeared in most of the games since. The design of this Pokémon was accused of being boring, as it is just a blue dog with spiky yellow hair. This Pokémon received a Mega Evolution in X & Y, which gave it a massive mop of spiky golden hair that would put a Super Saiyan to shame.

Question 13

This pointy cat is a native of Sinnoh

Luxray Pokemon

The new four-legged Electric-type Pokémon trend continued into Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, with this cat creature. This Pokémon has an interstellar theme, which might link it to the constellation of Leo. That might be due to the fact that it is loosely based on a lion. According to the Pokédex, these Pokémon possess the ability to see through solid objects. This would be a tremendously useful ability, which you think would come up from time to time. As it stands, no trainer seems to think to make use of the X-ray vision of this Pokémon.

Question 14

This pointy zebra is a native of Unova

Zebstrika Pokemon

The new four-legged Electric-type Pokémon trend continued in Pokémon Black & White, with the addition of this zebra of the Unova region. This Pokémon can either know the Lightning Rod or Motor Drive ability. These moves both offer total protection against other Electric-type attacks. In fact, this Pokémon becomes stronger or faster when struck by enemy electricity. According to the Pokédex, this Pokémon has the tendency to fly off the handle and fire lightning in all directions from its horn.

Question 15

This big eel can throw thunder from its fists

Eelektross Pokemon

It was only natural that the electric eel would one day be used as the inspiration for a Pokémon. This makes sense, as it is an aquatic creature that has the ability to emit electricity from its body. We did not see an electric eel Pokémon until Black & White when they were first introduced to the Unova region. You will need a Thunder Stone if you want to see its most powerful form, which will also transform it into a grotesque beast.

Question 16

This sphere gained the Steel-type in Pokémon Gold & Silver

Magnemite Pokemon

The Pokémon series is known for retconning the types of certain Pokémon at a later date. This happened to a lot of Pokémon in X & Y when the Fairy-type was first introduced. Pokémon Gold & Silver did this to a lesser extent when the Steel-type and Dark-type debuted. This metal sphere (and its evolution) started out as a pure Electric-type Pokémon in Red & Blue. It became an Electric/Steel-type Pokémon in Gold & Silver without any kind of explanation as to why it changed.

Question 17

This gliding Pokémon will rain thunder onto you

Emolga Pokemon

This Pokémon will be familiar to anyone who tried to defeat Elesa's Gym in Nimbasa City. If you want to complete your journey in Pokémon Black & White, then you need to win the Bolt Badge from Elesa. This is easier said than done, as she will use two of these Pokémon in her team (along with a Zebstrika) and spam Volt Switch. This will allow her Pokémon to attack and then switch out straight away. The battle against Elesa will turn into a fight of endurance, due to these stupid squirrels.

Question 18

This is the Electric-type member of the Forces of Nature

Thundurus Pokemon

The Unova region is guarded by three powerful Pokémon. These creatures are known as the Forces of Nature and they rule over the realms of the weather. They all gained new forms in Pokémon Black 2 & White 2. You need to use the Reveal Glass in order to unlock these forms. This Pokémon gained the ability to transform into a serpent-like creature. You will only get one shot to catch this monster in Pokémon White. If you knock it out, then it won't respawn.

Question 19

This Kalos Pokémon needs a Sun Stone to evolve

Heliolisk pokemon

The sixth generation of Pokémon games included the least amount of new creatures of any entry in the series. This was surprising, as X & Y introduced the Fairy-type of Pokémon and Mega Evolutions. Pokémon X & Y did manage to add a few new unique creatures to the roster. They included this Pokémon, which is the only Electric/Normal-type monster in the series. It is also unique in that it is the only Pokémon that needs a Sun Stone to evolve that isn't also a Grass-type.

Question 20

This Pokémon proves that bugs can be cute

Joltik Pokemon

You have to give the people at Game Freak credit for turning an insect into a cute Pokémon. They were inspired by ticks and transformed them into something you would want to hug. This is one of the smallest Pokémon in the entire series. According to the Pokédex, this creature lives in the fur of larger Pokémon in order to feed off the static electricity that is generated there. They are even known to make their way into homes, in order to drink from power outlets.

Question 21

This Pokémon is almost impervious to damage

Stunfisk Pokemon

The people at Game Freak have chosen some bizarre animals to use as inspiration for their Pokémon. Some examples include Vileplume and Parasect, which are both based on some terrifying real life mushrooms. This Ground/Electric-type Pokémon is based on a fish called the stargazer, which has its face on the top of its head. It is quite disturbing to look at, so don't look for it on Google. This Pokémon is quite cute, though, so just look at it instead.

Question 22

This Pokémon needs a special magnetic field to evolve

Charjabug Pokemon

The most common way to evolve a Pokémon involves leveling them up. There are some Pokémon that require other methods in order to evolve, however, such as through trading, using an evolution stone, or leveling up during a rain storm. One of the most bizarre ways a Pokémon can evolve is by traveling to a special magnetic field. These can found in every region except for Kanto and Johto. This Electric-type insect is one such Pokémon that needs to be taken to a special magnetic field.

Question 23

This Pokémon is usually seen as part of a pair

Plusle Pokemon

Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire managed to include two Pikachu ripoffs in its roster. These Pokémon were connected by an electrical theme, which makes sense, as they are both Electric-type Pokémon. This Pokémon (and its counterpart) were planned to appear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl at one point, where they would have likely fought in a similar fashion to the Ice Climbers. They were scrapped early in development for unknown reasons. The most likely answer is because no one likes them.

Question 24

This Pokémon can change into many different forms

Rotom Pokemon

Anyone who has played Pokémon Sun & Moon will be familiar with this Pokémon, as you will be given one for free as part of your journey. This is because the Pokédex you use in Alola is also one of these Pokémon. This Pokémon has the ability to switch its secondary type, depending on what item it is holding in battle. The items in question are a range of household appliances. It will always remain part Electric-type, no matter what item it is holding.

Question 25

This creature became the mascot of Pokémon White

Zekrom Pokemon

This Pokémon is a member of the Tao trio of Unova. It appeared on the box art of Pokémon White. The version of Kyurem that fused with this creature also appeared on the cover of Pokémon Black 2. The chance of catching this Pokémon with a Pokéball is actually a lot higher than most other Legendary Pokémon. This is because you are required to catch one of these Pokémon as part of the story in Pokémon White, so the developers made it a little easier for you.

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