Can You Match The Jennifer Aniston Picture To The Movie?


There has never been a doubt that Jennifer Aniston has had a very successful acting career. She's talented, she's gorgeous, and she knows how to give an incredible performance. And although she is known mostly for her role of Rachel on the long-running television series, Friends, she has also been featured many times on the big screen with her incredible performances and deep character portrayal. What can we say? We're totally obsessed with her.

With an exceptional ability to truly become each of her characters, Jennifer Aniston has had the opportunity to portray many different in a variety of film genres. With the majority of her films being critically acclaimed, she has proven to be a very well rounded performer. Whether her films make you cry from heartache or laughter (we always need to grab a box of tissues), there has never been a role that Jennifer couldn't make her own, which is probably why Hollywood loves her so much.

A total leading lady in the entertainment industry, Jennifer has gained a huge fan base for her box office hits. What about you, are you a true Jennifer Aniston fan? Take this quiz and see if you Can Match The Jennifer Aniston Picture To The Movie!

Question 1

The one where Jennifer Aniston gets a dog.

A box office hit, Jennifer Aniston portrays Jenny, who has just married her husband John, and they relocate to South Florida soon after their wedding. The pair work for competing newspapers as reporters, one of them obviously more favourable than the other. When contemplating raising a family, the newlyweds decided to adopt a dog before having children, which proves to be a bit more difficult than they imagined. When they do conceive a child, tensions run high as Jenny experiences postpartum depression and contemplates giving the pup away.

Question 2

The one where Jennifer Aniston is an inspiration.

Jennifer Aniston plays Sarah, a New Yorker, who makes a trip back home to California to attend her sister's wedding. While at home, she discovers some interesting history about her family, including the family's connection to a popular film, "The Graduate," and some conspiracies that the father she's always known might not actually be her biological father. In fact, her biological father might actually be handsome millionaire Beau Burroughs. Sarah is determined to find the truth, and discovers a lot more than she bargained for along the way.

Question 3

The one where Jennifer Aniston has a misconception about her conception.

Jennifer Aniston plays Kassie Larson, an independent woman, in this romantic comedy. What makes her so independent? Kassie may not have found love, but is determined to become a mother, so she decides to turn to artificial insemination, despite the conflicting opinions of her life long best friend, Wally Mars. At Kassie's "insemination party," Wally gets drunk at the party (as does everybody), and although he can't remember exactly what he's done, it probably involved the donor sperm as year's later Kassie's child, Sebastian, seems to have quite the resemblance to him. This brings everyone together and they fall in love and become a family, because what else would you expect with a romantic comedy involving artificial insemination?

Question 4

The one where Jennifer Aniston pitched to HBO.

Linda Gergenblatt, portrayed by Jennifer Aniston, is married to George, and they both thought they had everything figured out, even purchasing a condo in New York City. That all changes when George's company folds overnight, and the documentary Linda pitched to HBO gets rejected. In an effort to downsize their living situation after facing this unexpected unemployment, they move to a rural commune full of vegan hippies that are all about the free love. Tensions run high as things don't go exactly to plan for Linda and George, but these twists and turns end up bringing them closer together.

Question 5

The one where Jennifer Aniston works at Retail Rodeo.

Tired of her life feeling stale and uninspiring married life working at Retail Rodeo, Justine Last, portrayed by Jennifer Aniston, eventually has an affair with with the new cashier, Holden. First, after getting to know him, she discovers that he himself chose the name Holden based on J.D Salinger's novel, "The Catcher in the Rye," which he is undoubtedly obsessed with. Holden proves to be quite peculiar with his bizarre, estranged behaviour. Justine's deteriorating relationship with her husband, Phil, is only solidified when Phil's best friend, Bubba, blackmails her into having sex with him, knowing about her affair with Holden. It's a heavy film full of guilt, shame, and regret.

Question 6

The one where Jennifer Aniston has a pet ferret.

It's a classic romantic comedy when Reuben Feffer's marriage goes awry on his honeymoon where he discovers his wife, Lisa, having an affair with their scuba instructor. The relationship is immediately called off and Reuben returns home to New York alone. He meets an old high school classmate, portrayed by Jennifer Aniston, and the two immediately hit it off while trying new things in the city. Reuben is torn when his wife, Lisa, returns and wants him back, and is forced to make a difficult decision before Aniston's character moves on completely, along with her ferret, Rodolfo.

Question 7

The one where Jennifer Aniston's boyfriend plays God.

Grace Connelly, portrayed by Jennifer Aniston, has a pretty average boyfriend. That is until her boyfriend finds himself playing God for a week, having all of his prayers answered and the power to control almost everything around him. Suddenly the promotion he was denied becomes his, impressing Grace with his magically upgraded vehicle, and even seducing his co-worker, Susan. Unfortunately, Grace catches her boyfriend having an affair and calls the relationship off. Bruce eventually finds that having too much power can ruin a good thing, and will do whatever it takes to make Grace happy.

Question 8

The one where Jennifer Aniston is sexually inappropriate.

There isn't much Julia Harris, played by Jennifer Aniston, hasn't accomplished in her career. She's smart, she's intimidating, she's totally inappropriate, especially toward her employee, Dale, despite the fact he's about get married. Dale would totally quit his job to stay away from Julia, but he's unfortunately on a list of child offender's, so he's trapped in his position and in the hands of his touchy-feely boss. In a drunken state, Dale, and his mutually miserable friend, Nick, joke about hiring a hitman to kill their bosses. Unfortunately for them, they actually did it, and now they need to turn everything around.

Question 9

The one where Jennifer Aniston portrays a supportive girlfriend.

Emily Poule, portrayed by Jennifer Aniston, believes her boyfriend Chris "Izzy" Cole is the real deal when it comes to following his dreams... he just hasn't made it yet. That all changes when he becomes the front man of the band he used to tribute and rises to stardom. This all goes to his head as he falls into the path of fame, fortune, and rock and roll. Emily calls it off when she discovers Chris is always drunk and sleeping with groupies. During a moment of self-discovery, Chris realizes what he truly wants is Emily, and returns to his roots to find her.

Question 10

The one where Jennifer Aniston portrays a maid.

Always a little strapped for cash, Olivia, played by Jennifer Aniston, often relies on her circle of wealthy, high-class friends to get by. This former teacher now works as a maid and does what she can to make a living for herself. Despite Olivia's financial troubles, her group of friends aren't completely free of woe either. They may be financially secure, but they are suffering with their own issues. Romance. Careers. Social Status. Together they form a bond to discover that there is more to life than these problems.

Question 11

The one where Jennifer Aniston is on the run.

Nicole Hurley, portrayed by Jennifer Aniston, probably thought she would never have to worry about seeing her ex-husband, Milo Boyd, again. That is, until Milo, a bounty hunter, discovers that his next target just so happens to be Nicole. It's no easy catch, however, as Nicole, a reporter who happens to be working on a major murder cover-up, gives him the slip and the two of them end up on one wild adventure. Constantly outdoing each other throughout the chase, it all seems cat-and-mouse to them until they realize they must work together as they're both literally running for their lives.

Question 12

The one where Jennifer Aniston makes a tough decision.

Brooke, played by Jennifer Aniston, and Gary, played by Vince Vaughn, get together after meeting at a baseball game. They eventually buy a condo together, but all is not well in their relationship. Small arguments escalate, with each of them harboring resentment, until it all comes to a head after a dinner party. They decide to live together until the condo can be sold, but as it turns out, owning a condo with an ex isn't exactly a recipe for a great time.

Question 13

The one where Jennifer Aniston takes an unconventional family vacation.

Rose O'Reilly, played by Jennifer Aniston, completes an unlikely group of misfits in this hilarious comedy. This full-time stripper joins a charismatic and creative drug dealer, Dave, and a pair of outcast teens, Casey and Kenny, in creating a fake family identity. Why? They plan on taking a "family" vacation to Mexico, but it's not just any vacation. Dave decides to recruit this group of misfits to help him smuggle drugs across the border all while wearing a family-fun disguise.

Question 14

The one where Jennifer Aniston portrays a fake ex-wife.

Jennifer Aniston portrays Katherine, the faithful assistant to Danny, a very successful plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. Danny, after being burned by a tragic heartbreak in the past, avoids romantic commitment by telling women he's in the middle of a divorce. But when he meets his dream woman, Palmer, he enlists in the help of Katherine to play his soon-to-be ex-wife in order to keep the lie going. Of course, one lie turns into more lies and Danny and Katherine struggle to keep the truth from coming out.

Question 15

The one where Jennifer Aniston questions her relationship.

This box office hit features many interconnecting storylines about a group of friends in Baltimore who's romantic lives are struggling. Beth, played by Jennifer Aniston, is ready for marriage, but her long time boyfriend, Neil, doesn't believe in such thing. She struggles to find happiness with Neil and she feels their priorities are just not on the same page. When Beth's father suffers a heart attack she is heartbroken that Neil doesn't seem to care. His priorities do change, and they are able to reconcile their relationship.

Question 16

The one where Jennifer Aniston is held hostage.

Mickey Dawson, played by Jennifer Aniston, thought life was totally going as planned. That is of course until she is kidnapped by a pair of unorganized criminals, Ordell Robbie and Louis Gara, who kidnap her in an effort to get rich off the $1 million dollar ransom. Of course, things don't go as planned either for these ex-cons as Mickey's wealthy husband, Frank, refuses to pay what they're asking for, and now they need to figure out how to turn everything around without getting busted.

Question 17

The one where Jennifer Aniston portrays an uptight CEO.

You don't get to choose your family, which is made apparent by the total personality clash between Carol Vanstone, played by Jennifer Aniston, and her brother, Clay Vanstone. Considering they disagree on absolutely everything, there's not surprise Carol is not a fan of Clay's plans for the office - or the success rate. In fact, Carol plans on shutting down Clay's branch of the company if they do not improve immediately, and Clay has a pretty creative idea to get the job done.

Question 18

The one where Jennifer Aniston portrays a single mom.

It's a family affair in this romantic comedy where Sandy, played by Jennifer Aniston, is a single mother of two boys. She is perfectly content with her life until she is made aware that her ex-husband, Henry, remarried a beautiful and much younger woman, Tina. Her confidence is hurt and she must now learn to navigate motherhood with her two sons and their new step-mom. These changes are not always easy, but with the help of her friends Jesse and Gabi, we're sure these women manage to figure everything out.

Question 19

The one where Jennifer Aniston portrays a therapist.

Jane Claremont, portrayed by Jennifer Aniston, who despite being a fairly accomplished therapist, has plenty of emotional issues of her own, including her psychotherapist mother who is currently at a six-month rehab stay in Tuscany for her alcoholism. If that's not a lot to take in, her partner, Josh, is also a third of a risky love triangle with Albert "Derek" Albertson and call-girl turned actress, Isabella. It's a total train-wreck waiting to happen between these unexpected intertwined relationships full of total shenanigans.

Question 20

The one where Jennifer Aniston portrays the reliable friend.

Jennifer Aniston does an amazing portrayal of Allison, the best friend of Frankie, who works in a coffee shop and is desperate for love, but Frankie also has exceptionally high standards. While working in her Uncle's Cafe, Frankie meets Dave and she believes it's love at first sight, despite Dave's live-in fiance, Molly. Frankie eventually moves to Los Angeles to stay with Allison, and Dave makes his ultimate decision. This film was also short in both black and white as well as colour.

Question 21

The one where Jennifer Aniston finds herself.

Claire Bennett, played by Jennifer Aniston, struggles to come to terms with the death of her son, who passed way from a tragic car accident that also left her partially disabled by serious chronic pain. When a woman in her chronic pain support group, Nina Collins, commits suicide, she struggles to cope with the amount of trauma she has faced in her life. Through a journey of self-discovery, Claire navigates through the pain and grief she feels until she reaches a breakthrough for herself.

Question 22

The one where Jennifer Aniston portrays a hostage.

A bit of a darker film for Jennifer Aniston, who portrays Lucinda Harris, a financial advisor, who has an affair with a man named Charles, who she meets on a train. They decide to hook up in a hotel, despite the guilt of cheating on their partners, and are faced with an armed man, Philippe LaRoche, who brutally assaults both of them. To avoid hurting their partners, the pair decide not to commit the crime, LaRoche blackmails Charles and holds Lucinda as a hostage for $100,000, it becomes a difficult secret to hide.

Question 23

The one where Jennifer Aniston portrays a florist.

Jennifer Aniston is stunning as Eloise, a florist, who meets Burke, a motivational speaker, at Burke's own self-help guru promoting his book. As any drama would have it, they go on a date, but it's not smooth sailing as Burke is hiding the deep secret that he's actually a widow and is having a difficult time moving on and enjoying his time with Eloise. Not to mention he's also a closet drinker that refuses to ride in elevators. Could Eloise be the one to turn him around?

Question 24

The one where Jennifer Aniston portrays a social worker.

While attending a Christmas party, Nina Borowski, obviously played by Jennifer Aniston, meets George Hanson, a gay first-grade teacher. Nina may be already dating Vince, but the relationship is rocky as Nina's sister is always trying to set her up with someone from a higher social society. George and Nina become total best friends, and even pursue a sexual relationship, but George cannot deny his sexuality. Nina is jealous, confused, but somehow by the end of the film everyone is happily in love with no strings attached.

Question 25

The one where Jennifer Aniston portrays a traveling art salesman.

Does that ring a bell? Her character, Sue, tries to brush off Mike, who works as a night manager at his parent's hotel, who has an overly enthusiastic crush on her. It was love at first sight when Mike spotted Sue from behind while she was on a business trip selling her art. Of course shenanigans ensue, as with any romantic comedy with a touch of drama, when Mike surprises Sue in her hometown of Baltimore after falling madly in love with her and discovers she has gotten back with her old boyfriend.

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