Can You Name 20/25 Marvel Movies By Looking At Their Post Credit Scenes?


Since the inception of the MCU, Marvel and many other film universes have started incorporating post credit scenes as a way of teasing what's to come. Love them or hate them, they are a part of the film industry today.

That being said, they often times provide an interesting look at what Marvel has planned for the future. Because their universe becomes bigger by the month, giving audiences a taste of what's to come can actually benefit their product. If it's a more obscure concept, then we already have exposure to it and can accept it sooner. If it's something that fans aren't happy with, then they have time to change it.

Because of how many post credit scenes there are, it is difficult to remember which one belongs to which movie. This is the part where we test our readers to see who can name the Marvel movie by the post credits scene. Keep in mind, we'll be including FOX's and Sony's Marvel movies for this as well.

Question 1

This scene was in which movie?

This post credit scene was a fairly short one. It involved the Mad Titan, Thanos, going to an undisclosed location where he discovers the Infinity Gauntlet. However, the Gauntlet itself doesn't have any gems, meaning that we still have yet to see him gather all of them for his conquest in Infinity War. Then, after years of people stating that he doesn't do anything, we finally get a statement from him saying, "Fine. I'll do it myself." Are you hyped yet?

Question 2

This post credit scene belongs to which movie?

This scene was teased in the movie that it appeared in. Agent Coulson stated that he had to travel to a different location to deal with a situation. It's at the end credits where we finally get a look at what the situation is. We pan over to a desert where Coulson is looking over a scene of many people. He then goes on his phone, presumably to Nick Fury, and states "Sir, we found it." The camera then zooms over a special object.

Question 3

In which movie did this scene occur?

This scene was extremely intriguing when it was first shown off. We see one of our favorite superheroes walking into a building when he realizes that there's someone else with him. When the figure comes into view, it's Nick Fury. They exchange some dialogue about the state of the world and how it needs to be saved. He then says that he is finally putting together a team to deal with the massive threats of the universe. What did he call that initiative again?

Question 4

This post credit scene belongs to which movie?

This scene takes place in a distant hospital. It's there that a woman is treating some patients. As she does this, there is one patient that the camera focuses on. When she gets to him to do the standard procedure, he says something to her and she immediately recognizes him. The implications of this scene were big, as it was clear that the character involved was set to appear in future projects. However, we never got to see the full payoff of it.

Question 5

This scene appeared in which movie?

This scene shows a character who appeared in the related film. He is back at his home after a rough battle with some superpowered folks. His caretaker is giving him some aid with the bruises he sustained. When asked about who attacked him, the kid gave crude descriptions to try and keep his life as a superhero a secret. Then he takes a piece of his suit after the caretaker leaves to figure out that there are more functions that he had yet to discover.

Question 6

This scene belongs to which movie?

This scene showcased a supporting MCU character in an interesting position. He was traveling to SHIELD and discussing a particular matter with them. They show him a briefcase which is opened to reveal a powerful object. As he goes to work on it, we see another face standing in the mirror next to him, suggesting that there are other forces at work in this event. The scene ends with the character stating, "Well I guess we know where to look."

Question 7

Which movie did this end credit scene appear in?

This scene starts off at a bar. It's there that Thaddeus Ross is washing his troubles away in alcohol. Suddenly, Tony Stark appears. He walks through the building in his usual swagger and sits down to have a talk with Ross. They exchange some banter while Stark attempts to get classified information out of the government official. He gets a bit closer to his answer, but apart from that, not much is accomplished in this scene. It's just Stark being Stark.

Question 8

Which Marvel movie had this post credit scene?

Having so many Avengers movies means that Marvel will need to bring many different characters into their universe. However, not everyone will be deserving of their own solo movie, so they have to introduce them in other ways. These superpowered twins were teased at the end of one of the movies. A sinister man is standing at the edge stating that the "Age of Miracles" is approaching. Whatever he meant by that, the important thing to note was that these two characters would make a later appearance.

Question 9

This post credit scene appeared in which film?

This scene was a bit more sinister than the rest. It featured the main villain of the film rotting away in a jail cell. As he sits by himself, a mysterious figure enters the picture, though we never see his face. The two characters have a bit of back and forth before the villain tells the man to leave Peter Parker alone. It's clear that the dark figure had greater plans though as he simply left the scene to keep plotting.

Question 10

Thanos first appeared in which Marvel movie?

While we had an idea of what Marvel was planning, not many people knew of their end game until this post credit scene. It takes us to an unnamed corner of the galaxy where a sinister servant is walking to a giant chair. He states that the people on Earth were stronger than they expected and how they wouldn't go down easily. Then we get a shot of this villain turning around to face the camera, smiling all the way.

Question 11

This post credit scene took place at the end of which film?

Everything seems to progress normally during this post credit scene. Wolverine is walking through an airport when suddenly everyone stops moving. After looking around for a while, we see Charles Xavier wheel up to greet him. Then behind him stands a well-dressed Magneto. Before asking what's going on, the two powerful mutants explain that there is a bigger task that lay ahead of them and they need Wolverine's help. You know it's big when these two enemies have allied with each other.

Question 12

This scene took place at the end of which movie?

This scene showcases some side characters in the MCU going to a fairly unknown corner of the galaxy. It's there that they transport an extremely powerful object to a mysterious being. He simply grabs the object, pays them, and states how he has one down and five more to go. It's an interesting turn of events as the object was only given to him so that it could be kept safe and away from other dangerous artifacts. We'll see how that plays out.

Question 13

Which movie did this scene take place in?

This was one of the lighter post credit scenes that didn't tease anything about the future. It involved one of the Marvel heroes going on and on about their lives while another was sitting and pretending to listen. At the end of the day, nothing significant happens and the two characters are just playing off of each other for comedic effect. It does give an insight as to how their relationship works, but other than that, it's a fairly skippable scene.

Question 14

Where did this end credit scene appear?

This end credit scene addressed an interesting theory that fans of the MCU had for a while. Because of the sheer number of Stan Lee cameos, many people wondered if he was some kind of cosmic being that was able to reappear throughout the movies as a different person. This scene showed him talking to the all-powerful Watchers about the many events he saw throughout the MCU, thus confirming the theory. However, the beings eventually give up listening and walk away.

Question 15

In which film did this scene occur?

Because FOX has the rights to the X-Men, they also have the rights to Deadpool. They've played their hand a few times at trying to bring the character to the big screen, and they've even teased it in other movies. This tease took place after a massive battle. His body was all mangled, but his hand managed to find its way to his head. Then he put his finger over his mouth and shushed the audience, making a clever play on the Merc with a Mouth title.

Question 16

This end credit scene took place in which film?

This scene showed us a glimpse at the new life of Captain America. He was in a strange world where everything seemed to be reminiscent of his time in World War II, but it was quickly revealed that this was a falsified reality. He explores and comes to the conclusion that he's not in Kansas anymore. Looking around at Times Square, he is soon met by SHIELD agents and Nick Fury, who try to tell him what happened in all those years.

Question 17

Which movie contained this post credit scene?

This scene showcased Bucky Barnes being contained in a garage where his metal arm was being held in place. Captain America and Falcon are both interrogating him to try and get him to remember his old life, and they make some progress. However, they shake their heads as they realize they need help and won't be able to accomplish this massive mission alone. There is even a mention that Stark can't help because "the Accords won't allow it." What could it all mean?

Question 18

In which film did this scene take place?

This scene showed off a light character from its respective film. He was moving and performing actions as a normal person, when suddenly, a strange man appears in his home. After stating how the powers were being misused, he simply took away the abilities that the light character was using. Taking matters into his own hands, the hooded figure reveals himself and we're instantly shown that he is traveling down a dark path that will be addressed in a future movie.

Question 19

This scene occurred at the end of which film?

This scene transported viewers to ancient Egypt. It's there that a massive crowd was worshiping at the feet of a powerful being who was carefully assembling the pyramids with his own power. In the background, four figures on horseback watched at a distance, expressing extreme devotion for their master. The camera whirls around to the powerful mutant. Everyone who knows the comics recognizes this young boy, but the other people in the audience will scratch their heads. A big clue here is that the crowd is chanting the character's name.

Question 20

One movie had an end credit scene that spoofed another. Which movie was it?

Because of how popular end credit scenes have become in terms of movie culture, one film decided to use this to its advantage. Spoofing the end credit scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off where audiences are asked what they're still doing in the theater, this movie does the same thing, but with a superhero rather than a regular kid. The scene then goes on to discuss how the sequel will turn out, who will play which character, and how it will fit in to the lore.

Question 21

Howard the Duck appeared in the end credit scene for which film?

Of all of the end credit scenes, this one was the most interesting as well as pointless. The scene takes us to a setting that was destroyed in the movie and shows us how the character is recovering from that event. As their collection runs rampant, his attention is caught by a wisecracking duck just a few feet away. It was none other than Howard the Duck, who is one of the most satirical Marvel characters in history. He already had a live action film directed by George Lucas.

Question 22

This diagram appeared in an end credit scene for which film?

This scene at the end of the film saw a businessman walking through a trail of bodies. Blood and claw marks were everywhere, hinting at a brutal battle. Once he gets to the end of the trail, he is shown a skeleton of the killer in question. Then there is a containment of the formula that was used to create this monster in the first place. He then grabs a vial for himself and places it in a suitcase that contains the logo for a popular corporation in Marvel Comics.

Question 23

This exchange was an end credit scene. In which film did it take place?

This end credit scene showed the main antagonist in prison. As he walks through, another familiar face comes to him with an agenda. The "friend" tries to get information on a particular superhero, but the villain denies it. Then they have a conversation about a group of friends who would like to get a shot at this hero. While the main villain still acts standoffish, this is clearly a tease of something to come. Perhaps we'll be getting a super villain team up?

Question 24

Which film did this scene appear in?

This scene involved one of the antagonists from the movie they appeared in. After suffering a massive defeat, she decides to put together the ultimate weapon to fight the hero who beat her. Apparently, the weapon itself is another hero who was built using the best alien technology available to her species. While it remains to be seen what this character looks like or what he will do, she did give his name out, and that's more than enough information.

Question 25

This scene appeared at the end of which movie?

While not an end credit scene, this was a heavy tease for the future of the franchise it was a part of. It featured an unknown man walking through a hallway of many machines that could enhance the characters that used them. This was a big part of the film that it appeared in, showing that there were much bigger plans. When the end credits rolled, there were many more teasers like this in regards to the imagery involved. What do you think?

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