Can You Name All These Characters From Batman: Beyond?


In 1999, the animated series Batman Beyond was released. The show was a continuation of the previous Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures, set 20 years later in the year 2039.

Though it existed in the same universe, Batman Beyond was extremely different than its predecessors. The original Dark Knight had hung up his cape and was replaced by a teenage superhero. The tone was considerable darker than the others. Furthermore, most of the iconic Batman villains and allies were dead or retired, allowing the show to create a fresh and unique take on Gotham City - now known as the futuristic city Neo-Gotham. A brand new set of rogues and heroes was established over the show's three seasons. It also crossed over into other DCAU shows like Justice League, Justice League: Unlimited, and Static Shock. Fans and critics both responded well to the series.

IGN ranked the series 40th on their list of "Top 100 Animated TV Series."

The premise became so popular that it was adopted into mainstream DC continuity, a spinoff comic series, and the animated movie Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.

Want to test how well you remember the show? See if you can name all these characters from Batman Beyond.

Question 1

Batman II

This character was created for the DCAU by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini. He was once a troubled kid who was a member of a street gang and served a few months in juvenile hall. He accidentally discovers Batman's secret identity. After his father is murdered, he takes over the retired vigilante's mantle to bring justice back to Gotham City. He is sometimes referred to as the Tomorrow Knight, the second Dark Knight, the Dark Knight of Tomorrow, and - of course - Batman Beyond. What is his real name?

Question 2

The original Batman

He once served Gotham City as the original Batman and created a team comprised of Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin. In the time between The New Batman Adventures and Batman Beyond, he retired after a series of traumatizing events. At the start of the series, he is living all alone in his mansion with no one to take care of him. He is elderly, walks with a cane, and suffers from a bad heart - but he can still hold his own in a fight.

Question 3

A corrupt business man

He takes advantage of Bruce's poor health and gains control over his company, Wayne Enterprises. He merges the corporation with his own. He uses the company resources to create a deadly nerve gas, planning to mass produce and sell it as a weapon. Terry and Bruce take him down and expose him to his lethal creation. He is exposed to radiation to save his life, which inadvertently makes his entire body radioactive and translucent. He uses his new powers to become the villain Blight. His real name is_______?

Question 4

Batman's friend and ally

She is the smartest student in Terry's high school and a genius with computers. She discovers that Terry is Batman and promises to keep his secret. She becomes an important ally for the vigilante. She performs much of the detective work, investigations, and is able to hack into computer systems. Terry jokingly says that she is his "Alfred" after she refused to be called his "Robin." She also eventually becomes an ally to Bruce, though he is resistant at first.

Question 5

A street gang of clowns

They are a street gang inspired by The Joker. The clown is long dead, in the show's universe, but not forgotten. There are several different versions of the group - approximately 200, with almost 9,500 active members. They are often led by someone dressed up to emulate the Joker. However, none of the groups come close to the legendary villain in terms of humor or evil. Most of the time, they just wreak havoc on Gotham City with petty and destructive crimes.

Question 6

Terry's father

Terry's parents divorced at some point during his childhood, but they were on friendly terms. Terry lived with his father, who tried his best to keep the wild teen under control. Terry storms out after an argument and returns to find his father murdered. The police blame the crime on the Jokerz, but he was actually killed by Derek Powers' henchman. He worked as a research scientist at Wayne-Powers and discovered the plan to sell the nerve gas as a weapon. His father's death inspired Terry to become the new Batman.

Question 7

Derek Powers' estranged son

He may be estranged from his father, but he proves to be just as callous and corrupt. While running the Wayne-Powers branch in the Latin American country Verdeza, he earns the ire of the residents for neglecting environmental regulations and polluting the country's land and water. Derek calls his son back to Gotham and informs him of his radioactive condition. He asks his son to be the acting chairman of the company. Instead, his son exposes his condition and usurps control.

Question 8

The police commissioner

In her youth she fought crime alongside Batman, Nightwing, and Robin as Batgirl. Like the others, she has retired from being a superhero. She stuck with Bruce the longest before finally calling it quits and lost touch with her former mentor. She became the commissioner of Neo Gotham's police department, following in her father's footsteps. At first, she is skeptical of the new Batman and angry at Bruce for not talking Terry out of it. Eventually, the two become allies.

Question 9

(Bat)man's best friend

Bruce is not completely alone in his mansion. He has this loyal pup to keep him company. The dog is very protective of his master. At first, he does not trust Terry. But he warms up to him over time. As a puppy, he was sold to a corrupt man who ran a dog fighting ring. The dog was forced to become a mean fighter, living a life of constant torment until the ring is busted by the police. He flees from the cops and runs into Bruce, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

Question 10

Terry's mother

After Warren is murdered, Terry moves in with his mother. She does her best to convince him his father's death is not his fault, but it still haunts him. She works as an astronomer at Astro-Tech. His mother is unaware of his double life as Batman and believes he is working as Bruce Wayne's personal assistant. At first, she is happy that her son has a job. But she soon grows suspicious of the late hours and of Terry falling asleep in class.

Question 11

Villains dressed as playing cards

A gang of super villains with a playing card motif. The originals were test subjects in a government program researching metahumans. They were freed from their facility by the Joker, then dressed up as playing cards to do his bidding. There have been several different versions of the group since then. There is always a King, Queen, Jack, Ten and an Ace. In the Batman Beyond version, they do not have superpowers but have access to high-tech weapons. Together, they are known as_______?

Question 12

The Jokerz leader

Carter Wilson is the class president at Terry's high school. On the outside he is a model student, smart and athletic. On the inside, he is very insecure. He also faces pressure from his mother, who constantly pushes him succeed. The pressure drives him into leading a secret life as a gang leader of the Jokerz. When he realizes that Maxine scored higher than him on the school's standardized tests and is set to beat him as valedictorian, he attempts to kill her. His commits crime under the alias__________

Question 13

An African big game hunter

An African big game hunter and poacher who is wanted on three different continents for his crimes. He breaks his back in five places and looses his spine after a disastrous encounter with a black panther. He undergoes a surgery that does a lot more than just restore his his strength - it gives him super strength and senses. Hunting becomes boring for him with his new powers. He decides that Batman is the ultimate prey and killing him with bring purpose back to his life.

Question 14

Terry's younger brother

He is the second child of Mary and Warren McGinnis. He is about eight or nine years younger than his brother. While Terry lived with their father after their parent's divorce, he lived with their mother. When Terry moves in with them, he makes it his mission to annoy his older brother as much as possible. He is a big fan of the new Batman, much to Terry's amusement. He is completely unaware that the hero he idolizes is his own brother.

Question 15

Gotham's district attorney

He is the District Attorney of the city and husband of Barbara Gordon, the police commissioner. They met sometime after Barbara quit being Batgirl. It is unclear if he knows about her past as a vigilante, but it is never brought up in the show. Together the power couple enforces law and order in Neo Gotham. He has convicted and imprisoned nine organized crime bosses, instituted a no tolerance policy on unregistered guns, and tightened parole restrictions to keep violent offenders from being released.

Question 16

Terry's girlfriend

Though her father disapproved of Terry's criminal past, she began dating Terry in high school. His double life as Batman put a strain on their relationship; she gets angry after being stood up too many times. But the two manage to power through. They continue dating for fifteen years after high school ends. She eventually finds out that he is Batman. Despite his warnings that staying with him will be dangerous, she stays by his side. Terry ends up proposing to her.

Question 17

A shapeshifting assassin

She grew up in extreme poverty, leading to an obsession with money. She turns to crime to keep her money-needs satisfied, becoming a mercenary for hire. She also allows an experiment to turn her into a biogenic mutant in exchange for a huge sum of money. The experiment gives her the ability to shapeshift. It also grants her super strength and telescopic vision. She clashes with Batman when Derek Powers hires her to sabotage Foxteca, a rival company of Wayne-Powers.

Question 18

Ten from The Royal Flush Gang

She was born into a family of criminals, so she never had a chance at a normal childhood. Her father is King of The Royal Flush Gang. Her mother is Queen and her brother is Jack. She plays the role of Ten - her main job is to dismantle the security systems of the various places they robbed. She meets Terry and bonds with him, unaware that he is Batman. She chooses her family over him, which she comes to regret. She later cuts ties with them and is reformed.

Question 19

The school bully

He is the star of the hockey team at Terry's school. Despite his popularity, he is also disliked by much of the student body for being an obnoxious and cruel bully. He is always seen wearing his letterman jacket. The jock often picked on the less popular kids and went after those he knew would not stand up for themselves. He and Terry get into a fight that gets the latter suspended from school - again. Over the years, he matures and becomes friends with everyone.

Question 20

Dana's best friend

She is a close friend of Dana and Terry. The cheerleader is one of the most popular girls in school and has several love interests in the series. However, her home life was less than perfect. She frequently clashes with her father and holds a lot of resentment towards him. In an attempt to "fix" her attitude, her father sends her to counseling and to a rehabilitation clinic. Both of these attempts are disastrous; they end up being run by manipulative supervillains.

Question 21

A bullied student who snaps

This socially awkward loner is tormented at school by Nelson Nash, ignored by his crush, and verbally abused by his father at home. He decides that he cannot take it anymore and steals a remote-controlled construction robot named GoLeM. He dons the headband used to control the GoLeM and directs it to crush Nelson's prized car. He gets into a fight with Batman and accidentally short-circuits GoLeM. The freak accident gives him telekinetic powers and the ability to control GoLeM without the headband.

Question 22

He runs a shady therapy ranch

This child psychologist runs a therapy ranch for troubled youth. He promised parents that he could help reform their rebellious and unruly children. Behind closed doors, he tormented the teenagers rather than helping them. He used sleep deprivation, brainwashing, and torture to break their psyches. If they tried to fight back, he would lock them in ISO: a cruel solitary confinement with complete sensory deprivation. The therapy ranch comes to Terry's attention when his friend Chelsea is sent there by her father.

Question 23

A high school counselor turned villain

He is a bitter high school counselor who feels under appreciated by the students and underpaid by the school. To get his revenge, he begins controlling the minds of wealthy students and forcing them to steal valuables from their own homes. He does so by donning a spandex suit with an "eyeball" in one of his hands. He can use the eyeball to project virtual reality images into other people's minds and convince them to do his bidding. Chelsea is one of his victims.

Question 24

Princess of Atlantis

She is the daughter of the superhero Aquaman. She follows in her father's footsteps as Aquagirl and joins the Justice League Unlimited. As an Atlantean, she can breathe underwater, swim quickly, and has super strength and durability. In addition, she inherits her father's power to telepathically speak with all aquatic life and hydrokinesis. Like the other JLU members, she is skeptical of the new Batman when he joins. However, she is considerably more friendly to him than the others are.

Question 25

A sound engineer

Walter Shreeve is an accomplished sound engineer. However, he is not the savviest business man. He inadvertently drives his company, Shreeve Sound Laboratories, into bankruptcy by spending all of his money on research. He is saved by Derek Powers, who purchases the company and funds Shreeve's experiments. He uses the funding to create a cybernetic sound suit with four sound generators. The suit allows him to amplify vibrations to cause destruction and mask or enhance sound. He uses the suit to become the villain ________?

Question 26

The world's best assassin

She was once the best and deadliest member of the Society of Assassins, trained in martial arts and equipped with a thin scimitar that can slice through anything and even deflect bullets. No one remembers her real name, nor has anyone heard her speak or seen her face (except for Batman). She is assigned to kill District Attorney Sam Young, but is stopped by Terry. The punishment for failing to complete a mission in the society is death. However, she manages to defeat every single member until she is the last left standing.

Question 27

A New God of Apokolips

She is a ferocious warrior, known for being impulsive and acting out of anger. She was once a brainwashed agent of the terrible planet Apokolips, ruled by the formidable Darkseid. She was freed by the hero Mister Miracle, who she later married. The couple made a guest appearance on an episode of Justice League Unlimited where they teamed up with the Flash. Sometime in between the JLU series and Batman Beyond, she joined the league. She is extremely skeptical of Terry when he joins.

Question 28

He mutates himself with animal DNA

He is the genetics expert that creates the technique of splicing: infusing humans with animal DNA to make them more powerful. It becomes a fashion trend through Gotham's youth, but the adults of the town are skeptical. When he notices people acting aggressively, the district attorney proposes outlawing the practice. Vowing to kill the D.A., he mutates himself into a chimera - a combination of a hawk, a tiger, and a snake. He overdoes on his creation and dies. His splicing technology becomes illegal after his death. Nevertheless, many villains obtain it.

Question 29

A video game producer

He becomes rich and famous as the producer of the science fiction video game Sentries of the Last Cosmos. The success goes to his head and he start to live in his own fantasy world. He starts calling himself "The Great Wise One" and fills his private estate with technology inspired by the game's world. He neglects to give the game's writer his share of the profits and gets sued. He finds the game's best players, convinces them the fantasy world is real, and has them do his dirty work.

Question 30

This villain was a childhood friend of Terry

His real name is Charlie Bigelow, but he is better known by the nickname __________________. In his youth, he was a friend of Terry's. They were both troubled kids and frequently got into trouble with the law together. Eventually, the two were arrested. Terry was underage, but Charlie is tried as an adult and sentenced to three years in prison. When he is released, he attempts to use Terry to steal from Wayne-Powers. But he accidentally is doused with the chemical cerestone, which turns him into a mutated monster.

Question 31

A fired weapons engineer

Jim Tate was a former Special Forces operative turned weapons engineer who worked for Wayne-Powers until he is laid off by Paxton. When he is unable to find another job, he is forced to accept an illegal deal with a client. He designs a special combat suit and breaks into Wayne-Powers to steal a prototype of a sonic wave device he had created. Batman attempts to stop him, but he manages to escape. He continues to steal until he has a change of heart and turns himself in.

Question 32

The son of Hawkgirl and John Stewart

Rex Stewart is the son of the heroes Shayera Hol - better known as Hawkgirl - and the Green Lantern John Stewart. He inherits the super-strength of a Thanagarian from his mother. Since he is half human, he was not born with wings. He compensates with artificial wings cased in polynized aluminum steel. He uses the same casing as body armor and retractable claws. Like the rest of the JLU, he is angry and skeptical when Superman invites Batman to the team. What is his superhero name?

Question 33

He is a dirt monster

Tony Maychek was the friend and business partner of industrialist Bill Wallace. Though he disapproved of the latter's practice of dumping toxic waster into an abandoned mine shaft, he stuck with the company so that he could provide for his daughter. An accident causes the mine shaft to cave in while Tony was inside. He was assumed to be dead. However, the toxins from the waste disrupted his molecules and merged his body with the cave's soil. His corpse merged with the earth and he gained the ability to create drones made out of dirt.

Question 34

Green Lantern of the future

The young Tibetan was raised in a Buddhist temple before he became a hero. He was recruited to the Green Lantern Corps and the Justice League at a very young age. Like the other human Green Lanterns before him, he is assigned to protect Sector 2814. Despite his youth, he is considerably more mature and wise compared to his older teammates. When Batman is brought to help the JLU, he attempts to keep the peace - particularly with Big Barda and Warhawk.

Question 35

An anti-government terrorist

He is a radical, anti-government, anti-establishment terrorist. He does not see himself as a villain. Rather, it is the corrupt system that is at fault and he is simply standing up to "the man." He concludes that the only way to purge the system of its corruption is to blow it all up so that it can start fresh. He is also known for being hotheaded and unstoppable when he is on a rant. His temper is usually his downfall in battle.

Question 36

A government created synthoid

An advanced tactical synthoid built for the NSA. He can take the form of any human using holographic technology. He was created to gather intelligence on enemies of the state. His missions would be to capture a target and then impersonate them. The captured targets would be killed so he could infiltrate their circles. He carrie out eight successful, highly-classified missions. However, he unexpectedly develops a conscience. He realizes that his last target was innocent, so he escapes the government.

Question 37

Whips extend from his wrists

When he needed a wrist replacement, he enlisted the help of the brilliant Dr. Corso for a prosthetic. He tries to convince the doctor that he can use his talents to enhance humanity and get rich. When the doctor refused, he kidnaps his wife and blackmails him into upgrading him and his friends. The doctor equips him with retractable metal whips embedded in his wrists. He forms a gang with cybernetically enhanced weapons, which allowed them face off against Batman.

Question 38

A size-shifting hero

This member of Justice League Unlimited can shrink and grow his body to any size he desires at will, as well as fly. He is described as the futuristic counterpart to the Justice League hero The Atom. Contrary to his teammates, he actually wants the new Batman to join the JLU. In fact, he attempts to recruit him many times. He sort of gets his wish - when he is badly injured, Superman calls on Batman to temporarily replace the hero.

Question 39

Bruce Wayne's former sensei

When she was younger, she was the star pupil of Yoru Sensei: he ran a martial arts academy in Japan. Bruce Wayne stopped by the academy to train before he became Batman. She crosses paths with the Dark Knight when he rescues her from an abduction. She becomes a respected sensei herself, operating a secret dojo in Gotham City for serious martial arts students. One of these students is Terry; Bruce sends him to learn from her to improve his combat skills.

Question 40

This software genius lives on as a computer program

He founded his own software company at a very young age. As he ages, his health deteriorates from an incurable brain disease. He saves his digitized brain impulses into a computer program. He claims that the program was created to help guide the company. The investors preferred to run it themselves and shut him down. He is dormant for 30 years until his grandson revives the program. His true agenda is soon revealed: to find a living body and transfer his consciousness.

Question 41

A highly intelligent gorilla

He was just another gorilla living in Africa when the poacher James Van Dyle separated him from his mother. He was sold to the laboratory in Gotham State University. The zoologists there used him as a test subject in their experiments to enhance the intelligence of animals. They succeed by splicing him with enhanced human DNA. He gains the ability to speak. Unfortunately, the experiment also makes him unhinged. He breaks out of the lab and seeks revenge on Van Dyle.

Question 42

Leader of Kobra

He was also a student of Bruce Wayne's former sensei, but he is no noble hero. Rather, he is the genetically-engineered leader of Kobra: an underground terrorist organization bent on taking over the world. Members of Kobra worship snakes. They splice their DNA with the reptiles and dress up as them. He falls for Terry's friend Maxine and kidnaps her. He takes her to Kobra's lair and reveals his true identity. He tries to forcibly splice her DNA so that she can be his mate, but is thwarted by Batman and his former sensei.

Question 43

An army scientist

She develops innovative combat vehicles for the U.S. Army. She teams up with Batman when the Jokerz steal one of her experiments. While testing her creation, she saw that the nuclear reactor was leaking. She and Batman chase down the thieves to recover the vehicle before the reactor overloads and potentially destroys half of the city. Batman is reluctant to work with her at first, unhappy that she used an illegal reactor. The two manage to save the day, at the cost of her life.

Question 44

A teen runaway

A teenage runaway who crosses path with Infiltration Unit Zeta, who she affectionally calls "Zee." She gets involved with a gang after she runs from her foster family and a girl's home. The gang leader forces her to steal for them. When she refuses a job, the leader is about to shoot her when Zeta intervenes. The two hide from their enemies and form a friendship. She helps Zee find his creator so that he can prove he is peaceful.

Question 45

He controls rats

Patrick Poundstone was born with rodent-like features and was constantly teased for it. Many people would call him ___________ because of his appearance. He feels more at home living in the sewers with the rats rather than with humanity. He also has the ability to control all the rats in the city with his mind. He becomes obsessed with Dana and kidnaps her. When she rejects his advances, he orders his pack of rats to kill her. She is saved by Batman.

Question 46

An intangible tabloid reporter

He starts out as a struggling journalist looking for his big break. He interviews the scientist Dr. Taka of Wayne-Powers, who tells him that he is researching matter phasing and has designed a vibra-space belt. The belt allows whoever wears it to adjust their density at will, allowing them to become intangible. Intrigued, he steals the scientist's work and sets his lab on fire to cover his tracks. With the belt, he is able to walk through walls and spy on celebrities to dig up dirt. He uses the knowledge he gains to become the host of tabloid news report "The Inside Peek."

Question 47

A child vigilante who goes too far

Kenny Stanton is a neglected child. His father runs the Gotham Youth Counseling Center, but failed to pay attention to his own child. Kenny starts to take revenge on those who had abused the children and teenagers of the city, believing that he was solving the problem and that his father would finally notice him. He dons an exoskeleton that is six feet tall, concealing his young age, and commits brutal crimes in the name of justice. He shows a willingness to kill.

Question 48

An electrokinetic villain

She is a leading member of the Brain Trust: a secret, international society comprised of members who can access the most potential from their brains. They believe they are superior to the rest of humanity. The society lures metahuman children and kidnaps them to serve their agenda. She has electrokinetic powers, meaning that she can generate electrical charges. With a mere snap of her fingers, she can take out several enemies. Her weakness is that she requires the use of her hands to use her powers.

Question 49

Terry's classmate who falls for a robot

This socially awkward nerd is desperate to be popular. He ignores his friends' warnings and continuously attempts to befriend the popular kids, only to be rejected. Desperate, he discovers a service that creates robot companions for lonely customers. He maxes out his parents' credit card to purchase a beautiful red-haired, green-eyed synthoid named Cynthia. All goes well at first and he gains the popularity he desires. But Cythnia proves to be the jealous type and attempts to kill any other girls that get close to him.

Question 50

Born with powerful telepathy

She was born with powerful telepathy that overwhelmed her family. She is kidnapped by the Brain Trust when they trick her parents into sending her to a phony school for gifted children. She makes telepathic contact with Terry and begs him to save her. She shows him the hotel room where she is being held by her captors. He comes to her rescue. She helps him fight off the Brain Trust with her powers and she is returned to her family.

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