Can You Match The Screenshot To The Zombie Movie?


Those slow-moving (or occasionally running) corpses that can only die from a bullet to the brain have come a long way since their B-movie days. There was once a time when zombie movies were few and far between, but needless to say, that era was a long, long time ago. These days, zombie flicks have actually grown into a genre all unto themselves, no longer limited to occupying one corner of the horror aisle. Sure, zombie horror is still the centerpiece, but there are also zombie comedies, zombie indie dramas, and even big budget zombie action movies. As if that wasn't enough, zombies have actually become a phenomenon in the television world as well, with TV shows like The Walking Dead becoming pop culture phenomenons.

Zombies go by many names: walkers, ghouls, biters, and so on. Similarly, the dozens upon dozens of zombie movies out there have many titles.

Maybe you're a big fan of zombie movies. Maybe you even consider yourself to be, dare we say it, a certified expert on the undead. Well, in that case, it's time to step up to the plate, get your chainsaw or pistol ready, and see if you can Name These Zombie Movies.

Question 1

The British comedy

This was the film that introduced the world to the talents of Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, and Nick Frost, and in addition to being hilarious, it's also a great zombie movie in its own right. It follows a depressed man who decides that today is the day to get his life back in order, and win back the affections of his ex-girlfriend, but unfortunately discovers that it's also the day that a viral infection is turning everyone in town into cannibalistic zombies. Oh yeah, by the way, you've got red on you.

Question 2

The one with Rose McGowan

This 2007 movie, directed by Robert Rodriguez and starring Rose McGowan, was originally released as a double feature with Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof. The Rodriguez film follows a Texas go-go dancer named Cherry, whose life is turned on its head when a deadly biochemical agent is released into the air, turning almost everyone in town into bloodthirsty zombies. Now, Cherry and her allies are the ones who must stop the disease, and combat the ones who released it into the public.

Question 3

The one with the Rock

In the future, mankind has colonized Mars... but things aren't looking so good for the red planet, after some sort of terrible incident transforms everyone there into zombies. In order to check out what's going on, a team of space marines are sent up to Mars -- including marines played by Karl Urban and the Rock -- to see if they can get a handle on things. However, they soon discover that, due to the experiments that the researchers on Mars were performing, they're transforming into something even more horrifying...

Question 4

The one with a guy alone in London

When animal activists break into a medical laboratory in order to save chimpanzees that are unwillingly being experimented on, they unwittingly release the "rage virus" into the world. Almost a month later, a young man named Jim wakes up in the hospital, after surviving a coma, only to find the entire city of London seems completely abandoned... until he discovered bloodthirsty, zombie-like infected humans are seemingly the only thing that's left. Eventually, he finds allies, and struggles to stay alive.

Question 5

The funny one

Not everyone zombie movie has to be dark and dreary. This comedy movie, which stars Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, and Emma Stone, shows a young and awkward college student who has only survived the post-apocalyptic zombie landscape by following his own 30 rules. He eventually meets up with two allies, and embarks on a journey to find out if his parents are still alive. Notably, this movie contains a surprise appearance by actor Bill Murray, starring as himself (yes, really).

Question 6

The one in a mall

Arguably the most iconic zombie movie of all time, this film -- a sequel to the only other zombie flick that rivals it for popularity -- shows the widespread damage caused by the growth of zombies across the United States, only three weeks after it started. Urban metropolitan areas have become the single most dangerous locations, and a ragtag group that includes a reporter, SWAT members, and a TV executive have no choice but to hole up in a shopping mall for safety.

Question 7

The one with Brad Pitt

This 2013 big budget zombie action movie, based on the book by Max Brooks, stars actor Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane, a retired United Nations investigator who is living a good, happy family life until one day a terrible plague turns massive populations into hordes of bloodthirsty zombies. After barely surviving one attack, Lane is now compelled to go across the world to find out the answers behind the disease, and hopefully save the planet from zombie annihilation... before it's too late.

Question 8

The one with Milla Jovovich

This 2002 adaptation of the hit video game stars actress Milla Jovovich as Alice, a woman suffering from amnesia, who joins forces with an elite military unit that has been sent to investigate a top secret facility known as the Hive, whose experiments caused the researchers to be mutated into vicious zombies. In order to prevent the zombie infection from getting out, Alice and the team must shut down the base's computer, fight through the zombies... and learn the truth about Alice's missing memories.

Question 9

The insanely gory one

Before Peter Jackson was directing hobbits and giant gorillas, he got his start doing low budget gore flicks in New Zealand, including this movie. Here, a shy young man who lives with his mother tries to find love, but is halted in these efforts when his mother is bitten a Sumatran rat-monkey that kills her, and then causes her to come back to life as a zombie. This movie contains a scene where dozens of zombies get killed by a lawnmower, as a well as a priest that "kicks ass for the lord."

Question 10

The one where London is quarantined

Thanks to the efforts of the United States Army, the city of London has begun to rebuild after the outbreak of a deadly virus that turned people into living, running zombies decimated almost the entirety of Great Britain. Now, the US Army is working to make London safe again, but keeping it carefully quarantined as they slowly admit people who have safely passed any tests. However, when a carrier of the virus slips through, it's about to cause all of that work to come crashing down.

Question 11

The one with the smart zombies

Decades after his original Dead trilogy, famous zombie director George Romero returns to helm this film, which returns to that world many years after the zombies have almost entirely ravaged it. The last humans now live within a walled city, with the gap between the rich and the poor growing ever wider, as denizens of the city are ruled by a businessman played by Dennis Hopper. Meanwhile, in the zombie world, the zombies are beginning to grow smarter and smarter...

Question 12

The one that happened 14 years later

Set 14 years after the last zombie attack -- an onslaught that occurred immediately after the disappearance of a serial killer named Abbot Hayes -- this movie shows the experiences of the surviving residents of a small town who barely survived the last wave, and are still trying to forget it. But a new businessman comes to town and digs up all of the corpses so he can build a new car dealership, causing the lurking serial killer from the past to begin a new zombie wave. Note, this movie starred Tom Savini.

Question 13

The one with Leanne Quigley

This horror comedy is a semi-sequel to Night of the Living Dead, which follows a totally separate timeline from Dawn of the Dead, and shows a world that has mostly recovered from zombie shenanigans... until two foolish employees accidentally release a toxic gas into the air that causes zombies to rise again. In addition to featuring a rather famous scene with Leanne Quigley, this movie is also the one that first popularized the term "Braaaaains!!!," as well as featuring a creepy tar-soaked zombie that's a lot smarter than his contemporaries.

Question 14

The one with Will Smith and his dog

It's the end of the world, and seemingly the only survivor left on the planet is Robert Neville, who spends his days in the now abandoned, overgrown, and post-apocalyptic remains of New York City with his dog, the only companion he has left. However, when the sun goes down, Neville has to hide out in order to avoid being killed by the fearsome, horrible creatures that the rest of the human race has transformed into. Will Smith stars in this movie, inspired by the classic novel.

Question 15

The black and white one

This is the big one, the one that started it all, a film that no one could have ever predicted would one day start such a movement. Directed by George Romero, this film shows the beginning of the zombie infection, still in its earliest days, as shown by a small group of survivors who struggle to get through a single night, all together in one house. With zombies surrounding the place, and more and more coming, will they make it? Or will these survivors kill each other first?

Question 16

The one with the weird "pancakes" scene

Yes, this is the movie that, out of nowhere, features the one scene where a little blond kid yells "pancakes!," does a bunch of karate moves, then bites someone... for no reason. The rest of the movie, unlike this scene, features a group of college kids who rent an isolated cabin in the woods, only to accidentally get infected by an old man's horrific flesh-eating disease that turns them into living zombies. As far as pancakes, well... we have no answers on that one.

Question 17

The final movie in Romero's original trilogy

In this closing chapter of the original George Romero zombie trilogy (before he continued the saga many years later), the world has been completely devastated by the zombie plague, and a team of specialized military members and researchers have been forced to hole up in an underground bunker in Florida. The researchers are using the zombie bodies in brutal experiments, causing conflict with the military personnel. But when one of the scientists attempts to domesticate a zombie named "Bub," things take a scary turn...

Question 18

The one with the pet zombie

A cloud of space radiation infects the planet, turning the dead into zombies. However, rather than running rampant across the world, these zombies are quickly taken care of -- and controlled -- by a company called Zomcon, which uses "domestication collars" to render the zombies as mindless workers, or pets. In the town of Willard, a boy named Timmy Robinson has a pet zombie, who he comes to look upon as his best friend. However, problems begin to occur when Timmy's zombie eats the next door neighbor.

Question 19

The remake

This remake of a classic zombie movie, directed by future DC Extended Universe mastermind Zack Snyder, follows a woman named Ana who wakes up one morning to have her regular life destroyed when she gets nearly devoured by her now-zombified husband. After joining together with a cop, a married couple, and others, the group bands together to hole up in a certain deserted location. This movie also features a particularly creepy scene involved the uncomfortable birth of a zombie baby.

Question 20

The really, really bad one

This video game adaptation, directed by Uwe Boll, is sometimes considered to be one of the worst movies ever made. It is set on a distant island, and tells the story of a group of college kids who set sail to this island so they can drink, do drugs, and take part in a crazy techno rave party. But before the kids know what is happening, their party is crashed by hordes of zombies, intent on eating them for dinner.

Question 21

The Spanish one where they're trapped in a building

Set in Barcelona, this "found footage"-style film is told through the camera of Pablo, who is followed television reported Angela Vidal as they embark on a harrowing exploration of a nightmarish building, closed due to an infection, that an old woman is trapped inside... only to find themselves trapped inside with horrific screams, locked doors, and demonic zombies. This Spanish movie was later remade in the United States, with a different title, and that remake will also appear on this quiz.

Question 22

The one with the family feud

This George Romero zombie movie takes place on an island off the coast of Delaware, Plum Island, which serves as the place where two warring families both have very different ideas about how to handle their undead problem. One family desperately believes that they need to keep their zombie relatives alive, in case a cure ever appears which could bring them back, while the other family wants to kill off the zombies ASAP. Meanwhile, some survivors on the mainland are about to enter the fray...

Question 23

George Romero's found footage one

This 2007 George Romero zombie flick introduces a group of film students making their own horror movie in the woods about an undead mummy, when suddenly they hear news that they dead are in fact resurrecting from their graves -- in real life. As they try to reach the house of one of their parents, the group slowly discovers that the reports are indeed true, and that the dead are really coming back to life as flesh-devouring, mindless zombie hordes.

Question 24

The American one where they're trapped in a building

This 2008 remake stars Jennifer Carpenter, of Dexter fame, as a television reporter who is doing an assignment with the Los Angeles Fire Department, when a routine 9-1-1 calls brings them to a small apartment building. Evidently, a woman in the building has come down with some horrible sort of infection, and when the other residents of the building try to escape, everyone there gets quarantined by the Center for Disease Control. No one knows what's happening outside, and no one is going to get out.

Question 25

The one on a tropical island

This Italian zombie film directed by Lucio Fulci -- which as a couple of different titles, for rather confusing reasons -- shows what happens when a zombie-carrying boats lands on the coast of New York. The daughter of the ship's missing owner decides that an investigation is in order, so they take a cruise down to Matul Island, where they find a doctor, David Menard, who is attempting to find a cure for a disease that resurrects the dead as mindless cannibals.

Question 26

The cartoon one

A group of close friends who used to hang out as teenagers and search out fake ghost stories have all gone their separate ways as adults. One day, they reunite, and decide that it's time to find a real ghost. This brings them to the mysterious Moonscar Island, led by a woman named Lena Dupree, where it turns out ghosts aren't the only things awaiting them... there are also some vicious werecats and, of course, a horde of mindless zombies.

Question 27

The one with the creepy cemetery

Based on the classic Stephen King horror novel, this 1989 film shows a family moving into a new home, when their beloved cat is killed by a car. Their neighbor then shows the father an isolated pet cemetery near the house, tells him to bury the cat there... and the cat suddenly reappears at the home, resurrected, but with vicious new tendencies. However, when the family's son also is killed, the father can't help but bring his son's body to the same cemetery...

Question 28

The one with Arnold Schwarzenegger

This surprisingly touching and heartbreaking zombie film stars former action star and California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as a family man named Wade, who finds his teenage daughter in the quarantined section of a hospital, after she has been infected by a disease that slowly transforms people into zombies. The doctor says that she has a few days left before the infection truly takes hold, so Wade takes his daughter home, but he knows that soon he will have to make the decision to end her life.

Question 29

The one with vampires

This 2004 zombie movie by the Asylum finally shows us the ultimate battle between the forces of the undead. A girl suffers from nightmares of a vampire in her room, but things get even more complicated when the formerly peaceful and quaint countryside is menaced by a zombie invasion. Now, a girl and her father must survive not only zombies, but also vampires, and many other strange and bizarre threats if they want to make it through the rest of the night.

Question 30

The one with Nazi zombies

It's really hard to get more horrifying than the threat presented by this film: Nazi zombies, risen from the dead and eager for vengeance. This film shows a bunch of friends doing a vacation trip up into the mountains, where they hear from a strange old man about the brutal ways of Nazi invaders during WWII, a group of whom were driven off and killed by the local villages. But now, it seems that these undead Nazis may have returned from the grave...

Question 31

The one with the alien worms

Before he was directed big budget Marvel movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn got his start doing movies like this one, a weird throwback to 1950s sci-fi combined with Romero-esque zombie action. The film shows a small town that ends up being the collision site for a meteorite -- which just happens to be carrying a parasitic worm that burrows into his brain and transforms him into a monster. Now, the infected man is generating more worms, who possess the local villagers and turn them into zombies.

Question 32

The one with the Trioxin gas

The dead may have been defeated, but now, they're back. Despite the best efforts of the army, a barrel of the deadly zombie-creating Trioxin gas falls off the back of a truck, and is opened by two young bullies who have locked a kid named Jesse into a mausoleum. Soon, the entire cemetery gets infected with the gas and transforms the corpses into bloodthirsty zombies, and the boy who was being bullies gets out of the mausoleum, and joins forces with other survivors.

Question 33

The one (loosely) based on a Jane Austen novel

In this movie, which takes very loose inspiration from a classic Jane Austen novel, is set in a parallel universe version of England where a growing population of zombies has begun taking hold in a very dangerous way. Meanwhile in England, the five Bennett sisters are busy trying to find worthwhile husbands for themselves, while staying away from unwanted suitors, and at the same time trying to save their beloved country from the very real threat of total a zombie takeover.

Question 34

The one with cowboys

80 years after the initial outbreak of the zombie plague, the southwestern United States has broken down into desolate ghost towns overrun with the walking dead, and the government is offering bounties of undead pinkies. One bounty hunter named Ryan Baskin uncovers a conspiracy by fellow hunter Blythe Remington to weaponize the infection, create more zombies, and thus pick up more bounties. But in order to put a stop to Blythe's sinister goal, Ryn will have to face a swarm of zombies.

Question 35

The one that is the worst, the absolute worst

This 1959 horror/sci-fi film, directed by Ed Wood, is famous for being commonly regarded as the worst movie ever made. Its storyline involves aliens coming to Earth, whereupon they activate their special "Plan 9," a scheme which resurrect the dead humans as undead zombies that menace the living. It's a strange, strange film, but despite its ridiculous storyline, it actually stars notable actors such as Elvira and Bela Lugosi, the latter of whom actually died before the movie was made.

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