Can You Match These Game Of Thrones Characters To Their Houses?


In order to understand the world of Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms, it's important to understand the Houses that the characters all hail from. It's not just the individual personalities of the characters that help tell the story of Game of Thrones but the Houses and the history between them. Each House is known for having distinct characteristics, whether it's their sigil or the words of their House. There are alliances that are centuries old and feuds that have become infamous throughout the series.

The alliances seem to change with each new episode but the Houses remain, along with their legacy. Many of the main characters in the series have struggled to maintain the honor of their House and the legacy the next generations will provide. It has become a huge part of the show that is essential in understanding the storyline. While fans of the series have already chosen their favorite characters and the Houses they wish to root for, that's no excuse for not knowing all the other Houses in the series. The way the storyline intertwines with the various families is just another dimension to what makes this HBO adaptation so great. It shouldn't come as a surprise for fans of the A Song of Ice and Fire book series since George R. R. Martin has done a stellar job at creating a rich and diverse world of characters. Yet, the fans that haven't read the books can sometimes get a little confused with all the different characters and Houses.

Question 1

Queen Margaery

While the series has introduced a number of female characters with an incredible amount of ambition, it was Queen Margaery that seemed to have the best notion of how to play the game without losing the love of the common people. She was previously married to King Robert's youngest brother but then married King Joffrey. After his death, she was married again to King Tommen. Yet, none of those marriages helped her in the end. What House did she originate from?

Question 2

The Young Wolf

As the eldest son of the Warden of the North, this character went on to avenge his father's death and made his way to King's Landing. He called in his father's bannermen and was named, "King of the North." Yet, he made some crucial mistakes during his journey, including breaking an oath he swore to Lord Frey. Rather than fulfilling his oath and marrying one of Lord Frey's daughters, he married a woman from Volantis instead. What House did he originate from?

Question 3

King Tommen

As the younger brother of King Joffrey, it was up to Tommen to sit on the Iron Throne after his brother's dead. King Joffrey was poisoned at his own wedding feast and was never able to consummate his marriage to Margaery Tyrell. She became betrothed to Tommen and ultimately married him soon after he became King. Yet, he didn't have the same conviction as his brother and the stress of ruling caused him to take his own life. What is his official House of origin?

Question 4

Lord Commander Jeor

When Jon Snow first arrived at The Wall, he became utterly disappointed at the company he was to keep. All of the new recruits seemed to be cutthroats and criminals and being led by Ser Alliser Thorne wasn't much better. Yet, there was one saving grace for Snow and that was the Lord Commander. He was honorable and well-respected. While with the Night's Watch, he had to forego his titles and lands. Yet, he did have a famous name. What House did he originally hail from?

Question 5

Sweet Robin

When Tyrion was taken prisoner by Catelyn Stark, she chose to take him to visit her sister, Lysa. This was the scene where audiences were first able to meet Robin and his introduction was quite alarming. He was still suckling at his mother's breast and the sight was ghastly. While there has been a lot of work done to try and get Robin to be a true Lord after the death of his mother but it doesn't seem like he will ever be a true warrior. What House does Robin originate from?

Question 6

King Robert

When the Game of Thrones series began, the Targaryens had already been overthrown. While members of their House had been seated on the Iron Throne for centuries, it was the "usurper" that ultimately took it from them. King Robert started a new dynasty, which should have been led by strength. Yet, he stopped being the fierce warrior known for his Warhammer. He became known for whoring and drinking and ultimately died due to strong wine and poor impulses while hunting. What House did he originate from?

Question 7


It is a great honor to be named a member of the Kingsguard since there are only seven slots and they are held for the most skilled warriors in Westeros. Yet, not all of the members of the Kingsguard are able to forego all of their own notions of what is right in the world, in order to protect their King. This was the case when Ser Jaime served King Aerys Targaryen and became known as the Kingslayer. What House does he originate from?

Question 8


When Sansa was first introduced in the first season of Game of Thrones, she seemed like a naïve little girl. Even after seeing the cruelty before her, she still held onto the foolish dreams of what life would be like in King's Landing. After her betrothal to King Joffrey fell through, she was wed to his uncle. Afterwards, she was wed to Roose Bolton's son. Yet, those marriages didn't stop her from being known for her original House. What was her House of origin?

Question 9

Sam the Slayer

When Jon Snow arrived at the Night's Watch, he was the most skilled new recruit. While the other recruits seemed trainable, the newest recruit seemed utterly hopeless. Yet, Jon Snow befriended him and took him under his wing. After the mutiny at Craster's Keep, Sam retreated with Gilly and became the only protector to her and her baby. He killed a White Walker during their journey and took on the name, "Sam the Slayer." While it was meant as a jape, it's still a pretty great nickname. What House did he hail from?

Question 10


When the King of the North led his bannermen to King's Landing, the only protection at Winterfell was being led by the youngest members of House Stark. It shouldn't have come as a surprise when Winterfell was overtaken but the scenario did come with a myriad of twists and turns. When Roose Bolton sent his bastard to Winterfell, he wound up taking a prisoner that he renamed Reek. While he was once from a Great House, he was turned into a lowly servant that had been broken in body and spirit. What was Reek's House of origin?

Question 11


When Bran Stark had to flee from Winterfell, there wasn't a clear mission until he met the Greenseer, Jojen, and his sister, Meera. Jojen was the son of a dear friend of Bran's father, Eddard Stark. There were even flashback sequences that depicted the two fathers during their younger years. Jojen had the gift of sight where he could see glimpses of the future and helped lead Bran to the Three-Eyed Raven. What House did Jojen and Meera hail from originally?

Question 12

Dontos the Fool

When Dontos first appeared in the Game of Thrones series, King Joffrey had already started to become the crazed maniac he became known for. He had already beheaded Ned Stark and seemed happiest when he was doling out cruelty to those weaker than him. Dontos was set to appear for King Joffrey's Name Day celebration but had already started drinking early in the day. He was late to arrive and King Joffrey wasn't happy about it. Although he wanted him killed, Sansa convinced him to make Dontos his fool. What House did Dontos originate from?

Question 13

King Joffrey

While everyone always talked about Aerys II Targaryen as "the Mad King," it didn't seem like King Joffrey was much better. At a very young age, he already started exhibiting signs of extreme cruelty and lack of empathy. He seemed to enjoy beating women and soon got a taste for killing. Yet, his cruelty didn't help him earn many friends and it wasn't long before everyone wanted him dead. He was ultimately poisoned at his own wedding feast. What House did he originate from?

Question 14

Jon Snow

The world of Game of Thrones held lineage of extreme importance. From the titles and lands that were given to the eldest child to the way the family would line up, it was a hugely important factor in all of the Great Houses. When a child was born outside of the marriage, they weren't given the name of their House. Instead, each region seemed to have their own last names for the bastard children. In the North, the last name is Snow for bastards. What was Jon Snow's House of origin?

Question 15

Ramsay Snow

The story of Ramsay Snow's birth is actually pretty tragic. The miller had taken a wife without getting express permission and the punishment was hanging. The new bride was then raped and ultimately gave birth to a child. Ramsay was given the bastard name of Snow and grew up to be extremely psychotic in his pleasures. He had a propensity for feeding his enemies to his dogs and seemed to fully enjoy flaying people. What was Ramsay Snow's House of origin?

Question 16


While the majority of the Houses in the Game of Thrones series has a tendency to treat the women like livestock to be traded at will, there are some Houses that hold their women at a great regard. Yara was the only child still living with her Lord father after her elder brothers were killed during their rebellion. Her youngest brother was sent off to be a ward of Eddard Stark but Yara wasn't sold off. Instead, she was made into a great captain and leader. What is the House she hails from?

Question 17


There are far better nicknames in the Game of Thrones series, besides Littlefinger. Yet, the nickname makes all the sense in the world due to its origins. As a particularly small child from a place called, "The Fingers," it was befitting at the time it was given to him. Yet, he has been able to rise up without being from a Great House. Instead, he was able to create his own House after a great deal of manipulation from one King to the next. What is the name of his House?

Question 18

Lady Olenna

Ever since Lady Olenna was first introduced into the Game of Thrones series, it was plain to see that she was a force to be reckoned with. She even seemed to give Tywin Lannister a run for his money in regard to strategy and it was easy to see why she would have the nickname, "Queen of Thorns." While everyone else in the realm was looking at Tyrion Lannister when King Joffrey was poisoned, they never would have expected the elderly Lady Olenna. What House does she originate from?

Question 19

The Hound

Just like many of the characters in the Game of Thrones series, The Hound has a complex persona that can't be described as completely evil or good. Yet, even from the very beginning of the series, The Hound seemed to have some semblance of honor. Even amongst the Lannisters and even serving the cruel King Joffrey, The Hound was able to show kindness in various ways. He's had quite an arc throughout the series and has become a character that fans root for. What House does he hail from?

Question 20

Prince Doran

There is much to be said for the people of Dorne since their reputation has preceded them long before Prince Oberyn made his way to King's Landing. It is said that the people of Dorne were the only ones that were able to withstand the Targaryens when they conquered Westeros and Ser Bronn of the Blackwater claimed, "The Dornish are crazy." Yet, Prince Doran continued to fight for peace. He wanted the Sand Snakes to forget about what happened to Elia and Oberyn and accept their new King. What House does Prince Doran originate from?

Question 21


While the majority of the females in the Game of Thrones series are made to appear dainty and frail, not all of the characters have remained within the typical guidelines of what is expected of a Lady of a Great House. Just as Brienne of Tarth rebelled against what she was intended to become, Arya knew from an early age that she would never be the same as her sister Sansa. Instead, she has learned the ways of The Many-Faced God. What House did she originally hail from?

Question 22

Princess Myrcella

When Princess Myrcella was first introduced into the series, she was just a small child that barely ever spoke. Yet, even with the few words that she spoke, it was plain to see that she was much kinder than her eldest brother. When she became betrothed to Prince Doran's son in Dorne, she was shipped off (much to the chagrin of her mother). Yet, the rescue mission to bring her back didn't go as planned and she was killed on the boat sailing home. What House did she originate from?

Question 23

Mother of Dragons

There are quite a few sibling relationships with a complex dynamic in the world of Game of Thrones. From Cersei and Jaime to Theon and Yara, it seems like it wasn't just the married couples that had complicated relationships. When Daenerys and her brother, Viserys, were introduced into the series, it was clear that their relationship was extremely dysfunctional. He sold her to Khal Drogo in the hopes that he would give him an army but that didn't work out the way he wanted. What House does she hail from?

Question 24

Maester Aemon

Each Great House has a Maester that is sworn to serve the Lord of that House. In the case of the Night's Watch, they have their own Maester. When Jon Snow arrived at the Night's Watch, the Maester became one of his biggest allies. Maester Aemon provided the tiebreaking vote that led to him becoming the new Lord Commander and he was also very helpful in providing counsel throughout his time at The Wall. Yet, Maester Aemon came from a Great House himself. What House did he originate from?

Question 25

The Mountain

The Mountain is a character in the Game of Thrones series that seemed much stronger than anyone else in Westeros. Yet, his strength didn't only come from his size. It became clear that he had a cruel streak that couldn't be softened by anything. At a young age, he burned his own brother's face for supposedly playing with one of his toys. He later became a servant for House Lannister and even served as Cersei's champion in the trial of Tyrion Lannister. What House does he hail from?

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