Can You Match These Famous Pets To Their Movies?


From the time we’re waiting in line for our popcorn all the way to the closing credits there is one thing everyone can agree on: we love the movies. And there is only one thing in this world that can make movies even more magical: movies with pets! They don’t call dogs “man’s best friend” for nothing. Furry or scaly, big or small, they make a huge impact on the big screen.

Often considered the “underdog” alongside their A-List celebrity cast members it only takes a wag of their tale to have the entire audience wanting more. And who can blame us? Sure, pets in movies don’t usually get the award winning monologues, romantic storylines, or climactic song and dance numbers, but they are the ones to root for from the very beginning. Most of the time pets offer more than you would ever expect, like comic relief, emotional tension, and heroic adventures.

The film industry features so many star pets most at-home DVD collections could be considered a menagerie. So what do you think? Are you an expert on animals on the big screen? Take the quiz below and see if you can match the famous pet to the correct movie!

Question 1

Can you match Rodolfo to the correct movie?

This furry creature scampered across the big screen and into our hearts as Roldofo, a lovable visually-impaired ferret. Considering he starred alongside A-List Celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston and Ben Stiller, this tiny rodent knows how to make a big impact. Rodolfo would scurry aimlessly into walls, trashcans, and humans, but was well loved none the less. Proving that man's best friend can come in all shapes, sizes, and abilities, this is one ferret we could not stop thinking about.

Question 2

Can you match this lovable golden retriever to the correct movie?

This has to be one of the most famous movie dogs to date. With so many sequels and television spin-offs in his name it's no doubt this athletic pooch has proven to be a jack of all trades. Whether it's his handsome smile, luscious golden locks, or never-give-up attitude, this dog proves to be the true MVP as far as famous pets go. Just look at him wearing that jersey! This is a dog that knows the true meaning of friendship and teamwork.

Question 3

Can you match Precious the Bichon Frise to the correct movie?

With a darling appearance that perfectly matches her name, Precious is the unlikely comrade to a psychotic serial killer in this crime-horror feature film. Never too far from her owner's side, Precious mills about amongst the dungeon with her owner, completely unaware of the insanity going on around her. Lotion in the basket? Precious doesn't even notice. It's not until she's held captive at the bottom of the well by one of her owner's prisoners that she truly faces anything horrific.

Question 4

Can you match this crazy Collie to the correct movie?

This bodacious babe of a dog may not have been the leading lady of this film, but she stole her featured scene with a rockin' performance. Studded bracelets and all, she does her duty as man's best friend to warn her totally radical owner of what's going on. Was her BFF's BFF really kidnapped by aliens? Maybe not! But alerting him that his best friend is outside to play street hockey is just as important. Also, this border collie scored a huge bonus with her teased fur that pays homage to her owner's luscious blond locks.

Question 5

Can you match Pascal to the correct movie?

He may be tiny, but he has a big personality! There are many reasons Pascal, the chameleon, makes the perfect pet. He spends the entire movie looking out for his princess of an owner: encouraging her to try new things and explore new places. Sure, his spunky attitude and colour-changing ways may leave him a little misunderstood, but can anyone forget when he went to terrifying heights to retrieve his owner's wedding ring so she could get marries? We sure didn't.

Question 6

Can you match Sandy to the correct movie?

This dog was so spectacular the movie even features an entire song number about her. Sandy, a mutt found on the streets, is taken in by an unlikely little girl with a heart of gold and a locket to match. The rags to riches tale proves that love and friendship are what is truly important. And although you can't always choose your family, at least you can choose your dog. This famous pooch had us smiling from start to finish.

Question 7

Can you match this terrifying Tarantula to the correct movie?

Although an unlikely hero in this cult-classic film, this famous pet helps a young Kevin McCallister battle the baddest of the baddies as he sets up a series of boobytraps and obstacles to protect himself. With no ounce of creativity left untouched, Kevin uses all resources available. This includes using a pet tarantula left behind by his brother, Buzz. Kevin is caught in the grips of one of the bad guy's when he spots the tarantula and places it on his face, allowing Kevin to run away.

Question 8

Can you match these sneaky Siamese Cats to the correct movie?

These siamese cats have almost too much in common. What we mean by that is that they are definitely double the trouble. Singing in tandem, this duo spends the majority of their time in this movie antagonizing the pet dog, bird, and even the fish while knocking furniture over and ruining the curtains. To top it all off they even frame the poor dog for causing all of the trouble. Definitely a pair of famous cats, but for all the wrong reasons.

Question 9

Can you match Frank to the correct movie?

Frank is a dog... or is he? An extraterrestrial in disguise, this adorable pug is the side kick to some very important people. He's a fan of some top musical hits including "I Will Survive," and "Who Let The Dogs Out," to name a few. Frank uses his disguise to help his partners investigate other-worldly crimes and his witty punchlines make him worthy of his own sixty minute comedy special. While he does enjoy being on the scene and working hands on with investigations, he does't turn his nose up at administration jobs if it means better dental benefits.

Question 10

Can you match this mischievous Monkey to the correct movie?

Not all owners are created equal, which is made apparent for this lovable monkey... who also happens to be a highly trained jewel chief. While staying at the Majestic Hotel the monkey, under the violent order of his owner, Lord Rutledge, attempts to find a better life by running away where he befriends a young boy named Kyle. With the help of Kyle's father, Brian, the pair devise a plan to reveal Lord Rutledge's deviousness to save not only the monkey, but the Majestic Hotel as well.

Question 11

Can you match Beans to the correct movie?

It's hard to be noticed when you're competing with such a large family, which is why the relationship between Beans, the lovable frog, and his shy owner, Mark Baker, is so special. Quirky, like his choice of pets, Mark is considered an outcast in his family with his red hair and glasses. He relies heavily on Beans as a friend and when Beans tragically passes away in the film, Mark runs away from home. Mark's family finds and consoles him and without Beans by his side he expresses his need for friendship in the family.

Question 12

Can you match Moo to the correct movie?

Did you know that the Thai pronunciation of the word "pig" is "moo?" And that's just how Moo got his name. Destined to be Molly's dinner, she rescued and adopted him as her beloved pet. When she is evicted from her apartment she gifts Moo to the young girl she nannies for, Rae, and the two of them bond over the learning curve of caring for a pig. Moo is common ground between Molly and Rae, who have distinctively different personalities, and helps them reach a common ground in their relationship.

Question 13

Can you match Abu to the correct movie?

If you're going to be living on the streets and stealing bread to get by, then you might as well have a pet monkey to keep you company. Abu comes in handy when it comes to distracting guards, stealing food, and giving his spunky opinion when it comes to dating princesses. Not one to be left behind, Abu is always up for the ride, whether it be jumping across building tops in the city or flying on a magic carpet.

Question 14

Can you match this genuine Great Dane to the correct movie?

You would think if you were afraid of ghosts and monsters you would do your best to avoid them completely, but not this pooch! In this movie, the mystery solving friends break up after solving a local mystery when jealousy and selfishness get in the way. It isn't until they all receive mysterious free tickets to a horror theme park island do they reunite. Never too far from his best friend, Shaggy, or a tasty snack, this dog proves to be the glue that keeps the Mystery, Inc. crew together.

Question 15

Can you match this beagle to the correct movie?

It seems to good to be true for this pup when he follows Marty Preston home in the hopes of being rescued, but Marty's mother insists that he is returned to his original owner, Judd. The major problem here is that this dog's original owner is abusive toward the dog and Marty is not happy about it. This famous pooch makes a brave journey back to Marty after being abused by his owner again and hides in Marty's shed until he is attacked by another dog. Judd and Marty fight over this adorable dog until the best decision for him is made.

Question 16

Can you match Mr. Bigglesworth to the correct movie?

With a look this bold, there isn't any denying that this cat, Mr. Bigglesworth, is known for being a famous pet. Originally a persian cat with soft fur, Mr. Bigglesworth became a Sphinx while losing all of his hair when an error was made while he was being defrosted (after being cryogenically frozen with his owner). Now, with his devious eyes and sleek body, he makes the perfect villainous sidekick to a very wicked Dr. Evil, who plans on terrorizing and taking over the world.

Question 17

Can you match this lovable Labrador Retriever to the correct movie?

This rambunctious is the total star of this box office hit. From puppyhood to a lovable senior we watch this dog grow into something truly special. Adopted by a newlywed couple, this pup proves to test their patience: difficult to train, destroying to house, and even being expelled from dog school. When his owners begin their journey expanding their family with human babies and not fur babies, it becomes difficult to care for Marley and it's suggested he be given away to a different home. A very relatable and tearful ending for the dear dog leaves the audience touched.

Question 18

Can you match Snowbell to the correct movie?

Despite his luxurious mane and adorable pink nose, Snowbell is anything but innocent. He has a difficult time accepting his family's newly adopted a son, even attempting to eat him at first, and proves throughout the film to put his own needs first. He runs with a pack of other devious cats run by Smokey, who Snowbell secretly fears. Despite his original feelings toward his expanding family he pulls through in a serious time of need - helping to even save the day.

Question 19

Can you match Sam to the correct movie?

If the world is being taken over by an apocalypse of blood thirsty mutants affect by the Krippin virus, it would be super difficult to get by. Luckily for this pooch, Samantha (AKA Sam), her owner is a brilliant scientist and follows him as he searches for survivors, sanity, and a cure throughout deserted New York City. Proving to be a true comfort for his owner, the audience roots for her survival early on. When Sam is attached by a mutant, her owner tries to save her using the cure he's been working on, but the virus is too strong and difficult decisions must be made.

Question 20

Can you match this precious Pig to the correct movie?

There are some pets that go above and beyond. Inspired by his canine cohorts, this ambitious little pig has big dreams of becoming a sheep dog. He tries his best to protect the sheep from the actual sheep dogs who use violent force when herding them which proves his worth to his owner and even spares him from becoming Christmas dinner. Struggling to command the attention of the sheep, he confides in his other barnyard pals for advice and is ultimately given a secret password and proves to be a better sheep dog than any actual dog.

Question 21

Can you match this famous trio to the correct movie?

The furry trio, through a series of unfortunate circumstances and miscommunication, embarks on a long haul of an adventure to search for their original owners when they relocate temporarily for work. In fear of being abandoned, Chance, Sassy, and Shadow take on the world without a trail. With a shake of their tales they prove to overcome the foreign wilderness hiking through mountains despite their fears. Of course, this is no easy task, and at one point or another each of them is at risk of being left behind, but their true bond of friendship and hope to make it back together keeps them going.

Question 22

Can you match this special St. Bernard to the correct movie?


There's a reason this dog has developed quite the fanbase. After heroically escaping abduction as a puppy, this fantastic pooch makes his way to the Newton home. The welcoming feeling isn't mutual from the whole family, but who could really say no to a dog this sweet? This dog proves to be a jack of all trades: he gives great love advice, assumes unexpected lifeguard duty, and even scares away a gang of middle school bullies. The drama doesn't stop there with this pup, but he always proves to overcome obstacles while making everyone smile.

Question 23

Can you match Lucifer to the correct movie?

With a name like Lucifer you know this wicked looking kitty cat is going to be trouble. Taking after his owner, this ferocious feline uses his clever ways and selfish attitude to make his presence know. A true glutton - he enjoys nothing more than the thrill of hunting, chasing, and eating mice. Antagonizing, taunting, and sneaking are just a part of his nasty nature - which is no surprise when you consider just how awful his owners can be.

Question 24

Can you match Meeko and Flit to the correct movie?

There's something about this famous duo that has captured the audience since the first time on the big screen. Meeko, a charming raccoon with an appetite for biscuits, and Flit, a no-nonsense hummingbird prove to be quite the unlikely duo, but together provide friendship and guidance to their adventurous owner. Whether they're jumping off waterfalls, searching for snacks, or investigating their owner's newest love interest, Meeko and Flit's mismatched personality mesh quite well when it comes to looking out in the best interest of their owner.

Question 25

Can you match this manipulative Monkey to the correct movie?

Monkeys have proven to be skilled at a lot of different things - eating bananas, climbing trees, and even learning a few tricks. But for this masterful monkey the ability to pickpocket is just one of the reasons he runs away from his previous owner - a devious gypsy. He meets Eva, a young girl feeling left out with a new baby brother in the family, while working on the boardwalk. Together they form a close friendship, with their quirks set aside, and work together to free Dodger from his previous mischievous owner forever.

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