Can You Match The Will Smith Picture To The Movie?


Will Smith has had an eclectic career. He's been a fixture at the movie theater for over two decades now, and over those decades, he's made several certified hits, picked up a pair of Oscar nominations, and starred in a few flops as well. Of course, Smith started his career as a rapper and sitcom star, but his charismatic screen presence ultimately made him a natural fit for the silver screen. Smith's career has spanned genres and filmmakers, but his magnetic presence has always made him worth watching, and the box office figures he continues to rake in suggest that he will continue to be a movie star for the foreseeable future.

Still, even the most dedicated film lovers probably haven't seen every film Smith has made over the course of his career. After all, that career has been fairly substantial, and it's included a few films that most people probably aren't too excited to see. This quiz is for those dedicated to Smith's career, who have been following him since his first onscreen work. Only those who have been captivated by Will Smith for decades have any hope of acing this quiz. They're the ones best equipped to match each of these Will Smith images to the film they come from.

Question 1

Which Will Smith Movie Features Him in a Pair of Shades?

This Will Smith film features images of the iconic action star in a pair of sunglasses. Although the film has two sequels, this image is from the first installment, which sees a young Smith teaming up with Tommy Lee Jones to hunt down aliens. The series quickly became a phenomenon, and was definitive proof that Smith was gold at the box office. Although the film's sequels aren't all that well regarded, the original is still thought of as a definitive entry in the sci-fi comedy genre.

Question 2

Which Will Smith Movie Features Him Looking Fairly Bedraggled?

Hancock Will Smith

This Will Smith project features the star as a superhero who isn't exactly grateful for all of the power that's been bestowed on him. Instead of saving the day, he drinks pretty heavily, and he leaves massive collateral damage behind him wherever he goes. When he saves the life of a PR executive, Smith's superpowered character discovers his softer side. Smith's only ever played a couple of super powered characters, and this is one of them. He saves the day, but he isn't clean about it.

Question 3

Which Will Smith Movie Features an Image of Him Drenched?

One of Smith's more dramatic performances, this film sees Smith attempting to atone for the sins of his past by helping seven random strangers. His plan is complicated when he falls in love with one of these strangers. Although this was Smith working in a dramatic mode, the film was ultimately fairly poorly received and didn't earn Smith the kind of attention he had hoped to garner. Smith gave the film everything he had, but the idea behind the project wasn't good enough to work.

Question 4

Which Will Smith Movie Features Him on Horseback?

Wild Wild West Will Smith

Will Smith has tried to dip his toes into as many different genres as possible during his career, including westerns, a genre he's only attempted once. This film features Smith playing a Civil War hero who is sent on a mission to arrest a man plotting the assassination of Ulysses S. Grant. Smith plays a swaggering hero as well as any living actor, but this film was a flop anyway, largely thanks to a weak script that none of the film's actors could overcome.

Question 5

Which Will Smith Movie Also Features Matt Damon?

This controversial film stars Will Smith as a mysterious golf coach who helps a young Matt Damon rediscover his game. Smith's role in the film was criticized by some for the way it played into stereotypes about the "magical negro," and the film tanked when it hit theaters. Fortunately, both Damon and Smith's careers recovered from the blunder. Director Robert Redford has also remained a presence in Hollywood in the years since, although he recently announced his retirement from the movie business.

Question 6

Which Will Smith Movie Also Stars Whoopi Goldberg?

This film helped catapult Will Smith into stardom during the early 1990s, although it wasn't particularly well reviewed. The film followed a young girl who discovered that her father (Ted Danson) was a sperm donor, and chronicles the relationship she establishes with the man, who leads a very different way of life than her mother (Whoopi Goldberg). Smith's part in the film is fairly small, but he was charismatic enough to stand out in a film that has otherwise been largely forgotten.

Question 7

Which Will Smith Movie Features Smith and Martin Lawrence as Detectives?

The first entry in a series, this film follows Martin Lawrence and Will Smith as a pair of detectives who are given five days to discover who stole $100 million in heroin from the narcotics division. Directed by Michael Bay, the film is action-packed and bombastic in a way that would become the director's signature. The film was popular enough to deliver a sequel, and there's a third one in production as well. The film represents one of Smith's earliest blockbuster roles, and it's not one that he squandered.

Question 8

Which Will Smith Film Features Smith and Margot Robbie Running Cons?

Focus Will Smith

This 2015 film features Smith as a veteran con artist who takes a young woman under his wing. The pair become romantically involved, but Smith's character calls things off when it seems like she's getting too close. Years later, they run into one another again, and Smith's character is forced to work on the fly to keep himself from being distracted by her presence as he runs a sensitive con. The film would be the first of two collaborations with Robbie in Smith's career to date.

Question 9

Which Will Smith Movie Features Smith Suppressing His Emotions?

This infamous flop features Smith and his son Jaden as two space voyagers who land on an inhabitable Earth in the distant future. Although the relationship between the pair is strained, they have to work together if they're going to survive their time on the planet. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, the film was panned by critics, and didn't do much better at the box office. Fortunately, Smith is the rare movie star capable of taking these hits and surviving them unscathed.

Question 10

Which Will Smith Movie Also Features Gene Hackman?

This Will Smith project sees him go on the lam after he is framed for the murder of a congressman. As the film unfolds, Smith's character attempts to prove his own innocence and find the men who are truly responsible for the murder. This film proved that Smith was an extremely viable commodity at the box office, as it was one of the first movies in his career where he was the sole focus. It may not be what he's most remembered for, but it's one of the most important films of his career.

Question 11

Which Will Smith Movie Features Tons of Robots?

I Robot Will Smith

Although this Will Smith film opened to mixed reviews, it did incredibly well for itself at the box office. Starring Smith as a detective who discovers a conspiracy designed to enslave the human race, this film takes technophobia to the extreme by depicting a future in which humans have become overly reliant on technology. Based on a collection of short stories from Isaac Asimov, the film turned those stories into a more thrilling mystery film, one that holds together largely because of Smith's presence.

Question 12

Which Will Smith Movie Features Smith as a Grieving Father?

The latest Will Smith film to be released in theaters sees Smith as a grieving father who writes letters of love, time, and death to deal with his loss. Eventually, those ideas take on human forms and visit him one by one, helping him better understand how even his worst losses contain moments of beauty and meaning. The film didn't perform well with critics or at the box office, but features a slew of stars including Edward Norton, Kate Winslet, and Keira Knightley.

Question 13

Which Will Smith Film Features Smith as a Sharpshooter?

This Will Smith film features a slew of bad guys who are on a mission to do some good. Smith is one of these bad guys, a sharpshooter who was released along with the rest of the team. This is Smith's only proper entry into any superhero franchise currently running, and it's also his second collaboration with Margot Robbie. The film did very well at the box office despite some mixed to negative reviews, in part because of the star power Smith brings to the screen.

Question 14

Which Will Smith Features as a Pilot?

This Will Smith movie was the big budget disaster movie to end all big budget disaster movies. Smith was part of a sprawling ensemble that was forced to deal with an alien invasion. Smith was a clear standout in the film, in part because of his skills as a comedic actor. Smith is ultimately part of the team tasked with giving the alien mothership a virus that will severely debilitate it, and his character seems to be among the best pilots in the world.

Question 15

Which Will Smith Movie Sees Smith Play a Nigerian Doctor?

In one of Smith's most heavyweight performances to date, he plays a Nigerian doctor who discovers that football players have an increased likelihood for severe brain deterioration later in their lives. Based on a true story, the film chronicles Smith's character's attempts to make the sport safer for those who play it, even as he runs up against a variety of institutional obstacles. Although Smith wasn't nominated for an Oscar for his performance in the film, it was widely regarded as excellent by critics.

Question 16

Which Will Smith Movie Features the Actor Playing an ESPN Anchor?

Will Smith only has a small cameo in this film, but he certainly leaves an impression. He's one of several anchors leading teams of news men in the film's climactic battle, alongside Liam Neeson, Tina Fey, Kanye West, and others. Smith only gets one quick moment to introduce us to his character, but he's so recognizable that that's all we really need. The sheer number of celebrity cameos in the closing minutes of the film speak to a saturated news environment, one where sports news has its own channel.

Question 17

Which Will Smith Movie Features a Group of Runaways?

Will Smith's first onscreen role was as a member of a group of runaways in Los Angeles. Though Smith's role in the film isn't terribly large, he manages to make an impression. The film follows the group of young people as they face a change in their dynamic when a new woman joins them. They live dangerous lives, but this film makes it clear that nobody is going to get them to change. Smith filmed the movie while he was starring in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Question 18

Which Will Smith Movie Features Smith as a Single Dad?

This Will Smith film earned Smith his second Oscar nomination, and also starred his son Jaden. The film follows Smith as he attempts to make a living for himself and his son, and sees them through a plethora of difficult circumstances. Although this true story ends well enough, it's a hard road for Smith's character to get there. The film leaves viewers with a message of hope, illuminating the way Smith's character got through the hard times in his own life.

Question 19

Which Will Smith Movie Sees Smith Travel to Miami?

A sequel, this Will Smith movie follows a pair of detectives who travel to Miami to stop the flow of ecstasy into the city. The pair eventually track the drugs to a Cuban smuggler, and matters are further complicated when it's revealed that Smith is dating his partner's sister. Michael Bay returns to the director's chair for this follow up, which more than doubled its money at the box office, but was slammed by critics for its reliance on familiar action beats.

Question 20

Which Will Smith Movie Features Smith and a Dog?

This post-apocalyptic film sees Smith navigating a New York City that has been utterly destroyed with only a dog for company. The movie follows Smith as he searches for the cure to a virus that has infected humanity and turned most of its population into zombified versions of what they used to be. Although the film ends with Smith's character taking his own life, many were frustrated by the theatrical version where the ending had been changed significantly from the original cut.

Question 21

Which Will Smith Movie is His Only Animated Film?

This Will Smith film is the only animated film in his career, and it follows a small-time fish with grand ambitions who pretends that he is the man behind the murder of a notorious shark gangster. Things get hairy for him when he realizes that his story will have consequences outside of his control, and the film unfolds from there. Though the film was nominated for Best Animated Feature at the Oscars and did well financially, it was derided by critics.

Question 22

Which Will Smith Movie Features Smith Reprising an Iconic Role?

Although there was a long break between the second and third installments in this series, the wait ultimately seemed to be worth it. Following Smith's alien hunting agent as he travels back in time to save his partner's life, this film received a more positive reception than the second installment of the franchise. Starring Josh Brolin as a younger version of Smith's partner, the film manages to tell a compelling time travel story that gets fairly complex without becoming confusing.

Question 23

Which Will Smith Movie Sees Smith Telling a Convincing Lie?

This early Smith film follows Smith's character as he attempts to ingratiate himself into the lives of an older, wealthy couple by pretending to be a friend of their children. When the truth is revealed, Smith's character is kicked out, although his presence proves hard to shake, in part because of the way he managed to charm them both. An adaptation of a stage play, the film managed to engage audiences, and proved what a potent force Smith could be in more serious roles.

Question 24

What Will Smith Movie Gives Him the Chance to Offer Dating Advice?

In this romantic comedy, Smith plays a dating coach who helps other men find the women of their dreams. As the film unfolds, we see Smith's character help a bumbling man who's in love with one of his clients. At the same time, we see the way Smith's character falls in love, and learn why he treats love like a game. The film gave audiences a winning performance from Smith, one that allowed him to return to his comedic roots while still utilizing his oodles of charisma.

Question 25

Which Will Smith Movie Earned Him His First Oscar Nomination?

One of Smith's first forays into a serious dramatic role gave him the chance to play the most famous boxer in the sport's history. The film chronicles the man's life, and the way he changed the sport of boxing and the society around him. Constantly challenging norms on everything from race to the war in Viet Nam, Smith plays this athlete as a fighter who was unwilling to cede ground on any issue. It's a fierce performance, one that garnered him recognition from the Academy.

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