85% Of People Can't Match These Aliens To Their Movie?


The premise of life outside of Earth has become a favorite theme for filmmakers. The idea of the unknown is something that can be expanded on in a wide variety of ways and it's always appealing to moviegoers. There are other genres that are forced to adhere to a specific model when it comes to storylines like those romantic comedies that show that their true love was really right in front of them the whole time. Yet, that isn't the case with films including aliens. Life outside of Earth can encompass everything from parasitic monsters to friendly little, green men. These sorts of Sci-Fi films don't always have to include a happy ending and there's always a chance for heroes to emerge from the cast of characters.

With technology in filmmaking improving with each new year, it seems like alien films have become even more popular. It's far more realistic to see films that take place outside of Earth and the aliens are much more life-like than in older films. It's easy to see why space exploration has become much more popular with filmmakers and audiences alike. Yet, with so many alien films being made in recent years, it can sometimes get a little confusing in trying to recall which aliens were from their corresponding films. To make things even more difficult, many of these alien films have been popular enough to go on to become franchises. Test your knowledge on this favorite Sci-Fi genre and see if you can match these aliens to their film.

Question 1

Ellen Ripley

This 1992 film was the third installment in the franchise and did well at the box office like the previous films in the film series. Sigourney Weaver reprised her role as Ellen Ripley and showcased a bald look that was perfect for those up-close scenes with the monstrous aliens. Yet, there were many that criticized the film for not having as well written of a script like the other films in the franchise. What is the name of this film?

Question 2

1996 comedy

In this 1996 film, Earth is invaded by aliens from Mars. While other films have shown alien invaders as being bug-like, these aliens looked much more like human space explorers. The facial construction seemed to have similar eyes and skeleton but obviously the brain was much larger. There was an extreme amount of violence in the film since they definitely didn't "come in peace" like they initially stated. Yet, the film was seen as a comedy rather than a horror flick. What is the name of this film?

Question 3

Steven Spielberg remake

This 2005 film was based on an infamous novel by H. G. Wells and had a long history behind it due to Orson Welles' radio broadcast that spread panic amongst its listeners. The radio broadcast was made to sound like an actual news report, stating that Earth had been invaded by aliens. The story within the novel was perfect for bringing it to the big screen but it was the adaptation by Steven Spielberg that truly made it special. What is the name of this alien film?

Question 4

M. Night Shyamalan film

This 2002 film had a storyline based on the mysterious crop circles that have appeared around the world. The story was written by M. Night Shyamalan, who later directed, produced and starred in the film. Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix also starred in the film but there were some that criticized the plot. While the majority of the film was intensely suspenseful, there were also a myriad of life lesson moments that are typical of an M. Night Shyamalan movie. What is the name of this alien film?

Question 5


This 2012 film was a huge addition to its franchise since it was the prequel to arguably the biggest extraterrestrial film series ever made. The premise of the film revolves around a map that is discovered amongst the ruins of ancient sites. It leads to an expedition that isn't just about finding life outside of Earth but also about creation. The film starred Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender and went on to produce a sequel to this prequel. What is the name of this film?

Question 6

Sequel to the prequel

This Ridley Scott creation was released in 2017 and is the sequel to the prequel in the franchise. There aren't many film franchises that have had the same amount of success and even with this installment, fans are looking forward to the next film. The biggest star of the film was Michael Fassbender, who played two very different and distinct characters. One of the characters was the reprisal of the prequel but the other was completely different. What is the name of this film?

Question 7


This particular alien was featured in the original film that sparked the entire film series. While alien films are often meant to frighten, this film offered a more adventuresome plot that drew in an audience of both young and old. This alien was featured in the first film and was an Arquillian. Because of its incredibly small body, it had to use an exo suit that allowed it to appear human amongst the residents of Earth. What is the name of this film?

Question 8

“I ain’t heard no fat lady!”

This 1996 film starred a number of noteworthy actors but it was Will Smith that everyone seems to remember. He had acted in a handful of films prior to his appearance in this science fiction film but this is the film that truly solidified him as an action star. The alien invasion brought the chance for a handful of characters to become heroes and Will Smith's character truly proved himself with his flight skills and hand-to-hand combat tactics. What is the name of this film?

Question 9

Bug-like aliens

While this 1997 science fiction film has been all but forgotten by moviegoers, it is still considered a classic in regard to alien films. The film starred a number of memorable actors during their younger years, including Denise Richards and Neil Patrick Harris. The story followed John Rico throughout a military career where the enemy were an alien race that looked very much like extra large bugs. The alien race was named, Arachnids, and definitely preyed on audience members with a fear of spiders. What is the name of this film?

Question 10

Diva Plavalaguna

This 1997 science fiction film has a cult following due to its cast and alien characters. Milla Jovovich has definitely had some better roles since then but watching her traipse around in nothing but white straps became infamous. Chris Tucker and Bruce Willis were also featured in the film but it was the performance of Diva Plavalaguna that ultimately stuck in people's minds. This alien operatic performer actually had a huge role in the storyline since she was the location of the mystical stones. What is the name of this film?

Question 11

Seven-limbed aliens

The idea of discovering life outside of Earth is something that is exciting and incredibly frightening. It would definitely be a help to humankind to find another intelligent being that would be able to share their knowledge but with humans being such an aggressive species, it's most likely that an encounter with aliens wouldn't end up well. This 2016 film revolves around the notion that humans would react aggressively if an alien spaceshift were to arrive on Earth. What is the name of this film?

Question 12


This film is based on the best-selling novel by Douglas Adams. While there have been those to criticize the film for the way it depicted the characters, there are others that thoroughly enjoyed seeing the words come to life on the big screen. The biggest alien presence in the film was the Vogon fleet, which appeared from the very start. With Earth being completely destroyed (without so much as adequate notice), the two main characters were able to board one of its ships. What is the name of this film?

Question 13

Phone home

This film is one of Steven Spielberg's crowning glories as a filmmaker and has become iconic in the eyes of moviegoers. It starred Drew Barrymore as a child actress and attracted audiences of all ages. The premise revolved around an alien that arrives on Earth and is accidentally left behind by his group. The children the alien interacts with become its protectors. The goal is to eventually send this alien back to its home planet before the government can get their hands on it. What is the name of this film?

Question 14

Science fiction geeks meet alien

Although this film was released in 2011,the alien in the film looks strikingly similar to the grey alien featured in American Dad!, the animated series. This comedic film revolves around two science fiction enthusiasts that travel to various UFO famous sightings and a convention for other science fiction fans. When they run into this extra terrestrial, it's not exactly what they're expecting. With a sarcastic persona and the voice of Seth Rogen, the film did a great job at making this alien seem almost human. What is the name of this movie?

Question 15


This is a James Cameron masterpiece that was released to theaters in 2009. The story revolves around humans looking to colonize a habitable moon, named Pandora. There is already a local tribe living on this moon and their appearance is quite different from human beings. From the blue skin to the tails, James Cameron was heralded for the amazing job he did to bring the characters and the world of Pandora to the big screen. What is the name of this film?

Question 16

Never use electricity

This 2017 film revolved around a crew that believed they had found life on Mars. The initial testing of the alien organism made it seem like it was a miraculous new being that needed to be cultured. Yet, the tide quickly turned when they introduced an electronic prong in order to wake it from its dormant state. The alien began killing each crew member one by one and the film quickly turned into an utter horror flick. What is the name of this film?

Question 17

General Zod

While there have been a number of depictions of General Zod throughout the years, it was Michael Shannon that reprised the role in this 2013 film. General Zod has been depicted with a variety of different storylines and backgrounds but this film showed him as being from Kandor. He started a rebellion on his planet and ultimately took the fight to Earth. He may not look like the typical alien but neither did his superhero counterpart. What is the name of this film?

Question 18

Drax and Mantis

This 2017 film was highly anticipated by fans of the first installment. All of the main cast of characters were there and there were some great additions as well. Although Chris Pratt's character, Star-Lord, had a storyline where he was abducted by aliens at a young age, this sequel told a broader story of his heritage. There were a variety of aliens depicted in this film and the half-breed story of Star-Lord was the most interesting one. What is the name of this film?

Question 19

Two forces collide

There are often science fiction matchups that don't exactly seem right but for some reason they are pondered at length. When this film was released in 2011, audiences didn't exactly know how to take it since it seemed like such an odd pairing. Yet, seeing Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig team up on the same side was worth the price of admission and throwing in Olivia Wilde was definitely a bonus. While the film was heavily criticized for its storyline, it did have a memorable name. What is the name of this film?

Question 20


This is yet another film from M. Night Shyamalan and features Will Smith acting alongside his son, Jaden Smith. Although the film was heavily criticized as a failure from the famed filmmaker, there were still many that felt that it had an amazing message. The Skrel were an alien race that created the Ursa monsters to destroy humanity and they had the unique ability to detect fear. They used this ability to find its enemies and thus, mastering one's fear was essential in beating these aliens. What is the name of this film?

Question 21


This Tom Cruise action film was released in 2014 and depicted Emily Blunt as the leading female character. There aren't many films that show the leading lady being more fierce than the well-known male action star so this was a huge win for the British actress. Many compared the plot of this film to a video game because of the way each day was repeated after the death of its main actor. What is the name of this 2014 film?

Question 22


The premise of this 1995 film revolves around a scientific team that received a message from an alien race. This team received a DNA structure that they decided to splice with female human DNA. The girl was named, Sil, and seemed tame enough while she was a little girl. Yet, she escaped the facility and grew at an inordinate speed. She went on a mission to reproduce and morphed into a much less human looking creature. What is the name of this film?

Question 23

Looking out for the neighborhood

Oftentimes, moviegoers are lucky if they are able to see one or two great comedic actors in a film. Yet, this 2012 film was jam-packed with the best comedic actors in Hollywood. Seth Rogen, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill all lent their time to act in this science fiction comedy. The cast of characters are part of a neighborhood community watch where they set out to solve a mysterious death and encounter aliens. What is the name of this film?

Question 24


The premise of this 2000 science fiction film revolves around the idea that there is a structure buried within the surface of Mars. The majority of this film features the individual astronauts and the struggles they have to endure in space exploration. There is actually a pretty moving story regarding the love between Commander Woody and mission specialist, Terri. Yet, the real intrigue began once the aliens revealed themselves within the humanoid face on the surface of the planet. What is the name of this film?

Question 25


This film was released in 1998 and has a storyline that is very similar to the Matrix film series. While both films show a human being with the distinct power to change the environment around him and a group that manipulates the world and its population, this film differs in that it features the Strangers. These are endangered extraterrestrial parasites that have to use human corpses as a way to animate themselves. The experiments on the human beings are the stuff that nightmares are made of but there is one hero that can change everything. What is this film's name?

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