Can You Match The Celeb To Their Childhood Photo?


We all like to think that we look a lot better than when we were a kid. We're a lot more stylish, we've shed the puppy fat and the idea that somebody would say we look the same is downright insulting. However, some people aren't that lucky, and their babyfaces end up following them well into their adulthood. Despite how much money these celebs have got, you'll be surprised by how many still look so similar to their childhood selves!

Sure, if you've been using your fortune to pay for plastic surgery, then you've probably had enough to make sure you're unrecognizable. This is a shame because it means there are fewer celebrities for me to put in this quiz for you. I mean, there at least a few you can answer, right?

If you think that you can prove me wrong and ace this quiz, I think it's about time that you turned up to prove it, and fast. Let's just say that I find it very hard to believe that most of you will be able to identify these future celebrity children. Think I'm wrong? Want to see how wrong you really are? Then it's time to take a quiz!

Question 1

Can You Name This Celebrity Based On A Childhood Photograph?

No matter what your political opinion, I think one thing we can all agree on is that there is far too much pressure put on women to look a certain way. Everyone in this world, especially children, should believe that the most important thing in this world is to be as good a human being as you can possibly be! Sadly, this often isn't the case, which is why it's so nice to see a photograph like this. Look at that toothy grin! This kid is happy no matter what her future brings!

Question 2

What About This One?

Whether it's the teeth, nose or eyes I don't know, but I reckon this one is fairly obvious. That being said, it can often be hard trying to figure something out from looking at a photograph. They have an odd effect on us. They almost make you feel a sense of nostalgia for an event or moment that you weren't even present for. Our brains are insane things, which this future celebrity understands fully if you ask me! Too much of a hint?

Question 3

Or This One?

Honestly, I don't know a lot about celebrities these days. The concept of fame and the idea of celebrity fascinate me, but the individual celebrities only serve to annoy me if I'm honest. What do people get out of spending their lives fawning over people they'll never meet, who have probably achieved very little of worth anyway?! Obviously, there are some exceptions, but I honestly believe that to be true about most celebrities out there. If you disagree, prove me wrong!

Question 4

This One?

Without giving too much away, you often realize that some people actually do deserve to be famous. When we think of celebrities, we usually think of someone that has done pretty much nothing with their lives. However, there are also people out there that gain fame due to their impressive achievements. Thankfully, the world out there is filled with people who are good at what they do, and sometimes they get lucky enough to feel the recognition that they've always deserved.

Question 5

Quite The Fashionista, Even As A Child!

It always surprises me to see a child, past, present and future, that has any form of fashion sense whatsoever. Sure, when I was a much younger child my parents set me up with a cute little leather jacket and Doc Marten boots, but look at this child! It is insane! They are killing it! There's no way I looked anywhere near as cool as this when I was that age. What gives, mom? You should've been making sure I was always as fashionable as possible!

Question 6

You MUST Be Able To Guess This One!

See, it's funny, because this one seems really obvious to me, but I could understand why some of you may struggle with it. It's odd to think how our various dips into popular culture will impact how well we all do on quizzes like this, because who knows if you've even seen this woman in anything before? If you have, who knows how long ago it was now? Our brains are odd things and even when we aren't testing them with something difficult, we can realize things about them.

Question 7

Certainly One Of The Easier Ones...

A number of fresh-faced youngsters that started off early in showbiz still have impressive careers, but they're mostly limited. Sure, some of them are still able to make insane amounts of money, but they've also usually had a massive breakdown as well. If the modern world has taught us anything, it's that no human being should have to go through fame as a child, no matter who they are. It just messes you up usually. That being said, this young lad never let it bother him!

Question 8

Who Do You See When You Look At This Child?

Can we talk about the cult of celebrity a little bit? I mean, where do you guys lie on the spectrum between hate and love? I have to say that I am not a fan. I mean, why do we have a whole database that can essentially show us strangers as children? What is that about? If you could do that with people who aren't famous, you'd think it was dead weird. Why does it change just because somebody is an actor or a musician?

Question 9

Or This Child?

When I was a child, I never really dreamt about being famous, but I definitely did dream about having loads of money. I reckon that's the best way around it. You dodge the fame as much as you physically can while still cashing the cheques you get for whatever you're dodging fame for! I reckon the generations that came after me are much more likely to dream of fame over fortune. We've built an entire level of culture on it!

Question 10

She Hardly Looks The Same These Days!

Here we have an example of someone who couldn't look more different today than what she used to look like as a child. Honestly, there's something sad about looking at the photograph of a young child, seeing that youthful smile full of innocence, knowing that one day that smile will look much different. Society warps people but especially messes with celebrities. How can you live that sort of life and not end up wanting to change everything about yourself? Crazy.

Question 11

This One Might Be A Little Tricky...

In the same way that people often say don't meet your heroes, I would argue that you should never meet anyone that is famous, whether they're your heroes or not. Depending on how long they've been famous for, and to what level, there's no way that sort of stuff hasn't messed them up a little bit. Wouldn't you be twisted after spending that much time in the limelight? I reckon like 90% of the population would constantly struggle with stuff.

Question 12

And This One!

I'm going to get real with you right now and let you know that this person looks like they've got the exact same hair as me and it's freaking me out. In a lot of ways, it's like I'm currently looking into a mirror. There's a chance that I've found my doppelganger right now and I don't know how to process it. The best thing is, I know who this is, but I'm not some insane stalker so I won't be following up on this theory.

Question 13

This Woman Is Too Famous To Get This One Wrong!

Anybody remember how much of a pain it was to go and get passport photographs taken when you were a kid? It's still so annoying, but when you were a child you just thought your parents were being fussy. You didn't realize that if you didn't do exactly what they were saying your passport application would get rejected and then the family wouldn't be able to go on holiday, just because you didn't want to comb your fringe a certain way for thirty seconds.

Question 14

Surely, That Can't Be Who I Think It Is, Can It?

One of the weirdest things about looking back at some of these celebrities is the fact that we now know how weird they've become. When we're younger, we often attempt to blend in as much as physically possible. To be fair, most of us do the same once we get older, but some of us realize that as long as we're proud of who we are and what we've achieved, there's no reason not to go around dressed however you want!

Question 15

Who Does This Child Grow Up To Be?

If your child had a shot at stardom, would you thrust them into that spotlight? I know a lot of people say that they would do it for the benefit of the child, but let's get real here. All you're actually doing is throwing your child to the wolves while you reap all the benefits, like a huge amount of money that you can spend without even asking the child about doing it. Pretty much child slavery at that point when you think about it.

Question 16

You Can See His Future In That Toothy Grin...

Of all the questions on this quiz, I think I enjoy the black and white photographs the best because, not only is it harder for you to figure out who they are, they also take a look at children who likely knew very little about the amount of fame they'd be thrust into. Sure, we've had fame for a long time now, but it has never existed how it exists now. I mean, the way it exists now is insane.

Question 17

Quite The Distinctive Face To This Day!

Some of these questions are a lot easier than others, and I reckon that this guy is on the easier side if I'm being honest. That doesn't mean you'll all be able to get it, but I just think that it's a distinctive face which hasn't changed. Maybe I'm wrong? Maybe you won't be able to see who this is, pick an answer and completely disagree with me, but I find that hard to believe! It's not an insult either.

Question 18

This Is A Hard One!

Can we start by saying that this smile is absolutely terrifying? It looks like the sort of smile that someone would make if they were trying to pretend that everything is okay while the entire world starts to crumble around them. I could obviously be wrong, but I don't think there's anything genuine about that smile. Look at it! It's so creepy and robotic. I reckon that is a smile that a child does when they want to appease an adult.

Question 19

Who Is This Fresh-Faced Young Man?

I'm probably biased because this actually looks a little bit like me when I was a child, but for my money, this is the cutest photograph on the entire list. What do you think? I know it's not all about looks and everything else, but you can still see that this little face is incredibly cute. Unsurprisingly, this child grew into an adult with a decidedly less cute face, but while it still had puppy fat and a mischievous smile, it was cute.

Question 20

I Think We Can All Tell Who This Is...

Despite what you may or may not know about this little one, this person has been famous for a very long time! Seriously, whether you get the answer right or not, go check them out on Wikipedia and I swear you'll be surprised by how many years this kid was in the spotlight before they truly gained some fame. I'm not saying he wasn't known by a select few during his younger years, but he blew up immensely once he reached adulthood.

Question 21

How Can Someone So Young Be So Famous?!

An easy one for you here. I realized pretty quickly that I would have to slot in a couple of child actors who have since grown up, but that were famous as children pretty recently. That way it wouldn't just be an entire list of poor quality photographs or black and white stills of toothy children. I don't know exactly where this still is from, but I reckon that this child is actually on television. Imagine having to go on television at that age!

Question 22

She Has The Same Smile To This Day!

We've already talked about weird smiles today, but I feel like I have to bring it up again for this beauty. While this is a lot less creepy than the last smile we saw, you can definitely see how strained it is, right? This says to me that they're trying to play with a toy or do something that they find fun, but their parents won't leave them alone until they let them take a photograph of them. Oh, and you have to smile too.

Question 23

Who Do You Think This Is?

I have to admit that looking at this many childhood photographs of the famous has started to freak me out a little, only because some of them look so similar to their adult counterparts that I actually feel a little weird inside. What is that? Why is there something a little unpleasant about a child looking almost the same as an adult? I suppose it's because we think of a child as having innocence, while we know that has been stripped from pretty much every adult.

Question 24

This One Gave It All Away With The Eyes...

Yeah, I'm obviously never going to tell you who this is, but I imagine that anyone taking this quiz who has a basic knowledge of classic music knows who this is. If you consider yourself to be a music fan but you can't name this guy, you really need to take a look at yourself and think about what you're doing with your life. Some of the greatest albums committed to vinyl were created by this man, and that deserves to be respected!

Question 25

Maybe Not Childhood, But Certainly A Youthful Photograph!

Okay, definitely the easiest one on this quiz, so don't tell me I never do anything for you! Seriously though, taking a look at this photograph, it's easy to see how he became such a heartthrob to everyone when he started to appear in the public eye. I mean, I understand what I look like, and I know that I do not look like this. Look at that nose! That hair! Those arms! Okay, I could get the arms pretty easy, but I can't get the others!

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