Can You Match The Trophy Wife To Her Older Husband?


The world we live in can get pretty weird. Before we start this quiz, it's probably good to point out that we actually have no real problem with the concept of a trophy wife. These people can do whatever they want, no matter which side of the deal they're on, and we wouldn't want to get in the way of their right to do as they please.

Some of these women have achieved a lot in their own lives, which some people often forget. Sure, some trophy wives marry for the money and the prestige, but others just happen to be a lot younger or a lot hotter than the men they choose to marry.

As we're sure you all know, love is blind, so let's go into this quiz without judgment for now. Instead of judging, let's marvel at the number of trophy wives out there instead! Sure, some of these questions are easier than others, but there are a lot of men out there who are punching way above their own weight, more than you realize! Do you think you'll be able to match these hotties to their older husbands? Do you know all about trophy wives past, present, and future? Let's find out!

Question 1

Name the husband!

Yeah, we're starting you off really easy with this one. If you don't know who this woman is or who she's married to, you really need to start watching the news and taking in exactly what is going on around you. It's seriously scary to think that there is anyone in the world who doesn't know who this woman is, to be honest, and it's not because of her own accomplishments either. Possibly the most famous trophy wife of all time.

Question 2

Name the husband!

Everybody knows who this woman is, right? Of course, we do, but do we know the name of her husband? We reckon that unless you pride yourself on reading gossip magazines or staying hip when it comes to the rich and famous, this is one that will drive you mad. You know you know his name, but you just can't think of it on demand. If you could see an image of him it might help. but otherwise, you're stumped!

Question 3

Name the husband!

Honestly, sorting out this quiz for you guys has made us feel a little sick sometimes. Some of these women are with men who have spent their lives making way too much money and have decided to spend some of it getting a woman who is considerably more attractive than them. Maybe they even can look past the ugly looks! However, when women are with men who could be their grandfather, it honestly makes us throw up in our mouths a little bit.

Question 4

Name the husband!

Believe it or not, but this woman's biggest claim to fame after being a model with way too much plastic surgery is as a reality television star. Is there any bigger indicator of having done nothing with your life? She's also a national spokesperson for PETA, which is essentially bimbo shorthand for pretending that you actually care about the world around you when actually you couldn't care less. A little harsh? Maybe, but can you tell us that half these women don't deserve it?

Question 5

Name the husband!

This is where the term trophy wife starts to become a little bit more fluid. We're pretty sure that nobody would try and argue that this woman is not an accomplished actress. Maybe some of you don't know who she is, but she's enough of a household name that we'd be surprised if most of you don't know her. As you can see though, she is insanely attractive, and while we know these things are subjective, her husband certainly isn't.

Question 6

Let's just say that if you're willing to marry a member of Kiss, no matter what the reasons, you must be very good at making bad decisions. Even if you are in love with one of the members of Kiss, you don't marry them, you take a good long look at what you've done with your life and immediately seek professional help. If you couldn't tell, we're not really a big fan of Kiss, but then we're not really into any bands in it for just the money.

Question 7

Name the husband!

This woman is known, like many of the women on this list, for having an insane body. She also has a fairly eclectic taste in clothing and along with her partner, the two of them have carved out somewhat of a fairly famous internet following. Honestly, rappers are a bit weird in a lot of ways, because they spend most of their career talking about how dangerous they are, before settling into a life of curvy women and slobbering about doing nothing. Living the dream!

Question 8

Name the husband!

There's a whole spectrum of trophy wife, and while we reckon that most of those who know they only married their man because they couldn't garner prestige or money on their own aren't too proud of themselves, the people who must feel really sad are those who end up with the celebrities that are washed up before they even find them. At that point, you're just taking advantage of a sad and lonely man that doesn't even realize they're washed up.

Question 9

Name the husband!

You know that you're really scraping the bottom of the trophy wives barrel when you end up judging the man more than you do the woman. This woman did time for shooting the wife of a man she was seeing, and yet somebody chose to take her on as his trophy wife. That is whole new levels of desperately lonely if you ask us. On top of that, after leaving prison she decided to enter into the pornography business, so you know she's legit.

Question 10

Name the husband!

Quite possibly the most famous trophy wife of all time, this woman is sadly no longer with us. She died in 2007 from a drug overdose at just thirty-nine, having outlived her husband for just over a decade. When he died, her husband was ninety years old. Just let the reality of those sentences sink in for a second. We don't want to laugh at those who have passed, but that is an insane set of circumstances if we've ever seen one.

Question 11

Name the husband!

How do you feel about the concept of somebody getting a little bit of eye candy to stand by their side? Do you think it is pretty much always a case of them using the desperate man? We're not so sure, especially when their ages are so close together. If he's ninety and she's thirty, then something isn't right there, but if there are a couple of years between them, who are we to say that love can't push through bad looks?

Question 12

Name the husband!

One thing that our celebrity culture obsessed world stops us from being able to do is to shout down those who would seek to use it for their own gain. Not only is this world filled with people who have done nothing but merely exist, there are also those who can twist that obsession to their own whim. Sure, they're essentially untalented, but with a little bit of charisma and a willingness to sell yourself, you can keep yourself pretty happy among the rich and famous.

Question 13

Name the ex-husband!

Just a reminder that we're also talking about women that may not currently be trophy wives, but have certainly fit the description in the past. Believe it or not, but we reckon that once a trophy wife, always a trophy wife, you know? This woman, as well as being a trophy wife, is from Sweden and is a model. Not to give into stereotypes, but we'd be interested to see how much of the female population of Sweden are models.

Question 14

Name the husband!

Look, we're not against fashion designers as a rule, because there's a lot of talented people out there doing some really interesting stuff, but if you have the power to create clothing or costumes and you decide that the best way to help the world around you is to teach people how they're wearing the wrong things every year, there's got to be something wrong with you. Get into films or just make weird clothes for yourself. Don't get involved with the runway stuff.

Question 15

Name the husband!

Knowing what the music industry was like back in the day, we don't see how somebody could be willing to enter into a marriage with somebody from that era. God knows what they got up to back then! Without getting too graphic, we wouldn't be surprised to find out that some of the vintage music stars are actually well acquainted with two generations of the same family. That is the sort of stuff that you're always hearing about in the gossip rags.

Question 16

Name the husband!

If you've been keeping up with the news over the past couple of years, this woman's face might not be new to you, as she's supposedly been having a secret affair with a terrifying world leader, something that she vehemently denies. However, we wouldn't put it past her, as her former husband proves that she's not above using her looks to bed absolute scum so that she will never have to work again in her life. That's how you know somebody is a bad person.

Question 17

Name the husband!

Going out with a comedian, no matter how much older they are than you, must be pretty fun. Although, they do say that they can often be very depressing, a lot of their joy for the world being funneled into making people laugh rather than their own personal life. We reckon it's because, like everyone else in the world, they don't want to bring their job home with them. Keep all that laughter on the stage. Only time for tears in the real world.

Question 18

Name the husband!

Okay, we're willing to admit that we reckon this woman is absolutely stunning, but she's married to a businessman who formerly owned a terrible UK football team. What is that about? We know that the guy has loads of money, but with a body like this, you could get anybody you wanted, no matter what the reason you fall in love with them! Why would you settle for one of the numerous men who happen to have a lot of money?

Question 19

Name the husband!

Why is it that any relatively good looking model or musician will eventually find their way towards appearing in a movie or television series? We don't get it! You're not an actress, you just happen to have been born with genes that make you look nice to some people. Believe it or not, but acting is a craft, one that some people take very seriously, so it's a bit of a slap in the face when someone like you walks in and decides they can just wing it.

Question 20

Name the husband!

As you can probably tell from the image, this woman has something to do with the Jets, which should be an immediate warning sign to anyone who is actually interesting. Look, we get it, some people love sports which is absolutely fine, but the people with the real money in sports just seem like total bores. Can you imagine sitting down for a meal with a man whose entire job is based around whether or not tickets are being sold? Doesn't bear thinking about.

Question 21

Name the husband!

Yeah, we're not going to get into it, but this is yet another example of a woman who isn't doing too much with herself bedding a man who has no idea what the concept of actual love is anymore. How many of these marriages do you reckon are entered into with the express knowledge that the whole thing is a sham that can in some way benefit them both? How much of it hinges on bedroom antics? Actually, we don't want to know...

Question 22

Name the husband!

Yet another woman in politics, this woman is known for putting up with a lot when it comes to the man she is married to. She's also famous for being fairly stoic and understanding. She continues to produce her own musical projects and is also a former Italian model. Seriously, do you get much more trophy wife than that? We're not saying this woman's music career would've been finished from the start without her political affiliation, but we're sure it must have helped.

Question 23

Name the husband!

God, being the trophy wife of a politician must be the absolute worst. At least if you bag yourself some form of celebrity they'll probably have some great stories to come along with the money, but with a politician, there's none of that. Not only do you have to sleep in the same bed as the guy, you have to listen to all of his boring political talk as well. That sort of conversation is only bearable with somebody you actually love.

Question 24

Name the husband!

So, if we were in a position where, as a much older person with a lot more money and power, somebody attempted to marry us just a few hours before their visa ran out, we're fairly sure we'd know what was going on there. At that point, you are nothing but a piece of paper to that person, and you should probably just let them be deported and attempt to move on as quickly as possible. Seriously, move on fast.

Question 25

Name the husband!

If you're famous for being on a reality television show, we think it's generally accepted that you will do anything to stay in the public eye, including getting married to someone that you really shouldn't be with. You can probably see it's a disaster as you walk down the aisle, totally aware of what you're doing to yourself, but the pull of that minor fame is just too much for you. You need more and there's no other way of getting this kick.

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