Can You Match The Video Game Weapon To Its Character?


Video games have come a long way since their popularity spike in the 1980's. Classic games featured simplistic controls, basic designs, and rather short stories. With limited hardware and a rapidly evolving market, it was hard for game designers to craft titles that showed more than a few pixels bumping into one another. Fast forward to the modern age and video games are full blown works of art. Developers are no longer hindered by dated technology and are able to produce high quality images and character designs.

This spike in visual alacrity paved the way for iconic weapon designs and unique character abilities. Throughout the years, we've seen a plethora of unique and interesting weapons. From swords and shields, to magic spells and powerful elixers, video games have featured a colorful array of iconic weaponry.

This prompted us to craft a small quiz, testing your ability to recall some of the most memorable weapons in gaming history. How well do you know these items, and more importantly, can you name who wields them? Take a crack at this quiz and see if you can match these iconic weapons to their video game counterparts.

Question 1

The Master Sword

Let's start off with something fairly well-known. This iconic weapon, known as "The Sword that Seals the Darkness," has been around for 30 years and made its first appearance in a well-known RPG on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It was originally crafted by the Goddess Hylia and was reformed into the Master Sword later on. Its easily recognizable shape and design has spawned many re-creations, including foam props for the many cosplayers that attempt to emulate this character each year.

Question 2

The Mega Buster

This "attachable" weapon belongs to a metallic blue android. Created by Dr. Light, this robotic protagonist has featured in a variety of game series (including his own). The Mega Buster is a specialized arm cannon that fires small successive energy-based projectiles. It can be charged up to release a large energy ball that hits much harder. You can purchase cosplay "cannons" like the one pictured here, but sadly, they're usually made of plastic and won't offer much protection against any future robot uprising.

Question 3

A Deadly Chained Spear

This deadly-looking throwing "knife" belongs to a fearsome warrior from the Mortal Kombat series. Over the years, his character has seen many design changes, but this painful projectile has always been part of his ninja-themed arsenal. When this weapon comes out, you'll know it, as a quick flick of this blade is accompanied by a boisterous "get over here!" We've personally broken many controllers thanks to his brutal move. Many frustrated Mortal Kombat fans will most likely remember witnessing their favorite character fall victim to a chain spear-laced Fatality.

Question 4

The Keyblade

In 2002, Square Enix and Disney introduced the gaming world to one of the greatest action-RPG of all time. An instant classic was born, featuring a colorful cast of Disney characters and a beautifully composed soundtrack. The gameplay elements were solid, featuring an energetic, spiky-haired protagonist with a massive "sword" known as The Keyblade. This elegant weapon comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and visual themes. It also comes in handy if you need to unlock any ridiculously large doors.

Question 5

This Weapon Is The Bomb

This incendiary device has changed in shape and size throughout the years, but always features the same explosive mechanics. Belonging to a game series that shares its weilder's name, the bomb is a wall-breaking weapon that doubles as a cataclysmic death dealer. With nothing in its path, this bomb will explode in multiple directions, creating walls of fire that toast anything in their way (even their master). Controlling these ticking time bombs takes patience, tactics, and a lot of courage.

Question 6

The 211-V Plasma Cutter

There have been many times throughout gaming history where a protagonist was forced to use and operate unconventional weapons. A great example of this is Dead Rising, which encourages players to duct tape together as many sharp objects as possible. Another prime example is the 211-V Plasma Cutter. This particular weapon wasn't designed to down space zombies, but it does just that. Wielded by an intelligent space engineer, this "gun" is a prime example of Robert Jordan's quote "anything can be a weapon if the man or woman who holds it has the nerve and will to make it so."

Question 7

Blades of Chaos

The Blades of Chaos were a blessing and a curse for their wielder. This hero begged a god to help him defeat his enemies and was rewarded with two effective killing tools. The only issue? He also had them seared into his arms. These dark and mysterious "daggers" brought an unfortunate end to our protagonists family, while simultaneously enacting revenge on those who had wronged him. The Blades of Chaos are an iconic trademark weapon for this downtrodden warrior, helping him undertake quests of retribution across ancient battlefields.

Question 8

Which of these characters has weilded The Buster Sword?

Any dedicated RPG fan is sure to recognize this massive chunk of metal. The Buster Sword is iconic in the world of turn-based combat, cutting down foes and slicing through obstacles with ease. However, this great sword is much more than a weapon, it's a momento. At nearly 6 foot long, The Buster Sword is a hefty reminder of the noble soldiers that once brandished the great blade against the forces of evil. If you plan on cosplaying, it's probably a better idea to craft this weapon out of foam, so you don't pull all your back muscles lugging it around.

Question 9

BFG 9000

This monstrous weapon is used by a fearsome Marine that battles demons. The BFG 9000 is an acronym, featuring rather "flavorful" wording. Otherwise known as the Big F***ing Gun, this behemoth can tear through enemies and lay waste to the strongest of foes with ease. Its shares its universe with a take-no-prisoners protagonist that is constantly locked in a battle with the forces of Hell. The BFG 9000 is easily in contention for the most powerful Video Game weapon ever made.

Question 10

Celestial Brush

It's hard to imagine a paint brush doing much damage (unless you count Epic Mickey's magical paint spewing tool). The Celestial Brush is much more than a weapon. This powerful paint brush has the ability to warp time, changing night to day (and vice versa). You can use it to change the lives of those around you, which is exactly what its wolfy wielder does. The mythological goddess (of the Celestial Plains) finds great use in the Celestial Brush, harnessing its mystic powers to heal the world and fend off evil foes.

Question 11


This fabled greatsword has a pretty straight-forward name. Chaoseater feeds off the chaos it creates, consuming the mystic essence and channeling its inner power. This weapon is wielded by a stoic Nephilim Warrior, on an epic quest to free his name and bring balance to a reeling world. Chaoseater is capable of storing energy, and unleashing a powerful "rage" when a certain limit is reached. In this "form," our hero gains a firey appearance and can effortlessly cleave through enemies.

Question 12

Dagger of Time

Mystical weapons can carry great abilities. Some are unbreakable, while others do additional damage to certain types of foes. Some even have the ability to control time. Such is the case with the Dagger of Time, a magical weapon that contains The Sands of Time. This dagger allows this "princely" user to rewind time at his whim, allowing him to cheat death and manipulate the world around him. However, this ability comes at a cost. Much like time travelers before him, our Prince finds himself in hot water as a result.

Question 13

Soul Edge

Some weapons attach to their user at great consequence. There are mystical artifacts that grant unimaginable power but threaten to destroy the very core of the individual that wields them. Such is the case with Soul Edge, a massive greatsword with a sinister design. Its user used to be a famed knight but quickly fell victim to the blade's inner whispers. Soul Edge has many forms, like the Phantom one, seen here. This foreboding sword is sentient, easily bending weak minds to its will.

Question 14

Mr. Zurkon

Few weapons talk, and the ones that do normally babble on about great battles and heroic deeds. Perhaps this is why Mr. Zurkon is so special. This maniacal little robot packs a serious punch and will automatically lay waste to a variety of foes once he is deployed. Belonging to an iconic Lombax mechanic from the planet Veldin, Mr. Zurkon is a hilarious piece of video game weapon history. His shrewd one-liners, distasteful jokes, and enemy destroying prowess make him a must-have companion.

Question 15

The Gunblade

The Final Fantasy universe is filled with a diverse array of characters, skills, and weapon types. Some heroes prefer to get up close and personal, while others chip away at enemies from range. One protagonist, in particular, is capable of doing both, thanks to his Gunblade. This unique weapon is just what it sounds like, a sword fused with a working gun. This allows its unenthusiastic wielder to take a few well-placed shots before hacking and slashing at his enemies. It's wild design and mechanics make it a memorable weapon.

Question 16

Dragon Bow

Deep in the mountainous region of Hanamura lives a clan of highly skilled ninja. This particular bow belongs to one of its members, a forsaken individual who "took" the life of his own brother and abandoned his clan. Seen as an act of betrayal, this individual now roams as a lone assassin. The Dragon Bow is a mystical weapon, capable of helping its user to summon two massive spirit dragons. In a game already famous for its rich lore, the Dragon Bow stands out as one of the more memorable weapons.

Question 17

Fire Flower

Here's an "easy one" as a reward for making it so far! This iconic flower has the ability to turn its user into a powerful fireball-tossing madman. This particular power-up has been seen through many different games, and in many different styles, but the character we're looking for is the main protagonist of a much beloved Nintendo series. His trademark red hat and plumber attire may not look threatening, but this portly powerhouse has saved princesses and worlds, on numerous occasions.

Question 18

Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle

Remember the Gunblade from Final Fantasy VIII? The Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle is kind of like that, but way more terrifying. Belonging to a popular third-person shooter game series, the Mark 2 Lancer is one part mid-range rifle and one part brutalizing chainsaw. This weapon was crafted to help specially trained soldiers battle against the Locust, a power hungry race bent on eradicating human life. One of the most prominent individuals to handle this rowdy firearm is well known for his trademark bandana and stubborn attitude.

Question 19


If you've ever played a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing (MMORPG) game, then you know how easy it is to get inundated with loot. MMO's are keen on packing players with an arsenal of different weapons. By the time you level up, you've already discarded one sword and replaced it with a better variant. That being said, there are some MMO-based weapons that stand out from the crowd. Take for example Frostmourne. This icy blade was recently coveted by this infamous World of Warcraft villain.

Question 20

Vampire Killer

There exists a realm of gaming where Dracula reigns supreme and nightmarish creatures prowl the countryside. Thankfully, this realm is also home to a courageous hero with Indiana Jones-like flair. His weapon of choice is the Vampire Killer, a specialized whip that was handed down through generations of keen vampire hunters. Our hero in question is a stoic young lad that has appeared in many titles from this particularly macabre game series. He is perhaps the most famous of his "clan" and has tangled with Dracula on more than one occasion.

Question 21

Ebony & Ivory

Most video game protagonists are lucky enough to have one powerful weapon, but the next hero on our list gets two. Ebony and Ivory are two custom designed pistols that allow their Nephilim wielder to fire demonically infused bullets. Ivory focuses heavily on speed, featuring an increased fire rate and quick draw time. Ebony was built for comfort, sporting increased range and better long-distance targeting. These iconic pistols have made an appearance in four different hack-and-slash releases, always stuck firmly to their user's side.

Question 22

Eclipse Scythe

This devastating weapon has a massive reach and can efficiently incapacitate large groups of enemies. It comes from a game series touted for its large difficulty spike. A skilled ninja protagonist claims the Eclipse Scythe from its original master, Volf. The four-armed demonic lycanthrope proves no threat for our legendary hero. This weapon is held in high regard by the gaming community and is useful for killing the many difficult bosses found throughout its universe. It can be upgraded to unleash even greater power and comes equipped with a move set that is capable of quickly clearing any battlefield.

Question 23

Poltergust 3000

As we learned with the 211-V Plasma Cutter, a weapon can be just about anything. Another glaring example of this is the Poltergust 3000, a specialized vacuum cleaner designed to suck up ghosts and ghouls. Designed by Professor E. Gadd, the Poltergust 3000 is a finely tuned machine capable of housing a wide array of spooky spirits. It's given to a rather famous "second fiddle" character, marking one of his most prominent adventures to date. Haunted mansions are no match for this peculiar weapon.

Question 24

Incinerate! Plasmid

We've seen some serious weapon-based side effects throughout gaming history. Some weapons alter their wielder's appearance, while others bind themselves directly to their flesh. Plasmids, on the other hand, have a direct effect on their user's biology. These powerful elixirs have the ability to alter genetic code, instilling individuals with "super powers." The Incinerate! Plasmid can set enemies alight, causing burning damage over time. One of the most prevalent heroes to use Plasmids was "sent" to a mysterious underwater city to help quell a civil war.

Question 25

Paint Roller

With all of these brutal weapons and sharp swords, we figured we'd end this quiz with a little bit of a palette cleanser. This item is a bit different than the others because it doesn't belong to one particular character. That said, those who use it are easily recognizable as a unique race of playful hybrids. The Paint Roller is capable of slathering color and splatting paint across a wide area. This colorful device will help you run through your enemies, while simultaneously marking the area for your team.

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