Can You Match The Disney Song To The Character Who Sings It?

What do you think of when you think of Disney movies? Perhaps your mind fills with images of colorful backgrounds, clever character writing, memorable heroes, and heavy emotional moments that make the films stand apart from the other animated drivel out there. One major element that makes Disney's movies stand out is the company's use of broadway-style song and dance numbers throughout their stories! These songs sometimes go on to become massive hits on their own; "Under the Sea" is one (for example) that just about anyone, any place in the world can recognize from just a few chords of the opening. Similarly, "Beauty and the Beast" was so popular that it was remade into a duet by John Legend and Ariana Grande, and is still played on the radio to this day.

Even the few bad films the House of Mouse has produced over the years have been filled with some major earworms that'll get you up out of your chair and singing along to the music! The question is- Do you remember who sings these incredible tunes? Even though most people can place a certain song with its respective Disney movie, chances are they forget the character who belted out the iconic lyrics! Step right up and take our challenge- Can you match the Disney song to the character who sings it?

Question 1

Who sang Hakuna Matata?

This is the song that every single Disney fan should know! As the song implies, it's not just a pair of words, it's a lifestyle and a philosophy that means "no worries" for the rest of your days. "Hakuna Matata" is a standout track from the already incredible Lion King soundtrack put together by legendary pop star Elton John. The song comes in about halfway through the second act, but which character or characters are the ones who live by this philosophy?

Question 2

Who sang Be Our Guest?

When it was released in the early '90s, Beauty and the Beast took the world of cinema by storm, dominating the box office for weeks and becoming the first movie to ever be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars (and it had a legitimate chance at winning!). Today, the film is seen as one of Disney's best, featuring some incredible characters and some great music. This famous number happens when one of the characters is served dinner by their captors.

Question 3

Who sang Let it Go?

If you aren't familiar with this song, you've been living under a rock for the last five years! Frozen took the world by storm in 2013, quickly becoming one of Disney's modern classics and legitimized their regular animation studio as a competitor to Pixar. This song happens right at the end of the first act, when one of the characters realizes that they are not living up to their full potential and wants to "let it all go." Who sings the song?

Question 4

Who sang Bippiddi Boppiddi Boo?

This was perhaps the first Disney song to become a household name; released alongside Cinderella in the 1950s, it was one of the first songs to use the company's trademark "repetition, repetition, repetition" principle. The song is the most popular one from the film, filled with lyrics that are nonsensical yet simple to remember. It's also one of the songs that perfectly captures the whimsical nature of the House of Mouse's movies- Which character from Cinderella belted out this playful tune?

Question 5

Who sang When You Wish Upon a Star?

Though it is one of the company's older songs, "When You Wish Upon a Star" has remained one of its best as well as eventually became the theme song of the entire company! Why wouldn't it be? The song is everything you could want in its message- It talks about how to make your magical dreams come true. And that's what Disney likes to say it's all about! Which REALLY retro Disney character sings this tune of inspiration and wonder?

Question 6

Who sang Friend Like Me?

Friendship is a key theme all throughout the films of Disney. Every good hero that comes out of the company has an equally memorable sidekick or love interest. In this particular case, the sidekick stole the show! This song was done in the style of an over the top, flashy Broadway style including literal flashing lights and groups dancing in unison. "Never Had a Friend Like Me" was this character's first introduction to the hero; who sang this memorable song?

Question 7

Who sang Part of Your World?

Another fairly common trope when it comes to Disney films is to have a protagonist who isn't happy in his or her current situation, and yearns for the oft talked about concept of "more." In this particular case, the character who sings "Part of Your World" wishes to get out of their comfortable and rich lifestyle and to become a part of the world of their true love. This was one of the best songs of Disney's Renaissance period. Who sang it?

Question 8

Who sang I Just Can't Wait to be King?

We're not sure why everybody wants to be a king in the Disney universe. Without fail, every king ends up dead; this would be why there are so many orphan Princes who are just missing a bride! Yet, several of our favorite Disney heroes have dreams of becoming royalty some day, including this one. "I Just Can't Wait to be King" is a fairly lively song that shows off just how cocky our hero is during the film's first act. Who sings it?

Question 9

Who sang I've Got No Strings?

When Disney bought Marvel, they wasted no time in incorporating it into their old properties. 2015's Ant-Man appropriately utilized the song "It's a Small World," and this song was used in the same year's "Age of Ultron" by the villain. Much like in the Avengers universe, the song was originally used by a character to express their joy in being alive, with "no strings" allowing them to be controlled by those with power over them. What character sings "I've got no strings?"

Question 10

Who sang Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

Say this one five times fast! Or, even more importantly, try to say it once at all! Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is an adjective created by this character to explain something that is incredibly exciting and fun. This was one of the first movies to incorporate live action actors into animated scenes and to have animated characters interacting with real actors. This song happens during one of these animated scenes, incorporating the animated characters into the musical number alongside the main characters. Who sang this song?

Question 11

Who sang I'll Make a Man Out of You?

Sing it with us now- Let's get down to business, to defeat, the Huns! "I'll make a man out of you" may not be the most classic of Disney's songs, but it's most certainly one of their catchiest! Anyone who's watched Mulan knows the lyrics of the song by heart; belted out by former teen heartthrob Donnie Osmond, the tune is part of an epic training sequence in which Mulan and her newfound friends are training to fight against the evil Huns.

Question 12

Who sang Zero to Hero?

Disney's Hercules film essentially marked the end of the company's Renaissance Period. Though it is still highly touted by most fans and was fairly successful at the box office, the movie isn't held in the same standard as films like Beauty and the Beast or The Little Mermaid. The songs in the movie, however, are still fairly popular in Disney circles. One of them, "Zero to Hero," comes in the second act of the movie when the titular character is rising up the ranks to become a well-known hero of Greece.

Question 13

Who sang I Wanna be Like You?

Though its 2016 remake was fairly successful with both audiences and critics, the original Jungle Book is considered to be one of the best films to come out of Disney in the 50s and 60s. Based upon the classic novel of the same name, the Disney flick added colorful characterizations to the beloved characters and iconic songs to the already unusual tale. This song is sang by one of the film's villains, who wants to learn how to be more like Mowgli.

Question 14

Who sang In Summer?

Oddly enough, there aren't that many Disney films that take place during the summer. Often you'll find them taking place during the frigid temperatures of winter or the blustery days of autumn. This song is sung by one of the sidekick characters who, never knowing anything but eternal winter, wishes to someday see the season of summer. Set to a show tune style beat, he talks about all the great things he'll do when the sun finally comes out. Who sings "In Summer?"

Question 15

Who sang Kiss the Girl?

It's almost a tradition to end every major Disney movie with true love's kiss. Even when a movie tries to subvert the common tropes, there's still usually some lip locking thrown in there at some point or another! This song is practically poking fun at the trope, as an entire chorus of minor characters is led by one of the sidekicks; they all sing about how the prince needs to go ahead and "kiss the girl" so that they can finally be together.

Question 16

Who sang Prince Ali (Reprise)?

There are actually two versions of the "Prince Ali" song in Aladdin. The first is sung by the Genie when he is first introducing the faux prince to Jasmine and the Sultan. The second comes near the end of the film, when this character sings a reprise of the song in a much less light-hearted way. In both versions the characters sing about Ali, the mighty prince who has come to woo over the Sultan's daughter; they are both sung in much, much different tones. Who sings the second version?

Question 17

Who sang Colors of the Wind?

This is a very popular song from one of the less successful Renaissance Disney films. Of course, saying "less successful" when referring to a Disney Renaissance film is like calling a movie a "less successful" Star Wars movie- The movie was still a smash hit when it was released! "Colors of the Wind" is a very spiritual song that the protagonist sings when they are trying to change the perspective of a foreigner in their land. Who sang this song?

Question 18

Who sang Poor Unfortunate Souls?

This is probably the most popular villain song in all of Disney. If that's even possible! Disney villains are always incredible- They usually have good motivations and even if they don't, they're so deliciously evil that it's fun to watch them! This particular baddie was also one of the House of Mouses' most relatable, always complaining about the foolishness of their henchmen and being overdramatic about everything! The song itself is used to entice the movie's hero into doing their bidding-

Question 19

Who sang 'What's This?' ?

Another common trope within Disney films is that of the character who wants to go out of their comfort zone and explore the wider world, much to the dismay of their caretaker or parents. In this case, the hero of the movie is able to get out of their world and discover an entirely different one. As they walk around this new area they start singing "What's This?", questioning everything they are looking at with a whimsical nature. Who sings this song?

Question 20

Who sang How Far I'll Go?

Even though the movie this song is from has only been out for a short amount of time, it's already becoming one of the company's more popular tunes of the last ten years or so. Why wouldn't it be? The song is amazingly inspirational, with the young protagonist singing their heart out about how they dream of adventure and how it's calling to them. The song has become such a hit that it has been known to be played on non-Disney radio stations, as well!

Question 21

Who sang Chim Chim Cher-ee?

"Chim Chim Cher-ee" is one of those songs that, although it is almost sixty years old, any Disney fan can sing off the top of their head. Though it happens at a non-important point in the story, this tune from Mary Poppins has endured the test of time and then some. The weird part? The subject matter is horrifyingly dark; "Chim Chim Cher-ee" is about sweeping Chimneys in industrial age London (a task that was nearly fatal to all who did it). Who sang this song?

Question 22

Who sang Be Prepared?

You want to tell if somebody in the Disney universe is a bad guy? Just look for the green smoke! Seriously...every single villain seems to conjure up green elements at some point or another. The baddie singing this song is no different; as they parade around their lair the smoke rises, creating an ominous background as they tell their minions to be prepared for a hostile takeover. This tune is also somewhat startling because of its authoritarian imagery that appears while it is being sung.

Question 23

Who sang Mother Knows Best?

You want to know the other way to tell if a Disney character is evil? Are they related to you paternally? Are they still alive? If you answered "yes," then they are probably a bad guy. Very few mothers, fathers, or step-parents in the Disney world are objectively good; in fact, even if they aren't evil they still usually are there just to be overprotective and cause problems for the hero. This song is called "Mother Knows Best" and is sung by one of these no-good parents.

Question 24

Who sang Reflections?

A Disney movie isn't a Disney movie until it has had the hero sing out a heartfelt and emotional song for the audience. This can happen at any point during the film- Sometimes it's done at the beginning to set up the character's life views (such as in Moana). Sometimes it happens during the second act, when they are at their lowest. Other times, it just pops up during a powerful moment. "Reflections" is one of these songs. Who sings it?

Question 25

Who sang Remember Me?

It should have come as no surprise to anyone that Disney and Pixar's Coco was such a hit. When these two companies work together, there is no stopping them; every single film made under the partnership has been a bonafide classic. Coco was able to run home with two Academy Awards this past year- One for Best Animated Picture and one for Best Original Song. "Remember Me" was the powerful, touching song that beat out all the rest for the little gold statue. Who sings it?

Question 26

Who sang Following the Leader?

Based on the classic story of the same name, Disney's Peter Pan was released in 1953 to high praise. The film was full of swashbuckling adventure, great tunes, and some of the greatest Disney characters to ever be put on screen. Who doesn't love Tinker Bell and Captain Hook, for crying out loud? This song is sung by one of the characters after they encounter the Lost Boys, who whisk them off on a new adventure. Who sings "Following the Leader?"

Question 27

Who sang Little Black Raincloud?

Winnie the Pooh is one of those properties that many completely forget is Disney. Sure, we know that it's owned by the company...but it's such a different entity than anything else that is classic Disney. It often feels like it's just its own thing! In Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree, the titular character is trying to get to a beehive in a tree. To disguise himself, he covers his body in mud and grabs a balloon, pretending to be a raincloud. As he rises, this character sings "Little Black Raincloud."

Question 28

Who sang Love is an Open Door?

In recent years, Disney has gotten fairly meta. Shows like Phineas and Ferb like to poke fun at common Disney tropes, and recent films coming from the House of Mouse try to subvert as many common themes and plot points as they possibly can. This song is a case of the company making fun of love at first sight by having the two characters who sing it trying to justify to the audience why it is okay that they are getting together so quickly.

Question 29

Who sang I Can Go the Distance?

This film was from a movie that appeared near the end of Disney's Renaissance Period. It was one that was good, but not as great as what had come before it! The song "I Can Go The Distance" refers to this character's motivation to become much more than they ever hoped to be; though people doubt the hero, they continue to claim that (if given a chance) they can prove themselves to be the hero everyone wants them to be. Who sings this song?

Question 30

Who sang Savages?

Though some people today get angry about this song due to its non-PC nature, it is still one of the most intense Disney tunes in existence! It occurs right at the climax of the movie, as the two sides who had tried throughout the whole film to maintain a rocky relationship are finally about to go to blows. Each one calls the other side "savages" and sings about how they want to "deal with them all." Who leads the charge in this song?

Question 31

Who sang When She Loved Me?

Known to many as the saddest Disney song ever created, "When She Loved Me" is a heartbreaking song that tells the tale of two friends who were inseparable. Until one day, they weren't. One of them goes off to find other interests and completely forgets about their old pal. To make things even more gutwretching, the song has a brief glimmer of hope in which it looks like things will get better. But then they don't. Who sings this tearjerker?

Question 32

Who sang Friends on the Other Side?

A Disney movie wouldn't be a Disney movie without having some content that was a little bit scary for children! In this particular case, the main villain sings an entire song about how they have friends on the "other side," aka they can talk to dead people. Even if it's a little macabre, the song itself is really fun and memorable; "Friends on the Other Side" is set to a jazzy beat and has lyrics that flow together perfectly. Who sings this song?

Question 33

Who sang 'When Will My Life Begin?' ?

This is another one of those "heartfelt and emotional" songs that we mentioned every hero gets to sing in their Disney movie. This one is especially sad, however, because the hero in question feels as though they are trapped by their insidious family members and literally cannot escape. They keep asking about when they will be able to be free and go out and start their life on their own. Which animated Disney princess sings "When Will My Life Begin?"

Question 34

Who sang 'With a Smile and a Song'?

While we are on the topic of Disney tropes...This song was the first to create the stereotype that all Disney princesses attract wild animals when they sing! As our princess walks through the forest, happy as a lark, she begins to sing "With a Smile and a Song"- A tune that's about as happy and upbeat as you can get. As she sings, several woodland critters come up to join her, eventually humming and tweeting along to the sound of the music.

Question 35

Who sang Hellfire?

So...we go from one of Disney's most upbeat tunes to its absolute darkest and disturbing. Yes, "Hellfire" is the actual name of a song in an animated Disney flick. And it is just as amazing as you're thinking! The villain who sings this song is not messing around; he talks about how if he cannot have the female lead, then she should be given to the fires of Hell. That's right, a Disney character is singing about committing murder. Who sings this tune?

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