Can You Match The Jim Carrey Picture To The Movie?


While opinion may be mixed on the collective works of Jim Carrey, it's impossible to argue that the man hasn't had a successful career. If we take a look at what he's achieved, you can't say that he has failed in his journey to do whatever he wanted with his life, while also earning enough money to look after himself and then some. In fact, the guy has even had a couple of successful roles in serious films, which is pretty much unheard of among other stand-up comedians and comedy actors.

Honestly, we wish people like Jim Carrey all the best. He may not be Robert De Niro, but at least the guy is having fun with it. Can we really begrudge him that?

One thing people seem to think is that they'll be able to answer these questions quite easily because they swear they've seen all of Jim Carrey's movies, before very quickly realizing they saw about five when they were much younger.  Believe it or not, the guy has been in a lot of films! Do you think you'll be able to match these Jim Carrey images to their correct movie, or is your Carey knowledge lacking a little? Well, let's find out!

Question 1

One of the things that you find with stand up comedians is that when they take their first steps into acting roles, they either take on a kids film or go in the complete opposite direction, taking on a real adult film role. All you have to do is take a look at the spread of films that Carrey has acted in to see that the life of a comedian turned actor is far from similar to that of a career actor.

Question 2

It's a shame that the entertainment industry has decided the best way to make money is to rehash the same old material over and over again until they end up with a bloated franchise that needs putting down. We're not saying that sequels are never a good idea, but it'd be nice to see some original ideas being sent into the system. Sadly, this doesn't make people money, and money is all anybody cares about these days, so we're stuck with sequels for now.

Question 3

Can you imagine what it must be like to be a parent, having to watch all of the stuff that your child wants to watch? That would be complete murder if you ask us. There are a lot of reasons people have children that we don't understand, but there is a whole host of reasons that people don't have children which we really do understand. Do you reckon that the people making these films feel bad when they know what torture they're putting innocent parents through?

Question 4

One thing that even Jim Carrey's ardent defenders would have to admit is that he has taken on quite a few roles in silly projects that relied heavily on gross-out humor to get most of the laughs. However, there's no major issue with that if you ask us. You don't have to be completely serious all the time to be allowed a certain level of respect, just don't expect people to cast you for more serious roles if all you're doing is gross-out comedy.

Question 5

For a lot of people of our generation, this film came out just at the right time to make us realize that Jim Carrey probably wasn't going to be as enjoyable to us as an adult than as he was to us when we were children. Sorry if you're a fan of this film, but we think it's total trash that relies on easy laughs. It's sad when you can pinpoint the exact moment that part of your childhood was ripped away from you, but we're probably better off for it!

Question 6

One of the things that Carrey is known for is his ability to emote, no matter what the circumstances. Even when the guy has layers of makeup slapped on, he manages to keep things incredibly dramatic. Sadly, this sort of overacting works a lot better in comedy and children's films, rather than in a well-written drama that calls for a much more subtle form of acting. Thankfully, Carrey has proved that he can do subtle, but he just doesn't always pick the best dramas.

Question 7

We don't know about you, but our interests are often centered around art that is weird and experimental because it means we get to see something that has never been done before. Beyond his rather family friendly films that don't stray too far from the expected path, Carrey actually has some rather esoteric films in his repertoire. We're not saying they're all great, but you've got to give the guy some props for at least trying to go off road with it.

Question 8

Now we're starting to get into some of the weirder stuff that Carrey has done throughout the years, to the point where we wouldn't be surprised if you've never heard of some of these. Just because something is weird or experimental doesn't mean it'll be good, but we do think it means that somebody actually tried to do something different, which has some inherent worth anyway. Maybe you disagree, but we'd rather see something different that fails than something that succeeds by being the same.

Question 9

Do you ever sit and wonder what it would be like to have the sort of money that Carrey is walking around with? How do you think it would affect you as a person, or affect your decisions in life? It seems that in showbiz, people sometimes start doing stuff they hate so they can finally do stuff they enjoy, or only do things they enjoy, before having money turn them into something they hate. We wonder which way round Carrey thinks he's gone in his career.

Question 10

How regularly do you think actors become remembered for the roles that they regret and people forget the roles they thought were their best? We guess the answer is to never take a role that you think you'll regret, but it's easy to say that sort of stuff with hindsight. It's a sad fact of life that unless you're an incredibly strong person, you will never be able to have everyone look at you the way you want them to look at you.

Question 11

One thing we really can't get behind is Carrey's obsession with vaccines being dangerous or poisonous in some way. The man has a platform that can reach a lot of people, and rather than spread important issues that affect everyone, he's decided to go on a mental trip, completely in the opposite direction of the scientific consensus, and argue that we must change vaccines. This is really dangerous. Go take a look at what can happen if you don't properly vaccine a community. It's scary.

Question 12

In fact, it's hard to argue that Carey hasn't taken somewhat of a nosedive over the past decade of his career, not just when it comes to film roles, but regarding his appearances in the media as well. He's getting wrapped up in some serious issues, even ending up in court, while touting scientifically disproven theories that could put lives in danger. If the guy wasn't famous, he'd probably end up sectioned! Hopefully, he'll change his ways over the coming years.

Question 13

We think it's really funny when an actor or an artist decides to step back from a project that they were entirely involved in, usually for some change in ethics. We're not saying you can't change your mind on how you feel about things, but did you really not see you had a problem with the project while you were taking part? It's hard to believe that just after the project wraps up, you came to a sudden realization about yourself.

Question 14

Now we're getting a good look at why this man was known as Rubber Face! There are some people in this world who can do incredible things that we will never be able to do ourselves, but a lot of them come down to teaching yourself and not being lazy. How do people contort their faces into positions like this? It doesn't make any sense to us! Why is it that we can't all just turn our faces into an insane vision of what it once was?

Question 15

Believe it or not, but a lot of people in showbiz started out as passionate artists who wanted to achieve something throughout their career. This can often be a passion project that they don't believe anybody else can truly capture in the way that they can. Sadly, a lot of art costs money, which means you need to work your way up before you can hit the heights you need to in order to fund your passion project. It's nice to see that Carrey was able to.

Question 16

You know what, we're fundamentally alright with a bit of gross-out comedy. It's not that it doesn't have its place, or that we don't find it funny when used in small doses, but an entire career made out of it just gets ridiculously stale. Can you imagine being a writer, somebody who wants to tell a story or make people laugh, and thinking that the best way for you to do that is to constantly write films that rely on fart jokes to get laughs?

Question 17

Something that people often forget about entertainment media, films especially, is that they're often a project that has been brought to life by many different people. Sure, we all know the actors on screen, maybe the director and if you're really interested, the writer, but we often forget about most of the people working behind the scenes. That's why you can end up with a film that has top notch cinematography but fails in every other way. It's a shame that the people who did a good job get forgotten about.

Question 18

We're often pretty reluctant to make time to watch a film based on a book, just as we would be with a video game or book that was based on a film. They're famously difficult things to get right. It can be tricky to take a narrative that has already been wrapped up and open it back up, because the implication is that it wasn't properly finished last time, otherwise, why would you bother trying to change it into something else?

Question 19

Alongside pumping out films in a single franchise just to make money off a name that used to command respect but now is thought of as flogging a dead horse, one of the most despicable things you can do is to remake a film that was perfectly fine when it came out. If you barely change the script, it's even better, because this way you can make a ton of money while doing as little work as possible. Actually, maybe we should look into doing this stuff...

Question 20

It seems odd at first that Jim Carey would have anything to do with a film that would even flirt with animation. The guy is known for his rubber face, so surely a film like that wouldn't be showcasing his best talents, right? Well, it has become obvious throughout his career that he also excels in coming up with some extreme noises and voices. This is exactly the sort of thing people are looking for in a voice artist if you ask us.

Question 21

Have you ever gone through a famous actor's Wikipedia page, thinking that you knew everything within the filmography, only to be surprised by some major film they were in that you had no idea existed? The same can be said for authors as well. Can you imagine growing up without the internet, never able to tell if you've truly enjoyed everything your favorite authors, directors, and actors have to offer? We don't think it's an exaggeration to say that would be a fate worse than hell.

Question 22

One area of making films that always feels really weird to us is the fact that, when acting alongside a character that will later be added in through the use of computers, you've got to act along with an empty bit of air. I know these people are professionals and that it's their job, but it still must be a hard thing to get used to. When somebody is there you can work off them, whereas it's impossible to gauge how exactly the computer generated character would react.

Question 23

We'd like to think that people, deep down, want to make interesting and weird stuff. For some reason, they continue to make the same rubbish that makes money, but really they don't want to be doing that. However, that doesn't stop us from feeling very naive a lot of the time. It's a sad fact of life that some people will do anything for money and even actively seek it out to the point where they'd rather have money than job satisfaction.

Question 24

When actors start coming to the end of their career, one of two things will happen before they die or bow out gracefully. They either do a Robert DenNiro, deciding to take on work that is absolutely abhorrent, to the point where they become a joke. The other option is to start taking on projects that nobody sees coming. You take on arthouse films, knowing that even though they don't make you any money, at least you tried to get a little weird with it.

Question 25

Look, everyone has to start somewhere, so if you choose to delve into the past and watch an actor's first films or listen to a band's first releases, don't be surprised if you find something you don't like. There are very few examples of people in showbiz starting out as great as they end up, as everything in this world takes practice. Unsurprisingly, we doubt you've heard of any of these films, and we also wouldn't recommend them, but we thought we better throw them in here for good measure.

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