Can You Match The Mel Gibson Picture To The Movie?


Mel 'freaking' Gibson. You may hate his ornery attitude or his unscrupulous behavior as a person but if we look at his acting career objectively, there is no denying he’s one of the greats. Of course, he made mistakes and said things that shouldn’t have been said but it seems the talented actor has made amends in Hollywood. So if you think we’re here to quibble about if he’s a good or bad guy, then this isn’t the quiz for you.

Gibson would make his acting debut in the television series “The Sullivans” in 1976. In his first big hit on the global stage, he would be part of a major cinematic series centered on a dystopian future. Four decades later, he is still doing what he does best and that’s acting and directing. Gibson has brought in a ton of cash over the decades and his films have transcended into pop culture, making him one of the best of our time.

Enough of the unctuous comments and let us get down to business. This quiz is all about Gibson and we will help you out with some hints but not too many. None of the films are from a television production so the movie is definitely out there circulating online. Good Luck.

Question 1

Can You Name This Movie?

His wild hair, blue war paint, and blood soaked face should be all the hints you need to guess which motion picture this image belongs to. Gibson is all about freedom and several of the characters he has played in his career have had tendencies of killing Englishmen. Whether it’s wielding a sword or using a rifle, Gibson has been no stranger to the action genre. This film debuted in 1995 and Gibson not only stars in the film as the lead role but he also directed the movie.

Question 2

Can You Name This Movie?

Gibson challenged his acting chops in this non-action film that was released in 2000. We all know Gibson for being the wild-eyed hero that slays the evil guys, however, in this film, Gibson’s character has nothing to do with defeating the antagonist. The movie is based on a cocky ego-centric advertising executive who gets a dose of what people truly think of him. Similar to the wonderful “Twilight Zone” episode, “A Penny for your Thoughts,” Gibson goes through an unusual transition.

Question 3

Can You Name This Movie?

Gibson has that expression on his face like he’s ready to do some damage. From the looks of things, you can tell the setting of this motion picture took place a long time ago. Released in 2000, this epic historical fiction tale pits Gibson in a war once again. Chock-full of jingoism, the movie has everything you need such as drama, tension, tragedy, and of course vengeance. If you love hot dogs, fireworks and all the fun things that come with Fourth of July celebrations, you’re going to love this movie.

Question 4

Can You Name This Movie?

You never wave your finger at Mel, otherwise you better prepare for a battle. Gibson may have made a living off of playing the tough and rugged protagonist but in this film, he’s mostly helpless and relies on others. Released in 1996, this crime thriller centers on a man who had everything but a group of individuals found a way to make his life a living hell. If you enjoy a great story and an uncertain ending, this is the film for you.

Question 5

Can You Name This Movie?

An M16 rifle in one hand and a radio in the other, this is one of the more intense films Mel Gibson has ever been featured in. The setting neither takes place during American Revolution nor 13th-century Scotland but it is a historical fiction film. Based on a true story, Gibson once again leads a group of men into hostile territory. Although the film is all about American patriotism, it also sheds some light on the brutal tragedies involving war.

Question 6

Can You Name This Movie?

The image itself gives you a time frame for this motion picture but unfortunately, some people have no clue about Joel Schumacher’s “Lost Boys.” If you know Gibson, you know he was in a classic motion picture series with Danny Glover. They made four films together and each one was a success. Maybe you can figure out which film this is by the Pepsi can, fashion style, and a hotdog vendor wearing a Santa Claus hat. One thing is for sure, Gibson does love mustard on his Frankfurter.

Question 7

Can You Name This Movie?

In this film, Gibson would prove to his critics that he doesn’t need action scenes to make a compelling movie. Released in 1993, the film centers on a relationship between a young boy (Nick Stahl) and his tutor who has a sketchy past. The two would go on a journey in finding themselves and dealing with their personal issues together. They would have great chemistry on the big screen but it didn’t transfer over into dollars at the box office, grossing only $24,760,338.

Question 8

Can You Name This Movie?

Nothing is more constant in Hollywood than Gibson with a gun in his hand on the big screen. I wonder who he’s pointing this extremely deadly weapon at? Could it be the British or maybe a former colleague coming to kill his crime-fighting partner? Whoever it is, that actor doesn’t want to be on the opposite end because it most likely means it’s their character's last time seen in the movie. There haven’t been too many stars to go up against Gibson in an action genre, but there is one in this movie.

Question 9

Can You Name This Film?

The name of this film has been thrown around in pop culture these days like a tennis ball at the U.S. Open. Once again, we see Gibson with a gun in his hand, however, he doesn’t look like the over confident and focused man we usually see him play. He’s looking more than a little disheveled and also has some blood on his shirt. Have fun trying to get that stain out. This film was released in 1997, but the movie may have become a cult classic for a certain online community since then.

Question 10

Can You Name This Movie?

The one hint in this image is Joaquin Phoenix but if you don’t like a certain genre you may never have known what film this is. Although both Gibson and Phoenix have had controversy in their own lives become public, both still have the acting chops and it’s great seeing these two team up in this film. Released in 2002, the film received a lot of hype and did well at the box office, grossing $227,965,690. By the way, that handheld radio must be something special.

Question 11

Can You Name This Movie?

This film has Gibson playing an Australian character who is being exposed to war for the first time. Released in 1981, a young Gibson is looking as green as the grass on a professional football field. The film also features Mark Lee who never blew up on the Hollywood stage like Gibson did. Both find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you enjoy seeing Mel dodging bullets through a desert, then this film is a must-see for you.

Question 12

Can You Name This Movie?

You see those eyes? Those are the eyes of a man willing to get a little crazy over a poker game. This western film was released in 1994 and also stars a lovely Jodie Foster and a savvy James Garner. Gibson plays a character that was recreated from a 1950’s television program. The movie centers on a high stakes poker game and you guessed it, Gibson plays the good guy in a room full of evil men. The one variable not counted for in Gibson’s plan is Foster’s character.

Question 13

Can You Name This Movie?

Are you catching on to the theme that Mel and guns go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly? Don’t mess with "The Mel," especially when he points a gun at you. This film may be one of Gibson’s worst but it’s not all his fault. You think the cheesy “B Movies” you see today are bad, imagine watching one in 1981. Some of these movies can destroy an actor’s career before it takes off, but Gibson survived this one. We will tell you this movie does not have Gibson and Sam Neil hunting dinosaurs at a theme park.

Question 14

Can You Name This Movie?

Although Gibson gives a compelling performance in this film, it wasn’t a hit at the box office, grossing just $8,600,000 on a $25,000,000 budget in 1984. Maybe people just weren’t into the classic tale of the story because the film is loaded with future star-studded talent. Antony Hopkins, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Liam Neeson all play significant parts in the motion picture but of course, this was before they became Hollywood icons. If you never watched the film, it’s a must see for anyone that enjoys adventure and seamanship.

Question 15

Can You Name This Movie?

This drama mystery did a terrible job at mixing young talent with the already established Hollywood star Mel Gibson. The movie isn't about Mel but he does play a key role in the film. With a budget of just $8,000,000, the movie absolutely tanked at the box office, grossing a measly $59,989. Maybe the film needed more of Mel and less of the other stars, but since its release it has become sort of a cult classic due to how bad it is.

Question 16

Can You Name This Movie?

It’s a safe bet to assume this action film wasn’t released decades ago but rather more recently due to Gibson’s appearance. He may be getting old but the guy still knows how to play one tough S.O.B on the big screen. What’s even cooler about this film is the fact that Gibson is sporting a gnarly beard, something rarely seen in his films. Gray hair or not, those eyes can still capture your soul like Shang Tsung in “Mortal Kombat.”

Question 17

Can You Name This Movie?

Although we love seeing Gibson in a bloodbath that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy the guy looking like he’s on vacation. That shirt may be out of style or never in style but Gibson’s impeccable looks make the attire a 10 out of 10. We kid, but seriously, that shirt should be thanking Gibson for wearing it. Also, do you remember pay phones? With countless germs on the public communication tool, we wouldn’t be surprised if Gibson developed a rash around his right ear during the shoot.

Question 18

Can You Name This Film?

Gibson’s long hair has been a trademark for many of his films but this image takes the cake. One haircut away from a mullet, Gibson once again has a look on his face where he seems to be contemplating whether he should be violent or not. If you have watched all of Gibson’s movies, you may recognize who is in the background but if you don’t then good luck figuring this one out. What we can tell you is this film wasn’t made in this century.

Question 19

Can You Name This Film?

Wait, Gibson doesn’t have a firearm in his hand? He isn’t holding a sword either, what madness? At least his luscious hair is still there but it’s not what we’re used to seeing. There’s only one famous cop drama involving Mel Gibson and Danny Glover so this one shouldn’t be too hard. With four movies starring Glover and Gibson, how big of a fan are you to guess which one this is? There’s also one big hint in this image. Good luck.

Question 20

Can You Name This Film?

Released in the 1990s, this film is all about revenge. Gibson may not have the wild hair in this image but he is wielding a very intimidating looking sword. The setting is during medieval times and once again Gibson plays the protagonist. This film also has some heavy hitters in Hollywood but we don’t want to spoil anything for you. What we can tell you is this story is timeless and will still be around hundreds of years from now.

Question 21

Can You Names This Film?

We have a lot of images showing Gibson pointing a gun at someone, it’s only fitting we have at least one image of someone pointing a gun at him. By the looks of things, Mel doesn’t seem too happy in this scene. Released in the last decade, this film was his first since going on hiatus after his controversial statements. One hint we can give you is this film is a remake of a television show on BBC in 1987.

Question 22

Can You Name This Film?

If you can guess this film, you truly are a master of the Mel Gibson universe. All cut up and sweaty isn’t something new for Gibson, that’s why this image may be the hardest to guess out of all the films on this quiz. One thing is for sure, Gibson looks devastated in the image. This film would be made on an estimated budget of $35,000,000 but only grossed $31,053,601 at the box office. The film is also considered an action comedy.

Question 23

Can You Name This Film?

If Mel isn’t seen on the big screen clutching a gun or sword in his hand you bet the next best thing would be a cigarette. This crime drama follows Gibson around after being the victim of a nefarious plot to kill him. The film would only gross $81,517,441 on a budget of $90,000,000. That isn’t to say the film is bad because it holds up on its own as a crime drama, however, we’re pretty sure they were expecting a better payday.

Question 24

Can You Name This Film?

What exactly is Gibson looking at that makes him seem so excited with wonderment? Is it the art or maybe the beautifully furnished room grabbed his eye? Whatever it may be, we do know one thing, this film was made when Gibson was still being ID’d at a bar. The movie is similar to “The Graduate” and the actress in the film, Piper Laurie, even admitted in her autobiography to having a one night stand with Gibson regardless of their 25-year age gap. Did we forget to mention the short-shorts?

Question 25

Can You Name This Film?

Released in 1979, this film was Gibson’s golden goose egg that made him a global commodity. With the trademark sawed off shotgun, leather jacket, and the clean cut look in a world where hygiene isn’t very important, if you can’t guess what film this is, then you seriously need to channel your inner Mel Gibson spirit and watch the film. With a budget of just $200,000, the film can still be considered one of the best dystopian future movies ever made.

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