Can You Match The Picture To The Ryan Reynolds Movie?


Ryan freaking Reynolds. What can we say about the man? He failed drama class in high school but is a multi-millionaire today, funny how things turn out. He has the charms, looks, and acting chops to make it in Hollywood so it’s no surprise how far he has come. Reynolds has been a star for a little over a decade now but he really hit it big as an anti-superhero and we’re not talking about the green fella folks.

Sometimes, all it takes is that one successful film and your career will skyrocket to new heights you never thought of. Although he has made a ton of money at the box office, he has also been in a lot of films that became stinkers. Sorry Ryan, but you know it’s true. His success at the box office is pretty interesting and you’ll find that out during this quiz. One year he could be in a film that earns millions and in the next, he could be in a film that earns just a hundred thousand dollars.

The inconsistency is interesting but one fact is for sure, Reynolds has tapped into something huge with his latest superhero movie and fans can’t wait for more.

1Jeff Bridges? Sign Me Up.

If "Ghostbusters" and "True Grit" had a baby this film is what it would look like. Ghosts, spirits, or demons, whatever you want to call them, play a huge part in this sci-fi film. The story follows Reynold’s character who is a cop that had just been killed in the line of duty. An otherworldly supernatural agency decides to hire him to stop demons from entering the known world. With a mix of comedy and action, this film was decent but flopped at the box office.

2Is Voyeurism Still A Thing These Days?

You can never have too many security cameras for your home. Ryan Reynolds would play a rookie CIA agent assigned to a location in South Africa and before you knew it, his whole world was turning upside down. This film would be made on an $85 million budget and grossed $208.1 million at the box office. Not only does this film include a dashing Reynolds but also legendary actor Denzel Washington. Released in 2012, it’s a shame we haven’t seen these two stars team up again.

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