Can You Match The Celeb To Their Past Crimes?


It's pretty ironic that we look up to celebrities, and yet they're some of the most delinquent people on earth. Seriously, there is a hugely disproportionate amount of celebrities who have found themselves on the wrong end of the law when compared to the rest of society. What gives? Don't these people know that there are children looking up to them and following their every move? Do they just not care? Or are these crimes bizarre attempts at publicity stunts? I guess we'll never know. Because to answer that question, you have to put yourself inside the warped, strange mind of a celebrity. And the only people who know what that's like is the people who have experienced fame firsthand.

In this quiz, you'll be asked to match the celebrity to the crime they have committed. Many of these celebrities have committed many crimes, but rest assured, there is only one correct answer. You'll have to test your knowledge of celebrities to its limits, and your memory too. Because you'll have to think back on every little piece of celebrity gossip you've ever heard about a star breaking the law. It's harder than it sounds. Why? Because so many stars have broken the law over their career!

Question 1

Tim Allen

Tim Allen is a name I'm sure a lot of your are familiar with. You probably know him from his early days in television shows like "Home Improvement," or in later movie appearances in films like "The Santa Clause," and his voice acting role in the Toy Story trilogy, in which he voiced the character of Buzz Lightyear. But not a lot of people know about Tim Allen's criminal past. That's right, before he made it big, he broke a few laws. But out of these crimes, which one was his?

Question 2

Vanilla Ice

We all love to make fun of Vanilla Ice these days. The hair, the music, the outfits... Everything about him seems ridiculous these days. But it's easy to forget that he was actually really popular back in the day. He even had a brief stint in acting. He may seem like a ridiculous guy, but back in his prime he was breaking a lot of laws. That's right, Vanilla Ice was a real bad boy, and he was even charged for a few crimes. But which one?

Question 3

Tiger Woods

Everyone knows Tiger Woods hasn't been enjoying the best of years recently. It seems like his prime is well and truly behind him now, and it's going to take a miracle for him to get back on the horse. Still, he's made a great contribution to the world of golf, and nobody will ever forget his name. I just hope they remember it for the right reasons. He's been involved in a lot of scandals lately, from cheating on his wife to breaking laws. But which crime is he guilty of?

Question 4

Stephanie Pratt

Stephanie Pratt will be instantly recognizable for all you fans of "The Hills" out there. She was at one point one of the most famous reality TV stars in the world, back when "The Hills" was insanely popular. She's had her share of controversy on the show, as the whole premise of the TV show was one big drama fest that seemed to stretch on forever, but she's also been in trouble off screen too. She once landed herself in serious legal troubles, but for what crime?

Question 5

Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen is another huge celebrity that has had trouble with the law over the years. Perhaps his most famous role was in "Apocalypse Now," Francis Ford Coppola's Vietnam War Epic which is probably one of the best films of all time. Martin Sheen has of course done much more with his career, and his life. He's one of the most politically active actors, and he's always demonstrating and protesting. Given this fact, what crime do you think he's guilty of?

Question 6

Marilyn Manson

This list of celebrity criminals wouldn't be complete without the legend that is Marilyn Manson. One look at this guy, and it's not surprising that he's ended up on the wrong end of the law on more than one occasion. He's the ultimate badass of rock and roll these days, and at one point it was even proposed that his music was corrupting the youth and causing things like the Columbine shooting. Out of all these crimes, which one is Manson guilty of?

Question 7

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is another star who unfortunately has a criminal record. Is this surprising? Hardly? Anyone who ever watched "The Simple Life" knows that both Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie didn't have much respect for the rules, and were quite wild in their youths. Paris Hilton was definitely not one to think before acting (or speaking). She's actually pretty successful these days, and her Instagram page is still surprisingly active. But out of these crimes listed, which is she guilty of?

Question 8

Robert Downey Jr

As you probably know, Robert Downey Jr has had quite a turbulent past. He started off as a bright star of Hollywood, and then got pulled down into the shadowy depths of addiction, struggling with a constant battle against drugs for many years. Now, he's one of the most successful men in Hollywood, but his past will never go away. Hopefully, he has learned from these lessons. And, given the nature of his past, it should be pretty easy to identify which crime this celeb is guilty of.

Question 9

Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder was one of the best actors in the 90's. She showed so much promise, and she seemed certain to become of the most celebrated and successful actresses in Hollywood. But out of nowhere, she threw her career away after making a stupid, stupid mistake. It seemed inconceivable that a successful actress such as herself would have to resort to such a common and unnecessary crime. But which crime was it? Which crime destroyed her career and her reputation?

Question 10

Will Smith

Will Smith always seemed to be such a happy and innocent guy. That's why I was so surprised to find out that not only was Will Smith once found guilty of a crime, but the nature of that crime totally went against his personality. We all know Will Smith as this happy go lucky guy from television shows like "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," or movies such as "Hancock" and "Independence Day". But it seems he's quite different off-screen. So what crime was he charged with?

Question 11

Bill Gates

I know what you're thinking... How could Bill Gates be on this list? He's like the most innocent guy on Earth! Maybe not... Bill Gates has been involved in some shady things from time to time... Just google his legal problems. But the correct answer to this question might surprise you. Just remember - there was a time before Bill Gates was the CEO of Microsoft and one of the richest men in the world. So what crime was Bill Gates charged with?

Question 12

Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland is another name you're probably all familiar with these days. He's appeared in countless roles, beginning in the 80's and stretching to the present day with appearances in TV shows like "24." With such a long and illustrious career, it only seems logical that Kiefer Sutherland at one point fell to temptation, and got on the wrong side of the law. But what was the crime that this giant celebrity found himself charged with, tarnishing his stellar reputation?

Question 13

Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf is a person that needs no introduction, especially with all the controversy he's been stirring up these days. Shia perhaps had one of the most explosive reactions to Trump's election, setting up a strange and seemingly pointless art exhibit entitled "He Will Not Untie Us." The exhibit featured a webcam on the street, and frequently showed him and an angry crowd shouting inaudible slogans. For someone so angry and animated, it comes as no surprise that he's been found guilty of a crime. But which one?

Question 14

Lindsay Lohan

For those who know Lindsay Lohan well, it should come as no surprise that she's made it onto a quiz of celebrities with criminal records. She really went off the rails a few years back. She was once one of the biggest female celebrities in the world, but I guess all that fame messed with her head. She's been in and out of rehab, and she's been in trouble with the law on more than one occasion. But what law did she break?

Question 15


It might come as no surprise that Jay-Z has had run-ins with the law in the past. After all, he is a rapper, and those people tend to rap about crime and violence more often than not. But is Jay-Z really that bad of a guy? Today, he seems a lot tamer than he once was. He's very involved with his family, that being the beautiful Beyonce and his daughter Blue Ivy. But what about his past? What crime was he charged with?

Question 16

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is another actor who needs no introduction. He's had amazing roles in so many great films, and his career shows no sign of coming to an end, even in his old age. I think we're going to see him appear in all kinds of great movies in the years to come. But not a lot of people know about Keanu Reeves' struggles in the past. He's dealt with a lot of death and heartbreak in his life. But what crime was he charged with?

Question 17

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey, at first glance, seems like a person you'd least expect to get in trouble with the law. He seems like a kind, gentle person - or at least that's what he acts like in his movies. He's appeared in all kinds of films, but I really enjoyed his brief but powerful appearance in "The Wolf Of Wall Street." His crime might not be a particularly bad one, but it might surprise some people nonetheless. So what was he found guilty of?

Question 18

Michelle Rodriguez

We all know Michelle Rodriguez by now. She's appeared in countless films, and she's established herself as a real tough girl in Hollywood. She made her debut in "Girlfight," and later went on to star in "Fast And Furious," a role which won her a lot of praise and fans. Since then, she's starred in "Avatar," "S.W.A.T.," and many other amazing projects. She plays the bad girl in a lot of her movies. But is that so far from the truth? What crime was she charged with?

Question 19

Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford is another name that is linked with crime, sadly. You may remember him from his TV appearances on shows like "Gossip Girl," or films such as "The Covenant." He certainly is capable of playing the "bad guy," but how true is this in reality? Chace Crawford has in fact been charged with a crime, but luckily it's not as bad as some, and it shows little impact on his actual career. But what was this crime he was charged with?

Question 20

Chris Klein

Chris Klein is another star actor I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with. He shot to fame with his role in "American Pie." He later went on to star in many other roles, and continues to be a force in Hollywood today. His life has gone through some crazy times, including being engaged to Katie Holmes only to have the wedding called off at the last minute. This may have contributed to his willingness to engage in crime. But what was that crime?

Question 21

Stephen Fry

Most of you British readers out there will probably know who Stephen Fry is. He's an actor, comedian, writer, and activist, among many other titles. He has appeared in a lot of British comedy television shows, such as "Blackadder." He's also well-known for his pleasant voice, which gave him voice acting opportunities such as narrating the entire Harry Potter book series for audiobooks. He might seem like an unlikely person to engage in crime. But never judge a book by its cover...

Question 22

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is pretty well-known these days, although perhaps not as well-known as he co-star on "The Simple Life," Paris Hilton. They both made it big with that reality TV show, but Nicole kind of fell off the radar a little bit. The truth is that she was struggling with addiction and many other issues. But now she's completely clean, and she has been sober for many years. She's really grown up! But still, her past remains. What crime was she charged with?

Question 23

50 Cent

It's probably not a huge surprise that 50 Cent is on this list of criminal celebrities. After all, his songs frequently speak of violence, drugs, and other illicit experiences of that nature. It's also a pretty well-known fact that 50 Cent was once shot 9 times in a nightclub, so you know that he comes from a world where crime and violence are commonplace. It's no wonder that if you grow up in a place like that, you also break the law.

Question 24

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton is one celebrity you might be surprised to hear has a criminal past. I mean, just look at her! She looks completely innocent! But you have to remember, we're dealing with actors here. They are experts at adopting alternate personas, and can easily fool you into thinking they're something that they're not. Mischa Barton is of course most famous for her role in in the television show, "The OC." But what crime was this beauty charged with not too long ago?

Question 25

Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson is another name that should be pretty familiar with all you readers out there. He's been a big name in the acting world for quite some time now, and it looks like he's here to stay. He rose to fame with his role in the TV show, "Cheers." Nowadays, he's appearing in all kinds of films, although I really enjoyed his role in "No Country For Old Men" in particular. He's also a staunch vegan. But what crime was he charged with?

Question 26

Christian Slater

Christian Slater is another star that you'll probably recognize. At first glance though, you'll probably be asking yourself just what the hell he's doing on a quiz such as this one. He looks like such a nice, innocent guy, right? In truth, Christian Slater has changed a lot over the years, and now he's much more mature. Back in the day, he was famous for his roles in movies like "Broken Arrow," and today he's more known for TV shows like "The West Wing."

Question 27

Bruno Mars

I know what you're thinking. How could Bruno Mars be on a quiz of criminal celebrities. Well, everyone has a past. And some are a lot more dark than others, regardless of how bright their current success is. Bruno Mars is of course one of the most famous pop singers alive today, and he's given us countless hits. I'm sure he has a lot more amazing music left inside of him to share with the world. But what crime was this celebrity charged with?

Question 28

Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra was once every guy's fantasy. Although she's much older now, photos of her when she was young are incredible, and they're still there on the internet, where they'll hopefully remain until the end of time. She's definitely got a certain naughtiness to her, but how real is that naughty vibe? Does it extend to actual crimes? You bet. Things got really turbulent for her when she married Dennis Rodman. But what crime was this beauty found guilty of?

Question 29

Dustin Diamond

Do you guys recognize this man? Well you should, at least if you're a fan of the television show "Saved By The Bell." Dustin Diamond is the guy who played the character Screech throughout all of the series, from a child all the way into his thirties. After the show was cancelled, he formed a band called "Salty The Pocketknife." The interesting name of this band should give you some indication as to the nature of this actor's strange crime.

Question 30

Phil Spector

Music buffs will be familiar with this guy. Phil Spector is recognized as one of the most influential people in pop music, and he pioneered the business approach that many people use to day when it comes to producing music. He was one of the first music producers that took a huge amount of creative control when it came to the artists he would represent. But things did not go so well for Phil Spector in the end. After all, why else would he be on this list?

Question 31

Lauryn Hill

Fans of the popular band, "The Fugees" will recognize this gal. She was a prominent member of the band for many years, and helped them win many awards and a huge amount of praise. But that fame came at a cost for Lauryn Hill. She broke a law that many people get away with, but she got nailed. It's a shame, because if this had not happened, her reputation would have been completely untarnished. So what crime was she guilty of?

Question 32

Teresa and Joe Giudice

You may remember these reality television stars for their appearance in "The Real Housewives Of New Jersey." Teresa also appeared in Donald Trump's show, "The Apprentice." This couple was known for their extravagant lifestyle and their insane amounts of wealth, but beneath all of the glitter was something pretty dark. Teresa has now been released from prison, but her husband Joe is still in jail, apparently getting a six-pack. But what crime sent these two reality TV stars to jail?

Question 33

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is the star everyone loves to hate. Or maybe you love him? Who knows. Either way, it's hard to respect someone after they've broken a law like Justin Bieber has. Many people are not aware of it, but he does have a criminal record. But you can't help but respect his commercial success. He's become one of the most successful pop singers of all time - and one of the wealthiest. That's why I don't think Bieber will be sweating this one crime he committed...

Question 34

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is another star who has a pretty dark past. He's talked about it at length, so it's pretty much common knowledge. His youth was marred by a gang lifestyle, insane violence, and all kinds of crime. But his worst crime is the one that is one of the choices below. Thankfully, Mark Wahlberg decided to make a change, and is now one of the most successful men in Hollywood, appearing in movies like the newest Transformers film. But what was his crime?

Question 35

Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee is a recognizable figure for all of you rock fans out there, as he's the drummer for the legendary band, Motley Crue. He was always a wild dude (as most rockers are), but it was still a shock when he was charged with the type of crime he had been involved in. Marrying Pamela Anderson might have been a contributing factor, as both of those people together was pretty much a recipe for disaster. But what crime did he get charged with?

Question 36

Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke is another guy who many people are probably familiar with these days. He's made an amazing comeback from near obscurity, appearing in all kinds of incredible films. I really enjoyed his performance in "The Wrestler," but many people today are probably more familiar with his roles in the Iron Man films, in which he plays the villain. He's always been a little off the rails, so the fact that he's made it onto this quiz isn't really surprising.

Question 37

Lil Kim

Lil Kim is another huge name in the entertainment industry, one that needs no introduction. She's been around forever, since the days of Tupac and Biggie, and she's a household name in Hip Hop. She's also been involved in her share of controversy, and she's definitely not faking it when she says she's a confirmed criminal. Her crimes were serious enough to land her in jail, and they're the type that you don't want to get accused of. But what was this crime?

Question 38

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is another name that you probably expected to be in this quiz. As famous as he is for his amazing boxing career, he'll probably always be equally as famous for his brushes with the law, time and time again. He was always quite a troubled man, and incredibly prone to violence. His crime was enough to land him behind bars for quite some time, although he did get back in the ring upon his release. But what was this crime?

Question 39

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is one celebrity name all of you basketball fans will be familiar with. He is considered by many to be one of the most dominating power forward of all time, and that's quite the title considering all of the big names that have passes through the NBA. Since his career ended, he moved on to being a sports analyst, and nowadays he's most famous for his frequent appearances in the show "Inside The NBA." But what crime did he commit?

Question 40

Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes is an amazing actor and someone who really gave his all in his acting career. Though people might know him best for his roles in the Blade series of movies, he's also appeared in many other amazing movies, such as my personal favorite, "White Men Can't Jump." But it wasn't all fun and games for Wesley Snipes. At certain points in his career, he had run-ins with the law, and that cost him his reputation. But what crime did he commit?

Question 41

Martha Stuart

Pretty much everyone on the face of the earth knows about Martha Stuart's unfortunate incident, leaving her on the wrong side of the law and behind bars. So this is perhaps one of the easier questions on this quiz. She's of course famous for her many books and her television shows, which show a variety of housekeeping tips, mostly involving cooking. Although it tarnished her reputation, she's recovered nicely and is continuing to do what she loves best. But what exactly was her crime?

Question 42

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is probably the last person you expected to see on a quiz about celebrities who have committed crimes. After all, she's that innocent blonde who looks fragile, sweet, and charming.... Right? Well, as it turns out, she might not be as innocent as you think. That's the thing with actors, you never can tell... She's famous for her role as Elle Woods in the classic film "Legally Blonde," but she's appeared in countless other roles as well. But what was the crime she was charged with?

Question 43

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell has one pretty face and an amazing body, so you might not expect her to make it onto a quiz for celebrities with a criminal record. But looks can be deceiving. You know what they say, don't judge a book by its cover! As it turns out, Naomi Campbell has had many run-ins with the law, and they weren't small incidents either. Regardless, these incidents didn't stop her from becoming one of the most famous models in history.

Question 44

Haley Joel Osment

A lot of you will probably recognize this guy's face, although it's admittedly changed a lot over the years. He's most famous for his role as a child actor, in films like "The Sixth Sense," and "Artificial Intelligence." Ever since then, he's tried to get back into acting, and right now he seems to be having some success, having landed a role in the upcoming Entourage movie. But his past wasn't as bright as some might have thought. What crime was he arrested for?

Question 45

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe has this nice smile that he shows off from time to time, and at first glance it can seem warm and inviting. But take a closer look. There's something slightly unsettling about this man when he smiles, something, maniacal and slightly evil. And his actions would back up those adjectives, based on what he's been charged of over the years. You see, Russell Crowe is somewhat famous for having a very hot temper. And his crimes back up that claim...

Question 46

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes is another big star who's had a few run ins with the law. She used to be a huge Disney star, and also appeared on the Nickelodeon channel frequently. Since graduating from children's television, she was taking on bigger roles and more high-profile films. But then things went kind of sideways for her, and she had to take a 5 year break from acting as a result. Her legal issues were a huge factor in that. But what were the crimes she was charged with?

Question 47

Chris Brown

It's no surprise that Chris Brown made it onto this list. We all know about his legal issues, as they've been the subject of consistent media coverage that never really seems to go away. Some say he's hard done by, but it's hard to defend a man who continues to have problems with the law, again and again and again. Things got really bad when Chris Brown started dating Rihanna. We all know what happened then. But what crime was he charged with?

Question 48

Nina Dobrev

At first glance, it may seem surprising that a girl like Nina Dobrev made it onto a quiz like this. She's the picture of innocence. But if there's one lesson you should have learned by now, it's that even the innocent-looking ones are capable of breaking the law. Admittedly, Nina Dobrev's crimes aren't as bad as some of the others on this quiz, but they still warrant an inclusion. This is one thing that will stay on her record. But what was she actually charged with?

Question 49

Charlie Sheen

We didn't forget you, Charlie Sheen. If Charlie Sheen classifies "winning" as having multiple blemishes on his criminal record, then Sheen is a grand champion. We all know about Charlie Sheen's questionable lifestyle, and you get the feeling that we haven't even heard the worst and most degenerate things that Charlie did behind closed doors. It's only inevitable that Sheen had a few run-ins with the law during the course of his wild party-filled benders. But what was this crime?

Question 50

Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear is another well-known actress who has unfortunately found herself on the wrong side of the law. I guess fame really does corrupt people, because it seems like a disproportionate number of celebrities have criminal records. You may remember Heather Locklear from television shows such as "Melrose Place," and movies like "Money Talks." She's still acting today, but her reputation has been marred by one mistake she made years ago, a mistake that's still on her criminal record. What was the charge?

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