Can You Match The Childhood Photo To The Athlete?


One of the oddest things about growing up is the fact that none of us know exactly how we're going to look when we get older. Sure, we can take a look at the family around us in the hope of seeing something worth looking at, but beyond some rather faulty genetic guessing, there's no way you can know!

This is what can make looking at old pictures of famous people really weird because you're either surprised by how different they look or surprised by how similar they look. This can make quizzes like this hard to sort out because we have to make sure we give you a mixture of people who have changed an insane amount and people who pretty much look exactly the same but taller.

Athletes open up a whole other can of worms as well because unlike other famous people, they spend pretty much their entire life trying to push their bodies to a limit that no other human beings really understand. Sure, actors have stuff like plastic surgery, but there's nothing more affecting to a human body than excruciating training regiments.

Still not turned off? Reckon you're going to ace this one? Well, it's time to find out.

Question 1

Who is this?

If you ask us, we don't know why any child is out playing sports, no matter which one it is. Sure, the states like to look down on other countries for training their kids up in sports they see as inferior, but why would you want to be outside in the first place? Are you trying to tell me that any kind wants to be out, no matter what the weather, losing to another team when instead they could stay in and do a virtual version of the same thing?

Question 2

Who is this?

We've often wondered how true it is that boxing has strong ties with the mafia. Obviously, people have been illegally gambling on the outcome of boxing matches for decades now, but how much truth do we lend to the possibility people have thrown fights in the past? Also, how do you imagine the average boxer would take someone asking them to throw a fight? These people clearly don't settle disputes with their words, so wouldn't you end up with a lot of conflict behind the scenes?

Question 3

Who is this?

We reckon that basketball, along with baseball, is pretty much the only sport that America has any right arguing they've invented, and Basketball was invented by a man born in Canada! That being said, it would be a lie that any other country excels at Basketball in the same way that America does, so we reckon they can claim the sport as their own. It's not like they're going to be beating anyone at soccer anytime soon, is it? Which, by the way, is really called football...

Question 4

Who is this?

Just in case it's not obvious, the one on the right is the child we're talking about. It's yet another female tennis player! We never realized how inclusive tennis is when compared to other sports. One of the interesting things about sports stars is that they're technically the only stars we reckon should be allowed the money and fame. However, some take it just a little too far by using their appearance and personality to really become iconic when compared to your average tennis player.

Question 5

Who is this?

One of the surprising things about American football is that it has managed to move to different areas of the world over the years. While it's certainly most popular in the US, there are definitely a lot of people outside of the US who watch it. However, in the same way that soccer fans will often find their hobby being made fun of, nobody in the UK is shouting too much about their love for American football while having a pint!

Question 6

Who is this?

We've never been that into golf, either playing or watching it. It's the sort of game that only rich old white men play, and watching it is quite possibly the most boring thing we've ever witnessed in our entire life. Not only do people queue up to watch people play golf in person, there are actually those who record it to watch at home. Can somebody please explain the appeal of watching golf from your own couch to us, because we just don't understand it.

Question 7

Who is this?

One thing to bear in mind while going through this quiz is that, while a lot of the photographs don't have many sports paraphernalia in them, almost all the soccer players present are either near a ball or a net. This is because, even from a young age, there are people out amongst the best that is yet to come to the major teams. If you're making waves in a youth club, you can be sure that someone will be down to have a talk with you.

Question 8

Who is this?

Now that we're moving onto the artistic gymnasts, it might prove a little harder for you to guess these than it did the other questions. Sadly, we don't put anywhere near as much stock into the talents of our gymnasts as we do the talents of those playing on a field every week. We're not sure why that is, although it could have something to do with the fact that people seem to enjoy watching professional sports more, which is why it's where the money is.

Question 9

Who is this?

While it's true that every country has a sport that they hold onto as being the greatest thing since sliced bread, it has to be accepted that soccer comes under many different names, and yet is still possibly the most popular sport in the world. Honestly. people in the states play baseball or basketball regularly because it means they'll get paid through college. In places like Brazil, soccer is a religion that genuinely pulls people out of poverty if they're lucky.

Question 10

Who is this?

Even if you're not into tennis as a sport, we find it hard to believe you don't at least have some idea of who this woman is. In a similar way to how we were describing some basketball players before, there are some sports stars who manage to worm their way out of the world of professional athleticism and form their own little camp in the world of popular culture. Whether this is for attention or money, you never really know...

Question 11

Who is this?

Of all the sports that have started in America before moving abroad, we understand basketball the most. It's energetic and fun to play, as well as providing many pop culture icons such as Michael Jordan and Shaquille O'Neal. Ask somebody somewhere in the world other than America to name five American football stars, and they'll stare at you blankly. Most of them would manage to name five basketball stars though, as it has managed to permeate into the rest of the world much more successfully.

Question 12

Who is this?

Now we're getting onto our first female image, which means we can talk about how needlessly sexist our society is, especially when it comes to the concept of women in sports that are regularly seen as male sports, for no discernible reason either. Let's remember that if these women can give birth to us, they can probably take whatever a man can while playing sports. Their pain threshold is insane and they're probably willing to put up with a lot more than men as well!

Question 13

Who is this?

While we understand that basketball stars are incredibly recognizable at this point in human history, we reckon you'll still find it difficult to identify them based on their childhood photograph. Honestly, professional athletes may have amazing lives in a lot of ways, but do you realize how much stress that sort of training regiment can put your body under? It would be insane to think that any of these athletes look at all like their childhood selves after that sort of life.

Question 14

Who is this?

It's pretty weird what we make okay in our heads, especially when it comes to entertainment. How, as a civilized society, have we convinced ourselves it's acceptable to watch two men put on gloves and beat each other senseless? People always say that bare knuckle boxing is worse, which it usually is, but you've got to remember that with those gloves protecting your knuckles, you're not going to be worrying about how hard you're hitting the other guy. Almost certain to end in brain injury.

Question 15

Who is this?

Unless you're really into it, it's unlikely that you ever watch the tennis. It's a weird sport, as it lies somewhere amongst the class system. It doesn't have the scrappy underdogs rising up from their slums like soccer does, and yet it's certainly not all Wimbledon with strawberries and cream anymore either. It seems like one of those things that you never really hear about people playing a lot when they're younger, but there are enough adult players that they must be!

Question 16

Who is this?

Anyone else think it's really weird to see a photograph like this of someone you know will one day become a star beyond their wildest dreams? We don't know why, but pre-planned photographs like this really drive it home how much of a normal person they used to be, with no idea that they will one day be so well known for playing basketball that they'll be unable to leave the house without somebody badgering them. That is crazy stuff.

Question 17

Who is this?

As the image shows, we've got another group of tennis players to pick from again, with another female athlete making the quiz. We always wonder what it's like for the family of an athlete who is at the top of their game, especially a female athlete, who inevitably gets unpleasant things said about them in tabloids on a regular basis. We know this happens to all celebrities, but let's bear in mind that these people are professional athletes who dedicate their lives to the craft.

Question 18

We don't know if ice hockey is something that translates so well in other areas of the world. It seems like one of those sports that is definitely played in a handful of countries, but beyond the North American continent, I don't think it holds the same pop culture sway. It's another example of how sports just don't find a foothold sometimes. We're sure that there are teams everywhere, but whether you'd be able to name any of them is a different question.

Question 19

Who is this?

One of the major problems we have with professional soccer players is that they make an insane amount of money when compared to people who actually achieve things in our society. We're not saying it doesn't take an insane amount of work to become an athlete at the top of your game, but do you really think that famous sports stars should be getting paid more than doctors, nurses or firefighters? These people are putting their lives on the line for nothing in comparison!

Question 20

Who is this?

When we were younger, it seemed insane that anybody would want to go out on their weekend to play soccer in the mud, risking injury on the off chance that they would win this week rather than lose. However, now that we're older and the bullies from our schooldays are on television, making thousands per game, we can sort of see the upside to it. What we're saying is, once we have kids, we're definitely forcing them to play some sort of sport.

Question 21

Who is this?

As it's such a worldwide phenomenon, there are numerous places in the world that you can be poached to as a soccer player without getting too worried. There are fantastic teams all over the world, something that can't be said for pretty much any of the sports found elsewhere. There are not many baseball or basketball teams worth taking a look at once you venture outside of America! However, who knows what it's going to be like in the future?

Question 22

Who is this?

At what point in your life do you realize you're a good swimmer? We're fairly strong swimmers, and while we don't think we'd be very competent lifeguards, we're sure we could hold our own when it came down to being safe. Why weren't we told as children that, if we kept swimming, we'd be able to one day become world famous with a lot of money and some medals round our necks? We blame our parents, to be honest. They never pushed us hard enough.

Question 23

Who is this?

Swimming is one of those sports that we reckon everyone enjoys. It's essentially just, see how fast you can get from one end to the other or splash about and have a nice time. There's no major stress involved like there is with other sports unless you're trying to become one of the all-time greatest swimmers in history. Seriously, how some of these swimmers manage it, we don't understand! It's like they are part fish or something. Maybe that's their secret...

Question 24

Now, if there's one thing that every single American can agree on, it's that there's no reason that anyone should enjoy either playing or watching the English game of Cricket. While it is boring, it has to be said that people in the states really do have the wrong idea when it comes to the kind of people who play the sport. It might seem like the snootiest game possible, but it's usually played by people who are dangerously hungover if you ask us.

Question 25

Who is this?

You have to hand it to the Olympic athletes who take on what seem like basic events such as sprinting because they're taking it back to what sports should really be all about. There's no messing around. They just find out who can run the fastest, set them up on a track and watch to see which one can absolutely smash it. You can't argue about it like you can with other professional sports either. If you win you win and if you lose you lose.

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