Can You Match The Pokemon To The Region They're From?


When Pokemon first began, it took place in the Kanto Region. There were 151 different Pokemon to find and they all feature interesting quirks and nuances. That number was fairly large but small enough that it was easy to manage.

However, once Game Freak and Nintendo realized that they had a massive franchise on their hands, it wasn't long before more Pokemon were created. Yet, in tandem with the lore of the universe, they couldn't just bring the creatures in and call it a day. Instead, they decided to create new regions with each new Generation of Pokemon that was introduced, at least giving some explanation as to why they've appeared all of a sudden.

As it stands right now, there are over 800 Pokemon spread across seven different regions. You can imagine how difficult it is for even longtime fans to remember every character, let alone where they're from.

That's where this challenge comes in. Naming a Pokemon is pretty easy, but knowing more details about them is much more difficult. With seven regions and hundreds of creatures to keep track of, how well do you know them all?

Can you match these Pokemon with the regions they're from?

Question 1


Zubats are Pokemon that you'll probably see the most of. No matter what cave you're in, you're bound to meet several of these guys. That said, if you put in the time and effort to train one, you'll be rewarded with a Golbat. If you manage to treat your Golbat well enough, it will eventually evolve into the swift Crobat. While Crobat might be a bit smaller than Golbat, its wingspan, battle potential, and stats overall more than make up for it.

Question 2


There are few times when a Pokemon comes out and becomes almost as popular as Pikachu. Yet that was exactly the case when Lucario was introduced. People flocked to its design and personality. This Fighting and Steel-type Pokemon boasts an impressive host of impressive attacks. Yet its best ability is that it can channel an energy known as aura, which resides in every human being. Lucario can use it to attack, sense a person's true intentions, or look for specific people.

Question 3


The trio of Regice, Registeel, and Regirock are cool and all, but they don't compare to the titan who started it all: Regigigas. This behemoth is so strong that it's said he alone formed the world as it is today by towing the continents over his shoulder with cables. After many of these legendary events, Regigigas was in a long and deep slumber for many years. If anybody is brave enough to enter the Snowpoint Temple, though, they'll be rewarded with a chance at catching it.

Question 4


Each region has three starters: a grass, water, and fire type. Serperior is the final evolution of a grass starter. While starting out as a bipedal lizard, Serperior has since fully embraced its snakelike body. Turning into a massive basilisk, Serperior has no problem constricting its foes while preparing to deal some serious damage with moves like Leaf Storm, Frenzy Plant, and Solar Beam. Serperior appeared as a big contender during Ash's travels, but is one of the least remembered grass starters.

Question 5


On top of common Pokemon like Zubat and Abra, you will inevitably come across a rock with arms known as Geodude. Don't write it off as just another Rock-type though. If you evolve into a Graveler and then trade it, you'll be rewarded with the monster known as Golem. This Pokemon has a lot of defensive capabilities as well as plenty of moves that are guaranteed to hit hard. Among them is the attack known as Self-Destruct, which will knock Golem out, but it might take down its opponents too.

Question 6


If there were ever a Pokemon designed specifically to help others, it would be Chansey. While you might see a wandering trainer have one of these in their disposal, Chansey are more often than not the employees of Pokemon Centers. All of the Nurse Joys in the world have at least one of these cuties. Chansey are extremely useful in the medicine field. The eggs they store in their pouches can even have healing properties, on top of the helpful moves they learn.

Question 7


There are a few requirements of each Pokemon Generation. One of them is that an easy to catch bug Pokemon would appear near the start of a trainer's journey. Wurmple is one of these Pokemon. Found near the beginning of the games that it appears in, Wurmple does have some unique benefits. When it evolves, it has not one but two different evolutions. These different evolutions are cocoons but will result in either a Beautifly or Dustox if you put in the effort.

Question 8


Of the Psychic-type Pokemon in the world, Solrock is one of the most mysterious. From the start, there's something off-putting about the narrow eyes on its face. As if that weren't enough, it seems strangely related to another Pokemon known as Lunatone (who is shaped like a crescent moon). Solrock isn't a very vocal Pokemon either, and rather focuses on its Rock and Psychic abilities to deal damage to its foes or protect itself from the predators. However, I'm not sure anybody would try to eat one of these.

Question 9


Man-made Pokemon are either hit or miss, but one of the most intriguing is the mechanical Magearna. Created by a scientist several hundred years in the past, Magearna was designed to live off of the life force of other Pokemon. Yet, because of this, it can sense the emotions, thoughts, and pain of other Pokemon. As such, Magearna is very caring and nurturing. It has no ill intentions and means no harm. When frightened, Magearna will often retreat into its shell and take the appearance of a Poke Ball.

Question 10


There are some Pokemon registered in the Pokedex that technically no longer exist. They were Pokemon who lived back in the Stone Age and were wiped out by some catastrophe. The most fearsome of the bunch was Tyrantrum. This T-rex is a Rock and Dragon-type who strikes fear into the hearts of anyone who faces him. Tyrantrum's massive jaw can crush boulders and its thick legs allow it to chase down any prey that it sees. Think twice before reviving a Tyrantrum fossil.

Question 11


There are plenty of Pokemon who simply evolve by getting multiples of themselves. However, Dodrio is the example of this idea done right. Doduo is a two-headed bird that can't fly but runs faster than just about any other Pokemon. When trained enough, it gains another head, but a larger design complete with tail feathers and crests. Dodrio is much more capable than its previous form and even features impressive moves like Tri-Attack, Fly, and Drill Peck. Sometimes the heads fight with each other though.

Question 12


If anybody sees a Pokemon and labels it as alphabet soup, you know you've come in contact with Unown. These mysterious Psychic types can only learn one move- Hidden Power. Because of this, they're quite useless in battle but extremely important in research. Many people journey to the Ruins of Alph to discover what these Pokemon are there for and what they mean in terms of history. However, people aren't any closer to figuring out the mystery after decades of research.

Question 13


There are a few monkey Pokemon in that world, but Oranguru is the most different of the bunch. Where most monkeys boast a Normal or Fighting type, Oranguru instead has a Normal/Psychic combination. Because of this, it's a much more intelligent Pokemon that has a specific use in battle. Its ability allows it to command its partner Pokemon in a double battle. So, if you have a Pokemon that deals a lot of damage, Oranguru can allow it go twice.

Question 14


Taking the number "0" spot on the Pokedex, there are a lot of questions surrounding Victini. What we do know is that it's a fun-loving Pokemon that seeks to benefit others rather than harm them. Its signature ability is being able to power up any Pokemon it sees, which can become very useful in combat. However, Victini is no slouch itself. Having access to both Fire and Psychic attacks, you're guaranteed to sweep your opponents with moves like V-Create and Fire Blast.

Question 15


If you think this Pokemon strangely resembles, Pikachu, that's the point. Mimikyu cause anybody to become sick when they look on its true form, so they put a disguise over themselves to resemble Pikachu. They do this because they know Pikachu is very popular. By looking like the series mascot, they hope that they won't be lonely anymore and will bring in many new friends. Believe it or not, this sad sap of a Pokemon is actually extremely useful in combat.

Question 16


Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan were some of the more interesting fighting types introduced in Pokemon. Yet, it's Hitmontop who takes the spot for most unique. This Pokemon doesn't fight with simple punches or kicks like its brothers, but instead spins on top of its head. From there it can move around for a quick flurry of hits or hop on its feet for a defensive stance. Later in the series, it was evident that Hitmontop was modeled after people who fight using capoeira.

Question 17


When Eevee was first brought into the series, it had only three evolutions. Since then, it has a total of eight different evolutions. Sylveon is the Fairy-type variant. Its appearance is very cutesy, featuring pink colors and adorable ribbons around its body. Don't let this fool you, though. Sylveon is quite capable in battle, being able to use powerful Fairy type attacks to make Dragons quiver in their boots. Sylveon was one of the first Fairy Pokemon ever introduced into the series.

Question 18


If you thought Pokemon like Gyarados and Snorlax were massive, you haven't seen anything yet. Some trainers have encountered massive water Pokemon known as Wailord. Being one of the biggest Pokemon to ever exist, Wailord has many uses on the battlefield. While it's impractical for just about anything else, it still remains a popular choice for trainers who want to travel the high seas or breed with a Skitty. What was that last part, you say? Traveling the high seas?

Question 19


Pokemon who channel electricity are some of the most dangerous, and Electabuzz is proof of that. Being charged with electricity at all times, this Pokemon tends to be a ticking time bomb ready to go off. If, at any time, it sees the color red, it goes on a murderous rampage and blasts everything in its path. Electabuzz are also so powerful that they can cause entire cities to lose power and then some. Thankfully, they're mostly found at power plants as opposed to grasslands where many trainers roam.

Question 20


If there were ever any Pokemon to get you trembling with fear, it would be Spiritomb. While its design would be more than enough to give you the heebie-jeebies, the story behind it will put you over the edge. When tormented or disruptive spirits cause chaos, they can be sentenced to an Odd Keystone. After approximately 108 of them all enter this object, a new Spiritomb is born. This Pokemon often takes the persona of the spirits that compose it, so don't expect a nice guy.

Question 21


A Dragon/Poison type Pokemon is nothing to scoff at, and that's precisely the creature that Skrelp offers if you train it. This Pokemon, based off of a leafy sea dragon, resides in shallow waters or wreckages. On top of having some really cool designs, Skrelp can seriously hurt opponents in battle by poisoning them. Even Ash had a hard time liking these creatures after they poisoned his Pikachu for a time. Unfortunately, the poison effects become worse once Skrelp evolve into Dragalge.

Question 22


Cherrim is a Pokemon modeled after a cherry blossom. Isn't that adorable? It gets better. Cherrim are well-known for their healing abilities in battle. However, they don't always have the same utility while fighting. Depending on how in contact they are with sunlight, Cherrim will change form. In direct sunlight, it will open up and be ready to fight. While it's dark, they will close up and not be as effective. Just make sure it will be a sunny day before entering the Pokemon League.

Question 23


If I were to tell you that the Pokemon capable of dealing the most damage in the entire game was a Shuckle, you'd probably laugh at me. While it can only occur under very specific conditions, this is the truth. Despite this, Shuckle is a quite peaceful Pokemon. It's not very active, and when it finds berries to eat, it will often store them in its shell. When it's ready to eat, it spits out stomach acid that dissolves the food.

Question 24


It might be small and look like a dog, but Manectric is quite the powerhouse. Being able to create storm clouds using the electricity it charges in its mane, many people believe that this Pokemon was born from a thunderstorm and lives wherever lightning strikes the ground. Whatever its origin, Manectric is a speedy yet powerful contender on the field of battle. As if that weren't enough, Manectric also has a Mega Evolution that will help it deal even more damage.

Question 25


Genesect is another man-made Pokemon. However, this time, it was created using the structure of a pre-existing Pokemon from ancient times. However, none of its previous life is present, because Genesect is an entirely different creature. Having the large cannon on its back, Genesect can blast away just about any opponent that comes near it. Yet, at the end of the day, Genesect was just a sad Pokemon that got caught in a terrible experiment. It wants to live peacefully, but never truly can.

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