Can You Match The Fictional King To Their Franchise?

Fictional King

It's nearly impossible for there to exist a fantasy series without a ruler of some sort. Whether this be a king, emperor, or some sort of council of elders, a story within the genre would feel incomplete without the underlying themes that come along with a ruler. Honor vs. power. The people vs. Divine Right. Leadership vs. authoritarianism. Monarchy vs Democracy. The king is as essential to a Fantasy tale as magic, swords, and dragons! Even in kingdoms without an acting monarch, the situation will generally be used as a major plot point within the hero's adventure.

Over the years there has been no shortage of royalty in the world of fiction. Entire franchises, such as Game of Thrones, have been based around the idea of kingship. Others, like Robin Hood or various King Arthur movies, use the King as their go-to antagonist, a corrupt symbol of evil and power over the everyday man. Whether he be hero or villain, brilliant leader or bumbling idiot, Kings are front and center of several fantasy franchises. Do you think you have what it takes to identify which monarchs belong to which series? Let's play can you match this fictional King to their franchise?

Question 1

Stannis Baratheon

There's a reason fans have dubbed this character as "Stannis the Mannis!" He may be the rightful king to the throne, but an illegitimate ruler holds all the power while Stannis and four other kings all try to steal it for themselves. Out of all of the war's participants, this character is the one who came the closest to victory; he led an all-out assault during the Battle of the Blackwater and was able to make some key alliances before he was defeated and killed later on in the story.

Question 2


This Elvish king is the cautious leader of Rivendell. Though he supports the mission of this franchises' heroes, Elrond always puts the good of his people and the good of his family above all else; when all hope appears lost he tries to send his daughter away from his homeland. The Elvish King has been around for thousands of years and was one of the few beings to live through the rise, fall, and return of the story's main villain.

Question 3



Based upon the legendary God from Norse Mythology, Odin rules over the kingdom of Asgard alongside his wife Frigga. Though he is beloved by his subjects, the king struggles with enemies both inside and outside his domain. He negotiated an uneasy peace with the Frost Giants, the mortal enemies of his people, that could blow up at any moment. If that wasn't enough, he is constantly trying to mediate the scuffles between his two sons, the God of Thunder and the God of Mischief.

Question 4

King Conan

King Conan

After years of fighting, conquering, and ruling, Conan is finally able to sit back and reflect on all of his adventures in the series of short stories "King Conan." Though a film is currently rumored to be in the works, this series has yet to be adapted for the big screen. Movies based on the first and second entries in the franchise were released during the '80s, and a terrible reboot was attempted in the early 2010's with Jason Momoa as the main character.

Question 5

Arthur Curry

Arthur Curry

Though this character often goes by his more well-known name (which we can't say here or it would give away the answer!), Arthur Curry is the rightful heir to the throne of Atlantis. He's not a "king" in the traditional sense; heck, ninety percent of the character's stories are about him before he is king, trying to prove that he's worthy of the throne! Curry is always trying to find the balance between life on the surface and life underwater.

Question 6

The Ice King

The Ice King

The Ice King was the hilarious villain of this beloved cartoon. Though he is considered a "villain," he eventually made his way to the side of good. During his time as an antagonist the Ice King was always capturing the princess and trying to get her to marry him in a variety of ludicrous schemes that always ended up getting thwarted by the show's heroes. As his name suggests, the Ice King was able to control his frosty powers via his magic crown.

Question 7


When audiences first met Aragorn, he was a mere Ranger from the North who helped the story's protagonists escape a horde of evil Wraiths. It was later revealed that "Strider" was actually Aragorn, the son of Arathorn and the rightful king of Gondor. Alongside the rest of the cast, Aragorn was tasked with protecting the series' hero on his adventures. The character was brought to life by Viggo Mortensen in what was hailed as one of the greatest film adaptations of all time.

Question 8

King Joffrey

Joffrey Baratheon

If Aragorn is the king of your dreams, King Joffrey is the one of your nightmares. In his franchise, you don't get much more evil than this guy! Joffrey is known for being a sadomasochist, often using his iconic crossbow to "punish" anyone who disobeys him. He's also the most ruthless ruler in all of the kingdoms; he mercilessly executes not only anyone who betrays him, but even those who merely disobey him. Words cannot even describe how twisted and evil this king is.

Question 9

Boss Nass

Though he isn't as annoying as the other famous member of his race, Boss Nass was one of the many blemishes on one of the worst entries in this respected franchise. Normally known for its unique character designs, world-building, and lore, the movie featuring Boss Nass and his race of beings was terribly campy and made audiences hide their faces in shame. Nass holds power as the ruler of an underwater civilization called Otoh Gunga and constantly has to pause in his speeches to shake his head and spew speckles of spit everywhere.

Question 10

King K. Rool

In this beloved video game franchise, King K. Rool rules over a band of alligator-like creatures known as the Kremlings. Through the years, he has had many encounters with the heroes of story. The first few meetings were innocent enough; Rool stole a bunch of food, then he tried kidnapping, then he tried to kidnap again. But then, he went to the next level and tried to completely obliterate the hero's home! K. Rool often tries to trick the players by playing dead and dressing up in ridiculous disguises.

Question 11


The live-action adaptations of this beloved book series may not have been as well-received as, say, the Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings movies. But they are still seen as critical successes, leading two multiple sequels and prequels (with another on the way). The ruler of the story's main kingdom is Aslan, a talking lion who is a not so subtle allegory by the author for Jesus; at one point, Aslan gives himself over to his enemies and is tortured before being killed and resurrected.

Question 12



The character of T'Challa has been around for decades, but he has only risen to popularity in the last year or so thanks to his live-action debut in 2016. As the king of the fictional country of Wakanda, T'Challa was a prince who was thrust into a leadership role when his father was tragically killed. As a rite of passage, every ruler of Wakanda must eat a magical heart-shaped herb when they ascend to the throne. This herb gives them powers that then allow them to protect their people.

Question 13

Orgrim Doomhammer


Yeah, we know that technically this guy is a "War Chief" rather than a straight up king. But he's the symbolic leader of a large political and military group- He's a king in everything but name! Doomhammer led his people through the First and Second Wars of his world. During the second, he betrayed and murdered all of the former War Chief's council members, only sparing the old chief because he was the last Orc sorcerer. Orgrim was eventually killed during a battle while attempting to liberate his fellow Orcs.

Question 14

King Dedede

King Dedede

King Dedede is the narcissistic king of Dreamland. We use the word "king" here loosely, as Dedede has about as much desire to be a leader as a rat does to be an Olympic swimmer. The king appears as a villain in this beloved Nintendo series as well as in the immensely popular Super Smash Bros. line of games. However, Dedede is as much of a "villain" as he is a "king;" his intentions are almost never evil in the traditional sense. Rather, he just does whatever he desires with no regard for anyone else.

Question 15

King Harold

King Harold

In this popular animated series of movies, King Harold is the patriarch of the royal family of Far Far Away. The character is first introduced in the second entry of the franchise, when the main characters of the story decide to visit their family for the first time. Harold strongly disapproves of his daughter's relationship with her new husband and starts to plot behind her back to sabotage the marriage. King Harold is voiced by comedy legend and Monty Python alum John Cleese.

Question 16

Thorin Oakenshield

Thorin Oakenshield

We are first introduced to Thorin Oakenshield, "The King Under the Mountain," when he and his companions barge in on the lonely protagonist of this series. Thorin's kingdom was stolen from him many years ago, and he wants to reunite his fellow dwarves so that he may take it back. Along the way he is challenged by Elves, Dragons, giant spiders, and the ruthless Azog the Defiler. Though he is able to reunite the dwarfish kingdoms, Thorin is sadly killed during the Battle of the Five Armies.

Question 17

Blackagar Boltagan

Black Bolt

Known more commonly by his nickname "Black Bolt," Blackagar Boltagan is the king of the Inhumans, an alien race gifted with awesome powers by their genes. However, Black Bolt's ability is also his curse- The Inhuman's voice has the supersonic power to level an entire city without much effort. This means that he must remain silent when he is not directly in battle. Even then, Boltagan is hesitant to unleash the full potential of his destructive vocal chords on his enemies.

Question 18


Jareth Labyrinth

Although Jareth's fantasy world didn't become as lucrative as Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, there is no denying that he's part of a franchise: The movie has spun off all sorts of comics, toys, apparel, and other various merchandise while gaining status as one of the greatest cult films of all time. The character of Jareth the Goblin King was brought to life by the late great David Bowie in colorfully flamboyant fashion. The plot revolves around Jareth kidnapping a young girl's baby brother in an effort to make her his queen.

Question 19

King Randor

King Randor is the dad that everybody wants to be. He's kind, generous, and compassionate towards his subordinates while also being cunning towards his enemies. Randor is the father of Adam, a teenage boy who seems disinterested in the politics and ceremonies of being a king. Randor had a long-lost brother who was thought to have been killed, but the showrunners had planned to reveal that he was alive and acting as the show's main villain. Sadly, this mind-blowing twist didn't happen before the series was cancelled.

Question 20



This villain is the creator of the Hive race of aliens as well as the source of their powers. He has lived multiple lives, but was most recently reborn from the Darkness as "The Taken King." Players don't get to encounter Oryx until they have already taken down his evil son, Crota. In an act of fury, The Taken King appeared in our solar system hellbent on destroying those who took his son away. In this game, the heroes have to kill Oryx not once, but twice before he permanently goes away.

Question 21

King Wrynn

King Wrynn

The name "King Wrynn" can refer to a variety of different people in this series. The first is Llane Wrynn, a valiant leader who led his people through the First War. The second is Varian Wrynn. Varian picked up where his father left off, fighting with the Alliance against the evil Lich King and eventually emerging victorious. The third to bear this name is Anduin Wrynn, a young king who witnessed the horrors of war first hand and has learned from the teachings of some of the greatest beings to ever walk the Earth.

Question 22


Scorpion King

This is one of the few characters on this quiz to actually be based off of a real life person! Or at least, one that was thought to exist. Lots of historians tell stories about this guy, a mysterious king who ruled Upper Egypt long before the kingdoms were united. In this franchise, he is given the name Mathayus and is shown to have cut a deal with Anubis that gives him an army of the dead and insect-like powers. He even went on to get his own spin-off series!

Question 23

King Leoric

King Leoric has the distinction of being a major character in two separate video game franchises. Though he is often associated with the insanely popular League of Legends game, he got his start and is a recurring character in this hit franchise. Leoric, better known as the Skeleton King, was the noble ruler until he was possessed by an ancient and dark evil. He slowly began a descent into madness in which he slaughtered his own men for fun and lost his grip on reality. In the end, he was killed by a knight in his own army and buried underneath his old throne. However, he was resurrected by the powers of evil to lead an army of the undead one more time.

Question 24

Autolycus, King of Thieves

Played by B-movie legend Bruce Campbell, Autolycus gained the title "King of Thieves" thanks to his skills as an escape artist and violence-less robberies. Although he's a criminal through and through, Autolycus holds to a strict code of ethics and refuses to kill anyone he comes across. The character was orphaned at a young age and raised by his brother, who was then swindled out of his land by a conniving merchant who later had him murdered. Tempted as he might have been, Autolycus opted to rob the merchat rather than kill him in retaliation.

Question 25

King Mondo

King Mondo

As the head of the vile Machine Empire, King Mondo shows his enemies no mercy. Armed with his own monster making machine and an army of robotic drones called "Cogs," Mondo's forces make even the most seasoned of supervillains quake in their boots. Despite only appearing in one iteration of this beloved franchise, King Mondo is one of the most powerful baddies the heroes had ever faced. Unfortunately (for the fans, not the heroes) he perished at the end of the series' initial run.

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