Can You Match The Picture To The Upcoming Nintendo Game?


2017 has already been a great year for games. With massive titles like Horizon Zero Dawn and Breath of the Wild already contending for Game of the Year, things are looking up for the industry this year and next.

Any of you following Nintendo know that they have a stellar lineup planned for the future with some big titles that revolutionize their games and more casual titles to round it out. Whatever your fancy, I guarantee there's something on the way that appeals to you, whether it be for the Switch or 3DS.

We're targeting the true fans of the company now, as we're going to quiz you on how much you know. It's one thing to be aware of the past, but only those who are truly excited about what's coming are going to know the games that are on the way.

Are you a true Nintendo fan? Can you name these upcoming releases?

Question 1

Something's Not Right About That Goomba

After creating linear experiences in the Mario franchise, Nintendo knew it was time to start thinking outside the box again. This led them to create the latest Mario game on the Switch. The game, much in the vein of Mario 64 and Sunshine, is an open world sandbox game that will promote exploration and complicated platforming. The big difference this time around is that Mario can possess enemies and objects by throwing his whimsical cap at them. There's a lot to be excited for.

Question 2

What is This Game?

This game originally came out several years ago. It featured a protagonist trapped along the oceans. Apparently, some terrible corporate figure head tried to unleash a deadly virus along the waters, and it's up to a woman and her partner to take them down. However, you'll not just be blasting the heads off of various creatures. Your ammo and health are limited, and you'll need to scour the environments in search of other supplies to collect and make sure you survive.

Question 3

The Bird Archer Himself

This game is an enhanced version of something that came out a little while ago. It features some of the greatest Pokemon in the franchise fighting each other to see who can be the very best. Unfortunately, there were complaints about the small roster size, so this game is adding six characters into the mix, including the Pokemon from Sun and Moon, Decidueye. Among this additions, there are other improvements to refine the game itself, making it more appealing for Switch owners.

Question 4

No More Backstory

Samus has seen a long absence ever since Other M all but destroyed her character. Thankfully, Nintendo announced this game at E3 2017. Where the newer Metroid games have taken either a 3D action or FPS style, this game takes the series back to its roots as a side scroller. Samus must continue her trade as a bounty hunter, fighting various monsters and collecting new powers to progress through each area. There are Amiibo being released the same day as this game.

Question 5

Soccer Meets Demolition Derby

This game has been one of the hottest current titles so far. While it isn't massive, the solid gameplay makes it last an extremely long time. You control a small car and try to push a giant soccer ball into the opposing team's goal. you can flip, boost, and U-turn your way to victory in this game. Many fans of it begged for it to come to a Nintendo console, and in a surprise announcement, the Big N revealed that it would finally be coming.

Question 6

Yet Again

Another open world coming to the Switch is this game. It has been out for several years and made its way to many different consoles in that time. The next target for them is the Nintendo Switch, and with it comes some unique additions. For example, if you scan the Link Amiibo from Breath of the Wild, then you can unlock a similar outfit for the player character. This game promises hours of play time with the ability to take the adventure wherever you go.

Question 7

Is This Happening?

There were rumors that Ubisoft and Nintendo were working together on a crossover between the Rabbids and Mario. Despite the ridiculousness of that premise, E3 2017 proved that we were indeed getting this title on the Nintendo Switch. The game was founded under the idea of creating a Mario game that had never been done before. The game puts players in control of Mario, his friends, and their Rabbid equivalents as they battle foes in a tactical grid-based strategy adventure.

Question 8

Another Combination

Game Freak announced a lot of games this year, but of all the ones, this one seems to be the most divisive. It is another entry in the Pokemon series, but it seems strikingly similar to the games we just had this past November. Clearly, it's going to combine the trademark legendaries with another Pokemon, but that's all we really know about the game. As far as expectations go, because the game is on the 3DS, there might not be much new in terms of Pokemon or story.

Question 9

Return To Glory?

Sonic the Hedgehog has had it pretty hard the past few years, but SEGA is looking to step up their game this year. While they have a retro game coming out this year, there is also a new and shiny Sonic being worked on as well. It will combine all the greatest heroes and villains of the Sonic franchise into one package. You can play as Modern or Classic Sonic, just like Sonic Generations. However, you can also play as your own character that you create.

Question 10

A Paper Motif

As I stated before, there's something for everyone with the Nintendo Switch. While sidescrolling platformers aren't for all gamers, there is definitely an audience for it. This newest game in the Yoshi series takes our green dinosaur in a paper craft world, similar to what we were given in Yoshi's Story. Despite not getting a finite release date, it seems that the game is much farther in development that some of the other titles shown during their E3 2017 spotlight.

Question 11

The One Nobody Expected

During their Treehouse presentation, Nintendo unveiled one game that nobody expected. We knew it was something new, but never something like this. Apparently, it's some strange combination between a rhythm and cooking game. You take the role of a sushi eater as you consume your sushi and stack the plates. It seems to be a high-quality game (as most Nintendo releases) are, yet it's odd premise will likely prove to be ineffective among consumers, leaving this game to fade from memory.

Question 12

This game is called what?

After the massive success of Minecraft, LEGO looked at it and wondered why they hadn't tried anything like that. Because of this, they began work on a title that markets itself as a creative sandbox game, but with that classic LEGO charm. The result was an enjoyable game that won't dethrone its inspiration anytime soon. However, LEGO is dedicated to refining this game and making it a better experience for players and developers. It was recently been announced for the Switch.

Question 13

Finally F-Zero?

The fandom behind F-Zero has been begging for a newest entry in the franchise for the long time. This game, while not a new F-Zero game, moves on a lot of the same principles as the Nintendo classic. For starters, speed is emphasized over everything else. There are also some technological visuals peppered throughout, threatening to give you epilepsy. However, none of this detracts from the solid racing gameplay that seeks to bring back a long gone series in a different way.

Question 14

On the 3DS

The Pikmin series has always been on home consoles up until this point. After Miyamoto teased for years that a new Pikmin game was in the works, many people thought that this was the one he was referring to. This Pikmin game functions as a puzzle sidescroller rather than a top down adventure. Many fans of the series are upset by this title, as it takes away a lot of what made the franchise so great in the first place.

Question 15

Run To the Beat

When Nintendo was showcasing a lot of the indie developers they had on board for the Switch, we got to see Commander Video come back for another running experience. This time, the graphics are slightly improved and there are more gimmicks on top of the running, sliding, and jumping that we've come to expect. The entire game screams of polish and bright visuals, so there's a lot to be excited for. It can be expected that we'll see more costumes as well.

Question 16

Raise Up Your Sword

This title for the Nintendo Switch will celebrate the greatest characters from one of Nintendo's most beloved series. Taking a hack and slash style, players will be able to control separate characters as they crash their way through hordes of enemies and bosses. On top of this, there are also original characters being created for the game. While there is no word on DLC at this time, it's easy to assume that more warriors will be coming in the near future.

Question 17

A New Take

The Mario and Luigi series has been hit and miss lately, as is the case with all of the Mario RPG games. However, this game, instead of trying to do something new, is harkening back to the roots of the franchise on the GBA. It seeks to revamp the gameplay that put the franchise on the map, as well as add a few new things to the mix. For example, there is now a mode included that allows you to play as someone commanding Bowser's army.

Question 18

The Sword is a Character Too

Open world games are extremely popular for Nintendo's new console, and this is just another one to look forward to. While it's unclear what the story is, there is a lot of wow factor with how the game is presented. Players will be able to travel through all kinds of environments and engage in tense action whenever a monster appears on screen. Apparently, the trademark sword in this game is also a separate character in and of itself. Apart from that, we don't know much about this game.

Question 19

Pixelated Action

Retro City Rampage was one of the most beloved indie titles of last generation. It took the formula of GTA and placed in a retro-style top-down shooter. It makes sense that this formula would continue in the spiritual successor. It seems that the gameplay is more diverse this time around but still holds all of the fun times that made the first game so beloved- everything that a good sequel should be. If you haven't heard of this game, I suggest you start looking into it.

Question 20

Many Faces

Miis are still beloved by Nintendo, even if they don't have a big presence on the Switch. On the 3DS, however, they're much bigger. This adventure RPG game takes Miis and puts them in a turn-based combat game. However, they tend to behave more independently rather than remaining stagnant from start to finish. You can also import more Miis into the game if they're already created on the console. It already came out in Japan, but is now coming to the West.

Question 21

What's the name of this anticipated RPG?

If you love RPGs that adapt the classic formula, then look no further than this game. Being a follow-up to Square Enix's "I Am Setsuna", this title is founded on many of the same principles that made that game a hit. It will be adding new battle mechanics, a new story, and new robot suits to the fray, just for the sake of making the gameplay more interesting. It's currently in the works and was announced for the Switch alongside other platforms.

Question 22

Only in the East

One of Capcom's biggest franchises continues to this day. Because of their presence on Nintendo consoles, it makes sense that they would end up making the next entry for the Nintendo Switch. It looks to be a next gen game that adds new mechanics while still not breaking the ground on what made the series so beloved. However, in a move that not many understand, Capcom is not bringing this game to the West. Hardcore fans will still get this, though, as the Switch is not region locked.

Question 23

Nordic Strikes Back

A game inspired by the RPGs of old, expect to have a lot of memories here. You will travel along the world of Harm's Way and collect various items to upgrade your various characters and ready them for battle. The game will also take you through deep dungeons that are all randomly generated, meaning that everyone will have a different experience. The story also takes a similar format. The game is being developed by THQ Nordic, the team behind the Darksiders series.

Question 24

It's the Little Things

Kirby and his friends are coming to the Nintendo Switch. For the first time, we are getting a proper game for the series in HD (Rainbow Curse doesn't count). Like in Kirby Super Star, the puffball will be able to take over enemies and have them work with him, rather than just bringing along Meta Knight and Dedede for the ride. The game also features ability combinations reminiscent of Kirby 64, which makes us wonder what kinds of foes and story we'll see.

Question 25

Double Dipping

Ubisoft redefined what their platformers could do with Rayman Origins. By constructing the game with a custom-built engine, they crafted an experience that was as unique as it was pretty to look at. They seem to be further continuing the series on the Nintendo Switch, with the biggest selling point being that you can play it anywhere without compromising the visuals. Fans of the series will likely be into this game, as well as newcomers who had never played it in the past.

Question 26

Not Your Traditional Game

This game takes a classic series and changes the genre. As opposed to being the hunter, you instead work with the creatures of the world. You learn to befriend and ride these monsters in a turn-based style of play rather than exploration and hunting. The game also features a much different art style to further distance it from its namesake. The game has already been out in Japan for a while with respective Amiibo and is just now coming to the West.

Question 27

You're a Kid, You're a Squid

Splatoon for the Wii U proved to be one of the most interesting and inventive games for the console. It makes sense then, that Nintendo would come out of the gate announcing that a sequel to the game would be coming to the Nintendo Switch a mere four months after the console launched. This game is adding a new Salmon Run mode, a brand new campaign, a host of new weapons and gear, and three new Amiibo to the mix. It's a true sequel in all the best ways.

Question 28

It Can't Be

The Metroid series has long been dormant for several years (I'm not counting Federation Force). However, Nintendo has heard the complaints of the fans and given us not one but two Metroid games to look forward to. One is for the 3DS, and this one is for the Switch. There are many different directions they could take this game in, but any one of them is guaranteed to generate hype. Unfortunately, there isn't much else we know about the game.

Question 29

This indie game is called what?

Hack and slash action games are all the rage these days. This little title seeks to take the genre and make something unique out of it. Boasting a pixelated art style straight out of the 80s, there's a lot of style and heart with this game. Couple that with its colorful and bombastic presentation, and you've crafted a memorable experience on your hands. You'll be tackling all kinds of demons as you progress through each level in a whole new realm.

Question 30

What is the name of this purrfect game?

If you're in the market for a cute yet interesting game, I would turn to this one in fondness. The title features a little cat protagonist armed with a sword and shield. What makes this adventure RPG interesting is that the battles happen in real time as you explore the land. Furthermore, when you explore shops in towns, that also happens in real time because the game loads everything simultaneously. While it might not be a massive game, it's sure to at least get a few hours out of most people.

Question 31

What is this party game called?

At first glance, this game looks a lot like Bomberman. You control little robot guys and you have to ground pound each stage to turn the tiles to your color. However, if anyone is caught in the path of your tiles as they're changing, they'll be knocked out. While the concept won't blow any minds, it's a simple enough premise that takes notes from the SNES era. It's fast, easy, and fun- three things that lend themselves very well to the Nintendo Switch.

Question 32

What's the name of the game?

Take the 2D gunners of your past and bring them to the modern age. Then add a co-op system that allows for three other people to join the same level. That's how you end up with this game. What makes this game interesting is the fact that each level is procedurally generated, so you'll never quite have the same experience twice. If you and your friends work together well, you'll blow through each stage. If you falter, you'll never make it to the alien queen.

Question 33

This brutal platformer is called what?

Remember the brutal difficulty of Super Meat Boy? The amount of time it took to perfect each jump just so you could pass on to the next level was grueling, but fun enough to keep players interested. This game builds itself on many of the principles of Super Meat Boy and seeks to perfect that formula, but isn't a sequel by any means. It features a new character, a new setting, and a whole slew of new challenges to face. Are you up to it?

Question 34

This RPG has a name. What is it?

If you miss the days of classic top down Zelda games, then I suggest looking into this upcoming title. It takes everything that made those early games great and makes it better. Featuring a cutesy cel-shaded art style, there's a lot to look at with this game. Furthermore, you'll be traversing dungeons, getting more items, and finding new secrets along the way to make yourself a better explorer with each passing minute. People could sink several hours into this game easily.

Question 35

What is this wacky platformer called?

Imagine a platforming game where you and your friends would take turns building a level and then running through it. That's the premise behind this game. What makes it interesting is that you can help craft a level that purposely screws your buddy over, leaving you to be the platforming champion. There are few games as frustrating yet fun as this one, and it will be a welcome addition to the Switch's massive library of indie games, that is, if you're into that sort of thing.

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